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The Avengers Slot

As Playtech are supplying casino games to plentiful operators, the decision to remove all Marvel slots took everyone by surprise. This strategic move to take away Marvel slots from their game portfolio has affected quite a few online casino names that were offering Marvel slots. Among tens of popular titles, The Avengers slot will no longer be available.

The Avengers Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 148 reviews
Avengers, assemble! Who doesn't know a group of heroes teaming up to kick some bad guy's bottom! I love MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). I have seen all existing Avengers movies but there are 2 more movies coming; Avengers: Infinity War part 1 and 2. I believe the last movie would be the end/closure of the Avengers movie franchise. Till this day, the MCU is still leading in the super heroes movies business. The Justice League movie will never match the MCU, they are that good! But anyway, we are now talking about the video slot.

The Netherlands is restricted for Playtech casino since a couple of years now but luckily there are some casino where I still can play their games without any problems. I do have my favorite Playtech games and most of them are super hero themed games like The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and The Avengers.

The Avengers is a well made video slot with 2 bonus feature; Avengers Assemble feature and of course the free spins feature which is divided into 4 types : The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. 3 or more scatter symbols are required for the free spins bonus to be triggered. In one game session I managed to win a few assemble feature because this feature is simply easier to get than 3 scatter symbols. The highest win I ever won from this game is just about 100x bet with the free spins feature 3x retriggered. I know this game could give me more but until now, still not won once. No mega wins but I still like the game and I had a lot of fun playing it because there's still a little boyhood in every one of us.

You don't have to like the movies to like this games because the game itself is more than good. There are 2 different gaming providers that use Marvel brands in their games; Playtech and I believe the other was NYX gaming. If you ask me which is better, I could not give you the answer because Playtech has the best visual quality and NYX's has a better payout.
Although the game is well made, I find the game's payouts a bit on the lower side compared with other 20 paylines games. Free spins bonus feature seemed fixed but I could be wrong.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Whether or not you are a fan of Marvel and their collection of comic book heroes, you still owe it to yourself as a slots player to give some of Playtech's Marvel machines a try before they are discontinued in the near future! These are great looking games and sport superior animations and sound quality compared to many other Playtech games, and the wins on offer really ain't too shabby either! Many of the characters in The Avengers already have their own slot machine such as Thor and The Incredible Hulk, but it's nice to see them brought together here and it actually seems to be a winning formula for Playtech as their Fantastic Four slot was also one of the better Marvel games in my opinion.

As ever Playtech have created a monster of a paytable with huge prizes for the top five of a kind combinations including a 10,000 coin payoff for a full line of the top wild symbol. This has almost become something of a trademark in Playtech games and does make you wonder why other providers such as NetEnt will sometimes not bother to allocate a special prize to the wild symbols at all! I do understand that not all players like their paytables to be quite as top heavy as I do, although that said I do think they are crazy :)

My favourite feature in the Avengers is the ability to win more than one set of free spins in a single bonus. The trade off for this is that it's also possible to hit the scatters and not end up playing any free spins at all if the dreaded Loki shows up before his time!
One of my big problems with progressive slots is the big drop in RTP that results from having to fund those huge jackpots and nowhere is that more evident than in these Marvel games where there are four such jackpots including two that are simply enormous. Around 3% of the games RTP is allocated to paying for those prizes and for me that seems like a big price to pay considering I would probably be more likely to win the lottery than actually win myself an "Absolute Power" jackpot.
This game have only 20 lines and 5 reels but maybe there is the 50 lines version which is pretty the same but I think it's better choice if you get big run especially. I think more lines are better opportunity in bonus rounds.

Avengers is a one game what is a part of the 4 Marvels jackpots which is spitted into 4 (Progressive Jackpot). Game is made by Playtech software. I played many times this game but never had any of these jackpots ever:(. I played these games with marvel jackpots generally many times (I think about all these marvel games at all for years of playing so I should hit anything good but that is what luck is about.) You can win big sum of money playing for 10 cent bet or losing money by playing max bets, it is all luck whatever really matters right here.

From time to time you possible hit 3 avengers scatters than you will get on of 4 different features there is 4 types of free games features but I decided to no write about this is too expensive for one comment.

You must remember that Shield is wild here in this game. Good news is 4 types of features, “scatters symbol” it is some big kind of luck to hit 3, off course all the scatters appear on all five reels, this thing can give you fun generally. Sometimes game is little boring and if you hit free spins you can win something big so generally bonus round is one of the better things. Often you will win over 100x bet stake because increasing chance in 4 types’ bonus features is many added options with additional wilds and much more. Wilds are more often seen like in another marvel games like fantastic four but I think that there free spins are easier to get.
Maybe for first deposit bonuses it is good game, because 20 cent bet is minimum bet and no such damage for your bankroll and like I said you maybe win but you will win bigger but not often, so it is place for who likes high variance.
I must admit that I had during our playing pretty positive experience. It is natural that so many characters in one place easy to instill in memory especially if you're looking at one of the many screen adaptation of the comic book heroes who are the most famous representatives of this genre. The authors of these slot machines did not have too much deviation from the originality of the simple reason that in this genre, but really all seen and it is difficult to be particularly original. Available to play you 20 lines on 5 reels drum, and each symbol has its own visual style and uniqueness.

There are represented almost all the heroes of your childhood, and they are: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Hawkeye. In each of them will have the option of rich bonuses and free spins awards up to you to choose the one you like best and for whom you think will bring you the most happiness. The symbols are following us through the game bring life, but after a long playing you will find that it all comes down to an identical animation with TV screens and pages of popular comics, thus visual effect gives you control over the filling good time and keeps you glued to the chair until you you get to the final victory.

My role here were not as low, usually I have invested over € 5 per spin so that my account had to be slightly higher than in some earlier symbolic role in the games from the Playtech platform. The biggest gain was achieved at Bet365 Casino where I was for 2 hours of good games collected € 420 which was the pure profit then, unfortunately, later I lost all the Hulk slot machine or in more detail about this infamous adventure will speak later. I like essential for making that are made bonus symbol and generally winning lines light up magical colors and give you the knowledge that you have won something in this revolution. Today, I play this game a little more at William Hill than at Bet365 but basically all the same, the pleasure is the same.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Avengers, a great slot by Playtech and I am truly surprised to see that this game wasn't played that much and I don't know what is the reason for that because I found this game a truly mastermind featuring game. And it is Progressive, 5 reels. 20 paylines. Bonus Game, yes and not only one but many to pick your favorite in the moment and I wish you as many as I had in Ladbrokes Vegas Casino that day.

I deposited before checking the games and then I realized I haven't so many to choose from but from Marvel, Progressives and I picked The Avengers and made the best choice I could make that day. I was close to disappointment but when you look at the screenshots you will get your own opinion and what else it could be but best experience ever and that was the first time I played this game on long term, until I clean up play through, don't you agree.And it's each spin and many combinations and took few screenshots and share 3 of them with you so you can imagine what was happening that day. Not only that I met the wager requirements but I withdrew 120 euros and made some profit.

The amount of adrenaline and money was just enough to me and I wish many more days like that so I can enjoy my days, casino, games and play. And yes, The Avengers slot by Playtech deserves much more attention even I am not even close to paytable for the game and don’t miss to check it out and you gonna realize it all. If you wanna play in my Lucky Casino then go to Ladbrokes Vegas Casino and take their welcome bonus, meet the play through and enjoy later, take a screenshot and share with us. Come closer to my screenshots and you’re welcome!
blondie 1094 reviews
My review will be about one of my favorite games from Marvel which is The Avengers. I've been playing this game a lot in the last few months and it's even possible that soon it will take the place of my favorite Marvel game.

The reason I like this game so much is because it contains almost all my favorite Marvel games. If you get bonus game (which happens if you get 3 scatters on wherever on the reel), you'll have to collect 3 equal icons (there will be Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America) and the one you'll get will give 9 free games with multipliers (they're different for each game). My absolute favorite is Thor because so far it brings me the best wins. The amazing thing about this bonus is that it is limitless - after you play the bonus round of the game you got, you'll have to choose again. And again. Until you get the "Loki" symbol, which like a tornado will suck in all the symbols and you'll be back to the main game. I've got once even 5 bonus games until I reached the Loki symbol.

Last time I played this game was a couple of days ago at Noble casino. I had a 30€ balance and I placed 0.20€ bets per spin. Through the first hundred of spins, I got a few nice winnings because of 5 of a kind (even 5.20€), enough to keep me going. Within the next 20 spins I got Wall of heroes bonus and won Captain American free games. For each spin Captain America switched multipliers, from 2-5x. Unfortunately, most of spins were empty and I got only 2.75€ win. Then I got back to the wall and got 2 Thor symbols and then got Loki. I continued to play the main game and when my balance was down to 3€ I got another bonus round. Then I managed to get Thor spins, which gave me 6€ win and after that Hulk games, but they gave me 2€, they usually pay me very little that's why it's one of my least favorite games. I kept playing this game until got bust.

Overall, as I said, this is one of my favorite games from Playtech and Marvel, I really like the theme, graphics as always are an eye candy and I think that it can pay very good. That's why I'm definitely gonna keep playing it.
If you've played so far slots such as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk and the other then you will not be hard to get used to the Avengers slot machine. It is a collection of all the popular characters from the Marvel series, just as this time join forces here to help you to have fun and why not to win some money. My experience with this slot is great, because otherwise the biased when it comes to Marvel combined with fantastic Playtech Gaming. Very dynamic and fun game with lots of famous hero in all positions on the drum, this is just one of the reasons why you should to play here and then share with us your feelings and if something conquer send us a screenshot, why not.

This game is characterized by a similar style and design of the environment as well as the games of the aforementioned heroes. The sound is also incorporated in a great atmosphere and a real feast of uncertainty and adrenaline rebounds. If you look at the concrete possibilities of this game will note that this slot machine has a minimum bet per spin of only 0.20 coins while the maximum stake is high 500 coins. The game has 20 payment lines, as well as other slot machines from the Marvel series and the minimum value of the coins is 0.01, so that the start does not need to be too rich. For now you will be only good will and a lot of patience if you do not win anything do not despair because there are so many Playtech quality slots to which you can return from the dead, is really meaningless ritual returning themselves to the same place even if you do not go of hands.

The most I've played this slot at Bet365 Casino because it is my favorite and I'm kind of there the strongest in terms of finance. There is a William Hill Casino Club is also a good choice when it comes to this game and it's still a great number of others who have more or less the same percentage of profits, in this game is a high 96%, which I like because it is not every day happy and not every spin winning one. In this game you have 5 types of bonuses, and one of those that need to be sorted out safely is The Avengers Assemble on Reels that becomes active when you are on the payroll line consecutive appearance Thor, Iron Man, Nick Fury, Captain America and Hulk. There is another significant bonus that I mentioned and is activated when the drum get three Avengers Logo symbols and then receive four free spins which are later combined with various opportunities during the bonus game, but I will not talk too much, try it and you will see what is acceptable. Rating 9/10
Ahmo6 232 reviews
This is a game that is provided by Playtech software. I have played this game couple of times in several casinos.

This is a 5 reel and 20 paylines slot, the minimum bet on this slot is 0.20$. But the last time I played it at 1$ bet per spin. It is a very interesting game to play; also it has a lot to offer. It is a progressive game with wild and scatter symbols plus it has a bonus game as well. The wild symbol in this game is represented by a S.H.I.E.L.D sign and the scatter symbol is represented by the Avengers sign. So as I was playing I had a lot of bad spins that came out totally empty. But after about 20 minutes of playing, that is when I actually started getting let’s call it some solid wins. A lot of five of a kinds, then there was the Avengers assemble win were basically each member of Avengers would show up on a different reel granting me that win.

I really love the graphics of this game plus the background voice that says spin to avenge me. So after another 20 minutes of playing I finally got the walls of heroes feature triggered, this feature is triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols. So when I entered the wall of heroes bonus I was given to pick among symbols that when revealed showed a picture of an avenger. Three same hero symbols will activate that heroes feature, also after that feature ends you will get to repeat it over and over again, but you be careful not to hit the Loki symbol because he ends that bonus. In my case I got 3 thor symbol which activated 9 free game as his hammer became the wild. After this bonus, I unfortunately hit the Loki symbol which ended my bonus.

Overall I think this is a very exciting game, at least it was for me, with a lot of opportunities to win.
This is a 5-reel slot from Playtech,with 20 paylines and obviously a minimum bet of 0.20 euro!
Now I will start to say that this kind of games attracts me because of their story and theme and also because are very popular!
I usually play this kind of games, Playtech games, at Bet365 Casino because it is a good casino and I am feeling safe when I am playing there!
I love this slot because all the Marvel heroes are present in this slot, heroes like Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America but Thor is my favorite!

I started to play on 0.20 euro bet and very soon I managed to catch the bonus feature that gave me a nice win of 27 euro!
The game is very good, it has nice graphics, you cant get bored playing this game and I know what I say because I played this game many times and every time I had a lot of fun!

With 32 euro in my account balance I kept playing this slot even if it was a moment when the game stopped to pay but this didn’t disappointed me at all!
Next time when I caught the bonus I managed to win 41 euro, a good win in my opinion because I was playing on the 0.20 euro bet!
I made a 62 euro profit only at Bet365 casino from a single playing session, nice money for me!

I will try to rate this Playtech slot and I want to start with graphics and symbols that made me to fall in love with this slot! The characters of this slot are very known and appreciated, also the music fits very well with the theme and I will give a 9!
For the good features and the incredible payout rate I will give another 9 and I want to say that I recommend this Playtech slot if you want to have fun and to win some money!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
The Avengers is another great game coming from Playtech. It has 20 paylines and 5 reels. The graphic, animations and background sound are at a very high level. I really enjoy the overall design of the game and have to congratulate its creators. Here you can see a combination of symbols from other Marvel slots like Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. If you are a Playtech fan and you like the Marvel series slots then you will definitely love this game.

Whenever I play this game I like to start with a higher bet so I usually play on 0.40 euros. During the base play you can have some nice wins like 20 or 30 x bet. I often play this game when I am wagering some bonus and it hasn't failed me yet. I have noticed that sometimes it can give descent wins for along time but without a free spins bonus. I really don’t mind as long as my balance doesn't drop under a certain limit. This game has 2 bonus features. The first is called Avengers Assemble on Reels feature. If you get all the avengers on a winning payline you will be awarded a 200 x bet win. I have to admit that I have never gotten this feature. The second bonus is a free spins bonus. If you get 3 Avengers Symbols anywhere on the reels you will be taken to the Wall of Heroes. Here you choose among 20 symbols and if you match 3 of them the free spins start. Depending on the avenger you have chosen the free spins are different. Every time I choose I get Captain America in the first pick which awards random multipliers and Iron Man which awards 9 free games with an increasing multiplier. Almost every time I get 2 picks before I choose Loki and the bonus ends.

My wins from this bonus game vary and my highest win was about 170 x bet from 2 picks.
Icymod 758 reviews
The Avengers is an amazing 20 paylines progressive slot game that kept my balance growing and rolling in it's heated Marvel based action! From my $0.20 bets to $0.80 and finally $1 a spin for getting my good results in order so there won't be any paperwork or signing! $0.20 wasn't too good at the moment so my main bets were the final two $0.80 and $1.

Eurogrand was my best Playtech casino to collect wins such as $16.50 in base game, $64.55 on a $0.80 bet in Free spins, $52 and finally $78.45 as one of my best win totals! There are many good things going on in this slot such as lining up 5 avengers to assemble on a payline but what I really count on the most the wall of heroes! 2 of my favourite features are Thor's random wild Free spins as how they land actually helped me get a bunch of wins strangely with some 5 of a kind wins and The Incredible Hulk's 3rd reel Expanding Wild on every spin that made winnings tripled in value (more than one combination from the assistance of the 3rd reel wild just so we're clear) even though a multiplier isn't present! Seeing a door from the start as The Incredible Hulk smashes through it while his theme music plays is epic!!

I would've said Iron Man's feature but as it starts on a basic 1 x plus the extra wild on the 3rd reel, it doesn't surprise me at all surely a good starting multiplier would lead me to believe his feature ranks over the Incredible Hulk's if Iron Man's feature had something like 2 x or 3 x to start with. Here, I'll leave my screenshots of my wins and yes I was finding Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight at the time for Luciana about my "suggestion" as that was the right song for my moment about it!
When I collect just enough bonus triggers, it gets very dull to the point of having too little wins and too little triggers to get these amazing features! It's also that I find getting 5 hit symbols to be rare once many wins whether it be from the bonus feature or 5 of a kind. It's a big teaser when I played The Avengers way too much on Everest Poker (through it's casino section) and Eurogrand. Of course, it's already expected even for the average slot player! And another thing that's wrong about The Avengers, it only has 4 features in the bonus round. Where's Hawkeyes and the Black widows (Oh baby, Scarlett Johanson, .her name sounds so sexy) feature rounds?The final thing I will add is that I never get past the 4th feature round in the Wall of Heroes, it ends there usually and I never get the 5th trigger. Loki ruins it for me!
After a huge success with the Avengers movie, I'm not too surprised to see this game. I am not too sure but I think this game came out either at the same time as the movie or before it. Anyways it is a very good looking game with a very interesting feature.

The game has all of the main characters and Loki all on his own. They have ganged up on him, and that is why he kill your buzz in the feature.
The game has 20 lines, which I really like. I can bet 3 coins and not worry about losing fast. I noticed that most of the new games that come out all have big bets. And just because you bet big does not always mean that the pays are going to be big too. Some new games cost €0.50 per spins and have small payouts.
The pays in this game are very reasonable and if you get five of a kind with pictures you can make good cash.

If you manage to line up all of the avengers then the game will pay you 10x.
To get the feature I had to get three or more avengers symbols and that took me into wall of heroes bonus. In this bonus you are presented with 20 Avengers logos and you have to pick. If you mach three heroes you are awarded with his bonus. After that bonus completes then you can pick again, and like that until you find Loki. Finding Loki ends the game :(

Most of the times I find either Thor or Captain America. They are probably the worst once you can get and always pay small. Each hero award you with 9 free spins and a personal bonus.
Hardest one to find is iron man and i still have not played it. I got hulk few other times and that makes the middle reel wild for 9 free spins.
Sometimes Thor pays good but that is very rare and my biggest win ever was €30 on €0.40 bet. Usually it is smaller and I find Loki very fast.

Over all the game looks cool and feature is fun. I think on this game you have to bet big to win big, but any time I play it i have little money and stick to small bets. If I was to rate this game I would give it 6 out of 10.

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