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The Incredible Hulk 50 Lines Slot

All Marvel-branded games alongside the Marvel-related promotional materials are being removed from all of Playtech licensees sites and replaced with other Playtech content. As their Marvel agreement has come to an end, Playtech had to remove all games and associated material from their collection. From the 31st of March, Marvel slots will no longer be available, including the The Incredible Hulk 50 Lines Slot.  

The Incredible Hulk 50 Lines Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1297 reviews
The difference between this Hulk game from the original one, is nothing more than in the total paylines provided. In the original The Incredible Hulk game, there are 25 paylines. In this version, there are 50 paylines, offering you with twice more winning possibilities, or twice more losing possibilities, depending on how you look at it. However, some things change and some things don't, but those incredible facts that I had mentioned in the other Hulk review remains the same. If you haven't read them yet, take a back step now and go the that review first! Hehehe.

Trying not to be repetitive when talking about a same game is pretty hard to do, don't you agree? I could just finish off this review by stating those few sentences in the first paragraph, as above, but I would rather not make our AskGamblers Guru here turn into an angry green hulk himself! Nosirree, that won't do at all, because he'll then make me into one angry green hulk too, by disqualifying my review! Hahaha.

Jokes aside, for now at least, I have played with Hulk many many times before. Sometimes on 25 lines, sometimes on 50 lines, depending on how bulging my wallet is, or was, hehehe. Whichever game I played it on, everything remained the same. The Hulk doesn't change, he remains green all the time, but for me, I tend to change colours at times, from brown into green, then back to brown again, or something like that. My turning green has always been accompanied by...can you make a guess? No, hah? Well, always been accompanied by a pointing middle finger! Hahaha. You're not like that when you're angry? Oh gees, good boy, good girl! Hehehe.

The Incredible Hulk is one of the best Marvel Super Heroes Jackpot games to play on. There are many other Marvel games to choose from, depending on your personal likes and dislikes, but suffice to say, sooner or later, this game will stick to you like a blardy leech. If it doesn't, then maybe you're got plastic skin. Leeches hate them! Hahaha.
The Incredible Hulk it is not only popular comics and movie, but there is a video slot game created by Playech.

Game looks decent, there is no any videos from movies like it is used at Gladiator, but I still like animations and sounds, but generally there is nothing special or extra interesting.

This is a 50 lines version of this game, at any Playtech casino you can also find 25 paylines version of this game. 50 lines mean that you need at least 50 penny to make each spin, this is quite high bet size, but of course you need to pay something for playing this amount of money.

Gameplay here is interesting like at many others Playtech slots. Actually Playtech is those kind of software which probably looks not very interesting for most players, but their games is definitely worth to try. There is wilds which appear on reels 2 3 4, and some occasion can force them to expand and make one respin. In case of pure awesome luck you can have respin with 3 middle reels covered with hulk which I wild, and then a bit more luck to hit good paying symbols and your win will be fantastic. Also there is freespins feature with x 3 multiplier, you need 3 or more scatters. And smashing hulk feature, my favorite one. Hulk crash police cars to get cash prize, and then you can crash one of there helicopters to get multiplier for cash prize. Once I picked car and something happens, and hulk just destroyed all their cars, haha, was funny and also I got about 20$ in cash prizes, so I just laughing and was happy, picked x4 multiplier - 80$ with 0.5 bet size it is of course something good and nice.

Overall game is interesting, almost forgot to say that there is 4 jackpots in this game also, and last one is huge and usually around one million dollars. Never trigger anyone and have no idea how it will be.
Nothing really bad here.
Another successful Playtech attractions from Marvel Slots series of games, just what is the difference with the other at the very most importantly, the difference is in the number of payment lines. At this slot you have them even 50 which is more than diverse and certainly increases your opportunity for profit. In the film version starring brought great Edward Norton and Liv Tyler and illustrate an interesting story about the mighty hero also popular comic book. The minimum bet on this game is $ 0.50, ie, 50 lines with a minimum bet per line 0.01, while the maximum bet $ 5 per line ie. A total of $ 250 per spin. I like the way that created an environment and audio effects of this game. Fun never enough, and up to you to prepare some money and try to help the Hulk to solve their problems and your in the game.

One of the things that should be mentioned is the so-called smash bonus symbol, which may appear in positions one and five on the drum. The Incredible Hulk logo is another important thing in this game because when he appears at three positions anywhere on the reels then starts free games with 10 free spins with a multiplier of 3x, which means that any winnings during free games will be tripled. Everything else is a matter of luck remains only to wait to drum drilled her and that at the end summarize impressions and of course gains. In this game the wild symbol is a Hulk that when it appears in position 3 allows you two re-spin in which you can win a lot of money, especially if the Hulk appears in position 2, 3 and 4 when the two attempts, rotate only the first and fifth column on the slot machine.

To me this is one of my favorites games and anyone who thinks seriously to try in the world of online gambling, you should play this slot at least once a day. There are also four progressive bonus as with other Marvel Slots, no matter how fun is guaranteed for the lifetime you will not want to change the game because you will be back to try some other spin. I've played today and tomorrow because I'll still 50 line is special no matter what is at stake and so much bigger this game only confirms that the best and most attractive film characters deserve the best online gaming presentation, because everyone has their heroes let Hulk be with you at least while you're at your computer, believe again you will want to go back because I now go again ...
wscalley 47 reviews
United Kingdom
I’m definitely a fan of Marvels comic books, so I couldn’t resist trying out the slot games Playtech has been offering based on favorites like The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider Man. The games look good, although not up to the standards of Microgamings slot games, and as ever, the sound is definitely not first rate either – the games do run quite well on my computer though, very fast and responsive.

All the Marvel games have four progressive jackpots available which can be triggered randomly on any spin. I don’t know exactly how these work for sure but I imagine the higher your wager, the bigger your chance of hitting the jackpot game on any individual spin. Once you enter the jackpot game you are guaranteed to win one of the four prizes, the biggest being the “Ultimate Power” jackpot which often stands at six or seven figures! I’ve never won anything above the second “Extra Power” level though personally, unfortunately!
This game, “The Incredible Hulk”, is definitely not my favorite of the Marvel games. The payouts are nothing special for a Playtech game, and the bonuses never seem to pay very well either. The smash bonus where you destroy various cars and helicopters to win prizes has never paid me more than around 150x my bet, for example, and 4000x your line bet for the top five wilds combination is also very low for a Playtech game – many offer 10,000x your line bet. The five scatter pay off of just 100x your stake is also very low and the 10 free spins with 3x multiplier is also not particularly generous. All things considered I can’t help but wonder if the progressive jackpot steals away far too much of the games RTP, and perhaps Marvel area getting a cut of the profits as well? Basically, I just think this slot is poor value for money.

Also, it is well known that these 50 line versions of these games have significantly lower RTP than the previous versions with 25 lines. Why they have done this I have no idea, but its a big ripoff!
valentin68 535 reviews
Ok, after I did a little online research about who was this Hulk from the “The Incredible Hulk”, my initial suspicions were confirmed. Hulk, like the Spider Man is a famous character from the Marvel Comics, a magazine that was famous in America in the early years of the last century (1900). And also like the Spider Man in the fall of 2008, the movie with the same name was distributed first time on the big screen, having a huge success.

On the other hand, “The Incredible Hulk” is one of the first slots that I ever played in a Playtech casino, since the beginning of my online gambler carrier at the end of 2009. In those days Playtech casinos were perhaps on the first place and almost every day one could a bonus offered by a Playtech casino. So when I stopped here the first time and played only a few dozen spins from the bonus offered and I had lost everything I did not felt so bad. Then I played a few more times this slot including from its page at AskGamblers, but I avoided writing a review because then a slot that where one does not win anything is by definition a weak slot.

And maybe such is this slot also, a Playtech slot that eats all money very quickly, but who has survived here more than 5 years and deserves a review because of this longevity, that is even less common. With a huge bet of 50 cents/50 lines wins are sufficiently frequent but always lower than the bet and thus in 100 spins you lose about 25-30 Euro. The slot has enough features and in some cases they pay very well, but all of them are very rare here. For example, the feature when Hulk gets extended Wild (when it is in the central position on reel 3) happens on the average only once every 20 spins. Not to mention the Smash Bonus (when Hulk destroys the police cars and helicopters for payouts or multipliers) or the Free Spins, which you enter only about once every 200-300 spins, that is almost never.

This slot would be really good with some bigger payouts but as it is, only if you get extremely lucky you will get some extra money and only on rare occasions. Just the Marvel Comics story is nice transposed into play.
The slot is one of the oldest existent, the losses are big, and almost always one enters very hard the features (less than once 200-300 spins).
Incredible Hulk is a video slot game with 5 reels and 50 paylines created in Playtech. There is another version of this slot which has 25 paylines but here I will write about the 50 payline slot game.

Before I started writing this review I found out that this was pronounced the game of the month in April 2014. This award is granted based on popularity. I wasn't surprised with the popularity of the game because it is really fantastic.

The graphic, sound and animations are on a very high level here. Also you can have some really big wins here. Like in all Playtech Marvel Jackpot games you have a chance to win one of the 4 progressive jackpots here. Off course that’s not easy. My example is the best. I have been playing for 4 years now and I haven't won any of those jackpots yet.

This game offers a few bonus features with great animations. Personally I enjoy the most in the Smash bonus. This is a really interesting bonus where Hulk destroys police cars and helicopters. The next bonus is the expanding Hulk. This is a very common bonus and can be very profitable. There are 2 variants of the bonus. If Hulk appears in the middle reel he expands over the entire reel and you get two respins. All wins pay. If Hulk appears on the second, third and fourth reel you get 1 respin. I profited the most from this bonus the last time I played because I got 3 Hulk symbols in the middle and high paying symbols on the first reel which resulted on a win of almost 300x bet. Unfortunately I was playing on a 0.50 bet but still I won 147 euros.


Incredible Hulk is a really good slot game that you will enjoy. I recommend this game.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
The Incredible Hulk 50 lines is a Playtech slot and it's recently been added to most of Playtechs mobile casinos too, this is where I have had the most experience with this game. I never used to play it too much on desktop or instant because it never really interested me that much and I know the pays whether you play it on instant or mobile are the same I just found I win more on mobile! The only thing with this slot is it allows you to press stop and if I don't win for a while I end up pressing stop, then I get really click happy and cant stop pressing stop lol. If you are aware of the stop button you will know that pressing it all the time drains your bankroll big time. So my advice would be not to press the stop button.

The bonus feature of this game is really good, you get to blow up some cop cars and an aeroplane each time winning you a little bit of cash. I've won in excess of say fifty times to 100 times my bet plenty of times. You also got a free spins feature and an expanding wild feature which gives you one extra re-spin. The hulk symbol needs to appear on the center reel in the center, he then expands to make the whole center reel wild and gives you an extra spin, this feature comes in all the time and often allows you to get five of a kind.

I think the free spins of this game are really hard to get, they don't come in that regular for me if I'm honest. This slot is okay, nothing spectacular but well worth a go!
Free Spins do not come in no where near enough!

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