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Top Trumps Celebs Slot

Top Trumps Celebs is a 20-payline video slot running on the Playtech software platform. The game features various famous people from Britney Spears to Samuel L. Jackson and the possibility of choosing which celebrities players want on the reels. The scatter is the game Logo and players can select a celebrity of their choice as their wild. To play for fun players can stay on this page or they can visit any of the featured Playtech casinos to play the game for real money.

To enter the dazzling world of celebrities, players should set their wager. "Click to Change" alters the coin size ranging from 0.01 to 5 and "Bet Per Line" adds a coin to the payline bet. Clicking "Lines" chooses the number of active paylines. "Spin" starts the game, "Bet Max" spins the reels at the highest bet and "Auto Start" turns them multiple times without any interruption.

A win activates the "Gamble" button which, after being pushed, leads players to the Gamble round. Guessing whether the card is Red or Black augments one’s sum and guessing wrong ends the feature. Players can click “Co­lle­ct” to save their amount at any time.

The Red Carpet Bonus is triggered when the Bonus symbol appears on reels 1 and 5. A wall with 16 celebrities is displayed and players need to choose 3 to win cash prizes. The pictures can be changed by clicking the Shuffle button as many times as one desires before making the first selection. Clicking on a photo wins a multiplier of the total bet of the spin that triggered the feature, either x1, x2, x3, x4, x6 or x10. Players can win an extra pick as well.

3 or more scatters activate 10 Free Games. The round is played with an extra wild card, which is a celebrity of choice. The extra wild card multiplies wins by x4. Additional Free Games can be awarded.

Game Play

Click to Change: Select the coin value.
Bet Per Line: Add a coin to the line bet.
Lines: Adjust the number of enabled paylines.
Spin: Begin spinning the reels at the chosen bet.
Bet Max: Activate all paylines with the maximum wager and spin the reels.
Auto Start: Spin the reels a number of times in succession.
Gamble: Gamble to increase the winnings.
Collect: Save the won sum.

Top Trumps Celebs Slot Reviews by Players


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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Top Trumps Celebs video slot game from Playtech looks a bit mediocre when it comes to the graphics. We have seen so many games coming from this provider and this one does not accomplish my expectations. This game has almost the same format as the Football Legends slot.

This is a 5 reels and 20 paylines video slot game where the minimum bet is 0.20 per spin. I have played this slot only once and I had a feeling that I would win nothing if I played on minimum bet and somehow I also felt that I did not want to waste my time on it. I played with 1.00 bet per spin. This is still not high, but I am a low roller especially with games that I play for the first time.

There are a couple of features in this game but I found that the Red Carpet bonus is the one that is triggered most often. The only thing that is unfortunate here is that you will not win anything big during this bonus. Most of the times I was getting something like 5 x bet and the highest win was 10 x bet. To activate this bonus you need the Red Carpet bonus symbol on the first and the fifth reel.

The scatter in this game is the Top Trump Celebs symbol and you need at least 3 to trigger the free spins round. You get 10 free spins with an extra wild which multiplies your wins with x 4. The potential in this game is 10.000 x bet which is the top prize here, and all I got was 30 x my bet size. But I have probably been just unlucky at that point.
There is one more feature where you can change the symbols, actually you can swap the characters and I honestly do not see the point in this. I really believe it is just a waste of time.
Afi4wins 1310 reviews
(Re-post) If the game Top Trumps Football Legends was dedicated to some of our greatest football stars, then Top Trumps Celebs was dedicated to some of Hollywood's popular stars. Some, because there are just too many popular actors and actresses coming out of Hollywood since the beginning of the movies era and it would be simply impossible to slot in even the most popular ones into a game such as this. But celebrities they are, in their own ways, and if there are those that are not really your favourite stars, an option is available to choose the ones you like best. Not a lot of choices given, but should be enough to make your celebrities slot game more enjoyable.

Top Trumps Celebs plays very similarly as with Football Legends, using the same style of triggers for the free spins and bonus games. Besides the usual 10, J, Q, K and A symbols, 5 portraits of celebrities are used for the higher paying symbols. Each portrait symbol can be changed to suit your personal taste, so you get to choose which 5 celebrities you want to play with. The lowest rank celebrity pays 225x the line bet for 5-of-a-kind and the highest one pays 1000x the line bet. You also get to choose 1 more celebrity to be the wild symbol, which pays 10,000x the line bet for 5 of them on a payline. The symbol 'TOP TRUMPS CELEBS' represents the scatter symbol, paying 250x the total bet for 5 of them anywhere on the reels. 3 or more of these scatter symbols anywhere on the reels would trigger off a free spins feature game, whereby 10 free spins are awarded, but wins are without any win multiplier (x1 line bet). Instead, you get to choose 1 more celebrity symbol to be the Extra Wild during the free spins play, and any wins with this extra wild would pay x4 the line bet. Some may actually like this style of free spins payouts, but I personally would prefer the usual x3 win multiplier for each and every free spin. Wins at x1 multiplier just doesn't thrill me at all, even though that x4 win multiplier could actually bring in much bigger single wins at times. But, as each player have their own preferences, this feature may be good to some whilst not so good to others. During the free spins play, getting 3 or more scatters anywhere on the paylines would retrigger the feature game, giving 10 more free spins. Even though it is stated that retriggers can be won infinitely, this is practically impossible to happen! Nothing goes on forever! Hehehe.

The red and yellow 'BONUS' symbol, appearing anywhere on both reels 1 and 5, would trigger off the Red Carpet Bonus game. In this bonus game, 16 portraits of celebrities are shown on the screen and you get to pick 3 of them. Certain symbols carry an 'extra pick' feature, and if you get this during your picks, you get to pick one more symbol for an extra cash win. Still, as I have also commented in a few other games, 4 possible picks out of 16 is just not good enough to bring in big wins. Whenever I get this bonus game, I hardly get to win the bigger cash prizes, getting the smaller ones instead most of the time and resulting in rather low bonus game payouts. Not good enough for me! On the whole, the game was interesting enough at first, but as the low payouts dragged on and on, interest withered out gradually over time and Top Trumps Celebs soon got forgotten! Evidently, games of this similar nature just cannot hold any player's interest for long periods of time, for which I guess Playtech game developers are well aware of by now. Their newer games are much better in every sense, especially those Marvel jackpot ones which are definitely on the right track!
blondie 1094 reviews
Top Trumps Celebs is a game I came across very recently. I was playing at Noble casino and had 30€ balance and I was looking for a game and found this one. I was intrigued by the name it has because I knew it would have celebrity theme and I thought it could be really fun. And I was right, this slot is inspired by biggest showbiz celebrities we all have seen on tv.

From the celebrity pictures I can tell this is one of Playtechs old slots, but I have to say I was quite impressed because it looked fun. Another thing I noticed that surprised me was the fact that you can switch the celebrity symbols anytime you want, it doesn't change the paytable but that way the game doesn't get boring and also if you don't like some of the celebrities, there's plenty to choose from.

This game has 5 reels and 20 paylines and as bonuses it offers a classical pick me bonus and a free spins round. I have to say that I wasn't impressed with any of the features because of the payouts I experienced. I played over 2000 spins and had regular 5x-20x bet winnings on base game from 5oak combinations with wild symbol, so that kept my balance steady. But on the red carpet bonus I didn't get any win over 10x bet, and I had this bonus more than 20 times, because it comes up frequently. In it there are celebrities and you have 3 picks, but if you're lucky, you can get an extra pick. That happened to me only once but even so the winnings didn't exceed 10x, because the symbols held even as little as 0.20€.

Another thing this game has is a free spins round, triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols. They aren't too hard to trigger and I had around 15 free rounds within my session. The reason I don't particularly enjoy them is because the spins don't have any multiplier, the only extra thing there is an extra wild you choose before the free spins and it 4x multiplies the win, but in my experience the extra wild either came up only few times or wasn't in a winning combination.

After I had played 2000 spins my balance was down for few euros only, thanks to the regular winnings on base game. Then I increased bets to 0.60€ per spin and played around 100 spins. I managed to get both- free spins and bonus with these bets and both times my winnings were 10x bet.

Overall I think this is a decent game from Playtech and it is definitely something interesting and fun. Although I didn't get any winnings over 40x bet in my session, I do think the winning potential is good, for example 5 wild symbols on a payline pay 10000x line bet, but I think that winnings like that are hard to get. I would recommend to try it, but I most likely won't be plaing it again, as for me this was just an average slot.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
The vast majority of us, if not everybody, are always fascinated with our movie stars and our favorite singers, well, with the slot Top Trump Celebs, Playtech brings us closer to that which we love so much, and as very surely we all have different preferences, well the developer of this game added the ability to choose the symbols with the faces of the characters we like, which incidentally, is a strange feature in a video slot, and in fact, since I contact with this type of games, never seen a slot with that feature, and that has good, because when I saw the theme of the game for the first time, the first thing that popped into my head, when I saw all those male actors, was than Top Trump Celebs was an exclusive slot for the enjoyment of women but it was a stroke of luck to have the ability to change such symbols by beautiful actresses ones, hehe.

As for the gameplay, it is worth saying that this is a low volatility game, which can make it a very relaxing game in addition to fun. Standard lines payouts are reasonable and special features may not seem as profitable but the truth is that it is not so difficult to trigger them, at least compared to other games developed by the same company. The wild symbol only serves as a substitute but it is useful enough and even more into the free spins rounds where some special wild confers an additional 4x multiplier, which hopefully will put your balance on top. The bonus round is something also very nice, since into game development there are so many chances to achieve it and because gives some awards, that without being exaggerated, keep you always motivated enough to continue enjoying the game, and ultimately, I think that's the attraction of this slot, you're always expectant and alert.

I do not find a reason for not to recommend this game, so I just hope you enjoy it when you get the chance and good luck.
yapro 790 reviews
Top trumps celebs online slot was tried by me only few months ago or even closer, i am somehow notice this slot at william hill casino and decide to download it and see what this slot is worse. This game was created by playtech of colours.

Game has 20 paylines and allow to choose pictures for celebrity symbols, so every players can choose any star that they want for wild and other celebrity symbols. For some reason i think this will be interesting slot for the perfect part of humanity - womens. This game base game is a bit boring and great payout can appear only if 5 scattesr will land or 5 wilds, but i think this is very hard to get. Bonus game that triggered by bonus symbols on reel 1 and 5 is quite boring pick game, best result i get after it is was something low like x 10 total bet so even not wait this game it can not pay any decent money, but to be honest it appears quite often and i think any boost to balance is always good. Free spins is much more interesting in this game, player awarded 10 free spins and can choose extra wild, and all wins with wilds on this free games will be multiplier by 4, my best hit in free spins is something like x 250 but of course potential to have bigger wins with x 4 multiplier is always there. Base game is boring unfortunately so not wait there big wins or anything interesting.

Game is medium variance but apart from many other medium variance games this one in freespins can pay much more bigger wins that most other medium variance games. I like this slot and play it sometimes since i found it at playtech casino recommend you to try this game, it is not so bad, specially if you a girl :P
Top Trumps Celebs game is powered by Playtech. Pretty average game to be honest, played it a lot and would not say that i lost money on it. The features do come out and you bet some line hits but its all small. There are 20 lines in this game and i have played it on bets ranging from €0.20 to €2 and all i can say that this game is ok. Average is the perfect word because if i calculate my wins and loses it would probably be even. i never had any exciting feature wins or line hits and i also did not have huge loses..

There are two features in this game, there is a free spins feature and a red carpet bonus. To get the red carpet bonus you have to get bonus on the first and last reels. the you pick celebs for cash prizes. Dont pick 50 cent he never pays good. Max i won on this feature was €26 on €2 bet. The free spins feature is better and you get 10 free spins with extra wild, which multiplies the wins by 4. I'm sure it would pay amazing if you get five wilds but max i ever won was around €40 on max bet.

Over all the game is not amazing but has a high pay out rate and features do come out more often.I could play this game for a long time and was away with almost same amount or higher than i started. i would not recommend this game but you can play it to waste time. If i was to rate this game i would give it 5 out of 10.
valentin68 535 reviews
There is a good reason for which I like Playtech casinos and their slots the most. Here all games are generally of good quality, you will not win and you will never lose too much, and with only a few Euros you will get to play always some good few hundred spins, on a nice slot. The Playtech slots will always be among the latest, with some nice graphics (if not even excellent in some cases) and will invite the player to play the game.

The present slot “Top Trumps Celebs” makes no exception to this rule. Its theme are the celebrities from movies and music and it is the first slot I play where the player can choose the symbols. With a single click the set of favorite characters changes. Making a comparison with the other Playtech slots, this slot being newer the wins will be somewhat bigger and frequent in the normal spins, and smaller in the Bonus game and in the Free spins (compared to the now classic “X Men”, “Great Blue”, “Gladiator”, etc.). Winning combinations are given here starting from even 2 celebrities symbols upwards. Although symbols are stacked, an average win is about 10-50 cents (playing at the minimum bet of 20 cents/20 paylines). These wins usually keep you afloat and the losses are generally small or nonexistent.

A difference again from “classic” Playtech slots is that this game is triggered very frequent (by the occurrence of two Bonus symbols on reels 1 and 5) about once every 30-40 spins. By choosing 3 famous characters from a gallery of 16 characters, you will get a payout between 60 cents and 2 Euro.

The Free spins round is “classical” (10 Free spins once every 100 normal spins) and you will come out again with about 1-3 extra Euro. In the Free spins round you will choose an extra wild offering a 4x multiplier to the combination it enters, but this extra wild is unfortunately very, very rare.

Still, playing here in over 200 spins (40 Euro gambled), the the loss was about 5 Euro and I had twice some little extra earnings. As I said this slot has the overall Playtech quality!
Icymod 758 reviews
Top Trumps Celebs is one slot I do not ever play without. It's so interesting that I can well about change what celebrities I can use for symbols. The Celebrities I use to play on from lowest to highest are Christina Aguilera, waiting for someone to open her genie bottle (grant my wishes babe), hot Mariah Carey, Colin Farrell, John Travolta and who could forget the Fresh Prince of Bel Air....coming from West Philadelphia.....Will Smith! As for the Wild substitute I usually choose Johnny Depp but I also change it up to Madonna....her and her vogue-ish ways.

In this neat game of high life famous celebrities what I love to expect is that of the bonus round. It would need Reels 1 and 5 to contain the Red Carpet bonus symbols to trigger the nice feature. Inside there will be 16 celebrities on the board and there will be 3 picks! Each pick has a cash prize, one higher than the other and also on a pick there is both an extra pick with a cash prize! The highest total winnings I've ever collected that included an extra pick for 4 picks is $18. Beyonce had it going on with a $10 cash prize but it is indeed my $1 triggering bet as well as my lucky choosing that made it possible. Even the way the bonus symbol rolls on the last reel, it's irresistable to hear sets of drums causing a drumming affect to see whether or not the bonus will conquer. The Red Carpet bonus is always the way to go and to expect the most in Top Trumps Celebs!

The Free spins feature for 3 scattered Top Trump Celebs Logos contains 10 regular free spins with the option of choosing an "Extra Wild" as each spin is used. Elvis Presley, Madonna or Brad Pitt were my choices and most of the time Brad Pitt or Madonna are my chosen wild. Each of these extra wilds appearing multiplies my winning combinations by 4x. Sadly these wilds don't appear too much for me and therefore neutralizes my goal for big winnings. Around $10 - $20 can be expected unless if you get really lucky with the extra wild!

A great slot to play normally or to use on wagering requirements, transitioning celeb characters, a frequent bonus round that says, "I'll give you good prizes!" and free spins being the gorgon of features! Just don't look into it's eyes, please don't look at them unless if you want to be a statue for life! Top Trump Celebs reigns down fame with a 9 out of 10!
Top Trumps Celebs is another Playtech slot which basically has an almost identical format as Football Legends. If you enjoyed playing the football themed slot, then there is a big chance you'll enjoy this game as well. There are a few notable differences though, which do offer some additional value in my opinion.

Unlike Football Legends this slot has 20 paylines and 5 reels. The minimum bet is €0.20 per spin. However, I've bet quiet high while playing this game since my bets were €2 per spin for a change. Top Trumps Celebs is dedicated to several great celebrities from the last 20-30 years with Elvis Presley being the oldest.

While spinning the reels guys like Johnny Depp (wild), Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage, 50 Cent, P Diddy, Sean Connery, Beyonce, Collin Farrell and many others could give you a nice prize. What I like about this slot is that it's possible to replace symbols for another. Sometimes you just dislike a particular celebrity for some reason.

Well, Top Trumps Celebs makes it possible to just change them if that improves your gaming experience. It's the first slot that I came across of that offered this great option. I haven't been very lucky playing this game though. Lots of small marginal wins during base game with hardly ever a 5oak of the higher paying celebs symbols.

Just the high card value symbols. This game also offers two second-level bonuses, including the free spins and the Red Carpet bonus. I found the Red Carpet bonus incredibly easy to trigger, but the value is clearly missing unfortunately. You need a Red Carpet bonus symbol on reel 1 and 5 to trigger this. You then get a selection of celebrities which you can shuffle beforehand.

You then get 3 picks and sometimes 4 if you manage to pick "one more pick". My winnings in this bonus game were ranging from 4x up to 13x bet size. It's not necessarily a big bankroll booster, but neither were the free spins unfortunately.

The Top Trumps Celebs symbol is the scatter, and when collecting 3 or more you win 10 free spins with an extra wild. The extra wild will multiply your winnings by 4x. I've had some terrible results with these free spins as well, with only winning 10x bet size most of the time and 30x bet size as my best result. I guess I've just been unlucky since with 10,000x line bet as top prize it does have some potential.

My Final rating for Top Trumps Celebs is 7.5/10.

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