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Hot Roller is 5 reels and 25 pay-lines video slot powered by NextGen Gaming software. The theme of this slot revolves around the luxurious life of Las Vegas.The reels with gray marble background are set against the backdrop of colorful Las Vegas. Symbols are theme related and involve all that you can find in a casino. Give this slot a spin here for free or you can go and visit any of the NextGen Casinos to play for real money. 

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so adjust your bets and hit the reels.By clicking on "Lines +/-" you will set the number of lines. "Bet +/-" are used to regulate coins size that ranges from 0.02 to 4. "Gamble" activates the gamble feature, and "Autoplay" is used to set the reels in motion without interruption for a desired number of times. "Spin" button is used to spin the reels.

Special symbols in this video slot include a Wild symbol and a Scatter. Even though the slot lacks somewhat in the special feature department there are still two of them that make the game-play more interesting. These features involve Free Spins bonus and Gamble feature.

The Wild symbol in the game is a sexy blonde who rolls the dice. This symbol can substitute for any symbol in the game except the scatter. Furthermore, all winning combos with wild involved are going to be doubled.

The Scatter in the game are the two rolling red dice. All scatter wins made will be multiplied by the total amount staked.  If you land 3 scatters anywhere on the reels you will activate Free Spins bonus round.

Once you activate this feature you stand to get 36 free spins and up to x6 multiplier. You will know the how many spins you get by rolling the dice. The totals are multiplied which will give you the number of free spins. Next, you will roll a white dice to see how high of a multiplier you will get. It is possible to reactivate this feature but instead of rolling the dice again you will get the same number of spins and that of a multiplier as you did with your first roll.

The Gamble feature can be activated each time you land a winning combo by clicking on the "Gamble" button. Here you stand to double or quadruple your winnings. If you guess the color of the card you will double the winnings, and if you guess the suit your winnings will be quadrupled. If you make a wrong guess you will lose everything and you will be taken back to the base game. You are limited to 5 correct picks.

Game Play:

Lines +/-: Set the number of lines.
Bet +/-: Set the coins size.
Gamble: Activate the gamble feature.
Spin: Start the reels.
Autoplay: Set the reels in motion without interruption for a chosen number of times.

Hot Roller Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
This is a game that I have only played a few times before, and not getting anything good from it. As the title suggests, it's a Hot Roller game. You may get it hot, or you may get it cold as ice. It isn't a high variance game at all, not by the paytable values, but the game tends to play that way. I guess when things do get hot, this game can be really hot, but I haven't had the slightest chance to see it yet.

The Lady is the Wild symbol, 5 of her paying a very nice 10,000x the line bet, and doubles all wins with it too. Pity though that the Wild symbol doesn't become stacked or expanded to provide more chances and even better wins. The Dice is the Scatter symbol, appearing only on reels 1, 2 and 3. 2 Scatters pay 2x and 3 Scatters pay 5x the total bet amount. Getting all 3 Scatter symbols award a Free Spins game that is determined by a throw of 3 dices. The white dice represents the multiplier and the 2 red dices multiply together to give the number of free spins. Up to 36 free spins with up to a 6x multiplier can be won, and more free spins can be retriggered as well. Sounds good to me. For the other symbols in the game, the Dealer pays 1000x, the Roulette pays 250x, the Chips pay 200x, and the lower symbols pay from 150x to 100x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. I would tend to rate this paytable as a low one, but considering the potentials of the Free Spins game, an average rating would do just fine too.

Trying to get a good game from this Hot Roller can be very tricky indeed. Most of the time, the base game would give low payouts, sometimes very poorly. The Free Spins game can be very good at the right time, with up to 36 free spins and a 6x multiplier, which could definitely give good big wins. However, my several attempts on this game have not given me any good wins so far. The best win I've gotten was only 34x my bet amount. The most number of free spins was only 18, and the highest multiplier was 4x. Getting that 36 free spins with a 6x multiplier should be able to give nice big wins in this game, especially if 5 Wilds can be attained during the Free Spins game, which would pay 60,000x the line bet, or 2400x the total bet amount.
There's only the Free Spins game to aim for, with no other special bonus or feature games to be had. Even so, those Free Spins game can stretch for hundreds of spins before coming one time, with no guarantee of a good win either. I've had wins of between 5x to 15x my bet amount, with only one win of 34x, and that isn't a good track record for me at all.
Hot roller is slot game made by Nextgen. It is their not new game I guess, because it does look like their other games. There is very interesting feature, but it is not easy to get it, so I am trying to play this game only once I am having good balance and ready to put some money in slot to get feature.

This game styled in Vegas theme, and I think it is one of the best slot which I ever saw with this theme. Lot of colours, beatifully made symbols. Very well job by Nextgen, not like I saw other slots with this theme which just too much styled and from which I am tired very fast.

There is very hard to get any decent win during normal play at this game. Payouts are quite low, and I believe 5 best paying symbols pay only about 50 bets, which is very low of course. Also wilds double wins, but it does not help at all, because even with wild something like 5 aces pay me not good. But good thing that there is gamble, and if you think your win is not good enough you could double it.

There is freespins feature, but it is not easy to trigger it, you need scatters on reels 2 3 4 at same time. Then you could get up to 36 freespins with up to 6 multiplier.

There is not so easy to get win more than 100 bets, and this is due to low payouts, which I already said. I had couple of good results like 70 bets in feature, but I was not too lucky in throwing dices to get multiplier, most times it is 2 - 3 x for me, which is not so great compared to x 5 or x 6 for example. Base game is boring, this is true.

I rate this game with 8 stars.
Low payouts it is huge minus of this game. It is very hard to get decent win.
katemak 1162 reviews
Hot Roller is another game I play a lot but in WGS casinos, so yes, the same game, same symbols, identical game, maybe the background is changed a bit, but we are talking about same game. This is another game I am playing a lot, but to be honest rather playing in those freeroll tournaments given every day, just because I think that the free spins feature it’s really difficult to be triggered.

It’s a 5 reel and 25 pay lines, where the minimum bet takes from 0.25 cent, so nice cheaper game for low rollers as I am. As the title of the game says it’s all about casino and its features. The pretty blond lady is the wild symbol and of course will substitute all the symbols on the reels except from the scatter ones. The scatter symbols are the craps and will award you with up to 36 free spins

The free spins round starts when the wild or the pretty blondie will roll the dice for you, so that way you will know the number of the free spins multiplied by X 6, which is not bad at all. The payout of all the symbols is decent one, so the blond pretty lady will award the player up to 10000 coins, but only triggering 5 of them on an active pay line, also the other symbols payout are not that bad at all, as the card dealer will award the player with 1000 coins, but again if you trigger all 5 of them on an active pay line, as the rest of the symbols they are with lower payout.

I have played this game many times but having difficulties to trigger the free spins round I rarely play for real money this game, although I think it has potential of big wins, but you need to be very lucky or patient with higher bankroll. I do recommend this game just because I think its worth of trying. Good luck!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Hot Rollers is a 25 payline, 5 reel slot game coming from NextGen Gaming. I have played every slot there is from this software provider and I can say that some slots are really good, some are in between and a small part just isn’t worth playing. This slot falls in the category between not worth playing and maybe play from time to time.

The graphic here is descent. The theme of the slot is a craps game in Las Vegas and the slot has a luxury look with pretty much everything you can see around Vegas. The wild symbol of this game is a Lady in a sexy stunning dress and the scatter symbol is a pair of Dice. The wild substitutes for all symbols except scatter and has a doubling function in a win. If you get 5 of these gorgeous blonds on a winning payline you are awarded 10 000 x betline. The rest of the symbols have a low payout and the dealer has the highest with 1000 coins win for 5 of them on a winning payline. If you manage to get 3 scatters on the reels you trigger the free spins bonus. Here the Lady rolls a pair of red dice and their numbers are multiplier to get the free spins number. Then she rolls a white dice to get the multiplier on which the free spins are played. The max you can win is 36 free spins with a 6 x multiplier. For this you will need a pair of 6 in the first roll and another 6 in the second. If anyone has ever played Dice before you know how impossible this is in real life let alone in a slot game.
During base play the game provides small to medium wins. I don’t think I have ever seen a big win on the screen so far. The free spins are incredibly hard to trigger and unless you get a 5 or 6 x multiplier you are looking at a 20 x bet win. In one session I went 350 spins before I hit the feature and then I got a 20 x bet win. Another quick bonus feature after that and another 20 x bet win. So unless you hit some incredible win this game is just not worth playing.
Hot roller online slot is product made by Nextgen. Basically I never liked this slot, because in my opinion it is pay low, hard to trigger feature, and generally not very like this game, before. One time I hit crazy free spins feature on this game. Had 1.25 bet size, and won 36 free spins with x 6 multiplier (best possible combo), well, it is already great and I expected something like 200 or probably 300 x total my bet, but feature result was even more better than I expected. I won around 1200 euros, and this was absolute shock for me. It is my one of the best result at Nextgen games for about 4 years of playing, and for sure I never forget this one.

Ok, I am just described something special which is really pleasure to remember. This game as 25 paylines, and there is something different besides all other Nextgen games. Scatters here can appear only on 3 middle reels, and 3 scatters needed to start free spins feature. You get random number of free spins(from 1 to 36) and random multiplier for free spins (up to 6x). As I already written, I was able to get best possible result- 36 free spins with x 6 multiplier, so it is not like usually ' oh well it is possible to get 15 wilds during free spins feature at DOA', but this is something which can happen for real, which happen to me.

After this insane hit of course I played this slot a lot, but never was able to be even close to this hit. I had couple of 100+ total bet features, couple a bit higher, but never such huge win. Sometimes free spins feature can appear even after 200 or 300 spins, so it is not so good game for safe wagering of bonus, but it is good game in order to increase your balance in many times.
If only sometimes it is hard to trigger feature, and sometimes it give you low amount of FS and low multiplier.
Hot Roller is a video slot produced by NextGen Gaming. First time I came across this game it made me think of a similar game from Microgaming’s portfolio. Not sure if they copied it or only took some elements of it, but they are hardly different. Though I can’t remember the exact name of that game. It usually is only available in download casinos. Maybe High Roller? Not sure!

Anyway, Hot Roller has 5-reels, 25-paylines and 3-rows. The game pretty much resembles the experience in a land based casino. Symbols reflect several objects and people you would find in a land based casino, such as a roulette table, cocktails, dealer, casino chips, dice (scatter) and a nice blonde lady.

The stunning lady with blonde hair is the wild in the Hot Roller video slot. She is the key to success, because the highest paying symbol is the wild with 10,000 coins for a five of a kind. The minimum bet on hot roller is only 25 cents. I played this game with high bets of 5 euros per spin when I had a huge balance during a successful run.

The game seemed low variance to me and I was in the mood to enjoy myself. NextGen Games often give some decent playtime and I was hoping this game would do so as well. I managed to get lots of small wins during base game. The wilds seem to drop in regularly.

Thanks to a few good combos I often won 20x bet size, good for 100 euros in my case. I was eager to see what the free spins had to offer though. Took me a while to trigger them since it was difficult to get three scatter symbols.

But then after 20 minutes of playing I finally managed to do it. Before the free spins start, you get two red dice to throw. The results gets multiplied by each other, and that’s the number of free spins you get.

After that you get a red die to throw. The result acts as a multiplier. Unfortunate my throw was quite off apparently lol. I only won 12 free spins with a 3x multiplier. However, I still managed to get a huge hit of 50x bet size. Since I was high rolling, I won more than 250 euros thanks to that.

I kept going for a while after this hit and left with 200 euros net profit. Not bad, so I was satisfied. I will probably play this game again since it has huge potential. I mean, imagine getting 36 free spins and a 6x multiplier? That would be a nice ride I bet!
Tough to have a monster in base game.
paquito76 867 reviews
This slot is dedicated a little bit for us too as Hot Roller has a gambling theme and gives an insight into the everyday life of a land-based gambling cave. I can’t say it would have an exceptional graphics because I would lie if I do that but it’s solid enough as illustrate cocktails, roulette wheels, croupiers, dices. Though there are rooms for improvement at this category but I have to say positive things about the design of the slot. The creators realized that the very colorful interface requires a relatively homogeneous background so the reel area got a marble like dirty white color tint that can both makes the symbols more powerful and at the same time it separate the focus area from the sight of the city in the back. That city vision also very colorful, very vivid but the developer chooses rightly to illustrate the lights, the vibration with a snapshot like picture and didn’t try to use really flashing lights because this pictorial element perhaps would be too much and maybe disturbing. So I like this kind of attention for details but the graphics could have a little better quality.

At this 25-payline slot the Lady character is the best paying symbol and can provide the Jackpot of the game (x10.000) if a winning combination of 5 such symbols arrives to the reels and just like the majority of slots this is used to be the Wild symbol too and can replace other icons while doubles the wins. Dices are the Scatter and trigger free games if 3 of them appear on the reels then we have to roll them to determine the number of free spins (up to 36) and the assigned multiplier number (max. x6). This is not a complicated game and also not feature rich one because there are no other applied extra that the slot can offer but if the existing features does their job correctly sometimes it’s really enough…

…and luckily that’s the case here. My most used bet here is $1.25 and once happened I was awarded with 24 or 25 spins and x5 multiplier so I was really enthusiastic about it and waited for a win that make my day. At the beginning just the smaller wins came but I still wasn’t in bothering mood because the 20+ games are enough quite many things but when it got closer the No. 15 I started to think ‘OK, the warm-up spins are over, let’s see something remarkable’ and as if the game had heard what I thought (or at least a part of it) the next spin brought a five of kind win with Roulette Wheels that was worth $62 but one of the latest spin was more important as 3 Dice symbols gave me another full series of free spins with same condition and there I got some nice wins with several Wilds another full line with identical pictograms and when the free spins were finished and I looked at the summarize table I happily noticed that the cumulative won amount of the 2 free spin session rewarded me with a great $320 prize.

I experienced beforehand the game had a good, reasonable paying quality but honestly, I never thought it even has the ability and willingness to give such nice gift so it was a really pleasant surprise for me. Despite of this little story I still think it belongs to the average slot machine category because of it ordinary graphics, the not too exciting gaming experience what it offers and the very simple game function, on the other hand this slot proves that having just average qualities an everyday product can be very well working and the fair partner and even if they have some shortcomings they still deserve to be played and sometimes the gambler can leave the game with a satisfying feeling in the soul and a little smile on the face.
Hot Roller is an epic game that i play sometimes on Bet365, and i must admit that i really like it. The graphics on the game are really good and the sound effects are nice. I can play this game for a long time with out getting bore, which is very important in my view. there are games out there that i dont really enjoy, but play it for the feature, and there are games that you enjoy playing full time. This is one of them games for me, and i think that if you give it a try you would like it too.
The theme of the game is casino. Bright lights, loud sounds and a beautiful girl. The beautiful girl is also wild and pays €100 on the smallest bet. There is one feature in the game and that is a free spins feature. To get the feature i had to get dice on the 2,3 and 4 reels. I noticed that Hot Roller sign on top of the reels lights up every time a dice lands and i found that really cool. It is the attention to small detail that i like in games and im happy that i found this game.
The feature in this game is really cool and is all luck. Once you get the dice on the middle reels you enter the bonus round which has two rounds. First trow for free spins and second for the multiplier. You can get up to 36 spins with 6x, my bet one was 25 free spins with 4x.
The game is over all great and i recommend for everybody to give it a shot. I tried this game on bets ranging from €0.25 to €1 and the game play is good on all bets. Im sure if you get the feature on the big bets you could win tonnes of cash. If i was to rate this game i would give it 9 out of 10.

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