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Golden Ticket Slot

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Golden Ticket is 5x5 reels video slot powered by Play'n'Go software. This slot reminds more of an arcade game than of a regular video slot. The theme is a circus scene, and the reels are set against the backdrop of a circus tent with a mustached strongman standing beside the reels. Symbols are theme-related and they include 2 different top hats, iron weights, the ringmaster, the strongman, juggling skittles, a clown, etc. Give this slot a try here for free or visit Play'n'Go Casinos to play for real money.

Before you settle in to watch this circus act, you need to set your bets. Coins sizes are easily set with the quick panel bellow the reels. You simply need to choose which amount you wish to bet and click on it. The sizes range from 0.20 to 40, and once you choose the preferred one simply click on "Start" to set the reels in motion. "Autoplay" option is located left from quick bet panel and by clicking on it you will choose the number of times you wish for reels to turn automatically without interruption.

When it comes to game-play this slot is pretty straightforward. The bonus features which you can encounter here include Cascading symbols and Golden Ticket bonus game.

Cascading symbols revolves around the general idea to make horizontal or vertical line of 3 or more matching symbols. When you hit a match gold ticket symbol will replace one of those symbols and the others will disappear. At this point the Golden Ticket assumes the role of a Wild and contributes significantly to forming new wins in cascading manner. Each win you land in a succession will increase the multiplier that will be shown on the left hand side from the reels.

With every spin you make the letters 'BONUS' will appear on 2 randomly chosen columns behind the grid. If you manage to clear one of these two columns during cascading process you will activate the bonus game. The screen will transform into a shooting range gallery and you will need to try and find 5 or more matching symbols anywhere on the range. If you land 5 or more bonus star symbols you will be awarded with more rounds. The max number of rounds can go up to 20.

Game Play

Bet Quick Panel: Choose the desired coins denomination you wish to bet.
Start: Starts spinning the reels.
Auto Play: Turn the reels without interruption for a chosen number of times.


Golden Ticket Slot Reviews by Players


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I absolutely adore Golden Ticket step right up, Step right up and read this review...The reasons behind my fondness for this slot are as follows: Golden Ticket plays very fairly although it's a low-mid variance grid game from Play and go I've got lots of good memories of it recent and not so recent. What is not to like about it? The bonus game pops in regularly it's so streaky, that you get many wins in a row and can turn 30 pound into 4-500 pounds if you raise at the right time.

Here's a recent example. I was playing Golden Ticket last week at Thrills and they kindly gave me a £15 comp bonus with a £525 wagering requirement. I did the entire wagering on Golden Ticket and cashed out £292.

So what's so good about this slot? It's exciting when that multiplier scale raises on each successful win if you clear the screen you get 1000x bet just for clearing all the symbols, additionally you get 1000x for 5 wilds. If this was not enough you can get up to 5x bonus feature which can re-trigger.
During the bonus it's like a pop gun at the fair you knock down the symbols the more symbols at once the more you win.

From memory the clown is the best symbol. To put this into perspective even on 20p minimum bet you can essentially win over £400 in the feature in one spin(10 clownsx5)!!
This is a very difficult question for me as I adore Golden Ticket, The cold runs can be brutal and it can eat so fast. This is why I suggest start low and raise on the back of good wins.

When you hit 4 of a kind of the same symbol without a wild above this can be very infuriating because it means no more rising multiplier and end of round.

Nearly hits of the bonus 4 of a kind disappearing and no bonus is really annoying too..

For these reasons I give Golden Ticket 9/10 a very very good score though!!

hajnrih 1376 reviews
Golden Ticket is a very similar game to another game that I played recently from Play N Go, Gemix video slot game. It looks practically the same except for the symbols. This is a circus themed slot and I prefer this one theme wisely, but I have to say that Gemix slot was way more rewarding than the Golden Ticket slot.

The first time I activated the bonus round I got only 3.75 euros. It is ridiculous how easy you can activate the bonus round here but the wins are nothing impressive. I can get 5 euros wins during the base game too. Usually I expect to win much more during the bonus. The next time I activate the bonus I got only 0.50 euros.

In the Golden Ticket you will not see the traditional spinning on the reels but instead we have cascading symbols here. The point is to make horizontal or vertical lines of at least 3 matching symbols. Every time you make a match there is a gold ticket that replaces one of those symbols and the others disappear.
Before a spin takes place you will see the word bonus on 2 random reels. If you succeed to clear that reel you will activate the bonus round. The bonus round is a bit different here where you have a shooting gallery in front of you. Different symbols are used here and you need 5 or more to win something. It is disappointing how this bonus game does not award anything decent. If you land 5 or more bonus star symbols you can get more rounds that go up to 20. I honestly do not see the point here.

After 3 bonus rounds and more than 500 spins I finally decided that it is time to leave. There was no way that I would win something even if I continued playing this game.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Golden Ticket plays very much like Energoonz, Cloud Quest or Gemix with the same 5x5 play area and wins awarded for landing three or more matching symbols anywhere on the playfield in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Most of the time when you score a win a wild will be created in place of one of the winning symbols, although occasionally this doesn't happen for no obvious reason that I can understand. There's also an ascending multiplier which increases in value when you score several consecutive wins. Just like in Energoonz if you are lucky enough to clear the entire grid on a single spin the game awards you an additional bonus of 1000x your stake on top of all the other wins that got you there - basically this is a guaranteed huge hit every time but it happens very rarely, in fact I've only seen it happen once on Energoonz and I've been playing that game for over a year now.

The bonus game is triggered by clearing the symbols overlaying the word "BONUS" which is placed behind one or more columns randomly before most (but not all) spins. When you reach this mode a new set of symbols are used and the regular playfield is swapped for a funfair style shooting range. All symbols count as scatters in this mode with the biggest wins awarded for 10 or more of the same symbol.

Whilst I really like Energoonz and this seems to be very much a clone of that game, I'd choose to play Energoonz every time because I much prefer the theme and graphics of that game. If Golden Ticket is more to your taste then you could go for this one and most likely have exactly the same chances of a big win, and there's definitely plenty of potential - give the game more than a few spins though because you really have to get a lot of consecutive wins and reach the higher multipliers to get a feeling of what these games have to offer.
I'm one of those people who gets a little bit freaked out by clowns and the whole theme of this game just gives me the creeps in general! As well as the clowns theres the strongman and moustached circus presenter... it doesn't surprise me whatsoever that these same images have been used as the focus of many a horror film over the years as I find it spooky as hell!
Fiekie247 237 reviews
South Africa
You may be less enthusiastic about meeting the clown than coming across the multipliers, but this old fashioned slot is new style of slot machine. This slot is a clone of Energoonz.

Golden ticket is a 5x5 grid slot that have circus theme symbols. The symbols are made of a clown, weight champ and magician as the high paying symbols following with low paying symbols which are the equipment they use to perform their tricks I believe.

Whenever 3 symbols match horizontally or vertically a wild appear in the middle of each winning combination and fall down on the below symbols to make more wins. The more wilds on vertical or horizontal line, the bigger the win. What makes the game awesome is the fact that it has a multiplier similar like Gonzo's quest or Rook's Revenge.
The multiplier increase as you win and create wild symbols during 1 spin. The multiplier reset after no more combinations is made from the same spin. When you clear the whole grip you get x1000 your bet.

The game also features a bonus game. You need to clear a vertical line in order for the "BONUS" phrase to be fully visible and the bonus round is entered. Bonus lines changes from spin to spin and is not available in every spin but in most of them. Also if you clear more than 1 vertical line displaying the bonus phrase, the bonus round has a multiplier depending on the number of bonus phrases that are visible. Once you enter bonus round you get 10 free rounds. You need match 5 symbols in order to create a win. Match 5 or more bonus icons and additional free rounds are added depending on the number of bonus symbols that appear.

The most I won on this slot was about x150 my bet when I matched 5 magicians on the same horizontal reel with an x6 multiplier. 5 Magicians pays out $25 on $1 bet which paid me a good $150. Over all I think this is a good game and you can win really big but you need to place big bets in order to generate good winnings.

Now be very careful as winning on this game does not happen often, at times you can win 3 out of 10 spins and small pay-outs. So which means this game has the ability to drain your balance very quickly. I once had 20 empty spins after each other.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
I've never even heard of this game before, until I received some free spins offer to play the game. Just 10 free spins to play this Golden Ticket game. What can 10 free spins ever do on a game that plays with 5 reels and 5 rows! That 10 spins got burnt away so fast, it left behind smoldering ashes worth only some few cents! Boy, was I totally disappointed with Golden Ticket on my first ever play on it! It made Mick Jagger sang in my head. "I can get no...satisfaction!"

Some time later, another free spins offer came, via a deposit bonus and free spins offer which I had taken. Seeing that the free spins were on Golden Ticket, my middle finger came out, but I had no choice, I just had to play out those free spins. This Golden Ticket game isn't like any other game that I am used to playing. It plays with Rolling Reels, with a Wild symbol appearing in the middle of 3 exploding winning symbols, with an aim to clear the grid for a nice 1000x total bet prize, and having an increasing win multiplier from 1x up to 5x. Everything sounds great, except playing the game! Clear any line with the word 'BONUS' fully displayed, a Bonus game is awarded, where wins are even more harder to get! Only 5 symbols can create a win, which do come by the way, but the payouts are much to be desired! Haven't got any of the 5 retriggering symbols so far, so none of any retriggers. The Bonus games I played all ended with just that 10 Bonus rounds. Payout wise? 30x the total bet was the biggest win I ever had. Not a lot is it?

The Golden Ticket is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays 500x the total bet, which is pretty good. There aren't any Scatter symbols, so no wins from Scatters possible. All other symbols pay from 25x down to 2.5x the total bet. Very low indeed! There aren't any other special feature games, nor any randomly activated features, so there's only that Bonus Round game to play. All in all, a poor paytable with no big wins possible. Getting 5 Wilds at 500x the total bet would be the biggest single win possible, hopefully with one of the possible win multipliers of up to 5x. Don't go chasing for it though. It's a once-in-a-lifetime win!
Right from the very start, any game that plays with 5 reel and 5 rows is never in my favourite list. Winning from such games would require huge amounts of good luck, which I'm certainly lacking lately. My few plays on this game only saw my balance dropping and dropping, without any single incident of catching back up to my initial starting balance! All the Bonus Rounds I played ended with miserably low payouts. At several points in the game, it actually made me doze off! Golden Ticket is such a boring game to me!
If you liked the game Energoonz from casino software provider Play’n Go, then you will most likely like Golden Ticket as well. Both video slots share a few similarities as the gameplay is quite identical albeit with a few differences when it comes to the wild symbols and bonus game.

Golden Ticket also makes use of a 5x5 matrix type of reel set. Except with this game the theme in question focuses on a circus with magicians and clowns enabling the wins. Here the wins are also achieved by getting 3 or more matching symbols lining up together horizontally or vertically.

The minimum bet is 20 cents and that’s the betsize I used for this game. It does bother me that the next betsize to pick from is 1 euro. I mean what if I have a bankroll of 40 euros? 1 euro bets would be too high and 20 cent bets would in my opinion be too low. I would much rather prefer 40 cent bets in that case.

So basically I was forced to pick that betsize or risk being broke in 5 minutes. Anyway where this game differs compared to Energoonz is that after every winning combination one of the symbols will leave behind a golden ticket which serves as a wild. Therefore it will be much easier to get the winning combinations in succession.

There is also a multiplier in place which keeps increasing as the wins fall in. My best win during base game was around 60x bet. Golden Ticket is capable of paying out a monster though should you get a win with a high multiplier, 5 golden tickets or clear the whole grid.

In the background of the reels the word BONUS is written. If you manage to make that word visible after consecutive wins, then the bonus round is triggered with 10 free spins. Here you have to play some sort of circus game. Any 5oak combination will bring in a win, but they don’t have to line up.

Unfortunately I didn’t like this bonus game as much as Energoonz though. My best wins were only 20x bet, even though I played this bonus game like 3 times.
The bonus game doesn't seem to be very impressive. At least that's the case if I judge it based on my results and lack of good wins.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
A 5 x 5 grid instead of the traditional rotary slot machine with 3 x 5 reels is something that refreshes the desire for innovation of many slot players and that lets see how Play'n Go cares about keeping your customers happy, both players and casinos, the first that as end users are who finally delight with their creations, and the second that benefit of the greatest number of customers attracted by their games every day. So, inspired by the magical world of the circus, this company brings "Golden Ticket", where the columns do not rotate but collapsing while completing pieces of lines horizontally and vertically, leaving behind a golden ticket that has functions similar to those of a wild symbol to serve as a joker or substitute for all symbols to make possible the formation of new lines, and of course the major gains in the same turn. Similarly, while the vertical lines are breaking down, it creates the possibility of activating the only but very nice special feature of this game, and that is to uncover the word "bonus" that is often placed randomly behind some columns and granting the right to participate in a game of circus that automatically discovers many figures of objects at every turn and where the player earns a bonus every time they appear 5 matching figures, and it is also given the chance to win extra rounds up to the total of 20. These bonuses are set in a special paytable.

Golden Ticket, like most games developed by Play'n Go, has a very professional design and very appropriate sound effects. The pay table seems to have pretty fair prices and hitting average is good enough to keep the player always interested. I think this slot is not very volatile, the times I've played it, my balance has remained relatively stable, so I think this is a good candidate to take into account when attempting to clear some bonus. In short, it seemed to me a different and fun slot that certainly is worth trying.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
Energoonz was a big hit from Play'n Go, I love playing this game and in fact I played this game quite often in the last few months.

About a week ago I found a new game from Play'n Go: Golden Ticket and surprisingly this game has the same gameplay as Energoonz.

Play'n Go has a lot of games (not as many as NetEnt and Microgaming thou) but I like just a few of them, for example: Energoonz, Wild Blood and now I've added Golden Ticket to the list.

Till now I know 2 circus themed video slot. Golden Ticket and the other one is powered by Rival. They have the same theme but they're definetly different from each other and I love Golden Ticket much more.

I've played Golden Ticket at Superlenny casino and I must say that the first time of playing this game was not a success. I lost all my balance by playing it and it took them about 20 minutes till they're done sucking my money up. We all know that sometimes a game won't give you any winning or bonus round, sometimes you need to spin a couple of hundred times to get 1 bonus round and most of the time the bonus round gives you all your money back but unfortunately sometimes they also don't.

Like Energoonz, the big wins are not in the bonus round but they only can be achieved in the basic game. This is kinda unique because we all know all the big wins can be achieved only in the bonus round. So if you get the bonus round, well what you win from it it's just a little bit extra the game gave you.

If you like Energoonz, I recommend this game because of their similarity.
7 stars rating is good enough. Keep up the good work Play'n Go.
The second time I played this game I manage to doubled my balance. Learn it from me, when your balance is doubled playing this game, quickly stop playing it and switch to another game because otherwise you will lose all your winning (sometimes slowly). I know this because it happened to me quite a few times and I've learned from my mistakes.
valentin68 535 reviews
I liked very much the Golden Ticket slot. It was like I could not get away from it without regrets, so addictive it is. The game belongs to Play’n’Go casinos and plays in a 5x5 grid. The story of slot is a circus and to the right of the reels during the game the characters keep changing between them: a clown, an athlete, a magician, etc. Both the sounds and the symbols of the slot are directly taken from the circus world and from the very first spins played here this story of the slot intertwined with beautiful and frequent wins tells you that you have to do with a good game.

The game plays in the following way: when you have at least 3 identical symbols (vertical or horizontal) they disappear and in the center of the combination a “Golden Ticket” (in fact a Wild) appears. With every winning combination, a multiplier is advancing at the top left. If you have 2 simultaneous Wilds almost always you will be able to make disappear an entire column of symbols. Sometimes on that column it writes BONUS and so you will enter the bonus round. The bonus round is a game of gun shooting at different targets where if you have at least 5 identical symbols anywhere on reels, they will be counted as a win. Hence the wins now are more frequent and beautiful.

I am sorry I played just on virtual money here, because most of the time I won. And I won pretty consistently and frequently. For the playing bet of 20 cents, about once every 2-3 spins I had a win greater than the total bet, and from every bonus game I came out with more than 5 Euro. One time I won even more than 10 Euro from bonus. And because I played the bonus very often (about once every 20-30 spins) after the first 100 spins I had over 14 Euro extra. Just to say again. When you are awarded the second Golden Ticket, in 30-50% of cases you manage to enter the bonus.

Everything here is very exciting, and the circus itself is in fact.What matters a lot for the frequent payouts is that although here there are for example 2 types of hats, they are considered together for a payout. I liked here everything and in my opinion this slot is close to the top ones. It is very hard to get bored when playing here. Some slots from Play'n'Go are quite good.
There are no many cons, in fact except the graphics that is not too perfect, I have nothing to say against this slot (maybe that it would have been better if the word BONUS had appeared on all 5 reels, but this is subjective).

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