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Cleopatra's Gold Slot

Cleopatra's Gold is a 20-payline progressive slot operating on the RTG software platform. The theme of the game is Ancient Egypt’s most famous ruler, so the wild card features Cleopatra herself, which doubles wins, while the scatter is the Pyramid. Players are welcome to try the slot on this page free of charge or select any of the Real Time Gaming casinos from the listings to play the game for real money.

Prior to exploring Cleopatra’s abundant domain, players need to adjust their wager. Pressing the up and down “Lines” arrows alters the number of enabled paylines, while the “Bet” arrows change the coin denomination, ranging from 0.01 to 5. To start spinning the reels, one should press “Spin”. “Au­top­lay­” allow players to play the game for a preset number of times without being interrupted.

15 Free Games will be won when 3 or more Pyramid scatters emerge on the reels. During the Free Spin feature, all prizes are tripled. Should another set of 3 or more Pyramid icons occur during the Free Spin round, 15 additional Free Games will be awarded.

When 5 Scarab symbols emerge on an active payline, a jackpot of 1,000 coins will be awarded.

The slot also possesses a progressive jackpot, which can be randomly won at the conclusion of any game. The progressive jackpot wins are added to other wins.

Game Play

Bet: Change the coin denomination/bet.
Lines: Modify the number of paylines played.
Spin: Start spinning the reels at the chosen wager.
Autoplay: Play the game multiple times uninterrupted.

Cleopatra's Gold Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
The vast majority of Real Time Gaming slots have looked and sounded very similar to one another for many years, and Cleopatras Gold is just another one of these games with an identical button layout, graphical style, paytable design... the only thing to differentiate them are the symbols on the reels and the exact nature of the features, so RTG have a lot to do to make these games feel unique with these huge self imposed restrictions - more recently they have started loosening up and creating games with original graphics and sounds and I think those new slots feel a lot less cheap and nasty as a result.

The games paytable is labelled "Help" and opened from a menu in the bottom left corner of the game. This is okay and common to most RTG games but feels a little unusual compared to most other slot games I play. The game features 20 paylines but the paytable actually has a lot in common with some of Microgamings nine line games. It's not the highest paying or highest variance RTG slot but there's still a fair bit of potential here. For example you can win 500x your bet for five scatter symbols or 10,000 coins for five wilds and both can be tripled during the free spins. I couldn't help but notice these figures are identical to Thunderstruck, but the extra number of lines makes actually winning one of these prizes more than twice as likely albeit at more than twice the cost per spin.

One thing that sets RTG slots apart from the competition is the "Random Jackpot" feature but it's important to remember this is basically just a progressive jackpot. The amount offered is unique to each casino group offering the game as opposed to network wide as with Microgaming and NetEnt, and you can win the jackpot on any spin though of course your chances improve with the size of your stake. Just like any other progressive game the RTP of the base game is reduced as a result of this feature and I've yet to win my first random jackpot so I'm not exactly sold on the feature. I think it would be nice to have a few RTG games that did not include one, but only a handful of those exist at this present time.
Cleopatra's Gold Slot is one more game that has a theme of Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra's Gold was formed in RTG and has 20 pay-lines and 5 reels. The graphics as it is usual for one RTG slot, are extremely simple.

As symbols, besides the standard poker symbol, are also the symbols that show this historical period of the theme itself. Of course there is the symbol of the Cleopatra which is also the wild symbol, then the symbol of the black cat, then the unavoidable symbol of the Pyramid, which is the scatter symbol etc. I have to say that too, the symbol of the pyramid is scatter symbol in at least 4 slot games more. I know for that many games, but I believe that there are more and more. So far I have not had a chance so often, to play this game. That was only for about maybe 6 or 7 times.

But the last time I played, I had some bigger wins and in the future probably I'll give more attention to this game. As my balance was at just under 20 dollars, I start with min. bet per spin of $ 0.2. But as after some time, my balance increased to more than $ 30, I decided to increase the bet to 0.4 dollars per spin. I was not sorry that I obey my sixth sense and increased the bet. Soon I got a 3 scatter symbols and free spins. After these 15 free spins, the balance amounted to more than $ 50. I continued to play with a bet of 0.4 for some time and then increased the bet to $ 1 per spin.

Again, I hit the time when you need to increase the bet and immediately on the first spin with a bet of $ 1 again I got free spins. Total wins from the last of these free spins was greater than $ 80. Of course, I know that I can’t always win on a slot game, so after these free spins I decided to change the game.
Another in the series of my review for the excellent and rich RTG slot machines. This time I will write about the one slot that is rich with Egyptian theme. Walking the corridors of the ancient pyramids I met a lot of forgotten characters through fun and games, I also saw the possibility of the conquest of the true treasures in the virtual casino world, even up to 10,000 coins as possible to earn in one breath. I stayed a little longer than I had planned because each new experience is valuable when it comes to the actual possibilities of earnings.

Many opportunities are in front of me, as long as I play this game for how to resist the overwhelming desire to invest some money and come in on the adventure with ancient characters and challenges magical world. It's time to now summarize some facts and memorable experiences. As I said it is possible to win up to 10,000 coins in the event that at all five positions get the symbol of the beautiful Queen Cleopatra. It is phenomenal news for me and other players since we know that other slot machines offer a significantly lower maximum winnings for all five identical symbols, which carry the highest value on a given game.

The maximum bet is classic as well as in other RTG machines, 5€ bet per line with a maximum of 5€ SPIN. Symbol of Cleopatra is the wild symbol characteristic for each game individually. Well, in this game Queen of Egypt have an honor that brings the greatest happiness in your homes, in addition to these options there are also Scarab and Egyptian Eye. For scatter symbol is determined by, you guessed it ... Pyramid. Only with the two symbols of this ancient buildings you get the rewards, while for 3, 4, 5 receive free spins. Very interesting game with many challenges for each player who likes historical themes in online slots. Rating 9/10
Afi4wins 1305 reviews
Cleopatra, Cleopatra, wherefore art thou Cleopatra? Oops, wrong storyline! But never mind. Cleopatra’s Gold is a gold of a game. Just like Romeo and Juliet, it’s a classic. No doubt it’s also another oldie from RTG, the graphics in this game are more acceptable than most others, but just short of being acceptable in comparison to the current excellent quality of newer games. The sound and music could be better too. Still, 1 star down.

Here’s an excellent paytable that other RTG games should have followed. Coming from an oldie game, it was definitely amongst the best paytable in those days, and still excellent by today’s standards. Cleopatra, the Wild symbol, pays 10000 x the line bet for 5 of her, doubles all wins too, while the Pyramid, the Scatter symbol, pays a lovely 500 x the total bet. Both win values are the best you can get, even today! The other symbols are slightly lower at 1000 x the line bet, but this is acceptable in view of the higher values for the Wild and Scatter symbols. No star down/up.

Yes, as expected, there is only a Free Spins Feature game in Cleopatra’s Gold. A straight-forward feature, awarding 15 free spins with a 3 x win multiplier, on top of Cleopatra doubling all wins with it, for a wonderful 6 x win! This feature can be retriggered too, which is good. What could make Cleopatra’s Gold even better is to have the Wild symbol in stacks or even expanding, as in Realm of Riches for example, for even greater payout possibilities, but still, this single feature game is worth targeting for. No star down/up.

Now for the big test – the real play. With such a good paytable, I had expected a tough game from Cleopatra’s Gold, but to my surprise, the game play was just excellent! My credits were going up and down regularly, and best of all, the free spins were coming and coming! In the first free spins game, I got a retrigger, with a 60 x total bet payout. Nice! The next few free spins game paid out averagely, ranging from 20 x to 30 x my total bet amount, which were acceptable. In one of the later free spins game, I managed to get 2 retriggers, for a final payout of just over 100 x my total bet. Very nice indeed. It boosted up my bankroll for a small overall win and I decided to call it a day. I could go on and play, hoping for a bigger payout, but that can wait. There’ll be another day to play Cleopatra’s Gold. This is one excellent game from RTG, almost as good as Count Spectacular. What is missing is only the 5 Expanding Wild reels, or even 3 reels of fully stacked Cleopatra. Nonetheless, a very satisfying game, with possibilities for really big payouts. No star down/up.
yapro 790 reviews
Cleopatra's Gold video slot created by real time gaming software and it is another one old looking game which most likely will not be interesting for players who love graphic.

Game theme is Egypt and i like such ancient themed games, i like history at all and therefore it is pleasure for me to spin such games. I think this is perfect example of how ideal slot game should look at average, it has 20 paylines, wilds on all reels and free spins which can be triggered by 3+ scatters. Payouts for everything is great, 5 wilds in base will pay 500 x total bet, if wild which is Cleopatra by the way substitute, than such win is doubled. Perfect, no?

Also scatters pay good, 5 scatters give 500 x total bet, any 3+ scatters award 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier, and free spins can be retriggered. I play this game few times in past and i can say that i really like how it works, i know what to wait, i know that free spins is good and there is no any surprises for me, like i said i want more such typical games, as they almost perfect. My best win on this game was not so high, but still nice around 75 x total bet i remember this good since i played with 1$ from no deposit bonus that i get from high noon casino. Best feature is greater for me, x 400 total bet, i trigger couple of free spins and then many little wins give me such great overall win.

Game looks bad, but i really like it. Medium-high variance give a chances to some really great payouts, free spins here is typically good, wilds pay well, and free spins have nice multiplier. Only one complaint can be - outdated. And did not forget about a chance to hit random jackpot, all real time gaming games have it.
Cleopatra's Gold is a slot powered by RTG which has 20 pay lines and 5 reels. Like other RTG slots the base game has average returns or even below average and has only one bonus round which is the free spin round.

The basic theme of the slot takes you to Egypt in the rule of Cleopatra and all the symbols are inspired from the same. Cleopatra itself is the wild symbol and doubles your winnings if wild completes your combination. A pyramid is the scatter symbol and three of them triggers the free spin round which awards you 15 free spins but three scatters are really difficult to get. Recently i got a no deposit bonus of $61 on High Noon Casino and i started playing on Cleopatra's Gold with a bet of $1 per spin. Eventually my balance dipped to $30 increasing to $50 as i got four of a kind of a high paying symbol (i don't remember which ) and then i was able to trigger the free spin round which paid me total of $26 only. But again my balance dipped and after a few odd spins i reduced the bet to $0.4 and was able to strike the free spin round again which paid me $11. So , it may be concluded from this and my past experience that free spin round occurs but occurs very less frequently with only 30X to 50X returns. I would suggest play high roller on this slot if you have enough bank balance because on small bets this will be a total waste of time. Though the winnings were not large enough but i thought of attaching the screenshot which might give you basic idea about the returns.

Apart from returns the graphics are very ordinary and sound too but the overall theme would keep you entertained for a while though. So an overall 7 rating for this slot out of 10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Amazing, this is probably the one slot for RTG that has many comments currently right now to my knowledge! Cleopatra's Gold is a trip to hot Egypt where ancient artifacts and pyramids can be discovered. It's a 20 paylines video slot game and it's very easy to get into.

The graphics were very simple, however I was amused by the animations for the pyramids. When 2 of these scatters hit, the top portion of the pyramid floats around with a brilliant light that is in between the spaces. Everything here seems old fashioned. The 15 Free spins at 3x are very common and they can be triggered for 3 pyramids! I either go for my striking $1 per spin or go for a high $1.40 bet when the pyramids are making their way very well (more often) towards most of my spins. Whenever I sometimes put the autoplay on Turbo and spin it 3 times consecutively, they make out good payouts of $2 or more as well as a way to hit free spins faster for some reason.

Normally spinning each spin for $1 a bet I would have seconds away from spinning another but with Turbo in play there wouldn't be any room to waste seconds in between. It's my way of hitting free spins much quicker. I just get lucky somehow when I put turbo on for just a short a moment. When 15 Free spins at 3x grabbed my attention I received $111.72 total!!! I had only 1 retrigger and 5 chances of 2 scatters on the reels in some of my free spins to try to trigger another set of 15 free spins! I seriously can't think that I had 5 chances and only one spin retriggered for 3 scatters! It would have been nice to hit more than 1 retrigger for my $1.40 triggering bet! There's no easy way to say this but Cleopatra's Gold can be very rewarding inside such commonly known amount of free spins!! I think it's sexy with the Cleopatra Wilds this slot gets 9 stars!
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cleopatra's gold is amongst first slots i ever tried in RTG casinos.I was still a newbie in online gambling but first session on this slot was very successful for me.I guess that first time was just a beginners luck because later on i never had a decent win on this slot.

This is another old Egyptian themed slot with 20 lines five reels and free spins feature.Just like in Crocodopolis(micro gaming slot) scatter in Cleopatra's gold slot is Pyramid.Getting three or more Pyramid scatters on screen means you won free spins.The number of free spins is 15 and all prizes during them are tripled.If you get another three pyramids during free games you get additional 15 free games.That only happened once for me.

On my first session i was betting 2 dollars per spin and won free games.On half way with first 15 free spins and more than 40 dollars profit i won free games again and my total winnings went above 200 dollars.Every other session free games took ages to trigger and after big time and money spent they payed minimum prizes and did not re trigger.Wild symbol on this slot is Cleopatra and it substitutes all except pyramid scatter with double wins.The wild symbol wins have also been rare and that is one of the reasons i don't spend a lot of time on this slot like i used to.You really need a lot of small wins in order to pursue free spins and that is something this slot did not provide for me for a long time.The interface is okay considering this is pretty old and real time gaming slot.

For the end i will rate Cleopatra's gold with my three grades.First payouts i rate 6/10 second fun i have on this slot i rate 7/10 and last win big with small bets i rate 5/10
hajnrih 1376 reviews
If you like history and are up so some gambling I recommend you play this game. Cleopatra’s gold is one of the few RTG slot games that really caught my eye. The graphic is very simple. It gives the whole slot a vintage look and for some time it really takes you back to ancient Egypt.Except for the standard 9, 10, A, J, Q, and K symbols there is off course beautiful Cleopatra as wild. The scatter symbol for this game is a pyramid. If Cleopatra appears once or more in some winning combinations the prizes are doubled. She substitutes all other symbols except for the pyramid.If you get 5 of a kind Cleopatra symbols than you get a win from 10000 x bet.

The main feature of this game is of course the free spins. Whenever 3 or more pyramid symbols appear anywhere on the screen you get 15 free spins. All wins during those free spins are x3 multiplier. This feature can be re-triggered and you can get another 15 free spins. I have played this game on several occasions and I had some descent wins. Once I got the free spins and re-triggered the feature on the seventh or eighth spin. I started winning and was very excited. After all 30 free spins at a 0.60 total bet is not a small matter. I was even more surprised when I triggered the feature for the third time. So I had a total of 45 free spins. I have to tell you that I regretted lowering my bet from 1$ to 0.60 just a few spins before I got the free spins feature.I got only about 60 $ from 45 free spins at 0.60 bet. That’s a small payout if you ask me considering the number of spins.

Another thing I noticed is that if you play this game for a long time you will end up losing all your money. The moment this game gives a big payout it’s time to pack up your bags and leave. Anyway a nice booster to keep your balance up so that you can try some other games. Overall 7 out of 10.
jtamondong 7 reviews
Ah. Cleopatra's Gold. Very enticing with the riches of Egypt. The gameplay is simple enough. Wild multiplies your winnings and thus lets you be on the lookout for the Cleopatra icon. The game loads pretty fast since there is not much unnecessary animation involved. The graphics somewhat reminds me of old slot machines I see on brick and mortar casinos.

I recommend playing the game whenever possible but for a short stint only. I usually begin with 0.01 credit just to see what pattern usually comes out then adjust my lines according to the most frequent one. Though I know it is all based on RNG, it gives me the "feeling" I have outsmarted the machine. The payout is pretty good too. This is one of those games that do not need any improvement at all.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Microgaming video slots are my favorite, but whenever I have a chance to play for a no deposit bonus in some RTG casino there are two games that I play the most. One is Goblin’s Treasure and the other one is Cleopatra’s Gold. I’ll come back to Goblins Treasure in some other review, today I will write about Cleopatra’s Gold.

For a theme this game has ancient Egypt, the graphic and music are I would say moderate. Nothing too classy and nothing too fancy. At first sight this game looks like another simple 20 payline non-progressive slot but if you play it at the right time you will have some big wins here.

First let me explain the main features and symbols before I go to my personal wins. The main wild symbol is off course Cleopatra which if you are lucky enough to get 5 of a kind ( which I never have) you will get 1000x line bet. Combined with any other win it will double your winnings. It gives you a nice steady winning streak if the slot is up for it.

Now the most interesting symbol in my opinion is scatter which is a pyramid. I never had any luck to have any big wins combined with this symbol but I have won 3 of a kind pyramids and that opens the free spins feature. Like most slot games this is a gamblers dream. The free spins feature consists of 15 free spins. I have to say from my personal experience if you play this game with some minimum bet you will loose and won’t have any big wins. On the other hand if you play with a bigger bet of let’s say 1$ or 2$ and you get the free spins feature a big win is guaranteed. I remember I once won 15 free spins and during those free spins I got another 15 free spins which is a total of 30 free spins on a 1 $ bet. At the end of the free spins feature my balance was about 130 $ richer.

Overall this game doesn’t pay out some incredible wins but will keep you occupied for some time. I give it a 7 out of 10.
paquito76 867 reviews
Cleopatra’s Gold slot, of course can’t be about something else than the glorious ancient Egypt. The richness and historic events of that age inspired lot of software providers to create a version that sometimes I see a little bit overdone and this game fortunately is none of them. The famous and well-known characters couldn’t be left of but their simply illustration can give overall more than if they would have been decorated with some exaggerated elements. We play here with nice characters like pyramid, bastet cat, Eye of Horus, Cleopatra figures and supplementary cards. The slot’s layout is very decent, there’s nothing out of place and it’s pleasant view for the eye.

The game is a 20-payline non-progressive, random Jackpot slot machine. Cleopatra is the busiest symbol as it serves as Wild and pays the highest reward if a 5 of a kind win is formed (x10000 of line bet). As a Wild it doubles the prize of all winning combinations that need its help to completed. Scatter has also a great payout scheme as it has maximum 500 times of total bet quality and has the role to open the free spin feature which consist of 15 free games with tripled winning prizes. As it’s seen its features are limited and I know for some players this is far away to be enough but I think it’s not that bad.

I like to play with this slot because of its good look, simple game rules, and the acceptable rewarding free games but never play it too long. Somehow I noticed the more time I spend with it the Scatter has a tend to start disappearing or better say not appearing and finally it does it, at the end of the extra I usually have a feeling that it didn’t deserve the waiting (especially if I count the wins without Wild are not multiplied). Same goes to changing bets so I don’t diversify my stakes too much, rather choose a starting bet (mostly $1 or $1.50) and stick with it. I believe if the game is in giving mood it will be found out with lower stakes, too.

My final verdict about Cleopatra’s Gold is this is a very ordinary slot game in every aspect but has the ability to offer some entertaining time by playing with it and thanks the random Jackpot there’s always there the possibility to leave the game with remarkable profit but generally, in my opinion it’s not a well-rewarding game.

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