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Blade Slot

Starting on April 1st, Playtech can no longer promote Marvel slots and must replace all promotional materials containing Marvel characters. The decision leaves Playtech with no choice but to remove Marvel slots from their portfolio. Among tens of popular slot titles, Blade Slot will no longer be available. However, there are new replacements coming from the Playtech that players can look forward to. 

Blade Slot Reviews by Players


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HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Casino games and slot machines from Playtech workshops are known for the dizzying amounts of their jackpot games. The games are very appealing designs as have been made in collaboration with some of the major studios. So, for example, from Playtech Marvel cooperation came slot machines: Hulk, Spiderman and Ironman, and from Hollywood production we get slot machines such as The Sopranos, Gladiator etc. Almost that is superfluous to say that the bonus rounds of these games are right enjoyment. Playtech software is reliable and stable, the games are available for practice or play for real money. Whether you prefer to play in the browser or the like to download and install software, Playtech will to meet. In this way, Blade got his slot game, very successful.

Most often this slot play in the casino or Bet365 and William Hill Casino. These two casinos are the first on the list of my favorite operator, I have written many times on our Askgamblers forum. Many times I got a bonus feature on this slot, the last such occurred a few days ago when I won about 40 €. Later, I still further increased the gain on the other slots, and I paid the Neteller over 100 €. Otherwise, Playtech and its Marvel titles are best designed slots on the Internet. As I write this review, I play this slot in the William Hill casino. Here I've won a couple of minutes, the five symbols "vampire girl", and excellent 1000 coins. Most often receive a combination of symbols "A" and "K", which brings to 500 coins with six symbols on the reels. My "total bet" here is usually € 1, but often € 0.50 per spin.

Stake depends on the amount to the account, and the biggest "problem" has a number of excellent Playtech titles, so you always spend more money than you expect. My most sincere proposal to play Playtech slot machines, William Hill Casino, but other casinos have identical offer as this great company. It is a proven casino using Playtech software, with a solid selection of games on the site. As far as the wild symbol, like the design where Blade shows his "vampire" teeth and calculating the winning line payment can begin. Blade slot is very easy slot, for the performance of my computer. No problem, I can play two Playtech at the same time, without loading the processor and graphics card. If you want a simple slot, with excellent design and perfect sound, in this case the Blade slot is the right choice!
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Playtech's biggest attraction is none other than its Marvel Jackpot slot games! As can be seen over the years, the number of games featuring Marvel Jackpot as the coveted top prize has been increasing by each year, newer versions being added as sequels to the originals. The list includes Blade, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Spider-man and Hulk, amongst others Each of these games offer the super Marvel Jackpot prizes, for which there are 4 kinds to be won - 'Power', the lowest kind, 'Extra Power', 'Super Power' and 'Ultimate Power" for the biggest jackpot prize - and any one of these jackpots can be randomly triggered at any time at any bet amount. No need for maximum bets at all, even though it is stated that higher bets would stand better chances of triggering the jackpots. Perhaps this is true, but small-time players like me seldom play with big bets, so we would just play on as usual, hoping for the jackpot chance to come up, but not really chasing after it. For jackpot chasers, it is imperative to know and realise that to win a big jackpot may require investing just as big a bankroll, if not more, except for those one-in-million lucky players!

Blade is indeed another one of those awesome slot games from Playtech. Besides offering a Marvel Jackpot, Blade offers splitting-a-win possibilities for 6-of-a-kind wins! The Wild symbol, the 'Blade Warrior', pays 2500x the line bet for 5-of-a-kind and pays a whopping 25,000x the line bet for 6-of-a-kind! Whenever this Split symbol appears anywhere on reel 5, the last symbol in any winning line splits up into two, increasing that win by an additional 1 symbol. This is when a 5-of-a-kind win gets the split feature and turns into a 6-of-a-kind win! Just imagine winning $2,500 for just a $0.10 line bet for a 6 wilds win! Win that on a $10 line bet and you're already a quarter millionaire! Hahaha. But of course, playing at $200 bets per spin is just not my level, ever, so I'll just have to wait for a jackpot win to become a millionaire! Sigh. The wording 'Blade' is the scatter symbol, paying out a handsome 666x total bet, which is more than the usual 500x total bet payout. However, this scatter symbol cannot be split into 6, otherwise getting 6 scatters would probably induce an outrageously high payout of 3330x the total bet! And with a x5 win multiplier, that payout would be an insane 16,650x total bet! Mind you, we are talking of a total bet here, not just a line bet. If ever this 6 scatters possibility was to be introduced later on, it would certainly blow away all other competitors, splitting them into a million tiny pieces! Naaaah, a most unlikely proposal indeed, I would think! Hahaha.

The scatter free spins feature game has an interesting twist to it. Upon being triggered by 3 or more scatters anywhere on the reels, 15 free spins would be awarded, with a randomly pre-selected win multiplier for the first spin. This can be anything from a x2 to a x5 multiplier. During play, any win would increase the multiplier by x1, until it reaches the maximum of x5 win multiplier. Any no-win spin would decrease the multiplier down by x1, until a win comes along and pushes it back up x1, or another no-win spin to push it another x1 down. This is a really interesting feature because the x5 win multiplier could be maintained in its current active position by just getting any win consecutively, spin after spin. I've had this for 3 continuous spins at x5 multiplier and it has always brought in some nice good wins.

So, there you have it. Blade offers incredibly big win possibilities by its win splitting feature, and combined with the dynamic win multiplier feature of the free spins, Blade certainly packs a whole lot of goodies that's very hard to beat, placing it up there with the very best slot games to date! If you haven't played it yet, you'd better go and try it now. What? Oh, okay, sorry, play it when you have the money! Hehehe.
zerooo 742 reviews
Blade is character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Blade video slot is part of Marvel Jackpots into Playtech casinos. It has 5 reels with 20 pay lines. I played it a long time ago, after I made deposits into Playtech casinos.

The game offer two features, like as at many other games which are part of Marvel jackpots. Blade symbol split is feature which could appear in base game and also during free games. When blade split symbols appear on 5 reel, the last symbol in any winning combination will be split into two and will count as two identical symbols. So here 6 of a kind combinations are possible. When I played it, I had a few times black symbol split feature, but most of the time I got only small winnings. I did not have any high pay out symbols here, there were symbols like A, Q or 10. And I never triggered this feature during free games. Maybe there could be higher winnings than into base game.

The free spins feature is another feature which start when you get three or more blade symbols on the reels. You get 15 free games with dynamic multiplier. Free games start with a random initial multiplier of x2, x3, x4 or x5. After every winning spin the multiplier increases in steps of x2, x3, x4 or x5. But pay attention on this one: after every non-winning spin, the multiplier goes down one step, but can not be lower than x2.

I had a few times free games, but I never more any big money on them. I think my winnings were around x20 bet. I do not like this feature so much, because the multipliers goes down too. At to get x5 multiplier on some more free games, you need to have a lot of luck.

I will rate Blade with 7 stars. I usually play other video slots from Marvel jackpot series, not this one. I do not really know why, maybe because I do not like free games so much here. Otherwise the graphics and sounds is good.
Blade is a part of the Marvel jackpot which is split into 4 jackpots ( Progressive Jackpots). Original game with all this license stuff is made by Playtech software.

I played many times this game but never had any of these jackpots :( Even if I played few years from time to time. When you hit 3 scatters you will get free spins. This version of game have only 20 lines and 5 reels but most known is the 50 lines version which is pretty the same. I think more lines is better opportunity in bonus round, by the way there is 15 free games with from 2 to 5 times raised stake ( dynamic multiplier).

Scatters are wild in free spins feature,it is some good idea to change scatter into wilds in bonus feature. Some new is that you can hit 6 of a kind, this chance is made by special and often seen “blade split” it is some kind of wild appear on last five reel, this thing can give you 6 of the kind it is some new but generally game is little boring and even if you hit free spins you can not win so much big cause only multiplier can raise wins so generally you will win under 100 x bet stake. It all is about this multiplier. Wilds are more often seen like in another marvel games like Elektra and free spins are easier to get here.

Maybe for bonuses it is good game cause 20 cent bet is minimum bet and no such damage for your bankroll and like I said you maybe can't win so much but you will win more often, so it is not place for people who likes high variance games.
- Little boring game if you like some big win but hello there is more games with high variance.

- Feature can be more interesting.
Blade original games was made by playtech, and generally it is almost same as 50 lines version, just minimum bet here is much more friendly that at 50 lines.

There is 20 paylines, so you could play from 20 pennys per spin. Generally like i said there is no difference with 50 lines version, and so you could not expect any surprises if you played 50 lines first.

There is wilds on all reels, during both base game and freespins, wilds here appear often, but not so often to expect a lot of big wins, but they appear much more often then wilds at DOA freespins, believe me. Also during base game there is interesting feature called blade split, it is split winning symbols by two, so it is possible to have 6 of a kind symbols. Of course it is not easy to get it in right time, because of course payouts for 6 of a kind is not so bad. So generally most times you will be annoyed by this feature, i promise, because most times it is just pay bad and does not produce any decent win.

Freespins can be triggered by 3 or more scatters, and there is some good news because freespins come often. During freespins you get only dynamic multiplier for wins, up to x 5, and it is can be nominated as most boring freespins featuer by marvel slots. Really, not interesting and unlikely to see big win, i played this slot not a lot of time, but still had about 5 freespins features, and i never break any 100x total bet mark, even 50x probably once and never more.

Of course every player has it's own preferences, but if i could suggest - i will not suggest this slot to play. It is not interesting and unlikely you will win decent money, if only lady luck show your some magic and award any of progressive jackpots.
Boring base game, boring freespins feature. I am not surprised to be annoyed by slot even making review about it...
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Blade slot is powered by Playtech and it has 5 reels and 20 paylines possibilities. Blade is a progressive game with of course a progressive Jackpot. The minimum bet that can be places is 0.20$. I have been recently playing this game in one of the Playtech casinos and I really liked it. Since this slot is based on a movie that is pretty awesome I expected nothing less from this slot as well and if you haven't seen the movie yet please do you won't regret it.

So in the main game first thing that I am going to address is the Blade Split symbol that can only appear on reel 5. With this symbol a combination of 6 of a kind is possible since if this symbol is found at the end of a winning line it will split into two of those symbols therefore granting you the 6 of a kind. In main game this symbol doesn't work with scatters but in the free spin feature it can split the scatter symbol since it is acting as an extra wild. Now finally to address the free spins that are simply triggered by 3 or more Blade scatter symbols. Once you have managed to trigger free spins you will get 15 of them and a random multiplier for the beginning and it can range from 2x to 5x.

For every win the multiplier will raise by 1x until it reaches the maximum 5x, but if an empty spin appears the multiplier will decrease by only 1x and also the multiplier cannot go below 2x. Also as I have mentioned earlier the symbol that acted as a scatter in the main game will act as an extra wild in free spins. Overall a great game that I love playing most of the times I find myself in Playtech casino. 8/10
Blade slot, in short a lot of vampires on your monitor with a lot of challenges and rich jackpot prize. Another game that revives the popular Marvel character of the film. Saga of the greatest vampire hunter in the history of the planet, which is, of course, and I'm one of them but had fled to save mankind. Of course, all wrapped in a compact perfect online game unit by a great Playtech. In this game Blade is in fact a wild symbol and the scatter symbol Blade logo. In addition to these two possibilities during the game waiting for you another special symbol that bears the name "Blade Split". Also there is another important symbol that you will surely encounter if they hold a little longer than usual.

One of the important symbols is also the female vampire while the other symbols in the game in fact symbols of weapons that Blade's using during their struggle for their own survival and rescue of those whose lives are threatened by bloodthirsty creatures from another world. There are also symbols of cards from ace to ten that complement the experience and bring great experience in the world of online entertainment. In my view the best animation in this game is done with the Blade Split symbols, because when the symbol becomes active then Blade takes out his sword that he is on his back and cuts the active symbol. Then the symbol appears again but is divided into two new. You will see during the game even some animations that I will leave you to discover for yourself and share it with us. As for me I do not have any complaints about the look, the sound which I think is at a very high level in any case.

But that's not all, when during the game you get 3 or more Blade logo symbols in any position on the reels then start a game where you get 15 free spins. The game begins with a 2x multiplier, however, when in the series achieve gains on the pay lines during these free spins you multiplier increases by one number and so on up to a maximum of 5x. In Blade Split games have the greatest possibility of winning and that's when you have six symbols. Wondering how six symbols on the five columns so that when you get to the fifth symbol last column he divides into two and so you get six symbols. Five blade symbols on the reels will bring you a profit of 2500 coins while you whopping six symbols do richer for 2500 coins. I think all of this is a good reason to play on this great achievement Marvel directed by the legendary Playtech Gaming.
blondie 1094 reviews
Blade is a part of Marvel family slots, it's inspired by Marvel comics, has 5 reels 20 paylines and can be played in most Playtech software powered casinos. Minimum bet playing on all lines is 0.20€ and maximum is 200€.

I love Marvel games, but I have to say Blade is one of my least favorite from them. I like the theme it has, but so far it has brought me the smallest winnings of all Marvel games I've played. And at least for me it is almost mission impossible to get the free spins.

The last time I played it was at Vulkan casino. I placed 0.40€ bets per spin and it quite quickly ate all my 25€ balance. Then I made another deposit and got a few times 5€ wins because of 5 of a kind combination, other than that this slot paid me less than bet wins. I was chasing the free spins and after all I succeeded in that. To get free spins you have to get at least 3 blade scatter symbols. The good thing is that they don't have to be next to another, you just have to get at least 3. That will bring you to bonus round which contains 15 free spins. The multipliers are from 2x-5x and can start with a random number. If the spin you make is empty, the multiplier will go down to 4x until it's down to 2x and then back up again. If your spin has some winning, the multiplier will stay for the next win. The last time I got 28€ from the spin and 22€ from free spins, altogether-50€ which is the biggest winning for me so far from Blade.

Besides the free spins, I find interesting the Blade Split symbol. If it is on 5th reel it may split winning symbol into two. I experienced that a few times during my session, but I have to say that I didn't notice any special impact from this concrete feature.

Overall I am happy I spent some time and nerves on this game, because I think it is pretty descent and the opportunity to get something nice out of it is good, but for that you have to be patient and start with nice bankroll. As I said- not my favorite from Marvel, but definitely worth playing or at least trying.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Blade is another Playtech Marvel slot that I usually play when I decide to have fun at some casino run by Playtech software. I have to say that I am not a big fan of horror action movies and I have only seen the trailer from the movie according to who this game was made. I don’t know even I don't like the horror movies I do like pretty much this Marvel slot.

This is a standard 20 payline 5 reel slot. I always tried to avoid it before but in one chance I got to see the full potential that this game has. The wild symbol of the game is Blade and the scatter symbols is simply Blade written in the symbol.

When I played this game I noticed that the wild symbols come very often and this game usually has a standard payout. For all the money I would loose in lets say 25 spins I would have one big win that would set my balance to the starting point.

Another great thing that I like about this game is the blade split feature. I have seen a lot of 5 of a kind wins and later when I looked at the payout rules I saw that this symbol can give you 6 of a kind combination. I don’t think I have seen that on any other slot. This game also has a free spins bonus which is triggered when 3 scatters appear anywhere on the reels. In the free spins your wins are multiplied with 2- 5 x times. For every win you have the multiplier goes up for one and for every loss it goes down for one but it is never less than 2. I have to admit that this is the feature I love the most because the first time I got 15 free spins I had a win of over 100 x bet.

Since then I’m not afraid of this game any more. I play it every time I have the chance. Who knows maybe I will even watch the movie.
I give Blade a perfect 10 out of 10.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
I don’t know if it’s just my twisted personality or my addiction to dark horror action movies but when I first saw the trailer for Blade the movie back in ’98 I think, I just couldn't wait to see it on the big screen or at least on the dvd home theater. I was very surprised when I saw it on the Marvel Jackpot slots.

Playtech did a really good job on this one. There is absolutely nothing that I don’t like in this game. The only thing I would change is to insert the blood rave music in the background. Possibly a little blood squirting from the side of the screen every time you win a bonus round. This game has 20 paylines and 5 reels.The wild symbol is off course the character of Blade ( Wesley Snipes ) and the scatter is simply Blade. I have to say that during regular play the wild symbol appears very often and can give some really big wins. I often had 5 of a kind wins thanks to one or two wild symbols on the screen. And now for my and everyone else favorite part the free spins bonus. Whenever 3 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen you get 15 free games with a random multiplier. The multiplier goes from 2 x up to 5 x and increases after every win and decreases after every no win spin. The scatter symbol is also extra wild during free spins. Now this game also has a Blade split symbol and that means that you can win a combination of up to 6 of a kind with a really big payout.

This game has helped me wager some very big cash out bonuses. I usually start playing at the minimum 0.20 bet up to 1 euro bet. I rarely play on a higher bet because I noticed that the higher the bet is the wins are very rare. My biggest wins were on a 0.80 and 1 euro bet.

Overall I give this game a perfect bloody 10 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Blade is playtech marvel progressive jackpot which is in family with many other marvel games. This game has 20 paylines, and therefore minimum bet here is 0.20 bet. Apart from many other playtech games, here is base game is not boring at all for few things, first of all it is possible to get 6 of a kind if special symbol land on 5 reel then it is possible to get 6 of a kind and payouts for 6 of a kinds is really great and much more better than for 5 of a kind, 6 of kind blades, which is wild, will pay 25.000 x line bet. Second reason is that every spin can trigger jackpot bonus game, which guarantee a win of any jackpot, this always make me thrill because biggest jackpot is a lot of money and can change my life for a rest of my life.

Free spins feature triggered by 3+ scatters, and free spins also very interesting here. First of all player get dynamic multiplier for all freespins, with each win spin player get +1 multiplier up to x 5, if spin not win, multiplier drops by 1 accordingly. And also scatters on freespins works as wilds that also very good thing that give much more bigger chances to win. My best hit during base game is around x 100 total bet and after free spins once i have 400 x total bet result which is very great one. And of course i never trigger jackpot game, i always play low and to trigger jackpot game need a bet of a bit higher that 0.40 i guess.

I like this medium variance game, it is not boring and can award really big wins, even more than 4.000 x total bet. Therefore i suggest to everyone to try this game it is lot of fun and also have some potential to award a lot of money.
Blade video slot is another game from playtech, and like for all based on movie marvel games here is chance to hit jackpot. I like how playtech deal with this slot, and this is always a pleasure to play any of this slots. Even so i am did not like this movie blade, i think there is even few parts of this movie, but slot is interesting for me and i play it many times while spinning at playtech casinos.

This slot has nice graphic and sounds, like almost all playtech marvel games, and theme is blade, as you of course understand. So a lot of weapon symbols is presented here.

On the blade slot you can play up to 20 lines, but if you want, you can play even one, you know some people always play one line and happy with that, but as for me i am always play at max lines on slot. This slot has unique feature of split symbol, there is only few games with such feature, and when you get special split symbol on fifth reel it is activated, and you have a chance to get 6 of a kind. With 5 reels. Yeah, you read it correct, 6 of a kind xDI am get it few times, but unfortunately only with lowest symbols, but i think 5 wilds with split symbol will pay something really huge. Also here is possible to trigger free spins by 3 + scatters, which gives you 15 free games with an changing multiplier, when you get any win multiplier grows, when you did not get any win, it is get lowed, pretty easy and simple to understand. And like always with marvel slot, does not forget about jackpots, one of four randomly triggered jackpot can be yours.

Good slot, nothing else i can say.
The marvel hero jackpot games on the playtech casinos often can be expensive but many of them have good minimum bet. The blade video slot is one of them. It has 20 winning lines with 0.2 euro minimum bet what is not too high and in this small stake you can get amazing profit if you triggers the bonus features well.

I started to play at the blade video slot with a small deposit from 20 euro. I started at the minimum stake because I didn’t want to risk more money. I believed the bonuses are can pay on the smallest stake and it was true. It has more kind of bonus features but the best is the blade split symbol, it split the symbols so from one winning combination can be 2.

The feature is activating when you triggers the blade split symbol on the fifth reel. That feature is also works on the free spins. That symbol can split any symbols except the scatters but almost all of the video slots don’t replace the scatters. With that feature I take some money but the main catch is the free games. This free spin feature starts when you triggers at least three from the blade scatters and gives 15 free games with 2 times bas multiplier. On every winning spins the multiplier grows up to 5 times but when you don’t win on a spin the multiplier steps one multiplier back. The blade scatter in the free games also works like an extra wild so the winning chances are high here. I was lucky with it and get some money from it but it didn’t was the biggest win what I got from a playtech video slot. I think if I play higher stakes I was more profitable but with my low bets I left the slot with 62 euro extra profit.
Anyone who has seen the Blade movies starring Wesley Snipes must check out this fantastic slot from Playtech. I don't usually get too excited about just any slot, but the Blade slot definitely deserves respect for its design, entertainment value, innovation and most importantly - the potential to award huge prizes.

I love most branded slot themes but Playtech really takes these license agreements they have with the Hollywood film studios to another level. It's not surprise that they use Playtech as their main supplier. Other software providers tend to have less branded slots.

Anyway back to Blade, which has 5 spinning reels and 20 paylines. The minimum bet for using all betlines is only 20 cents. If you're a low roller then this game is perfect, but also if you're a high roller you can up your bet to large amounts. I played this game mostly for 2 euro bet size.

The symbols from this game are made up from Blade (wild) himself, weapons, artillery and scatter symbols (square blade figure). On the fifth reel however there is a Split Wild blade symbol which has an extra function. This split wild can turn a 5 of a kind into six of a kind. This is pretty unique I must say, since not too many slots offer this.

I never been that lucky to get a six of a kind though. Good thing is that this game does award huge prizes if it happens. Especially if you hit 5 wilds and the split wild symbol, you'll get a major hit of 25,000 coins. Biggest hit I had during base game was 175x bet size by hitting a couple of wilds and 5 of a kind symbol.

The game also features scatters, which activate 15 free spins and a dynamic multiplier of 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x.
During every spin you don't win, the multiplier drops a notch - and the exact opposite happens when you win during a spin, then it moves up. Biggest win during free spins was 250x bet size for me. I've played this game quite a lot, but unfortunately never been able to trigger any jackpot feature attached to it. Ooh well, maybe next time!

Final rating for Blade is 9/10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Blade is a really awesome slot to play on! It's 20 paylines holding with it 4 different progressive pots that I completely ignore due to the fact that I have never once gotten even the smallest pot and a dynamic feature that raises multipliers for streaks of wins.

In this slot I go for bets of $0.80 - $1. I start small to figure out how hot the wins are. For the most part, Blade has this nice Split feature...a very small but not exactly a bonus round type thing, that whenever I make a winning combination of any type on the reels while the Blade split symbol on the last reel appears it would make one symbol "split" to pay out more! For example I would make a four combination symbol with a Blade Split on the last reel, it would turn one of the identical symbols into half making my 4 of a kind win into a 5 of a kind! Of course even a 5 of a kind combination can turn into 6 combinations with this symbol but as it can be hard to see it is also rare to find on higher symbols! The negative side of this is if I have more than 2 combinations, 2 of which are different from each other, it would split either of the symbols (low or high) to grant a low payout. So, even 2 gun symbols can become 3 symbols instead of 3 high paying vampires turning into 4 combinations for a much amplified payout.

Now I appreciate the 15 Dynamic free spins when I trigger them! I usually start off with 4x multiplier but as each trigger can be the same the multipliers to start with can be at random! Each time I make a win of any kind, the multiplier increases by 1 so my multiplier will turn 5x. If a loss occurs it goes down to 3x. A sweet deal to have here is the same scatters that triggered the free spins "Becomes Extra wild" inside!!! For the most part I would collect on average $46for one trigger and the highest I've won on account of 5 retriggers for an $0.80 bet is $226!!! Regular wilds, extra wilds + scatters in one symbol (inside free spins), multipliers of up to 5x and a Blade split symbol make this vampire slayer a recipe for large wins!!! I would come here again and again to go crazy with the free spins. As long as I get just one trigger I will be fine!

As a final point, Blade gets a rating of 10 of out 10!! It's super good!!!

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