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Naughty Or Nice Spring Break

Naughty Or Nice Spring Break Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Santa, you'd better be nice and not be naughty, spring Break or no Spring Break, because Mrs Santa is right there in the pool, with a rolling pin ready for your head! Hahaha. Okay, so the RTG guys are trying to be a bit funny and naughty with this sequel to the original Naughty Or Nice game, but apparently, it didn't turn out the way they hoped the game would. In fact, many players got annoyed and irritated by the thought of a naughty Santa. Well, being naughty with Mrs Santa is okay, but being naughty with two young beautiful chicks just isn't the way! Santa should go back home and let me have his place, hahaha.

Ah well, if you enjoyed playing the original game, then you'd enjoy this sequel too. The gameplay remains the same, albeit with some small differences in the payouts, and if I'm not mistaken, even the paytable remains the same, including the several features found in the Free Spins game, and including that special Feature Guarantee feature in the base game. I'm not into this Feature Guarantee thing, never have been, and I have always avoided using the feature to try and activate the Free Spins game earlier. Nah! I'd usually let it come when it comes. If you try it, but not get the Free Spins game activated, then the Feature Meter resets back to 0, making it twice longer to get a Free Spins game! Waiting for it to come again in up to 500 spins is no joke at all!

Without getting into too much detail about the paytable, the symbol values are all not that good. The Wild symbols don't pay anything, except for the Scatter symbols, and the highest paying symbol only pays 1500x the line bet for getting 5 of them. The others are from 1250x down to 200x the line bet. The Free Spins game awards only 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier, which should be 5x for better wins, and getting 3 or more scatters only adds 5 more free spins, which should have been 10 more free spins. With the non-paying Wild symbols, the whole paytable becomes a low one, which isn't attractive enough, unless the actual gameplay itself could prove otherwise.

Well, despite the 3 different features offered by each of the Girls for their free spins, none of them paid anything decent or nice enough for my satisfaction. In fact, my previous plays on the original game gave better and bigger wins that what I got from this sequel. The Free Spins games tend to pay low, from about 10x to about 40x the total bet amount most of the time, and my best win so far is only 124x, which is far from being good or satisfactory. Thank god I cannot play at most RTG casinos nowadays, so I need not avoid playing this game again - I don't have to! Hahaha.
MacdoniS 108 reviews
United States
Santa was became naughty after the Christmas season ended, this illustrate Santa’s perfect vacation after a long seasonal work and it’s a funny thing because the vacation was turn into a wild naughty vacation! The Christmas theme slots are appealing when its season and last time I have play I have wager more from this slot just to feel that it’s already Christmas season. I’m familiar from this slot because it was the successor of the previous slot Naughty Or Nice one and two that’s why I have the expectation playin it.

Meanwhile, the theme of the slot is entertaining but wild for it’s designed as a wild Christmas break of Santa with the inclusion of his mistress Mrs. Santa. The slot was generous from the form of their Wilds and I will say that it’s the most generous from all of the features and bonuses of the slot. The wilds of Nice and Naughty girls are attractive to me and also indulgent for my every spin. My big wins are from the wild was $200 with a bet of $1.20 per spin that was 166 times of my bet not that bad. Extra bet will add up some of the amusement and feature guarantee but make the slot as a higher stake betting.

The bonus of the scatter naughty and nice was great but I didn’t get as much from its feature not to mention that they have the feature guarantee that’s why you will be insured from not triggering a bonus feature! The bonus can give almost 300 to 500 times of bet unluckily I don’t get the intractable Naughty and Nice girls. The free spins is just like in the previous slots of Naughty and Nice but if I were to compare the level of Naughty and Nice Spring break level up by its feature guarantee and the Nice and Naughty Girl feature it’s exciting as a feature of the slot.
If the graphics of the slot will improve the slot will be getting more exciting and catching to play.
katemak 1170 reviews
I guess Real Time Gaming is out of ideas, so they only copied this game from their sister game Naughty or Nice. Just the difference is this Santa is having fun with this Naughty or Nice Girls on some beach having his vacation. I found this game a bit disgusting, just because of that fat ugly Santa, I guess that RTG providers should think what will be effect on the female population, including me so they should dressed him with some T shirt at least and not leaving him all naked. I am sorry but that's my opinion.

The other difference is the active pay lines, this video slot is a 5 reel with 30 pay lines, so the minimum bet is 0.30$ . So the same characters here. The naked Santa, the Naughty girl, Nice girl and not forget the Mrs. Claus which I guess she is angry at Santa, just like the part one, where she is chasing him or the two girls. The scatter symbols are still the same the Logo of the game Naughty or Nice even the bonus round together with the free spins are the same.

Getting 3 or more scatters on the reels you got yourself 10 free spins and which girl you will choose the Naughty or the Nice one, so while you play what girl you choose if some of them lend your winning will be multiplier. And the bonus round is the same. So there is nothing new in this slot or differences from the previous Naughty or Nice slot. They should put some effort to include something new, this game looks the same as the first one, so they only didn't put clothes on this new features. I have played this slot many times, but not satisfied of the winnings. If it’s given as a free spins I would gladly play them, but playing with my money I don't think so.
Good Luck!
valentin68 535 reviews
Wait a moment, isn’t that dolphin having in its beck a pair of woman panties (bikini)? I wonder why in the world is so difficult for RTG to make a really good and appealing slot!? Almost everything is indecent in this “Naughty or Nice Spring Break” slot. Maybe the two girls in beach suits are appealing, but about the gestures they make ... better not to talk. And another thing: you have seen what ugly and big fat belly has that Santa, having on its right and left the two girls (the Naugty and the Nice)? Not to mention the abs of man that just finished his surfing that only sexy does not seem to be! Maybe I myself, I am fat and ugly sometimes and also I have aged, but I avoid exposing like this ...

As I said, the RTG game designers have much to learn from other casinos. There are even casinos whose slots have much less sophisticated graphics, but they are more tasteful (Thunderkick slots for example).

About the game play there is not much to say: the old RTG tradition to lose almost in any condition is fully respected. As I said in about all my RTG reviews: even if you do not lose much, for sure you lose and you will never meet all the wagering here. It is like throwing money in a black hole, even if you get a 300% bonus and it is still not enough to make a withdrawal at the end. (Not to mention that most complaints about withdrawals are gathered also by RTG). Many RTG slots have a so-called Guaranteed Feature, and here this is also present. But now to have this Guarantee you have to pay something extra to the total bet (10 cents extra to the bet of 30 cents). And because these Free Spins are awarded somewhere between the spins 25 and 250 and you win always just about 3 Euro (that is, almost nothing) you are still at a loss.

I have shown all these as positive facts although many of them are generally drawbacks. Too bad for this slot because it is new and some of the latest RTG slots were better.
Even if sometimes you can also win 3-4 Euros from a spin, the average payout for a bet of 30 cents is some 15-20 cents. That is, in general one is losing. You are very rarely in advantage and this stands only for short periods of time. Although the graphics are beautiful, because some gestures of the characters, the overall aspect leaves much to be desired. Although it is better than many of old RTG slots, this game is still weak.

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