The Incredible Hulk Slot

One of the leading developers of online casino software, Playtech has removed their Marvel-branded online slots, on the 31st of March, 2017. That means Marvel Comics range of online slots will no longer be available and all promo materials containing Marvel characters needed to be removed as well. Among other online slots, the popular game, the Incredible Hulk Slot, had to be removed from Playtech portfolio also. 

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HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
It is very important when you play slot The Incredible Hulk, you have the opportunity to choose how many paylines you play, from 1 to 50. There is also another version of The Incredible Hulk slot game, which is the maximum number of paylines halved - 25, but here I am writing solely about this slot with 50, because she is the one declared for the game several times a month. Game of the Month is awarded on the basis of popularity. Also, all data in this analysis relate to the Hulk's available in all Playtech casinos. The Incredible Hulk is one of the Playtech Marvel Games and playing her in the race you for Marvel jackpot at casinos from this group. This is a type of progressive jackpot and applies to all Marvel slot games with them. Entertaining and certainly lucrative bonuses this slot games are the reason its popularity.

I do not want to talk about general things, but I can not not mention the fantastic Smash Bonus. If Smah symbols appear on the first and the fifth column is then activated - Smash Bonus. We in this bonus can not get a lot, but nothing to lose. For example, if you break 3 of 7 car, you win. If you break at least one helicopter, all wins are multiplied by means of multipliers. Also, sometimes the slot in the bonus triggers the so-called Hulk Rage mode, which roughly means that you Hulk crazy, breaking down all the cars and wreaking havoc on your behalf. Great bonus for slot games and one of the best that are currently available. Another great bonus is Expanding Hulk. A very common bonus and provided an extremely cost-effective, because at William Hill Casino just with this bonus, I had a lot of success.

So much for bonuses, although it has not to waste too much time on the details because it can be found in the description of the game on Askgamblers site. This game often play in the Bet365 casino and there I had a lot of ups and downs, that no longer count. An operator who does the Hulk and other Marvel slot games and film, the type of the Fantastic Four and Gladiator called Playtech, which is why he is one of three popular software manufacturer of my choice. This is a serious and professional software company which is not a problem to invest a little time and knowledge in each slot, and in his every detail. As with Iron Man slot on which I wrote while playing The Incredible Hulk, actually participate in the fight for a common jackpot of Marvel games, and there are plenty. Of course, in addition to this there are standard jackpot winnings as well as for all slot games. In the end, this is one of the best slots I've played in my life! Rating 10/10.
Afi4wins 1239 reviews
Before we go into the game Incredible Hulk, lets hear some incredible and interesting facts first, shall we? Did you know that Superman never learned how to wear his briefs properly? He always wear it outside! Did you know that Spiderman can never use a male public toilet? He just cannot get his thing out without getting out of his one-piece suit first! Then there's also something about that Hulk too. Whenever he goes mad and turns into the greeny Hulk, his pants doesn't tear to pieces like his shirt does! It always fit nicely! Oh boy, I could be a millionaire if I could make and sell such stretchable and untearable pants! Hahaha. But, I guess that's a lot better than seeing a totally naked Hulk in action, wouldn't you agree? Yes, of course. For those of you who don't agree, there are other sites where you can watch a naked Hulk in action, hahaha.

Okay, enough of those incredible facts for now. Lets move on with the Incredible Hulk himself, game wise. The Hulk is the Wild symbol, as expected, he doesn't pay anything, doesn't double anything but does expand fully when appearing in the middle of reel 3. Yep, expanding is always in the middle, hahaha. He appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4, can expand on all the three reels when appearing during the free spins game, but not in the main game. Whenever he expands on reel 3, 2 re-spins are awarded while he becomes sticky. If he expands on 3 reels in any free spins game, only 1-respin is awarded, but this win can be huge if you get that nuclear symbol on both reel 1 and 5, which pays 4000x the line bet for every payline! Other symbols will pay lower but decent wins though.

The first feature, as already mentioned, is the Expanding Hulk when appearing in the middle of reel 3 in both the main game and in the free spins game. The second feature is the Expanding Hulk on the 3 reels during a free spins game. The third feature is the free spins game itself, activated by 3 or more scatters (the INCREDIBLE HULK logo), awarding 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier, and any expanding wild wins are paid tripled too. This is the time for you to catch those really huge wins! The 4th feature is the Smash Bonus game, activated when a Smash Bonus icon appear on both reels 1 and 5. In this game, you pick 3 cars out of 5 to win cash rewards, then on the next round, you pick 1 helicopter to win a multiplier for your win, of up to 5x. During this Smash Bonus game, a Hulk Rage feature may be randomly triggered, whereby he smashes all the 7 cars, giving you the maximum win possible. This Hulk Rage feature is not triggered in the helicopter round though.

Coupled with the possibility of winning one of those 4 Marvel Jackpot prizes, there can be nothing more to ask for, nor anything to dislike either. If you dislike this game because you haven't won anything on it, well, blame it on your bad luck, or just keep on trying. Sooner of later, this Hulk will be a great friend of yours. Take my word for it! Hehehe.
zerooo 742 reviews
The Incredible Hulk is one of the slots you can find it in any Playtech casino. It is attached to the Marvel jackpots. The game was designed by movie which I loved to watch.

It has 5 reels and 25 paylines. If you think you will get bored with this game you are wrong! The game offer free spins features – with at 3 scatters you get 10 free spins with x3 multiplier; expanding hulk feature – when hulk appears into the center of reel 3 you will get wild expands on reel 3 and two respins and in the end smash bonus which is trigger by smash icon symbol on reel 1 and 5.

I think this game offer really a lot features and in the end even jackpots. I didn't saw many games offering so many different features. It was almost a year ago when I first time played The Incredible Hulk. It was funny moment because I didn't play at casinos at all, I played only poker but than I saw some kind of banner in the cashier to this slot and I opened it. I set minimum bet of 0,25€ and start spinning. I was lucky that time I won couple of times smash bonus which paid very good. Well I don't like slots with bonus features where you need to choose different symbols or things but in this game I really like it.
My favorite feature in this game is smash bonus; the reason is because from free spins and from expanding hulk I didn't managed to won anything big. But from smash bonus I did.

I play this game every time when I open any Playtech casino, but unfortunately I didn't manage to win anything from Marvel jackpots. I hope the next time when I will play it the jackpot window will open.
Incredible Hulk it is Playtech game. Today I already wrote review of 50 lines version of this game, so now it is review of 25 lines version.

This games have nice graphic, and overall designed very well. I like green with black theme, one of my favorite colors, and since they mixed here of course I am happy how this slot looks like.

There is 25 pay lines, and you can start playing with 0.25 bet, this is good and not too high like in 50 version, so I played with 25 lines much more often, reason is very simple - I spent less money and playing same game.

There is very interesting feature with wilds during base game and free spins. If Hulk appears on reel 2 3 or 4, it can expand, and cover up to all middle reels. So then it will be good win, but if you hit good paying symbol on 1 and 5 reel, than it will be even better, but if during free spins - then it is miracle, because during free spins in this slot there are x 3 multiplier, so payouts are great. Also there is smashing pick feature, hulk smashes police cars and get cash prizes, then he gets multiplier for this prize. Best I had it was x 5 multiplier. And also jackpots, but I never trigger any of their jackpots, and does not know even how it looks.

Overall my experience with this slot game is great, I do not have any problems with my losses, because never lost quickly. Every time I played at least I was able to get each feature once, and this is enough for me. Game looks good, I had good payouts on it, and have nothing bad to say about it. Free spins here is much more better than in most other Playtech games, and this is why I like this game.
Everything is good with this game!
blondie 1081 reviews
The Incredible Hulk is one of the great Marvel jackpot slots, provided by great Playtech software and available in most Playtech powered casino. It is inspired by Marvel comics and there are even a movie Hulk with this iconic, giant green creature in the main character. There are two games, one is with 5 reel 25 payline slot and other is a 50 payline game, with wilds and bonus round of free spins and smash bonus.

To be honest, it is my least favorite Marvel game. Of course that design wise it is great, the character is interesting too, but from my experience this games give me the worst winnings. I can spend 40€ on this game, get one free spins and they mostly give 50x bet wins.

I mentioned before the features this game has. If you get 3 or more scatters, which for me is extremely hard, you'll be rewarded with 10 free games with 3x multiplier. As I mostly play with 0.25€ bets I mostly get 15€-20€ wins, I've never had a 100x bet win. There is also smash bonus, which starts if you get smash icons on first and fifth reel, in this bonus you'll have to smash cars for cash bonus and helicopter for mulitpliers. I've had this bonus about 10 times only, and with minimum bets the winnings haven't exceeded 30x bet amount.Then there's also Hulk wild symbol. If its in the middle of 3rd reel, it expands and gives 2 respins, on others it works as a wild, but if it's on 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel, it also expands and gives 1 respin.

I was having one of my usual Playtech sessions at Bet365 and I decided to play Incredible Hulk too. I placed 0.25€ bets and played 2 times 99 autospins. I got an expanding wild with 2 respins about 7 times, but only once it gave me win of 20x bet, other times they were empty or with few cents.

In my opinion, this game eats money super fast and very rarely pays. And when it pays, it pays small. I haven't had a descent there ever so besides the design it has, I am not a fan of this game and most likely will keep it in the freezer for some time.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
This slot is powered by Playtech software, which I have recently played many times and that is where I played this game for the very first time. Since Playtech is to say the least and amazing software I expected nothing less from this game as well.

It has 5 reel and 25 payline combination, with a minimum bet of 0.25$ which I was playing since at that giving moment I didn't have much on my balance. This game is a lot of fun to play and also it is packed with some nice features. It does have the wild symbol, scatter symbol and a bonus game as well. The first feature that I got was from the wild symbol, which appeared right in the center reel and granted me the expanding wild plus 2 respins while it stayed on the reel 3. From that feature I only got 5$ , but I was hoping for more so as I continued playing the next feature that I managed to trigger was bonus game that made me smash 3 cars for pure profit and I helicopter for the multiplier. For cars I managed to get only 2.50$ and for the multiplier I got the maximum of 5x so in total I got 12.50$ from that bonus game which was nice. The only feature that was left untriggered was the scatter and I was eager to trigger it but unfortunately I didn't manage. The game brought me to zero before I could trigger the scatter feature.

I guess I wasn't lucky enough for that feature, but overall I was really happy with this game and I just might come back again to play it. The graphics are nice and cool and I love the sounds.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
The Incredible Hulk is another game I play often whenever I am in some Playtech casino. It’s a standard 25 payline 5 reel slot. I have to say that the graphic and animations are good but I don’t like the background music. It kinda annoys me during play so I often switch it off.

This game has a few bonus features. If you get Smash Bonus anywhere on reel 1 and 5 Hulk will smash 3 cars which will reveal a cash prize and one of 3 helicopters which reveal the multiplier. This bonus can pay good from time to time and the most I have won here is about 80 x bet. Also if the Hulk Rage feature is activated all seven cars will be destroyed providing an even bigger win.If you get 3 incredible hulk signs anywhere on the reels you will get 10 free games with a x 3 multiplier.

The free games can be re triggered. Even though I have won this bonus a few times I have never had any big wins. The most I have won is about 30 x bet on a 0.50 bet I think. And the last but definitely not least and my favorite feature is the Expanding Hulk. This feature is very interesting and very boring at the same time. The wild symbol comes only on reels 2, 3 and 4. If you get a wild on reel 3 in the central position then it expands to cover the entire reel and you get 2 respins. This happens quite often but the wins aren't very big.

Now the fun starts if you get wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4. Then those 3 reels become expanded wilds and you get 1 respin. I played in Omni casino on a 0.50 bet and after about 130 spins I got this feature resulting in a 200 bet win. I was really happy but I was incredibly happy when on the next spin I got another set of 3 wilds and another win of 200 x bet. I had a really nice cashout and I hope to repeat it again some day soon.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Incredible Hulk is another great slot game coming from Playtech. What can I say about Playtech except that it's a great software company and their slot games are just by my taste and they look better than any slot games around.

The Incredible Hulk beside the good graphic offers really interesting bonus rounds. The game comes in two versions of 25 paylines and 50 paylines. Like the other games offered by Playtech in two versions the only difference is the number of paylines.
The Incredible Hulk is a part of the Marvel Playtech slots and by playing this game you have a chance to win one of the Marvel Jackpots. Unfortunately I have never won any of these jackpots.

What I like most about this game are the fun bonuses where you can win a lot of money. First there is the Smash Bonus which is triggered if you get the Smash Bonus symbols on the first and fifth reel. In that bonus you smash cars and helicopters and if you smash at least one helicopter are your wins are multiplied.
The next bonus is Expanding Hulk which you will get often in this game and it comes in two variants.

The last time I played this game I got 3 Hulk symbols in the middle which are also scatter symbols and got 10 free spins. The result was a big win. On my 1 euro bet I got over 400 euros during the free spins. That is what I like about Playtech slot games. In the free spins feature you can earn a lot of money.

Overall, The Incredible Hulk is one of the best and most fun slot games that I played. The sound, graphic and animations are perfect. I recommend this game that you just have to try. For this game I give 10 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
The incredible hulk video slot is another one great addition to playtech family of marvel slots. This is great franchise and i glad that playtech not forget about it.

The incredible hulk video slot has 25 paylines and it is great game that can pay big win even in base game. Feature that give a chance to win big is when on middle reel appear hulk and it expand for one respin. Hulk should appear on middle position, or feature will not be awarded. If two hulks on middle positions appear on 2 and 4 reels also, player will get respins with expanded wilds on 2 3 4 reels, and if good symbols will land, win can be more than 1000 x total bet, my best hit on base game is 150 x bet after this feature, but i never had 3 expanded hulks, only two once. Another feature in this game is bonus game, this is classic playtech pick bonus, but apart from many other such games this one can award great winnings and my best result after this feature is a bit more than 100 x total bet.

Free spins is quite usual here, 3 scatters award 10 free spins with x 3 multiplier, all features can be triggered in free spins also. Not need to forget about marvel progressive jackpots, i like this jackpots because it is possible to win any jackpot with any betsize, and also when jackpot game is triggered it is guaranteed that player will win at least lowest jackpot.

Good game from playtech that excellent suits marvel jackpot games portfolio. I play this game often at all playtech casinos and i think variance of this game is somewhere medium-high, great slot to try. Chance to win jackpot is very low, but if it appear on minimum bet it is guaranteed more than 1000 x total bet even with lowest jackpot win.
yapro 790 reviews
Incredible hulk is another one playtech game, which is very popular on Russian speaking countries, and there is a lot of screenshots from this game on our forums. Also i remember how i met this game, these days i was poker player, and on poker strategy one guy, who was also very reputable highroller, post screenshot where he win 200k$ on this game, betting 50$ per spin. 200k $ is great motivation to try new game, isn't it? At least for me it is good reason to try new game :)

I make deposit in the same casino on which he play this game, that was betfair. And i start playing. To be honest i am not that guy who love comics or marvel, but the game was interesting for me, looks beaty, and this is all i can say about my first expression. I start playing, and these days i was dumb, and did not know how feature triggered, or how it all works. I get two bonus symbols on first and last reel, and i did not know what happens, screen just changes, and i start playing bonus. Heh, i am writing this with a smile, that was really great to play games without knowledge, now i will not be surprised if i get bonus game on any slot. Anyhow, i keep playing this game on lowest bet, and then something happens, and i was able to choose jackpots, i won lowest of course, it was 200+$, someone can say it is nothing, but i was total newbie, and on lowest bet this is great win. Nowadays i play this game sometimes, want to see 3 expanded hulks on middle reels on free spins, hope i see it one day.

Good game from playtech, with medium-high variance + 4 progressive jackpots will not allow you get bored. 8 stars, can be higher, but progressive takes some % from RTP.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Marvel powered slots attract a lot of players in online casinos. Besides awesome graphics and famous comic book characters there is that marvel jackpot we all hope for.When i first started my gambling in playtech casinos marvel slots were not my main type of game but after a few sessions i got hooked to them and play them to this day.

The incredible Hulk is one of the first i tried and to be honest i did not have too much success on it but never the less i love to take it for a few spins every now and then.What i love about Incredible hulk is that it generates a lot of small hits and i like to use it when i have wagering requirements.

This game also offer a lot of great bonus features of which my favorite is expanding Hulk wild on reel 2,3,4 with one re-spin.It triggers when you get wild hulk symbol anywhere on reels 2,3, and 4,then hulk appears and turn those reel wild with one re spin if the reels 1 and 5 align good you can win nice amount of money.One session i won around hundred dollars with 2 dollar bet per spin on this feature.There are also free spins,smash bonus and other expanding hulk bonus which triggers when you get hulk symbol in middle of reel 3 and that reel becomes wild for two spins.For me free spins are very hard to get same as smash bonus and the few times i won it were not very rewarding.

The Incredible Hulk is one of those slots i really enjoy and even if i don't make profit on it i still play it from time to time at least there is always hope that marvel jackpot may trigger :). For the end my three grades for Incredible Hulk.First payouts are decent i grade them 8/10,second is fun i have playing this game i rate 9/10 and the win big with small bets possibility is always 10/10 when on marvel slots.
Incredible hulk video slot is another slot which created by playtech, and i am happy with playtech with this slot, it is based on movie and comics, and i like that release so many games which based on good movies and comics.

Theme is hulk of course, and everything which can be linked with it, if you play video game, or watch movie, or probably read comics about hulk, you will find this slot is good and interesting. Sounds and graph not outdated, and slot looks fantastic, at least i am think so.

Here at incredible hulk we have 25 lines to deal with, and this is very interesting slot to play, because it has many interesting features which you of course should like. First features is expanding wild, every time you get wild on third reel, it is expand, if you get 3 wilds on the middle of reels 2 3 4 you will get respin with stacked wilds on this reels, i forget to say that wilds presented only on this 2 3 4 reels. This is where the big wins lays on this slot, and if you get expanded 3 reels with good 5 of a kind, win over 1000 x total bet is really possible and most likely. Also in this slot you can win bonus game by hitting bonus symbols on first and last reels, you will then have few targets, and after you crush them, you then should crash helicopter to get multiplier for you win. There is possible to win something like 200 x total bet, but most times you will get 20x - 50x total bet. And last feature is free spins, 3 scatters or move gives you 10 free spins at x 3 multiplier. And of course like every marvel game there is a chance to win one of the four playtech marvel jackpots.

One of the best slot machine from playtech, if you still not try it, you should do it right now, it is good and fun to play this slot.
From the mentioned marvel hero jackpot video slots some of it has really great bonus features but very hard to trigger it. The incredible hulk is one of those video slots. It has 25 lines but it has a 50 lines version too. I never liked the 50 ways version because it not pays better only took more money from the players.

I think the incredible hulk video slot has the most bonus features from the marvel hero jackpot games. I tried that slot for a few times but I never was lucky or winner here. I mean I won here some money but the losses are higher than the income. From the bonuses I triggered all of them but only once or twice in my life. So I can tell you that video slot gives out really hard the bonus features or the free games.

The hulk wilds has some bonus features too, when you triggers a wild symbol in the centre of the middle reel the wild become expanding and gives 2 re spins. If you are luckier than me you can grab 3 wild in the middle and get the re spins with the wilds. To get the bonus feature what are pays well. To trigger the smash bonus you have to get one on the edges of the reels. In that feature you can choose 3 cop cars to get your prize and one helicopter to get your multiplier. I’m in the gambling for a while but that feature comes out about 2 times in my game history.

The other feature is the free games. Three from the incredible hulk logo triggers the 10 free games but it comes out hard too. This is the best feature because the expanding wilds are makes the game better. I never liked this video slot.
Afi4wins 1239 reviews
Don't you just love anything green? I do. Green grass, green trees, greenbacks ($$$), and now there's also a green hero, The Hulk! Just wait till you see his grin...his green grin! Ah-hak ah-hak! And see those bodybuilder guys over there, see how they go green over Hulk's muscles! Hey Arnold Schwarzenegger, move over buddy...the Hulk is here! Whooopie! There's an Incredible Hulk there, there's an Incredible Hulk over the other side, and there's also an Incredible Hulk right here at Playtech. Never mind the other hulks ladies and gentlemen, lets just look at this hulky guy right here...ooh-boy, just look at his bulges! Errrr...ladies...eyes need to ponder...they're probably green too! :D

There are two versions available at Playtech casinos - a 25-paylines version and a 50-paylines version. Both are exactly the same, play the same, except one eats faster than the other. The slower-eater version plays normally...the other version plays abnormally? No. It plays normally too, but pays phenomenally! It pays twice as much! So follow your needs and desires! ;) For the paytable, there's the usual 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A, followed by patrol car, helicopter, beaker (Hulk's secret recipe), and topping the list is a radioactive symbol, which pays a lovely 4000x the line bet for 5-of-a-kind. Mr Hulk himself is the wild symbol, substituting all other symbols, except the scatter and bonus, for any possible wins. Yep...he's smart enough to know the difference...but quite dumb for not paying double for wins! Wish he was smarter! The Hulk only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4, and whenever he appears in the center of reel 3, a special Expanded Hulk feature game is triggered. This hulk suddenly rips open the entire reel 3, stays there, and awards 2 free re-spins, peering through the rip as the reels spin, paying whatever wins that come along, without doubling the wins. Wish he was smarter here too! Wait...there's more! Whenever he appears on reel 2, 3, and 4 simultaneously, he becomes even more angrier than before! Triple angry!!! He rips the entire three reels apart, stands there, and award 1 re-spin, paying all the 4-of-a-kinds and 5-of-a-kinds that would appear, but without doubling them. Holy Hulk-kerel! With 3 expanded wilds in the center reels, you can certainly expect a big payout, or a super big hulky payout when the time is right! Get this special feature during the free spins feature game and you get all wins paid TRIPLE with the x3 win multiplier! Now that's the real INCREDIBLE HULK at his best!!! Okay, I must admit, Mr Hulk here is a damn choosy guy and not dumb as I first thought, hehehe.

The green wording INCREDIBLE HULK is the scatter symbol, does not pay for any 2 scatters, but pays 10x the total bet for 3, 25x for 4 and 100x for 5 scatters. Not so good I'm afraid. The 2 scatters should be payable 1x total bet and the 5-of-a-kind should be 250x for greater payout punches. Nonetheless, get 3 or more scatters anywhere on the reels and a free games feature is triggered, whereby 10 free spins with x3 win multiplier are awarded. The Expanding Hulk special feature game can be triggered within these free spins, and this is where that super big hulky payout lurks! Watch out for it, if you're lucky enough! On top of all these, more free spins can be won infinitely - well, a few more repeats perhaps, but never infinitely! Lastly, there's this Smash Bonus feature game too, awarded whenever the SMASH BONUS symbol appears anywhere on reels 1 and 5 at the same time. In this game, you get Hulk to smash 3 cars out of 7 cars for cash prizes, and smash 1 helicopter out of the 3 for a win multiplier. Again, if you're lucky enough, you may just get a special HULK RAGE feature whereby Mr Hulk smashes all the 7 cars for cash prizes. Wow! When Hulk is angry, he doesn't listen to anybody! Hehehe.

If you think this review is a bit too long, yes you're right. I just can't put a good thing down! Just remember one thing though...this game is a very high volatility game, meaning, it can pay only a little quite frequently, pay a really huge sum quite rarely, and play really dumb mostly! When Hulk plays dumbly, you'd get very angry. When Hulk pays hugely, just wait and see!!!'re just incredible! :)
Now i have played on many online casinos and i can tell you honestly that there are few versions on this game. Some good and some bad. I myself have spent a lot of money on this game in 888 casino and Paddy-Powers casino, and can tell you which one i preferred most:)

On 888 casino, the Incredible hulk is a 25 line game, with a free spins feature. It also have 3 random jackpots going from €100 to €27000. The minimum bet on this game is €1.25 which works out to €0.05 per line. To get the free spins feature you need to get 3 or more explosions anywhere on the reels. I have never got 5 explosions, but i did get 4 good few times. Once you do get them, the feature lets you select one object and throw it at a helicopter. Each helicopter awards you with different amount of spins and multiplier. It you don't like your first selection the game gives you another chance. Which is pretty sweet :)

Another thing that i really like about this game is that, what ever amount of free spins you win in the feature, could be re triggered if you get 3 or more explosions in the free spins. Once i got 40 free spins with 4x multiplier, and they were re triggered when i got 3 more explosions. I won over €200 and i must admit i lost it all on the same day:(
I would give it 7 out of 10

Another casino that i tried Incredible hulk on was Paddy Powers. You can actually choose between the 25 lines game and the 50 lines game. They are both exactly same just one has more lines that the other. I personally liked this version rather that 888 casino version, and ill tell you why.

First of all there are 3 features on this game. 2 different free spins features and a bonus game. The bonus game starts when Smash signs appear on reels 1 and 5. This bonus has 2 stages. First lets you select an object that gives you your win and second lets you select a multiplier. Some time Hulk goes crazy and smashes everything, giving you a big win.

The free spins feature appear when 3 or more incredible Hulk signs appear. This gives you 10 free spins with 3x. The free spins can be re-triggered and i have re-triggered them up to 4 times.

My favorite bonus is definitely expanding hulk bonus. You get that when Hulk lands in the middle of the third reel. This gives you 2 re-spins with the middle reel becoming all wild. But if you get 3 hulks on reels 2,3 and 4 then all of those reels become wild and give you one re-spin.I won around €100 on that bonus only betting €0.25. You got to admit it that pretty cool.

I would give it 9 out of 10.
The Incredible Hulk is a Marvel classic and has features in many comic books and movies. The slot is based on this incredible Marvel comic, and I'm happy this game exists to give players the chance to win a nice chunk of money with their former/current superheroes. I've played this game at several Playtech/Cryptologic powered casinos.

However, apparently it's Cryptologic who produced this game. Not sure how all those license deals work, but whoever sealed the deal with Marvel did a great job. The Incredible Hulk has 25 paylines and 5 reels. I've played this game only for the €0.50 when I've tried it since I don't like betting too high with games I'm not familiar with.

It's a shame that this game can only be found at a lot of Playtech powered casinos, since I usually tend to avoid those due to their bad reputation. The Incredible Hulk is an action themed slot with lots of features and free games. It has wild symbols on several reels (eye of the Hulk) which replace other symbols except scatters.

What I remember from this game is that the base game never really awarded me too much. Just small fractions of my bet size with a few 20x, 30x wins thanks to some wilds helping me out. You really need a feature to win a nice prize.

The explosion symbol triggers one of those features - free spins in this case. You need at least 3 explosions to appear. Then you make the Hulk select a vehicle to throw at one of the Helicopters, which reveals the number of free spins and multipliers.

I remember receiving 20 free spins and 2 multipliers on several occasions. During free spins I even managed to retrigger my free spins twice to a total more than 38 I believe. While I should have won a monster, it unfortunately didn't happen. It was good for 160x bet size though, so I couldn't complain too much.

The other fun part about this slot is the Marvel jackpots it's tied to which keep increasing and are fully random. There is also another similar named slot which looks a bit more modern, but is mainly featured at Playtech casinos. This review is pure for the above version though. Seems Icymod and Mpane played are referring to another version.

My final rating for Incredible Hulk is 7.5/10
Icymod 758 reviews
Incredible Hulk once had 25 paylines but now in our modern society it now made an introduction with 50 Paylines to bring to any gambler. This brings two worlds to choose from! Once more 4 progressive pots are readily available to the public. As for me those pots never move an inch. There must be a way to trigger these pots. By way of max betting sounds like the solution!? It's possible but as I never hit one jackpot on Playtech I'm not in any position to find out. There is too much risk involved in not only max betting but I'm not 100% sure I will land any one of the four progressive jackpots once I fire away $2.50 simultaneously. For bottomless pockets that leave me in a position to reap or lose unconditionally then my answer is would be "all systems go"!

Incredible Hulk has more than two features, one being the most obvious is 10 Free spins at 3x, the other is an expanding wild appearing on Reel 3 once The Wild Hulk symbol lands on centre positionl of the 3rd reel giving out 2 respins which may or may not pay off. I usually find myself hesitating after two respins. However the larger feature of the respins can come once in a blue moon. If I happen to land 3 wilds anywhere on Reels 2, 3 and 4 then I can expect to respin the reels once with 3 expanding wilds covered on the reels mentioned. There is no excuse to not win big after 3 expanding wilds! My biggest win for that one respin is about $40 on a $1 bet! I was caught off guard hearing a bell sound for a large win. The Last feature is what I find to be moderately worth it. It's none other than the Smash Bonus! It's tough to bring out but once there I would select 3 police cards to smash for credits, the total amount of credits that I earn altogether will be multiplied once I discover a multiplier after smashing a helicopter. It maybe worth hitting the bonus but I don't recommend the Incredible Hulk slot to anyone. There are too many low payouts. For the most part the bonus feature can be a real teaser!!!

To sum up, the Incredible Hulk is a 6.6 out of 10!

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