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The famous software provider Playtech had to remove all video slots and promo materials from their portfolio that contain Marvel characters. From the 31st of March 2017, Spiderman slot will be removed, among tens of popular Marvel slot titles. The good news is there are new releases coming from Playtech, as this famous software supplier signed the deal with Warner Brothers Consumer Products, the owner of DC Entertainment.

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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Spiderman slot is a very popular video slot game from Playtech. Probably that is because of the huge popularity of the movies and TV series that this game is based on. This is a game that I play very often. It offers some good wins and it is very entertaining because it has a variety of features to offer. Sometimes it is difficult to trigger them and sometimes it is not.

This game is played on 5 reels and 25 pay lines. My favourite feature is the free spins round in this game. You need scatter symbols on the first, third and the fifth reel to trigger the bonus. Then you have to choose, actually you are not choosing your bonus here but you have to click the stop button and on which game the spin will stop, that is your game. I do not know why, but I always get the Rivaling games. I get 10 free spins and increasing multiplier. You can also get more spins here if you land the Spiderman logo on the third reel, which means you can get unlimited number of free spins, and when you get the pumpkin it will reset the counter. The highest amount I have got during this bonus round was 150 x bet. But the other times were ok too, I was always getting at least 50 x bet. It is funny though, that I never managed to trigger the other games.

I also won 4.40 in Spiderman wild feature. I had 2 wilds on the third reel and 1 on the second and the fourth. This is also good because it appears on regular basis and gives a little boost to my balance. Spidey snapshot feature awards a cash prize that goes between 3 x bet and 10 x bet. This is not a lot but it is a random feature and it appears quite often.
zerooo 742 reviews
Spiderman is video slot from Playtech software provider. It has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. I played Spiderman a long time ago and I enjoy while I was playing it. I started to play it after I saw some nice winning videos at this video slot machine. The game is quite old, but the design and theme is good.

This video slot offer really a lot of different features. Spider man wild feature is the first one which is triggered randomly during base game and it will give you some wilds on the reels. You can get up to 4 symbols wild which is good, because wild symbols have huge pay out ratio here.

Spidey snapshot feature is another feature which is also triggered randomly. Camera will snap a picture of spidey. In return you get up to x10 total bet. I think this feature is boring, the pay outs are really funny, I do not like it at all. I think it would be better without this feature.

The last and the biggest feature is spider-man collection. It is some kind of bonus game where you need to press stop button and you get randomly selected 1 out of 5 different features: hot zone free games, rivaling free games, radioactive free games, spider man: city chase and spider man: ultimate fight.

A lot of features into one game and I like it. I think this game could not become boring at all. So many feature too see in one game is very nice. While I was playing it, I never had any spider man collection feature but I had a few times snapshot feature and spider man wild feature. The pay outs were not so high, but I like to play this video slot and I enjoy while I was playing it.

I think this game could provide some really big winnings if you are lucky enough. I will rate it with 10 stars, because of all those features.
As has long been commonplace, along with the popular comic book, animated film, and later at the end of the Hollywood blockbuster titled Spider-Man came to us with the same name game. Since the games that come out in parallel with the film, almost as part of the campaign, often not at the level of quality that should be, we did not have high expectations about this title. We are pleased to say that we made a mistake. In order to immediately understand, this is not a masterpiece of Playtech gaming platform, the game has a lot of problems, both technical and presentation of the game, but has a certain charm that attracts us to play just a little longer. Yes, I admit, I'm weak on superheroes.

Play us, of course, puts the role of Spider-Man / Peter Parker who continues her double life of part-time photographer of the local newspaper and superheroes. Here is the large open world of New York that we are free to wander. So far I have not had a chance to personally visit the Big Apple, but views of the city itself and the sights are easily recognizable. With the exception of the Spider-Man, of a symbol other characters are not anything spectacular, because of their animation work quite "woody". Symbols are from my point of view could be of higher quality, which will in the future certainly fix.

My role here is from 1 € to 5 € per spin, so I have not achieved any significant jackpot or something, my game here was reduced to small gains or small losses so that the financial side of the game so far insignificant in relation to the some of which I already mentioned. Often visit this slot via William Hill Casino Club, but I go to the Titan Casino to try their luck in the battle with the enemies of the man spider. In the end, the conclusion is that the game is creative, however, animation could be much better, as for the sound that I would not touch, is perfect.
blondie 1081 reviews
Spiderman slot is a wonderful game, one of my favorite from Marvel. It is from Playtech software and can be played on almost all Playtech casinos and I think this game is very popular because of the tv-series and movies based on the great Marvel Comics.

Spiderman is a 5 reel 25 payline jackpot slot. I play it almost always, when I'm at a Playtech casino. I love this game because it is very exciting. It has free spins bonus- when you get spiderman scatter symbols on 1st, 3rd and 5th reel, you'll get a bonus round. And then there'll be all spiderman bonus games, spinning around, and you'll have to click "stop" and the one on which the spin will stop, will be your bonus game. Mostly I've got Rivaling games, but recently I got Radioactive Spider game. In Rivaling I always got 10 free spins increasing multiplier, which Spiderman freezes so there were more than 10 spins and even once I was lucky enough to collect about 44$ with this bonus game only! But the Radioactive game gave me 15 free spins and the great thing about this game is that when you get a spider symbol, it unlocks 2 other fields and that will definitely increase your winnings. But from my experience, the Rivaling games have given me bigger wins so far.

But other than free spins, Spiderman has other great features as well- wild symbols, which pays really good, but lately I haven't got them at all, also if you get at least 3 camera or newspaper symbols, you'll regain your bets value, and then there's Snapshot feature, which in the best version will give you 10x your bet! But this one I've never received.

This is a great game that will definitely entertain you, because you can never guess what Spiderman has in mind for you. The design is an eye-candy and a great pluses are the many bonuses they have and the many free spins games options. You will never get bored.
valentin68 535 reviews
Who does not love Spider-Man and his story? I guess a whole world loves him. Except perhaps, the Green Goblin with which Spidey had always to fight. The slot with the same name, inspired by this story can be played since a few months ago in all Playtech casinos. The slot has a modern design, in step with the story of Spider-Man, and I played here for an hour and a half (400 spins). Although in some respects the slot offers much, I left disappointed because this is the Playtech game where I lost the most money (50 Euro) playing as always with the minimum bet (25 cents).

But to start with the good parts: as I said, yes indeed the slot gives the sensation of the goods older Spider-Man comics, and you expect every time for Spidey to jump out of the slot and appear next to you. Behind the slot it is drawn the big city, that seems also detached from a good comic magazine. It is true that the wins are kind of rare, but their value is generally equal to or greater than the bet paid. Thus on the overall, except for the moments when you enter the feature, the losses are summing over. Every time Spidey is present on reels 1, 3 and 5 one of the features in triggered.

The second good part of the slot is the big number of these features (there are possible 5 bonuses from the Spider-Men Collection and each offers its variations). To describe here all the bonuses would be too much since they occupy 7 pages of the paytable. There are also 2 extra features that are assigned at random (though very rarely) during normal spins: the Spider-Man Wild feature and the Spidey Snapshot feature.
The weak part of the slot, if I may say so, is the fact that having 3 Spidey (on reels 1,3,5) seems to be quite difficult. In an hour and half of the game (400 spins) I have played only 2 bonuses from the Spiderman Collection. Although the final wins from these features are somewhat bigger than the average (about 5-10 Euro), yet they fail to compensate all previous losses.

The last unpleasant part is that the slot contains no less than 6 minor and 5 major symbols, Wilds and “Bonus Spidey”. It seems a bit too much for a slot that wants to be one of the good ones from Playtech casinos.
yapro 790 reviews
Spiderman slot is one of the best playtech game. This one was created long time, this game has 25 payline, and theme of from spider man comics. I like few first spiderman movies, but since third part i stop watching it, because they creating really something not interesting at all.

This game is really interesting and has few features which never let player to feel boring or tired, and for the numerous times i played this game i noticed that it is interesting to play and i never get bored. My best hit at base game was nearly x 100 total bet, that was good hit, but even higher potential possible on this game. There is three different types of free games, first one can last infinite, and every time special symbol landed it awards +1 multiplier, second feature has extra wild symbol which can appear only on third reel, but when it appears it makes two additional wilds. And third feature provides sticky wilds. For first feature my best hit is x 200 total bet, for second feature my best hit is 150 x total bet, and for third feature best i achieved is x 400 total bet. Game is really interesting, and has big wins potential, i played this game mostly at omni casino and has only lot of fun and positive experience, i can't say anything bad relating this game, and if you never played this game i strongly recommend this game next time you will deposit on this casino.

Games has medium variance, and very interesting, this is always fun to enter this game and try to hit some features. As i told i suggest to try this game, and my experience with this game only positive and great. Also interesting fact that i never had bad streaks on this game, but this is luck, because such games not exist at all.
gordontan 70 reviews
Recently Amazing spiderman blockbuster movie just get released in Malaysia and it is quite popular to discuss and get involved into something related to spiderman, thus i join slot game of spiderman for now and I believe this spiderman slot game will utterly be added as one of the slot games in their respective must play list because its story line is unique and you will never feel boring and outdated,

Spiderman slot game following in a long line of great Marvel slots from Playtech, just like most of the normal slot game it is designed in a 5-reel, 25-payline game with a max. bet of 125 dollar. One of the most attractive features is that there is a great ‘Turbo Mode’ feature for faster action and the game also benefits from two mystery features, two cash bonus features and three free spins features. Like i asked ,free spins features shall never be forgotten to be placed in every slot game in order to attract new joiners because most of the players or i should say gamblers will prefer FREE stuffs, haha. Then,i believe you will also have perceived similarly and you should get a good feel for Spider-Man as it utilizes similar comic-book style graphics and images on the reels – it’s almost like playing inside a comic book! This is what i want, as i am also one of the DC comic fans.

Now let me tell you more on the flow and procedures of the game, which is on those reels we get a top-paying Green Goblin ,it is extremely good because it is 1000x line bet if you hit five across the reels. Peter Parker’s squeeze - Mary Jane, a Manhattan skyline, Peter Parker’s trusty camera, a copy of his newspaper (the Daily Bugle), plus some suitably comic book-like 9-to-Ace symbols. Don't ever think it is easy to get this flow ,even you have contributed lots of fund and time into it, you are not necessarily to be that lucky.

Another amazing part is about the bonus rounds awarded to players of spiderman slot game.Bonus round is regarding the ultimate fight between Spiderman and the Green Goblin. Then it is your time to choose items to decide the battle and the next part is about the city chase part.it is just like you are reading the comics. While in the City Chase round, you can easily sees Spiderman chasing the Goblin after a bank robbery, then you should utilize your Spidey Sense to pick up swag and bag more cash. This will be your good chance to earn more and this is what you should do during bonus round, earn the maximum is your only purpose of playing bonus round.

Furthermore it is about the Free Spins that i always wish to have, there are 20 up for grabs in the Hot Zone bonus. Spiderman will cast a net over the reels to create Sticky Wilds and Sticky Goblins too! If the green menace forms a winning combo, he will double winning combos he helps form. There is more Free Spins in the Rivaling Free Spins round and most amazingly is that players can start with 10 free spins and a multiplier of 1x. If a special Spider symbol appears Spiderman will freeze the free games counter, and if the symbol appears again the multiplier will go up by one. Players will never feel enough fr the free spins action, there is another special theme which is about the Radioactive Free Spins round sees an extra Wild in the shape of the Radioactive Spider added to Reel 3. If it appears it will randomly distribute two additional Wilds on the reels.

As a conclusion, i always put high hope on free spin section and bonus rounds because you can earn more without risking too much of your own fund and Spiderman is highly recommended to play during your leisure time because its flow of game is much similar with storyline of comics, you easily get entertained and i believe your free time can be greatly utilized because of this game.

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