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From March 31st, 2017, it has been decided that the software provider, Playtech, will no longer be able to promote Marvel slots. What’ more, Playtech needed to replace all promo materials containing Marvel characters. Among tens of popular Marvel slot titles, Iron Man 2 slot needed to be removed as well. Luckily, there are new video slots coming from Playtech, as they signed the deal with Warner Brothers Consumer Products, the owner of DC Entertainment.

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HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Slot Iron Man 2 is somewhat different from the others and play by their own, innovative rules. For starters, always played on 50 pay lines and there is no changing. Then, the payline (which can always be viewed by clicking on Info) range different from those we are used to. The reason for this is a special organization of the symbols on the reels. Specifically, the slot has, in addition to the normal symbols, and their 6 "stacked symbols" or symbols that are larger than normal and extend to two fields one below the other. I was, like, this is confusing at first playing, because I was worried that paid. They are calculated as a double symbol, or as 2 to 1 and paid each of them, so in essence work for the players, not against. And they look pretty cool, if we honestly. Contribute to the overall appearance of slot games, which is unusual.

As for the role, it should be careful. The maximum bet is € 2,500 per spin, which almost no one needs, so I suggest you concentrate a little and choose the bet that suits you. The minimum bet is € 0.01 per payline, and since it has a fixed fifty, simple calculation we come to € 0.5 per spin, which is an average. when you take care about this, relax and enjoy the excellent design of slot games. It's really refreshing when the organizer effort into the visual aspect of the slot games and bring it to perfection as in Iron Man 2. To the bonus can be reached so as to, at any position on the screen, get 3 or more Iron Man 2 symbols representing scatter to this slot game. Last big win on this slot I had to William Hill Casino, and after a few hours on this game has increased my own account for around € 150.

I want to add that during the free spins, multipliers, open, or is multiplied by a gain. At the beginning of this bonus rounds, everything is multiplied twice, but that number is multiplied is increased. Also, during the bonus spins, there is also an extra wild symbol in the middle which is used to replace all the symbols that are required for the gain, except for the scatter symbol, of course. The purpose of these glitches in the Playtech slot games is quite obvious that the amount of money that can be earned in this manner significantly increases. In addition to the normal jackpot winnings which have almost all games, Iron Man 2 has more features. Excellent jackpot opportunities at William Hill Casino, for example, their Marvel jackpot. It combines all the Playtech slot games that have a casino, but that are thematically related to the Marvel heroes. this is exactly the reason why this slot usually play in the William Hill casino.
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
After the successful run of Iron Man, came the sequel, Iron Man 2...and only god knows how many more sequels to come next! Hehehe. Well, the more Iron Man movies come out of Hollywood, the more Iron Man sequel games will follow, and the more confused new players will become! "Oh gees, which game should I play first? Iron Man, or Iron Man 2, or better straight to Iron Man 5?" Iron Man 5? Oops, sorry, I jumped into the future! Hahaha.

If the original game Iron Man did not grab your interest so much, for one reason or another, this Iron Man 2 certainly will! The graphics are impressive enough to grab me by my you-know-what! But it grabbed me just a little bit too hard, it made my eyes rolled! Why? Because the reels overlap one another, I mean, the symbols overlap one another, or is that the symbols overlap the reels? What? The graphics don't make your eyes roll huh? Lucky you! I had to put on the brakes to stop my rolling eyeballs! Hahaha. Not only have the game developers added in impressive clips for symbols, they have even expanded the symbols to cover two reels and to occupy two positions on each reel! Its description goes like this - six symbols are stacked in twos on the reels, each image occupies 2 reel positions, representing two separate identical symbols, one on top of the other, and the symbols pay regularly (in the usual manner), independent of one another! If this explanation confuses you, welcome to the confused club! Hahaha. You just have to see the images on the reels and do some fine tuning to your eyeballs, so that they won't roll with the reels! Hehehe. Also included is a real-life clip of handsome Tony Stark, so that all the ladies can drool over him as they wait for their free spins! Now isn't that nice, ladies?!

There are 2 Playtech versions of Iron Man 2 - the 25-paylines and the 50-paylines versions. Both play exactly the same ways, but each would hit you differently, the 50-paylines version would hit you twice as hard! Hmm, okay, pay you twice as much too! But my bank account is still the same, it cannot be twice as big, so I always stick to the 25-paylines version! Yep, you got that right! Me, I'm just a small fish player! Hahaha. The Wild symbol is a beautiful Eagle Insignia, but sadly enough, pays only 3000x the line bet for 5-of-a-kind! Why down from the original Iron Man's 5000x, I don't know, but I sure don't like it! This should have been retained at 5000x the line bet, for a greater iron-fisted punch! The scatter symbol remains the same as in the original Iron Man game and pays the same 100x total bet too for 5-of-a-kind. Again, on the low side. 3 scatters anywhere on the reels trigger 10 free games with increasing multiplier. This is indeed something new to the game and could prove quite worthwhile! The free spins start with a 2x multiplier, increasing by +1 multiplier after every 2 spins, up to a maximum of 6x win multiplier! On top of that, an Extra Wild is frozen in the center of reel 3 for every spin, and this feature certainly assists in creating more wins than if without. On the minus side though, more free spins cannot be retriggered! Aww! Why must there always be a bad side to any good feature introduced? This could have been the big payout trigger for Iron Man 2, but as it is, it would be very very hard to get really big payouts with just one Extra Wild. 3 reels of Expanded Wilds, as in The Incredible Hulk game, would certainly pay out much more!
To me personally, the sequel Iron Man 2 game can boast of better graphics and a new interesting Free Games feature, but other than that, it hardly bettered the original Iron Man version in terms of payout possibilities. The confusing imaging symbols on the reels too certainly need getting used to before the game can be fully enjoyed! Sorry Iron Man 2, not quite good enough yet to be amongst the best Marvel games!
Johnajax 50 reviews
United States
I love when slot is related to some theme which is familiar to me, when have some story behind which make slot interesting and this is on of them. Iron Man was always very interesting for me and this version of Iran Man slots is maybe the best I ever played. I don’t think that Playtech have good slots but this is exception.

I tried this slot on Omni casino and since than I played it on a lot of different casinos and of course on every casino is great without any different and maybe it is just good luck but on every casino I was very successful with this game.

I am thrilled with graphics, with all that details, with symbols, I think that people who made this game were really creative, you don’t have boring symbol like numbers or letters and that is great because almost on every slot you have that boring numbers or letters and when you see them you know that you won’t win anything .

First time when I was playing I was confused, because of that symbols who took place of two symbols. I didn’t know how it count but I saw that every part count for himself and that can make big chain for you and big win. And when we talking about big win I must tell you how I won 350$ on free spins. They have great free spins. I was playing with 5$ bet per spin (it is a little to much for me but I was in big profit) and I get free spins. 15$ I won already on that spin and I was waiting for rest. The thing which bring me that kind of money is wild symbol which is guaranteed when you playing free spins on this slot. It was in the middle (best position for me) and almost every spin I won something, Multiplier was rising and I end up with 333 dollars on free spin plus 15 it was more than 350$. After that of course that I turned off this slot and ask for cashout : ). I had more winnings here but this is my biggest and the most important thing is that I never lost my money here quickly maybe I only had luck but I think that this slot won’t just eat your money.

Great great slot, 10 stars from me : )
hajnrih 1376 reviews
I really liked the Iron Man movies when they first appeared and just couldn't wait for the next part to come out. Each new movie was better than the one before and I think that is the case with the Iron Man slots. I really like Iron Man 3 slot game but its predecessor Iron Man 2 always manages to catch my attention simply luring me to try out a few spins.

This is a 25 payline slot but the first time I saw it I had no idea what was going on. The expanded symbols confused me and I really didn't know how to play the game. I just kept spinning and watched if I would win anything or not. I didn't have any big wins here in the beginning nor did I get the free spins bonus which is the only bonus in this game. It would be great to see another cash bonus here.

I noticed that the wild symbol combined with the expanded symbols can provide some descent wins during base play. Still like in all games the really big wins can come in the bonus round. If you get 3 Iron Man signs anywhere on the reels you are awarded with 10 free games with a starting multiplier of x 2. After every 2 spins the multiplier increases by 1 and on the final 2 spins the multiplier isx 6. Also the wild symbol remains on the central position on the central reel substituting all symbols. The free games bring real excitement when the multiplier is at 4 and if you are lucky enough to get an extra wild on reel 2 during the last 2 spins you are guaranteed a win of 100 x bet and more. That’s why I started calling this game the 2 spin slot. I always hope for the biggest payout in the last 2 free spins.

I played this slot a number of times and it has provided some big wins. The last was a 140 x bet in Omni casino on a 1 dollar bet.
Iron Man 2 is a supremely designed Video Slot game by Playtech. I really think that Playtech in my opinion has more supremely designed video games with perfect graphic and animations than any other software provider.

This game is very different not just from the original Iron Man game but from all the rest of the games from Playtech. With Iron Man 2 the paylines are differently aligned than the rest of the games I have seen. Also what's unusual here is that it has 6 symbols that are bigger and take two fields in one reel. All of that contributes to the unusual look of this game and it took me some time to get used to it. That was the reason why I didn't like this game the first time I saw it. But after the first 100 x bet win I had here Iron Man 2 became one of my favorite Playtech slot games.

Like all other games you can have the biggest wins here in the free spins bonus. You will get 10 free spins here if you have at least 3 scatter symbols. Also there is a multiplier 2 x option here at the beginning. But later on the number which wins are multiplied by increases. During the free spins an extra wild symbol appears who can substitute all other symbols which are needed for a win except for the scatter symbol. This increases the chances to have some really big wins here. But still you need to be careful and I mostly play here on a minimum bet per payline, that is a 0.50 euros per spin. Still with a bet so small I had a few 100 x bet wins during the free spins bonus.


Iron Man 2 is in my opinion one of the best slot games you can find in the Playtech offer.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Iron man 2 is another slot game from the Marvel Jackpot series of slots by Playtech software. It comes in two versions with 25 and 50 paylines. When you see this game for the first time you will see that it is different from the other Playtech games. This slot,beside the normal symbols, has 6 stacked symbols of it's own which are bigger than normal and expand to two fields one under another.

I have to admit I was very confused by this the first time I played this game but I think that this is pretty cool. It contributes to the general unusual look of this game.
Off course like in all Playtech games here at Iron man 2 the biggest wins can be made while playing the free spins bonus rounds. I rarely played this game until now but after a few big wins here I think that I'll be coming back more often here in the future.

For the short time that I have been playing iron Man 2, all in all about two hours or more, I had some incredible wins. You get the bonus and free spins if you get 3 or more scatter symbols ( Iron Man ) anywhere on the screen. When that happens you get 10 free spins and have a chance for some really big wins because all your wins are multiplied. At the beginning of this round all of your wins are multiplied by 2 but that number grows as you play. Also during the free spins an extra wild symbol appears in the middle which substitutes all other symbols except for the scatter symbol.

Overall as for the game itself what else to say except - Perfect. Outstanding graphic and theme. Free spins, Multiplier function. All in all Iron Man 2 deserves a high recommendation. For this game I give 10 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Iron man 2 video slot it is sequel of original video slot iron man and like almost everyone know both games were created by playtech. Iron man 2 has 25 paylines and therefore min bet at this game is 0.25.

Game has stacked symbols on reels, but playtech decide to make stacked wilds only of low paying symbols. I not like this idea because stacked symbols which pay very low not interesting and can not award any great win. Good paying symbols not stacked and also in game involved wilds which pay the best but appear very rare, no easy money here, boys and girls. I play this game from time to time and different casinos and can say that win something really big in base game is almost impossible, my best result is about x 50 total bet.

Game can trigger free spins for 3+ scatters i awarded with 10 free spins with extra wild and increasing multiplier, free spins start with x 2 multiplier and every two spins multiplier increases by 1. Unfortunately free spins can not be retriggered and i think this is honest because if it can retrigger player can achieve really hard multiplier. And do not forget about marvel jackpots, jackpot game can trigger with any betsize, but higher bet - higher chances to trigger it. If jackpot game is triggered - congrats, you win 1 of 4 jackpots it is guaranteed but try to pick biggest jackpot(yeah, i know everything not random and not any difference what you choice, but still).

This is great sequel of great slot, playtech did good job and i like this game, play it sometimes and can say that variance is medium. And there is always a chance to trigger jackpot game and become rich player. I never trigger jackpot game myself but my friend win 10.000$ marvel jackpot so yes, it is all real and everyone always have a chance to win big.
Iron Man 2 game is powered by Playtech. I love the Iron man movies. I think he is one of the funniest Marvel hero and also the most Badass. I watched all of the movies in the cinema and was very happy when i saw the iron Man games on playtech. The graphics in this game are really good and the music is awesome. Visually i really enjoy playing this game and i game play it for a long time.

There are 25 lines in this game and my usual bet is €0.50. I double tap a lot so a bigger bet really hits my pocket. There is only one feature in this game and that is a free spins feature. To get it i had to get three or more Iron Man symbols anywhere on the reels. I am proud to say that i caught five of them once on a double tap and was very happy. It paid me €50 and awarded me with 10 free spins with a multiplier going up every two spins ( up to 6x).

The free spins have frozen wild on the middle of the third reel and i won around €40 on them. In total i won around €90 and that was my biggest win. On average i would win around €25 on the feature. I think this game is really cool and can keep the player entertained for a long time. I would recommend this game to all avengers fans. I personally had very good experience with this game and i hope you do too. If i was to rate this game i would give it 8 out of 10.
Iron Man 2 video slot is the second part of the first iron man slot from playtech, and of course it was released a bit later than their others marvel games, i think this slot was released somewhere in 2011 or 2012 most likely.

Taking note that it is new slot, i am still can say that i did not like sounds and graphics on it, i did not know why , but first iron man was colorful and beautiful, and this is a bit dark and grey for me, probably this is just my stupid eyes and brains think so, but i am saying what i say, i did not like graphics on this video slot.

This slot apart from the first iron man now gets doubled pay lines, in this slot machine we can play on up to 50 lines. Moreover, playtech for some reasons decide to make many symbols on this slot stacked, i am not sure why this was even done, but i did not like it all, probably because payouts for 5 of a kinds on this slot is not so good, and for nice win in base game you need 5 of a kind top symbols, even stacked low paying symbols can not pay anything good. Free spins here can be triggered by 3 scatters, but honestly i did not like them at all also, because you get 10 free spins with sticky wild on 3rd reel, and every 2 spins multiplier increase by 1 x to up to 6 x, even 6x multiplier can not help to get nice wins on this slot. And do not forget about marvel jackpot, this is possible to hit here one of the four nice jackpots from playtech.

I did not like this second part of the iron man video slot, first iron man is much more better as for me.
The playtech casino owns the most successful video slots what are based on movies. The iron man movies has many part so when a new movie came out a few months later the playtech slot designers are makes a new part of the video slot too. I liked the iron man 1 video slot but the second version is not the best. It has some nice feature but the first is the best I think.

The iron man 2 has two version like the first one, the 25 and the 50 line game. Every time I played on it I started the 25 way type because I never understand why they created the 50 lines version. The winnings are a bit higher on the 50 ways but the loses from the stake are pretty higher.

The iron man 2 has a unique design with a unique solution of the symbols. Every symbols covers 3 reels, first time when I started I didn’t understand it well but later when I played more I get the meaning of the rules. Those stacked symbols not gives better percentages when pays but you not see solutions like this many times.

In the base game the winning rates are not the best but in the bonus features you can take some valuable winnings. You have to collect three iron man free spin scatter to trigger the feature. The maximum free spin here is 10 but in those ten free spins have a static wild option. The shield symbol is stays in the centre of the middle reel until you play down your free spins. The multiplier in the free spins starts from two times but after every two spins you have a chance to get 2 times more multiplier. So in the last to spins it can give 6 times multiplier what it can pays well.
Iron Man II is the follow up of Iron Man I, and of course I'm not only talking about the movie but also the slot this time. For anyone who loved the first Iron Man slot version, I would definitely recommend to check this one out as well. I must admit the game play is a bit different and it takes some playtime to get used to the new format, but it's totally worth it since Iron Man II can be very rewarding.

Just like the first version this game is produced by Playtech. However, instead of 25-paylines the sequel has 50 paylines, stacked symbols and 5 reels. Because this game makes use of stacked symbols it's hard to comprehend how u have a winning combination in the beginning, since it's different than the standard 3 symbols per reel.

Apart from that, the slot concept is quiet simple with beautiful animated graphics from the movie itself. All symbols bring you in the right movie-mode right away. In base game I've my biggest win to this day was 45x bet size, which doesn't sound too impressive I know since every reel also features wilds to help you complete a win.

However, this game is all about the generous free spins round. Collect yourself 3 or more Iron Man symbols and you get 10 free spins starting with 2x multiplier. On the 3rd in the middle a wild is placed during every spins, and after each two free spins the multiplier increases all the way up to 6x.

I can't remember ever winning less than 50x bet size during free spins here. So it definitely doesn't disappoint unlike many other games which leave u shocked with low wins. My biggest hit here was 352 x bet size on a 1 euro bet thanks to some top paying symbols and a high multiplier.

Iron Man II gets a 8.5/10 rating from me.
Icymod 758 reviews
Iron Man II has many "In your face" detailed graphics, smoother than the first Iron Man slot, 25 paylines, 4 progressive pots and a free spins worthy for any player! What I would find here that is not in the first Iron Man is that whenever a stacked symbol appears, it no longer becomes an expanding wild like in the first one if landing on any reel. The stacks I would find here are all independent of one another making split copies of each symbol as well as a full stack for a good payout should each identical stacks come into contact with each other! Imagine all stacked symbols here would turn expanding wild for example? This would evidently be the perfect slot alive if that concept becomes real!

When betting on Iron Man II, I always see myself use $0.50 initially followed by $1 and finally $1.25 to get the ball rolling and find that on average 20 to 30 normal spins after I can bask in the glory that is the Free spins feature! The difference on this feature compared to the first is that I will always be "Guaranteed" to win within the 10 Free spins that start with a 2x multiplier working it's way toward a mighty max of 6x! It is the Held Wild on the centre of the 3rd Reel that makes winnings very easy to obtain! That is the heart of the feature! I always end up getting $30+ on my winnings but for the highest win I got $75 under a $1.25 triggering bet. It makes it even easier when normal wilds finds itself on the first 2 reels to create a good payout especially once the multiplier becomes 6x! I also discovered scattered are often occurring so it would be much easier to hit the free spins here than I would in the first slot. It would be nice to get more free spins as sometimes having 10 doesn't seem to be enough. If the Iron Man II slot has enough free spins to get to a 10x multiplier than I would never feel the same way about the first Iron Man again!

Just looking at the slots from the beginning to this, it keeps getting better and better. However for jackpots they need to loosen up much more! I find more jackpots in Mega Moolah under Microgaming than in any of these Playtech progressives. All in all, Iron Man II gets a 9 out of 10!

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