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Merry Xmas Slot

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Merry Xmas is a Christmas-themed 15-payline video slot which runs on the Play’n GO software platform. The symbols fit the theme and feature Santa Claus, candles, reindeer, bells. The game’s wild card is a multiplier which multiplies wins when substituting. Players are invited to try the slot for free on this page or play the game for real money in any of the Play’n GO casinos from the listings.

In order to join the holiday celebrations, one needs to adjust their bet first. “Coin Value” alters the coin size ranging from 0.01 to 0.25 and “Coins” modifies the number of coins bet. To adjust the number of paylines played, “Lines” needs to be pressed. “Spin” starts the game, “Auto Play” turns the reels a number of times uninterrupted and “Bet Max” spins them at the highest wager.

When 3 Present symbols spin into the view, the Bonus game will be triggered. Players then choose one of the symbols to reveal the winning amount. Up to x150 one’s total bet can be won.

Game Play

Coin Value: Select the denomination.
Coins: Select the number of coins wagered.
Lines: Adjust the number of active paylines.
Spin: Start playing the game.
Bet Max: Turn the reels at the highest bet.
Auto Play: Spin the reels for a number of times uninterrupted. 

Merry Xmas Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1301 reviews
Some casinos don't have it, but some do, and that's how I came across this Merry Xmas game from Play'nGo. As Christmas draws nearer, I have already played quite a number of the season's games, but I know that there are still a few more games out there that I have probably seen before but haven't tried them out yet. In fact, there are many more games from other 'minor' or new providers that I haven't focussed on as yet, simply because I tend to stick to a few providers at a time, and hardly venturing out to try as many as I can. Sooner or later, I will get to them, in time.

Well, looking at the game for the first time, I was expecting the usual game play like in most other similar games, but I was damn wrong. Here is another case of Playn'Go doing a direct cloning of one of their other games. Merry Xmas makes the third game to share the same design concept and gameplay with Lady of Fortune and Samba Carnival. When I realised this upon looking at the game's paytable, my immediate reaction was "oh god, not another one!" The other 2 games were disappointing for me, which most probably would end the same way with this Merry Xmas game too. I was very hesitant to play the game, but since I have already deposited and intended to play a christmas-theme game, I finally continued on.

The paytable is exactly identical to the other 2 games. The Wild symbol doesn't pay for itself, it substitutes for other symbols except the Bonus symbols, and award a random 2x to 5x multiplier for wins with it. The Wild symbol only appears on reel 3, so don't expect much of it appearing on the reels to give wins. There aren't any Scatter symbols because there aren't any Free Spins game. Argh! The Bonus symbols appear only on reels 1, 3 and 5, and getting all 3 symbols trigger the Bonus game. A very simple game but never to my liking. Pick 1 of the Present symbols to win an instant cash reward of up to 150x the total bet. Easier said then getting. As for the other normal symbols, they are stacked on all reels, and pay from 2500x (Santa) down to 75x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. As with the other 2 games as well, this paytable is also low.
What would you say if you had to wait 460 spins just to get the first Bonus game? And what would you say if that Bonus game paid only 10x the total bet amount, after eating about 80% of your starting credits? Sounds impossible? That was what exactly happened to my first game on Merry Xmas. I was blardy infuriated with such a damn low payout after losing most of my starting balance, only to get 10x my bet back. What the argh! That's not all. After playing a total of more than 600 spins, there wasn't any single payout that exceeded 25x the total bet amount, and that was blardy ridiculous! Merry Xmas is the first Christmas-themed game that I now hate! I thought the game 'A Christmas Carol' was very bad, but Merry Xmas takes the cake!
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Microgaming have had the xmas slot game more or less all to themselves for a long time, a situation which Play N Go have now straightened out nicely with their "Merry Xmas" machine, another beautiful slot with their trademark high definition graphics, lovely fluid animations and... high quality sounds? Okay I kind of lied about the last one, the music is strangely sparse and left me feeling a little underwhelmed, but as I tend to turn off the music of most slots fairly quickly anyway I will forgive them that one!

You might find yourself a little confused about some of your wins when you start playing this game as all symbols pay as adjacent combinations meaning you can win both from left to right and right to left as well as for three matching symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4. I really like this mechanic as it provides a lot of different ways of achieving a win and although you inevitably pay for this in the games paytable I think it's kind of neat that a christmas themed games rewards play with very frequent wins.
The game has four different wild symbols with multipliers ranging from 2x to 5x but it seems extremely rare for more than one to appear onscreen at once for some reason meaning that whilst a 20x multiplier (for example) should be theoretically possible if the 4x and 5x were to land on one win line simultaneously, I haven't seen anything like this occur whilst I have been playing the game.

I also found the bonus game quite hard to trigger too. Play N Go have a habit of putting their bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 only and although this doesn't necessarily guarantee it is harder to trigger than if there are five bonus symbols on the reels (it depends on the length of the reel strips) I do think that in the case of most Play N Go slots it certainly is more difficult. The bonus game has a maximum payout of just 150x your stake too which isn't as exciting as it might have been.

I wish Play N Go had decided to include maybe a free spins mode with a multiplier in this game and then I think it would have been a really good competitor as a game for the festive season. As things stand this is okay, but nowhere near up to the standards of Microgamings fantastic "Santa's Wild Ride".
Fiekie247 220 reviews
South Africa
Merry Xmas is a Christmas theme slot by Play'n Go. The release of this slot was during the festive season which is Christmas time. This slot has 5 reels and 15 paylines and it's very colourful.

This slot has 4 wild symbols with different multipliers. The multipliers range from x2, x3, x4 and x5. You can win very big if you get a semi high symbol in combo with x4 or 5 multiplier but it hardly happens. This slot kind of give me the feeling that it is similar to lady of fortune and samba carnival which is also slots from Play'n Go. Now first of all these games do not have free spins feature but they have bonus feature.

Landing 3 scattered rapped gift symbols on the reels will give you access to the bonus feature. This is a pick me feature and choosing one of the gifts that is presented will give you an instant cash prize. The maximum that you can win from this feature is x150 your total stake. I never managed to win that much and I only triggered the feature twice. On average win x10 – x20 my stake.

I do not like this slot much as I never win big and rarely win in general on this slot as well. Low to medium variance slot I guess. This game should have a free spins feature. As much as Christmas is happy seasons I would like to win some serious cash. Just presenting Father Christmas and gift are for kids and will make them happy not for me. Unless I find some serious cash and not candy. If you like lady of fortune and samba carnival then I would recommend you give this slot a try, but this is not my cup of tea and certainly not for the long run.
Merry Xmas is a typical Christmas themed slot which casino software providers always tend to release around the festive season. There are so many available and I play them mostly when we’re getting close to that special time of the year. The video slot Merry Xmas from Play’n Go is a rather unusual game though.

It has elements which I certainly haven’t seen very often before. The game has 5-reels, 3-rows and 15-paylines. The minimum bet is cheap and feasible even for low rollers with just 15 cents. I played this game on 75 cent bets. What amazed me besides the obvious excellent graphics and the exquisite depiction of Christmas related symbols, is the way this game forms winning combinations.

Now peep this… not only do winning combination come in from left to right and right to left (both ways), it can also pay when three of the same symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 for instance. I first had to rub my eyes a few times to understand what was going on. So although 15-paylines doesn't seem much, there is myriad of opportunities to bag in some wins on this game.

In addition, on reel 3 there is also a multiplier wild symbol in place. Although I would have liked them to be able to appear on multiple reels, this wild symbol does have the ability to multiply your winnings by 2x, 3x, 4x and even 5x. My best win during base game was over 125 euros thanks to a 5 oak combination and a 5x multiplier.

Like many other Christmas slots the symbols appear stacked as well btw. Furthermore, there is a bonus game which gets triggered if Gift symbols appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. You then have to pick one of the gifts which reveals a prize.
Unfortunately this game does not have any free spins. Although the bonus game can award up to award up to 150x bet, my wins weren't anywhere near close. Never won more than 20x bet. So from that perspective it's a bit disappointing. I also think this could have been an even better game if there were some free spins to be won.
paquito76 867 reviews
I think speaking of this slot around this time of the year is very actual and I must say this slot is really a great representative of that holiday season. The name of the game says everything about the slot and the used symbols so it’s no wonder we can play here with Santa, gift boxes, candles, bells, Christmas ornaments but what separates this product from the others is the exceptional graphics. I have to say this is the most beautiful and pictorial perfect slot that I played recently with. However hard I examine this appearance I don’t find anything that I could do other way and it really amazes me every time when I visit this game. The decorative motives, the colour usage, the symbols, the transparent background image are all fantastic and I don’t want to repeat myself so I just suggest everyone to take a look at the interface of this game and I’m sure you will promptly understand why I’m enthusiastic about it.

Back to the practical analysis, the slot offers 15 paylines to bet on using 1-5 coins per spin with coin value from €0.01 up to €0.25 per line. Though it can’t be said the game would flood us with a bunch of features but what it provides those have great qualities. The best we can achieve by a ‘clean’ line win is 2500 coins which don’t seem to be too generous but believe me the game really compensate us other ways. The symbols may come to the reels in stacked format helping the wins to be occurred but the really unique attribute here is the identical symbols don’t need to be follow each other starting from the leftmost or rightmost reels, so it’s enough if the 3 matching figures are next to each other on an active payline regardless their positions on the reels so for example they can form a winning combination on the three middle reels, too. These two mentioned qualities really usable and the players can witness their benefits right after the reels start to spinning.

Back to the features, the slot is working basically with 4 Wilds as every substituting symbol has an own multiplier value which can be x2, x3, x4 or x5 and it’s displayed immediately on the reels. They really can do some tricks but they should appear more often on the reels. The only real bonus side game start if 3 Gift Box symbols appear anywhere on the reels which is not an exciting one as it is just a simple ‘pick me’ style side game and the selected box reveal an instant cash prize. On the other hand it is a very rewarding bonus and I’m not saying this because according to the paytable the maximum we can win here is 150 times of total bet, but much more because I have already experienced it as I won two or three times x100 of my total bet. The only misfortune is that sessions were played with just €0.75.

The general payouts are very decent and lots of winnings are worth x10-x20 times of total bet. Playing the game and collecting the winnings the player can’t really realize that the game doesn’t offer any free spin or re-spin feature which is very strange from a modern video slot but as I’ve said the other extras and appearing methods really compensate us.

All in all, this is a very, very great product from Play’n’Go and the game really excels in every aspect what I can consider an important factor. I’m very impressed by its appearance and also like what I experienced around the game segment, the payout tendencies and even the entertaining ability. In my book, this is a top-notch video slot and it’s one of the best I recently played so I can suggest everyone to try this product especially when it’s very opportune around December and who knows maybe this game also would put its own gift under the tree. Good luck for that!
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Merry XMas slot is powered by Play'n GO and it has 5 reels and 15 payout possibilities. I decided to play this specific game since I was in a Christmas mood as it is.

The minimum bet on this game is 0.15$. So the game itself is really interesting, shiny, and joyful and totally in a Christmas spirit also I loved the background music. So as I was playing, the first 10 minutes at a minimum bet the game appeared really cold and I wasn't winning almost anything. I even didn't manage to see the wild appear, but afterwards they started appearing. Basically the wild symbol is represented by multipliers 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x. They will act as a wild plus as a multiplier if there is a winning line. I also noticed that all of the symbols mostly appear stacked which is a really nice thing regarding the possible payout plus combined with a wild it can be incredible generous. Since couple of times in a row I managed to get near 100x bet thanks to the five of a kind with multiplier wild. So after a while of playing my balance started slowly to increase but still I didn't manage to come close to triggering the bonus feature. The bonus feature is triggered if 3 present symbols appear on the reels. Which as I saw is not easily achievable, but I kept playing because everything was going well plus I was driven by the motivation to get that bonus. So after another 30 minutes of playing I finally got the bonus, where I had to choice one box out of three and when I choose one I instantly got rewarded with coins, the amount depends on which one you choose.

Overall this is not a bad game to play, when I finally decided to switch games my balance increased only by 20$ but I was satisfied at that moment. 8/10
katemak 1170 reviews
Merry Xmas video slot is from PlaynGo software. Well I have to say I am not such a big fan of this kind of slot but when sometimes they are given as free spins, like today, you have to play them, hehe. I am bit surprised with this slot I had occasion to play this slot few time but only with 5 free spins which they gave me zero. Well today was different story because I had much more luck and had really good time playing this slot. Merry Xmas is 5 reels and 15 paylines and to be honest I am not so thrilled with 15 lines slot, but still it came out that this kind of games can give you solid winnings.

So the main characters in this slot is who else then Santa, there is Wild symbols like X2, X3, X4, X5 which they will substitute all symbols on the reels except the bonus symbols, which are the present boxes. Well I really like the bonus round because even if you play with the minimum bet of 0.15 euro per spin you could win X 100 from the bonus round, which is not bad at all. When I was playing today this slot, I was surprised or had luck, because from the 5th free spin I hit the wild X 5 and triggered the Santa on the reels, which gave me 8.50 euros, not bad at all from free spins. While I was playing I triggered the bonus round 2 times, the first time I won 3.75 and the second 1.50 euros and the maximum prize in the bonus round is 15 euros, well that depends on what bet you play, so I was playing with the minimum bet, so that's why I got so small amount, So far I like this game and I will sure pay more attention, because I think it has good potential of nice winnings!
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Not yet started December and I feel already connected with Christmas, I wish Santa Claus include me in his special list with a big casino win in the rest of this 2014. Merry Xmas is a slot developed by the renowned company Play'n GO and it embodies all the spirit of Christmas to include characters with pictures of candy, candles, Santa Claus, gifts, and bells that glow and evoke the magic of these festivities.

Besides the beautiful design described above, there are not so many new stuff to mention that they have been included in this slot, and it is arguably the format and playing system of this slot is standard and already used by Play'n GO in many other games. The number of reels is typically 5 x 3, has 15 paylines, has sufficient levels of bet, the paylines are completed in both directions, from left to right and right to left, and additionally, lines are also paid for matching symbols in the 3 middle columns, regardless of missing the symbol with the same image on reels 1 and 5. The wild symbol is either 4 icons 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x, and each winnings are multiplied by the respective number in addition to serving as substitute for standard symbols. Merry Xmas only has a bonus round that are activated by the simultaneous occurrence of 3 gifts that are only available on reels 1, 3, and 5, although it would be unfair to say that it is very difficult to trigger this feature; this bonus gives an instant prize after picking on one of the gifts, the award can be up to 150 times the total bet.

The level of variance of this slot is quite low and I think it lends itself well to play with a view to meeting wagering requirements on the hard task of clearing bonuses; in several sessions and playing for fun, my balance remained generally stable and ended with a gain or loss not exceeding $ 10 playing with the minimum bet for most of the time.

And that's all, not much more to say about this game, except maybe that it displays energy of positivity and joy, making of this a pretty relaxing game and its Christmas music really immerses you in the context of these holidays.
valentin68 535 reviews
Christmas is near, those days so beautiful when among the gifts received there will be so many bonuses from many more casinos. It was time that the big casinos start to prepare for 2014 Christmas. And here it is, together with “Secret Santa” and “Deck the Halls” from Microgaming, Play'n'Go is also preparing for Christmas. What if some casinos will provide a slot where one will not lose, ever. It would be great isn’t it? Merry Xmas is just a minute difference from being such a slot.

Like in the two Microgaming slots above, the Christmas atmosphere surrounds you here. You are you happy at every spin, and you just cannot wait to receive another gift. Everything is almost perfect. This slot is the simplicity itself intertwined with the absolute perfection. The slot is simple because it has only 15 paylines and a 15 cent bet. With 1 Euro you play here more than 6 spins! And since the game pays anywhere where are the symbols on the line (left, center or right) the wins come one after another. Wilds bring with them also 2x-5x multipliers. How would it be to have on reels 2, 3 and 4 the same symbol stacked and a 5x Wild in the center?
And as if this was not enough from time to time there are 3 gifts on reels 3 and you are invited to open one for a payout. The minimum win from a gift is about 1.5 Euros (ie 10x bet) but the maximum win is over 10 Euro!

In the first 300 spins I just one had a minus of about 1.5 Euro, for only 20 spins. The rest of the time the nice wins have maintained my balance over the initial amount always with about 3 Euros. I suspect that even if I was to play on a bet of 1.5 Euro or 15 Euro I still had not lost! Then it came a series of 50-100 spins when I lost everything (I played about 500 spins here for pleasure). And in the last hundred spins I recovered everything and finished with more than 3 Euro extra.

This is a slot that is close to very good, the fits perfectly to this time of year!
When the slot starts to count the wins from a spin, it “stutters” after the first or second win. Even if you press the “stop” the slot does not count faster the remaining wins. I do not know if this stumbling is not a software defect. Rarely, if you're unlucky you can enter into loss and sometimes these losses can go up to about 10 Euro (playing for the minimum bet of 15 cents) before the slot to become very generous again.

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