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MacdoniS 108 reviews
United States
The Aztec treasure feature guarantee is just like the other Aztec themed slot that has a 5 reel and 25 pay line slot but this time it has a twist of the numbered spins for free spins feature an exciting way of RTG to make the latter version of Aztec slots attractive! Playing this for my opinion and based on my gameplay was worth for every type of playing method. My coin size of $0.10 was great for the feature guarantee and winning a desirable amount to keep my bankroll up.

As I played the game Aztec treasure feature guarantee I found it to be the top slots of RTG like it was a complete set of everything a player wants or a slot amateur will desire. There’s no problem for the variance of bets just choose your desired amount and operate the slot, I got the 4 leopards symbols with one Aztec King symbol on reel 3 that substituted for the missing leopard and that gave me an amazing 2,500 coins from my bet of $2.50 and this was just from the base game I don’t yet got the free spin feature before that.

Speaking of its slot, Aztec Treasure feature guarantee was best in the two different ways on how will it will be rewarded. The first was of course by triggering the scatter Idol symbol, the multiplier of was totally awesome because it can 100 times multiply your total bet! The can’t afford moment of it was when I don’t bet a higher more and I get the best multiplier that this slot has to offer but the result was fruitful and I don’t regret it that much.

Lastly, the feature free spin when you complete the 150 rounds of spin the more chances of winning the feature. The free spin of this game was limited in the multiplier like tripled and I just want to beg to get the feature bonus rather wait for the feature. For the most I aspire in playing the slot, the progressive random jackpot was the best that can be trigger at any time of my spin sadly I don’t yet experience to hit it.
When we talk about Real Time Gaming and their games and slots this is my favorite. Aztec Treasure is great slot and special with feature guarantee. I have a lot of experience with this games because I played it on every RTG casino I ever played and I played a lot because all that no deposit bonuses which they offers, but not only that I also played a lot with my money.

First thing which I look at every slot is bonus and free spins round. Free spins are very well designed and I love them. Every time when I was playing I was getting a lot of free spins, and when you collect three symbol for free spins every other symbol during free spins no matter where it appears give you another free spin. My biggest win from free spins was 60 euros and I was playing with 1 euro per spin and in that free spins I had over 10 free spins.

Another thing that I love with this game is that wild symbol. Wild symbol appears on second third and fourth reel and often when you play you won't get only one, but to free or four and when that happens you can collect some great cash. The best win from one spin (again bet was 1e) was 90 euros, I had 7 wild symbols and feeling was great. So I love with this slot that you can earn a lot of money without free spins.
But this game have bad things also. I hate graphics in this game. Maybe I play a lot Netent slots and my bar is set too high but I think that people who designed this game should take more care about details. Also on most sites who offer instant play you can't stop spins, so you must wait spinning and you waste your time. So Idea for slot is great, but they should do a better job with technical stuff.
Afi4wins 1237 reviews
There are 3 variants of this Aztec’s Treasure game, the first is Aztec Treasure, of course, the second is this game, and the third variant is Aztec’s Millions, the Jackpot version. The base game, paytable, graphics and sound are all the same, the only difference is the Feature Guarantee, which is not available in Aztec’s Treasure but available in Aztec’s Millions. Quality wise generally, 1 star down.

What has been said for the other two variants of the game is also applicable here. The Aztec King, the Wild symbol, doesn’t have any win value, nor does it doubles or triples any wins, but comes stacked on reels 2, 3 and 4. 5 Golden Idol Scatters pay a low 100 x total bet amount, while the Queen pays a respectable 5000 x line bet for 5 of her. 1 star down.

Feature wise, 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols award 5, 15 or 25 free spins respectively. All wins are tripled, each Scatter symbol that appears during the free spins award a cash prize and additional free spins according to the number of the scatters on the reels, for 1, 2, 5, 15 or 25 more free spins. As for the Feature Guarantee, it is automatically activated whenever no free spins have been triggered within 150 spins of play in the main game. It is actually just an alternative feature for the Win-Win Feature found in some other RTG games, but isn’t anything exciting at all. 1 star down.

Aztec’s Treasure and Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee both play exactly the same way, with the same low payouts, and with the same difficulty in getting those free spins feature game. Playing the game becomes very tedious and boring after a while, because nothing exciting really happens. Nobody likes to wait for ages to get a free spin game, and when it does come, it pays out rather poorly. The free spins that I got were always 5, and again 5, then again another 5 free spins, nothing more. It was always just 3 Scatters triggering the free spins feature game. Very frustrating indeed. Yes, more Scatters do come during the free spins play but they hardly do any good.

The payouts I got were usually below 25x my total bet amount, and only once I won about 55x the total bet. The Feature Guarantee game is just as bad, paying out hardly 10x the total bet most of the time. I just cannot appreciate this Feature Guarantee thing. The Win-Win Feature is a lot better offering, with payouts as high as 100x and 200x the total bet. Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee is even worse than the original game of Aztec’s Treasure. 2 stars down.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I always was a history lover and enjoyed reading about ancient cultures and their everyday life. That is why I decided to try the Aztec Treasure slot game. I was a bit confused at first as I saw 3 versions of this game. Aztec Treasure, Aztec Treasure –Feature Guaranteed and Aztec Millions.

I wanted to try Aztec Millions first but the bet was way too high for my taste and my balance. This is a standard 20 paylines 5 reel slot by RTG software. I’m not a big fan of RTG games but I was playing with a no deposit bonus so why not try some games and have fun. The wild symbol for this game is the Aztec King. He only appears on reels 2,3 and 4 and most of the time it comes stacked. The scatter symbol is the idol. If you get 3 or more scatter symbols you trigger the free spins feature. 3,4 or 5 scatter symbols wins 5 , 15 or 25 free spins. All wins during the free spins feature are tripled. In the short time that I played this game I have to say that I didn't have any big wins. Even when the wild symbols came stacked my wins were no bigger than 3 dollars. I have to say that was a bit disappointing.

Finally I managed to get the free spins feature. 3 idol symbols appeared and I got 5 free spins. If you get another Idol Symbol during the free spins you get a bonus prize equal to the triggering bet and you get an extra free spin. During my free spins I got the Idol 2 times but again my wins were very low. I was also surprised that this game doesn't have a win win feature.I have to say that I was disappointed and expected more from this game,

Overall the sound and graphics are ok but the wins are too small and the free spins number for 3 scatter symbols is too low. I give this game a 6 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Aztec Treasure Feature Guarantee video slot created by real time gaming software, and it is a bit different slot game from original aztec treasure video slot.

Aztec Treasure Feature Guarantee has 20 paylines, and feature guarantee means that you pay some extra coins, for a guaranteed trigger of free games after 150 spins. I like this feature, because it is really great to know that even if you not land 3+ scatters during game, you will get free spins anyway. This game is one of the best and most interesting slots from real time gaming. Wilds here appears only on 2 3 4 reels, and double wins + they stacked on reels. Best 5 of a kind pay great x 250 total bet, and if it land with stacked wilds, payout can be really great. Also i like how free spins feature works here, for 3 scatters player gets 15 free spins, for 4 scatters 20, and for 5 i can be awarded by 25 free spins, but i never get 5 scatters on this game. In free spins we have doubled wins, and every single scatter give few more free spins. I play this game a lot in past, and have some nice wins even more than 500 x total bet during base game. My best win was something like x 600 total bet after free spins feature, and this is why i like this game. It is interesting, have stacked wilds, and can pay some great wins. Also not forget about random jackpot, you can win it with every spin, but the more your bet, the more chances you had. I never win any real time gaming jackpot, unfortunately.

Great game from real time gaming with medium-high variance, everything here looks balanced, and it is just a pleasure to play this game. It can easy land win over 1000 x total bet, and since that i like it, and will play again. Of course i think you should try this game too.
Icymod 758 reviews
Aztec Treasure - Feature Guaranteed is a far more better slot than it's original Aztec Treasure because it enables any player a chance into triggering the free spins earlier if it doesn't come up right away! This game can be found for example under the RTG Lucky Red Casino. I always find myself chasing and using up my balance to fill up the Feature Guaranteed meter. When I believe it's sufficient enough to take a chance on the feature wheel I will go for it. Preferably at about 50% or higher! It's quicker to hit the 5 Free spins this way than waiting for the 3 scattered idols to appear. I'd recommend waiting until there is 60% before playing this wheel!

Whether I hit the 5 Free spins naturally or play the FG for the instant taker, I will land on average $32.40 in total winnings. Not much can be said about my winnings although having many chances with the FG can be very exhilarating. Think about it. Plenty of chances for plenty of features to take up assuming most of the chances I've taken hit a green line for the audience to cheer about!! That's cool and with small fireworks to suit the triggering moment!!! Just filling that meter for the feature can be suspenseful and wonderful altogether!
I sometimes see a big problem. Okay as I experienced this example I will tell you about it! When I use $1 per spin I would need to rack up a maximum of $150 to get the full 100% chance but that doesn't entirely mean I would have to do that every time! When I take a chance for 50% or 75% of the filled feature guaranteed meter, I would be at a loss had it not land for many efforts filling this! At 75%, how can it still land on a red line!? This will allow me to feel great shame and guilt!!

Furthermore, even if I do hit this feature it will only come around at 5 Free spins......the standard feature for 3 scattered idols. That alone could be short lived and these 5 free spins MUST be winners at hitting something than free spins going to waste despite my hard work in filling the FG meter or hitting 3 scatters! After all that effort I can only gain little from the guaranteed wheel! All I'm saying is sometimes taking a chance by using the Feature Guaranteed would turn out to be a one way or another! Lol 75% still for a loss, worst I've seen, 80% and it still did could I be that unlucky!! Only twice that I gotten a red line for 80% but it does bring good results most of the time!
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Would be unfair if I did not comment about “Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee” slot machine, one of my favorite RTG games. Ancient civilizations are my hobby so I enjoy all about them, games, books and movies and this slot is not the exception and I found it not only enough fun but profitable too and one I use to play when need to meet wagering requirements in bonuses clearing and being sincere this slot is good doing this specific task, this means it helps to sustain my balance although maybe it is not the best if what I need is to increase it.

Real Time Gaming slots commonly do not vary so much from one another, to be innovative seems not worry this company whose is more focused to massive attraction strategies and I think they got it implementing this almost unique “Feature Guarantee” (I only know another RTG slot whit this feature implemented named Silver Sands FG) that basically worries about you get almost one free spins round around every 150 spins and do it accumulating a determined percentage every spin you push until 100% is reached with the option to trigger the feature prematurely if you decide it and under your own risk; in this case a kind of roulette is activated and the percentage reached is turned on a percentage of chances to win on it. I feel this feature gives me a sense of security that allows me to play quieter than normal. I love it.

The standard way to trigger a free spin round is when three or more Gold Idol scatter symbols appear in any reels, and once activated every Gold Idol symbol appear gives you an additional free spin extended thus your winning experience. I really like this game because is simple, fun and fully loaded with excitement and I really think every one that plays at RTG casino shouldn’t miss this game.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Aztec Treasure Feature Guarantee is RTG slot i play very often.I had nice wins and big loses on it but i still play it from time to time especially when i have big wagering requirements.There are three versions of this slot in RTG casinos:Aztec treasure feature guarantee,Aztec treasure and Aztec millions.I stick with this version because feature guarantee ensures that if you don't trigger free spins feature in 150 attempts they are automatically triggered after 150 spins. Free spins are triggered with three or more scatter idols.The amount of free spins that you can get is 5,15 or 25.For every scatter you get during free games you get awarded with 1 extra free spin.The wild symbol in this slot is Aztec king and it appears on reels 3,4 and 5.The wild symbol can come stacked and bring some amazing wins.

For the interface of this slot i cant say that is very nice but i like it because i am a fan of real time gaming software.The payout on this slot for me differs from one casino to another and sometimes it is very hard to trigger free spins before feature guarantee kicks in.You have the option to try and trigger feature guarantee before 150 spins marker but i would not advise it because chances are very small that you will succeed.One more thing on this slot i must mention is random jack pot .In some casinos it is very big and it triggers randomly so it is nice to at least have a hope that you will be the lucky winner.

All things considered i would put Aztec treasure feature guarantee in a average group of RTG slots.Now for the end my three grades.First payouts i give 7/10 second fun i have playing this slot i rate 7/10 and win big with small bets i rate 9/10

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