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Afi4wins 1237 reviews
What do I like to see most whenever I browse through Askgamblers' casino and bonus sections? Offers of hundreds of free spins of course, including any good or worthwhile no-deposit bonus offers! That is the strongest attraction for me to give any offer a good look and serious consideration. If no hundreds of free spins, no tens of no-deposit bonus money, then all of them are not much of interest to me. A 300% first deposit bonus? That's wonderful, but not always attractive enough, because any big bonus money offer simply means a huge wagering turnover that needs to be completed, with perhaps a 99% failure rate. But combine a 300% bonus with 300 free spins, hmm, that would be one good offer too hard to miss!

When I registered at PunchBets Casino 2 days ago, I didn't get the 300% bonus money, but today, their Support team send me an email saying that the bonus money has now been credited in. That made me happy, but it was only for a short while, because the bonus money can only be played on games in their Casino-1, which are none other than GamesOS games. Damn! I've never liked any single game from GamesOS and have never won anything on any of them too. With $75 bonus money in hand, I browsed through the games list, trying to pick out one decent game to play on, and I finally picked the game Jour de L'Amour. Oh boy, cats in love proved to be the wrong game for me to play on!

I've played this old game some years before, but my memory failed me today, because I couldn't recall how the game played and paid the last time. Starting cautiously, I played with the minimum bets of $0.25 per spin. Within a short period of time, 2 Free Spins game came, 5 free spins each game, and without any multiplier whatsoever. It paid 6x and 2x my total bet amount. What the argh! I knew the paytable is a very low damned one, and the payouts that I got were just that - deplorable! Most of the payouts were under 10x ny total bets! Not a single win came to 20x, and all of my $75 got smooched away by those sneaky cats!

As for the 300 free spins, I've played half of them already, but not one single game was fruitful. I expect the other 150 free spins would end up the same way too. The 300 spins are split up into 4 days, each day comprising of 25 free spins each on Starburst, Guns N Roses and Gonzo's Quest. Somehow or rather, both Guns N Roses and Gonzo played very badly on the last two days I played them. No need to talk about Starburst. It knows to eat only!
Well, getting those 300 free spins was the best part, because they were on NetEnt games, but the 300% bonus money was a bummer, because it can only be used on GamesOS games and I simply don't like them at all!

I'm glad you like the NetEnt Free Spins - and sorry you didn't like the GamesOS match bonus portion of the bonus.

I agree with you, the GamesOS bonus is not nearly as good as the NetEnt Free Spins Bonus (although some games like Freaky Gym and Aztec slots are very popular and I find them quite entertaining.

The reason that we don't just give you the full bonus in NetEnt free spins, is because our NetEnt bonus casino is new and still a few months away from being fully operational.

Till it is automated, we have to manually add all NetEnt free Spins to players accounts; which we do every day at 12:00 GMT.

Where as our other (GamesOS) bonus casino is automated, and has the ability to instantly give you a match bonus when you make a deposit.

So because we want you to have at least some kind of bonus instantly available for you when you deposit, we are forced to offer the GamesOS bonus (because it is the only available option).

So you need to think of the NetEnt free spins as the bonus you want, and the GamesOS match bonus as extra bonus money that you are getting until the NetEnt free spins can be automated.

BTW - We also have a reload bonus - 300% match up to €300 euros + up to 100 F/SPINS on Starburst

We don't advertise it, but any player can actually choose to exchange their 300% match bonus money for NetEnt Free spins (but they won't get the Free Spins credited till 12:00 GMT the next day).

I also wanted to remind you that we gave you an extra 50 Free Spins

In regards to the bad payouts you received on the NetEnt free spins you played - I don't really know what to say about that. PunchBets only hosts the NetEnt casino, we have nothing to do with operating it; that is all done be NetEnt.

Thanks again for taking the time to write such clear informative reviews. I appreciate when someone goes to the trouble of writing a review that has constructive criticism combined with useful information.

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