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Sunset Beach is 5 reels and 80 pay-lines video slot powered by Playtech software provider. This is a slot inspired with all the magic of beach vacation – the sun, the sea, the sand. The reel setting is quite different than the regular setting you got used to. It looks as if you are playing on the 4 different machines. The reels are set against the beach backdrop. Give this slot a free spin here on this page or visit Playtech Casinos to play for real money.

Before you hit the beach, you are advised to set your bets. With "Line Bet +/-" you will regulate coins size which ranges from 0.01 to 25. "Auto Play" option is there to spin the reels automatically without interruption for a chosen number of times, and "Spin" will set the reels in motion once. With "Turbo Mode" the reels will spin faster than usual, and with "Info" you can access the pay-table.

There are 3 Wild symbols in the game each of which appears stacked on the reels 2, 3 and 4. When covering the whole reel that reel will become an expanding wild. Three Wilds are 3 beach girls – black haired girl, brunette and a blond girl. Expanding Wilds are cloned to the next set of reels. However, if you land one on the bottom right, the symbol will not clone because it has nowhere to clone to.

The Scatter symbol is a Free Games sunset. If you hit it anywhere on reel 3 on all 4 machines simultaneously, you will trigger Free Spins. Once triggered you will be awarded with 15 spins. If during Free Games another scatter appears anywhere on the 4 machines, you will get 2 more free spins.

Game Play

Line Bet +/-: Regulate coins size.
Auto Play: Spin the reels automatically without interruption for a chosen number of times.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.
Turbo Mode: Spin the reels faster.
Info: Access the pay-table.

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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Sunset Beach is a video slot game from Playtech that is played on 4 sets of five reels each. I have to say that I am not a fan of this kind of slots because at times it is very difficult to follow the spins especially when I turn the auto mode.

I got some free spins on this game so I had to try it. So, basically you play four machines at once. Each set has 20 pay lines so in total there are 80 pay lines which make the minimum bet of 0.80 quite high. I cannot say that the game play is not fun though, and I also had some decent wins when I played this game. There are expanding wilds on the second, third and the fourth reel and they appear quite often which came as a surprise to me. The greatest part of these expanding wilds is that they are copied on subsequent machines. So if you get an expanding wild on the third set you will get the same one on the fourth too, for instance. I was lucky enough to get an expanding wild on the first set and then the same one on the rest of the sets and that ended up with a good win. The most that I have got while I played this slot is 50 x bet. This is not much but it happens regularly so it was great for my balance.

There is one more feature in the Sunset Beach video slot game and that is the free spins round. I found this feature to be very difficult to activate. You need the free game symbols on the third reel on all four sets. I had a really long session and this did not happen to me and I believe that this is something that rarely happens too.
zerooo 742 reviews
Sunset Beach is 80 pay line video slot machine from Playtech software provider. Here you can play 4 slots at the same time and each slot has 20 paylines. So in total there is 80 paylines. I tried this game only a few times, because minimum bet is 0,8€. I think this is not so small bet for such a game. I usually start playing with small deposits and I lost some money on it when I decided to try it out.

The game offer expanding wild symbols which covering an entire reel. Those expanding wilds are cloned from the machine they appeared on the same reel on the next machines. I had many times cloned wild symbols, but I expected bigger winnings when they appears on 3 or 4 video slot windows.

The free spins feature is good, but nothing special for me. Free games are played on all 4 slots, you get 15 free games. I triggered twice this feature but my results were low. I never won than x20 bet and I was dissapointed a little bit. I played some similar game like this one, Mega spin Break da bank again, but there were better payouts than at this one.

I think I had bad run, luck on it every time I played it. Otherwise I like the theme and design into this game. It is good. Maybe the minimum bet could be set lower, at 0.5€. One more reason why I do not play it so often is because 0.8€ bet per spin is too much for me. This game could eat your balance very fast. During base game I had a few wins around 5, 6€ but never more than that. I do not think I will play it again, I usually do not play games where minimum bet is higher than 0,5€. I will rate it with 7 out of 10 possible stars.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
A friend of my boyfriend with whom he plays Poker regularly rang him up one day and told him to log into Coral Poker as he might have ten free spins on this game awaiting. Turns out we both did, and we’ve both been fans ever since!

There are some similarities between this and the Megaspin games from Microgaming obviously because of the four sets of reels onscreen and the mechanic whereby something happening one set can combine or affect the activity on another set, but it works really quite differently as this game has been designed from the ground up to be based on four sets of reels, whereby the Megaspin series was more about putting four copies of the same game onto one page.

As an example of the technical differences, in “Megaspin Break Da Bank Again” you can score three or more scatters on all four machines simultaneously for a total of up to 100 free spins, whereas in this game you need to get the free spins symbol on the centre reel of all four machines simultaneously in order to trigger the free spins mode. When you do hit this you initially start with 15 free spins, there is no multiplier or anything but any free spin symbols that land on the third reel of any machine during this mode add two additional free spins to the counter and I have had well over 30-40 free spins on many occasions as a result of this feature!

One of the other great features of this game is the stacked ladies, when you land one of these on any machine, it will expand into a full lady stack and then copy itself to whichever other machines are still waiting to spin on that round, I think this can only happen on reels 2 and 4 but I may be wrong.
If I had to put anything down, I guess it would be the (in my opinion) relatively low payoff of just 150 x your total stake for five of the scatter symbols, although it IS possible to score them on all four machines simultaneously – not sure what the odds are on that of course – but that does mean theoretically you can win 600 x bet for 20 scatters. As that’s probably about several septillion to one though, I’ll just say that whilst 150 x stake is better than some Microgaming slots, five scatters should always be worth at least 500 x your bet. Come on slot designers, make this a standard please!
The Sunset Beach is a video slot game that is already in the offer of Playtech casinos, probably is there for the last two years . I already play 3-4 years in these casinos.
The game comes with screen splitting to 4 screens with minimum stake of 20 cents per screen. Every screen has 4 x 5 reels and 80 pay-lines. For the theme served in the beach of hot girls climate.

The graphics and animation as well as sound effects are on a top level. When it comes to bonus features in this game is hard to reach because you need exactly 4 scatters on all four screens on everyone must be filled with the one scatter to get bonus round in which is 15 free spins. The Sunset Beach offers an extra wilds feature. There are 3 girls with differently hairs colors: brunette is a stacked wild on reel 2, red haired girly is on the middle and blonde can pop up in 4 reel. I have spent dozens of hours on this game, and I've had so far only a few bigger wins by 100 $ or so on the bet 80c what is minimum if you have 20 cent bet on every 4 screens that will be 80c per spin. By the way the brunette is most important to win more and is high rated. Personally I would like that number of wilds but they don't appear too much often for me.

These stacked wilds features make that this is a very interesting game that you can play it for hours.

Without any excessive thinking I decided that for Sunset Beach I give a solid 9 out of 10 possible stars for something new and good looking colorful game.
- Long time to waiting for the 15 free spins feature.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
"Sunset Beach" from "Playtech" is a peculiar slot given that its most striking feature, "Multiple Machines", makes this game look completely different from the others; this feature ensures that instead of one, you always have visible four 3 x 5 reels panels, with 20 paylines each, simultaneously rotating and you must pay bets on each of the slots, for example, if you bet $ 0.01 per 20 lines then your total bet will be $ 0.20 x 4 slots = $ 0.80, but it is not equal to play 4 slots separately, since the advantage of this game is that its special features are the ones in charge of enabling significant gains and even Big Wins, these features are expanding wilds, expanding wilds cloning and free spins.

- Expanding Wilds: can occur on reels 2, 3, and 4 each time the face of one of the 3 beautiful swimmers appear stacked lengthwise the entire reel, then the entire reel will become a full body image with a girl in bikini, hence this reel acquires characteristics of wild and works as substitute for standard characters.

- Expanding Wilds Cloning: this feature is intrinsically linked to the previous one, and ensures that each "expanding wild" is cloned on each of the following panels in the direction from left to right and top to bottom, for example, if the top right panel get an expanding wild with the image of a girl in red bikini on the reel number 2, then this same girl will appear in the two panels below, and new girls can be added on each of the following panels, so that the bottom right panel is the one with higher odds of getting the biggest winnings.

- Free Games: 15 free spins are awarded to the player whenever the scatter, with the words "Free Games", appears on any position on reel 3 only, and on all four panels. Additionally, for each scatter Free Games that occurs on any of the 4 slots, two turns will be added two the currently round.

There is another blue scatter with the image of a girl surfing, but this does not trigger any particular round, just is paid according to the pay table.

As a personal note, for a while at the beginning it seemed I wasn´t so lucky with this slot machine, but then I decided to start using the stop button to stop the reels then my number of hits increased significantly, I began to get more rounds of free spins as well expanding wilds, and hence higher profits. Complementary to these, I must confess that I also found "Sunset Beach" a very funny video slot, because time just flew by and very likely that was because the greater number of panels requires much more attention from the player.
wscalley 47 reviews
United Kingdom
I really love this game! I’ve been gifted few free spins on it a few times now by Coral Poker, and each time I have ended up winning a decent amount, too! You play four machines at once, with 20 paylines on each, so the minimum bet is £0.80p – quite high, but I do think its worth the expense, even if you are a low roller!

There are expanding wilds on reels two, three, and four, but the best part is that if you hit one or more of these on one machine they are copied across onto any subsequent machines as well – if you hit an expanding wild on machine 3 it will only be copied onto machine 4, but if you hit on machine 1 it will copy onto machines two, three and four.

The free spins feature is triggered if you catch the free spins symbol on all four machines at once, though it only appears on the center reel. When you hit this you are granted 15 free spins on all four machines, with the same expanding and duplicating wilds features. You can also win additional free spins during the feature every time another free spins symbol lands on the center reel of any machine – you get two more free spins every time this happens.

The game can really pay very well, and it looks great too. The paytable is perhaps not the most generous for a Playtech game, but you have to remember you are playing four machines simultaneously, and the expanding and duplicating wilds features mean that you can often score many five of a kind wins on multiple machines simultaneously. I’ve not seen the game discussed much on the web, and I wonder if most people are just yet to discover it?! Whatever the case, I definitely recommend Sunset Beach!
yapro 790 reviews
Sunset beach is new Playtech game, and of course I was surprised when I open this game for the first time, because it is not often that Playtech did some new and unique idea for online slot.

Layout of this video slot is good, but to be honest I did not like it at all. Everything looks not so nice, sound is annoying for me, and everything is sad. But it is probably I did not like beach at all, and this is a reason.

Game is interesting because actually you playing 4 slots machines at one time, like at mega spin Break da bank again video slot. All of 4 tables has 20 paylines, and interesting feature. When stacked girl fully appears on any reel, it become wild, and move to all other reels next of this. Such girls appear on reels 2 3 4, and to get perfect win you need to get 3 stacked girls on first reels, after this all other slots will have same stacked wilds. Freespins can be triggered by scatter that appear on third reel only, but you need to get this scatter at all slots at one time. Freespins is nothing really interesting here. Also I did not like the fact, that minimum bet on this slot is very high - 0.8$ per spin, and for me it is really high, I am rare able to make enough deposit amount to start playing with such betsize.

I tried this game only once, and to be honest it is enough for me. Playtech took good idea, but did bad slot. I lost 100$ on this slot very quickly, features did not pay me anything decent, so I just lost money to nowhere. I am sure that I will not play this slot again.

I rate this slot with 4 stars, it is not very interesting, and moreover I did not like it at all.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Last week I got an interesting email from one of the Playtech casinos. Don't know how or where I deserved it but they offered me 30 free spins on Sunset Beach slot. The offer was total freebie and I mostly don't pass on opportunities like this. I downloaded casino again because I had a fresh copy of windows and all my casino applications got deleted. I haven't played this slot before so I was curious how it works and looks. As soon as I opened Sunset beach slot I liked the theme. Three beautiful girls and a beach what is there not to like. What I did not like at first about this slot is that it runs on 4 separate machines. Each has 20 lines and all spin when you press spin button.

I never played a slot with this layout and that is why I was skeptic about it. Anyways back to my free spins. From 30 of them I won solid 24 euros. The wagering for this bonus was 50 times so I decided to stay with Sunset beach slot. The duplicating wilds feature was nice and it came very often. Girls wilds come as stacked on reels 2, 3 and 4. When you you get stacked wild on reel it becomes expanding wild on one machine and it duplicates to all next machines. This creates a lot of small wins and also a bigger ones when two or three wilds come. Free games feature on Sunset beach slot was a real pain to trigger. I won it only once during this session and it payed very good. When all four slots get free spins symbol anywhere on reel 3 15 free spins are rewarded on all 4 slots. For every free spins symbol you get during feature you get +2 free spins. Like I said free spins pay good but be prepared to chase them for hours. With my initial 15 free spins I won another 8 and this bring me over hundred euros profit.

Sunset Beach slot has a nice interface solid payouts and nice duplicating wilds feature. Unfortunately I did not make it to complete my wagering requirements with it that day but I still open it occasionally when in Playtech casinos. My rating for Sunset beach slot is 7/10 stars.
gordontan 70 reviews
Sunset Beach slot game is another slot game that I have tried so far and I believe could take fun in the sun to a whole new level as it is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot at first glance, the game actually utilizes Playtech’s ‘Multiple Machine’ engine, and so you are actually playing four sets of five reels simultaneously. With the 20 paylines fixed, that means a whopping 80 paylines on the spin at any one time.From my personal point of view, I think the setting is amazing as it is an exotic beach during sunset, with up tempo sexy beats in the background and with additional symbols including a cocktail, an energy drink and volleyball. Elsewhere there are surfing girls, our three beautiful babes and some bright ‘n’ breezy 10-through-Ace symbols to fill out the reels.

At first, you can easily see that the girls appear both stacked and non-stacked on the reels. They appear non-stacked on all five reels on all four machines, but the brunette also appears stacked on Reel 2 everywhere, the redhead is stacked on Reel 3 everywhere, and the blonde is Stacked on Reel 4 on all machines. Whenever a stacked girl icon covers an entire reel, that reel becomes an Expanding Wild. Moreover, this Expanding Wild is then copied over during the same spin to the corresponding reel on the next machine and one thing you need to pay attention is that the copy order is from the top left machines, to the bottom right machine.

Your head may be still spinning from the Expanding Wilds on show, but there’s even more mayhem to be had. If you manage to bag Free Spins symbols on Reel 3 on all four machines, then you’ll win a massive 15 free spins.The next thing you need to achieve is to get all three stacked girls to cover Reels 2, 3 and 4 of the first machine and you’ll get 12 dancing girls with three Expanding Wilds on each of the four machines, with a huge win guaranteed. Hit four Free Spins symbols on Reel 3 on all four machines to win 15 free spins. During the Free Spins bonus, get the Free Spins symbol anywhere on-screen to retrigger two more free spins. You can retrigger up to eight more free spins in a single free spin.

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