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Sherlock Mystery

Sherlock Mystery Reviews by Players


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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Sherlock Holmes was one of my favourite fictional characters when I was growing up and I believe that I have read all the stories that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has written. So when I found this slot I had to try it of course.

This is 5 reels and 20 pay lines medium variance slot from Playtech software provider. It has one feature that I really like and it is called the Crime Scene Bonus and the most that I have won here is 30 x bet. In order to trigger this feature you need to land 3 magnifying glasses anywhere on the reels. In this bonus feature you need to solve a crime, you are actually taken to another screen where you need to choose pieces of evidence. You are collecting the pieces until you find the one that says ‘collect’. Sherlock meets Watson is another feature 3 which pays 3 x bet every time. This feature happens on a regular basis. There are also regular five of a kind wins and the most that I have got was 7.50 euros, and the free spins of course. The free spins are triggered with 3 or more scatters anywhere on the reels. You get 10 free spins and if you get the revolver on an active pay line it will award a multiplier that goes up to x 5. The first time I triggered the free spins I got 20.60 and the next time I got 14.60.

The graphics are not that stunning, the symbols are too big and the background is very simple. Only at the top of the reels you can see some London streets from the 19th century I suppose. The higher value symbols are designed specifically for this slot so you can see a revolver, a letter opener and Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson of course. The wild in this game is the evil Moriarty and the scatter is the Baker St. sign.
zerooo 742 reviews
Do you like detective themed video slot machine? If you like it, I think this could be very good game for you to try it out. Playtech designed good game here, 5 reels video slot with 20 paylines. I tried to play this game many times while I was playing at Playtech casinos and I liked it.

The game offer free spins feature and bonus game. The bonus game is set in that way that you need to pick from 8 different pieces of evidence and you win cash prizes. Picking ˝collect˝ will exits the bonus game. I had only twice this bonus game and I never won any big amounts on it. But I like it, I like to play detective.

The free spins feature is much more better. 10 free games with extra wild symbols and random multipliers. I really like this feature, my best result was near x60 bet from this feature. I liked that time when I got two wild symbols with x5 multiplier. I think this game could provide big winnings and I think I will play it more often in near future.

The sounds are good so as the graphics. I also like that there is turbo mode button, which I used sometimes to speed up my gameplay session. Most of the time I ended at zero on my balance, but I still like it because it is a good game.

During main game I also had some nice winnings around x20 to x30 bet. The free spins feature could also be retriggered during free games which is cool. For me this video slot is much more better than some others from Playtech software company. I like the theme about Sherlock. I will rate this game with 9 stars. I took it one star because of payouts into bonus game. I expected higher winnings.
Afi4wins 1301 reviews
The legendary crime buster is back, this time with Sherlock Mystery, one of the newer addition to Playtech stable of games. Sherlock Holmes lovers would love this game, but me, I love any game that pays well, Sherlock, Warlock, Whateverlock it may be. The entire scenario is very well presented with a dark brownish hue, probably to reflect the centuries old atmospheric conditions that Sherlock was accustomed to, and with acceptable music and sound effects to go. Nothing to complaint about. 0 star down/up.

Rather unexpectedly, the Wild symbol isn’t Sherlock himself, but a ninja-like criminal instead, with a lovely 10,000 x line bet win for 5 of them. The ‘221b BAKER St’ Scatter symbol pays 200 x bet, awarding 10 free games at the same time, Sherlock pays 2000 x line bet, Watson 1500 x, whilst a combination of Sherlock+Watson icons pay 3 x bet. The Bonus symbol does not pay anything besides awarding a Bonus Game. Paylines are 20. A very good Playtech paytable, as always. 0 star down/up.

The 10 free games come with an Extra Wild, the Pistol, has a random win multiplier of x 2, x 3 and x 5, and of course, can be retriggered infinitely. Anything less wouldn’t be Playtech! Activation of the free games is by getting a scatter on reels 1+3+5 at the same time. A Bonus symbol on reels 1+3+5 at the same time activates the Bonus Game, whereby you pick items from the crime scene, a bedroom, and get cash rewards. Pick ‘collect’ and the picking ends. Get a Pistol on reels 1+3+5 at the same time and you win nothing, unless they make a winning combination, hehe. 0 star down/up.

Only 1 thing is lacking in Sherlock Mystery…Expanding Wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4, which could bring about huge payouts that all players love. Still, the Extra Wilds in the Free Games are doing a pretty good job by appearing quite in numbers regularly and creating lots of wins, big and small, so that covers a bit for the absence of Expanding Wilds. Picking items in the bedroom, or anywhere else, has never been a big hit with me, purely because the cash rewards are hardly ever big, usually within 20 x to 30 x bet amounts, but they do come quite often though, so it’s better than nothing. The Sherlock+Watson icons combination comes quite regularly too, but only paying 3x bet amount, with Sherlock saying “Elementary, my dear Watson”. Hmm. I would prefer “Consolation, my dear Watson”, referring to the 3 x bet win. Ah well, another better than nothing win. Other than that, the game plays well, pays reasonably good, but I like the Free Games the most, because they usually pay more. What I’ve got so far are all within 30 x to 70 x bet amounts, but I haven’t played enough of Sherlock Mystery, so those big wins are probably hiding under the bed in the bedroom, waiting to be picked out! Just you wait you 5 Wilds…I’ll get you with that x 5 multiplier one of these days! Hehe. A very satisfying game with very good win potentials, although not as massively as some games could. 1 star down.
yapro 790 reviews
Sherlock mystery slot it is one more new Playtech slot release(oh god, looks like Playtech guys was busy this year making all this new slots, and sick that all their new slots not very cool to be honest).

I did not like layout here unfortunately, I can not say anything about sounds because I tried this slot without any sounds, and also I did not like how all pictures made, typical Playtech job unfortunately.

Base game in this slot is very boring for me, only 5 wilds can pay nice money, but you know, it is easier even did not wait 5 wilds, because in most cases such combination will not land to you. Also there is presented bonus game, but generally it is annoying, it is typical pick bonus game with prize ranges like 1 x total bet - 5 x total bet, of course it is not interesting at all. Also it is possible to trigger fresepins, but it is quite hard to get it here, you need scatters at reels 1 3 5 and like probably all of you know this is hard to get, you will have two of them million times, till you finally get 3. Then you will be awarded with 10 freespins with random multiplier up to x 5, and extra wild symbols. Freespins is only interesting thing here.

I played this slot once at Eurogrand casino, I get 10$ free cash from this casino, and managed to win it up to 40$. After this unfortunately i decide to try this new game, and it was mistake, because I lost very quickly. I have couple of freespins features and bonus games, but never win more than even 25 x total bet, so I think payouts on this slot is a joke.

I rate this slot with 5 stars, unfortunately new PT games is very bad for me.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sherlock Mystery is a nice game but even though I like its theme, that could have been much more realistic, I liked this game on almost the first spin. We all watched Sherlock Holmes, my bad luck was that I was a young girl scared of murders and dark streets that he walked through almost each time. For me, a little girl or just a little kid, that was terrifying but I kept watching and was never quitting. Sounds like a paradox, but I don’t want to see Sherlock smiling like this one does, I wish to see his car driving down the street, and more like in the movie the background music gives the whole experience another special note of excitement.

Now I should stop right here and tell you than this 5 reels, 20 paylines video slot won’t express the movie and it’s character, but the theme including a few symbols and rest of the letters and numbers brings me back memories. So I had quite some fun on this slot and couldn’t stop playing, but the break I made was quite a mistake because this slot just stopped giving some decent winnings. I knew I should try another game and lost 20 euros of my poor left balance, and I really wish when I am losing to get some nice wins, like free spins or a bonus game to increase my balance and keep me in the game. Oh lord,it won’t happen this time and here. Let me say I am glad I haven’t seen yet what other members wrote about this game, I will say, give it a go, give it a try I am sure you’re gonna like some part of it.

Sherlock meets Watson bonus will give you about 1.30 euros on min.of your bet .I wasn't lucky enough to get into the bonus game, and I am really sorry I was excited about collecting three of these and even more, but no Baker St. symbols. Anyway I had lots of fun playing here and I recommend this game to everyone.
Sherlock Mystery is probably one of the latest slot games created in Playtech. A lot of movies and tv series were made about detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson. Playtech decided to take the work from Arthur Conan Doyle's masterpiece and use it as a theme for this slot game. This game leads you to London somewhere at the end of the 19th century. The symbols are of course compact with the theme. There are symbols with the character of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, a revolver, a knife etc. Like all other games from Playtech I am used to playing, this game offers several bonus features. The first one which you will get the most but which pays the least is the Sherlock Meets Watson bonus. This bonus is triggered when anywhere on the screen the symbols of Sherlock and Dr. Watson appear one next to the other.

The second bonus is the Crime Scene Bonus. It is a classical pick up bonus which is activated if you get 3 symbols with a magnifying glass. And there is off course the bonus I like most in slot games, the free spins bonus. I rarely play on slot machines that don’t offer a free spins feature. Sherlock Mystery has a very interesting bonus round with a random multiplier of 2 x, 3 x and 5 x and the symbol with a revolver becomes an extra wild symbol. I like that very much and you have a chance for some big wins here. To activate this bonus round you need to get at least 3 scatters with a symbol of Baker St.b in my experience so far you will not get free spins here quite often. The first time I played Sherlock Mystery was in Casino Bellini. I decided to try this game with the remaining 10 euros I had left on my balance. After about 15 minutes I lost all of my money but I was amazed by this game.


Another great slot from Playtech. Lots of bonus features, good graphic and a clean nice sound that will make you love this game.
valentin68 535 reviews
“Sherlock Mystery” is a new and good enough slot from Playtech casinos. The slot is, so to speak a “standard” video one, with 20 paylines and in addition is sufficiently generous.

The game is nice especially when speaking about the atmosphere of mystery that each spin played brings with it. As you play is like the mystery grows with the time you spend here. I played the slot close to exasperation for about 30 minutes to see that in almost 300 spins I had the Bonus game 9 times and I never entered the Free Spins. And since the Bonus game is actually a search for the clues at the crime scene by the famous Sherlock (every clue providing a payout until you reach Collect), of course the mystery is amplified every time. The amounts of money collected from the Bonus game each time are big (compared with 20 cents bet / spin) and the largest earning from here was over 9 Euro. When even during normal spins, you have not much to lose, because 3 major symbols pay as much as the total bet and a win is obtained pretty easy every 2-4 spins, these frequent Bonuses are more than welcome to add to the balance. In the nearly 300 spins played here, first I kept losing until I had about 8 Euro less, and then I had the luck on my side and I begun to gather money until I had an extra of some 4 Euro.

But as I said, despite the fact that I stubbornly kept playing, in 30 minutes I did not entered in Free Spins. I guess it would have been as experience that would pay about the same as the bonus, since in 10 Free Spins there is a random multiplier and even an Extra Wild. The slot also offers an instant win every time the famous Sherlock meets Watson on his right. It is like a very welcome “Super Scatter”.

I liked this slot definitely and in principle it can compete with all “standard” video slots from Playtech casinos. In addition this slot has the advantage on his side being a new one.
I noticed that Sherlock Holmes theme is on the rise in the last couple of years and it was just a matter of time before video slots with the same theme start appearing. It was the movies that got everyone excited and it is obvious why. They were kick ass and are actually one of my favorites of all times. So when i was playing on one of the casinos that i am registered with (Bet365) and when i say this game i just had to play it. the graphics on this game are decent and to me are not suited for a mystery theme. None the less i had to play it because it is new.

Within a couple of spins i got the free spins feature. The scatters landed on the last three reels and gave me a feeling of a great beginning. At the end of the free spins i won €15 and was pretty happy. I was playing on the smallest bet and raised the bet to see if it will pay out. I played on €0.40 then changed it to €0.20 then back up and down, i kept on playing and finally when i lost the €15 that i got on the feature i got the free spins again. Unfortunately i got them on the smallest bet again so that was pretty disappointing. At the end of this spins i won €20 and was surprised. 100x is not bad in my view.

Even though i played so much i was not able to get the bonus feature. I don't know what it is and something tells me that it is not great on small bets. I got the Sherlock with Watson few times and that paid to €0.60 on the smallest bet. I got them in free spins so am not sure if it pays less on normal game. Over all the game is not bad and i will rate it 7 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day.
gordontan 70 reviews
One of the reasons that makes me give Sherlock Mystery slot game a try is because of its theme is relevant with the detective Sherlock Holmes who, along with his sidekick Dr. Watson, solved some of the 19th century’s most d fictitious crimes. Sherlock Mystery is a piece of work by Playtech and it combines some nice graphics with several bonus features.Sherlock Mystery takes place over five reels and twenty paylines; there’s no real background image as such because the symbols are so big but you can just make out some 19th century London streets at the top of the screen.

Its bonus feature is great because in case you can land Dr. Watson to the immediate right of Sherlock anywhere on the reels to will this prize. It’s worth 3x your total bet and seems to occur quite regularly. Other than that, in order to gain crime scene bonus, you need to land three magnifying glass symbols anywhere on reels one, three and five. You will now be taken to a screen which displays a crime scene and your task is just to choose pieces of evidence from the scene. Each will be worth a cash prize and you can keep collecting until you find the ‘Collect’, which indicates the round is over.

As I have mentioned in previous slot game review, free spins is one of the most fantastic features, if you can land three or more of those Baker St. signs anywhere on the reels you will receive ten free spins for your troubles. The revolver becomes an extra wild during this feature and if it contributes to any wins, you will receive a random multiplier of 2x, 3x or 5x for that prize. An infinite number of extra spins can be won if you can keep landing more scatter symbols. The Crime Scene Bonus and the Sherlock Meets Watson bonus can also be won here. The Crime Scene Bonus and the Free Spins are both triggered by scatter symbols so they’ll be active however many paylines you have active. This means low rollers have the same chance of activating the features with just one line.

As a conclusion, the graphics here are not in state of the art but they seem to fit the Victorian theme well enough. The sound effects are entertaining and there’s several bonus features to keep us busy. This is something good to try when you have lots of free time.
Sherlock is one of my favorite movies and TV show too. When i saw Sherlock mystery slot on Slots Heaven Casino, i couldn't stop myself from playing at this slot. It has 20 pay lines and 5 reels with a minimum bet of $0.2 when all pay lines are activated. But i would say unlike other playtech slots , it has a classic feel to it, not very HQ animations and all but i guess that has been done to make it look like twentieth century when Sherlock Holmes actually investigated the crimes.

Now , i had $10 no deposit bonus in my balance and i started playing on this game at min bet of $0.2 per spin and to my surprise i lost that in 30 to 40 spins only. But i didn't had much of play time on the slot so i couldn't have commented on the returns. A couple of days later i deposited $20 and got $40 as bonus on slots heaven casino and decided to give this slot a try again because not only it had free spins but also a bonus round. I started again playing on a low bet of $0.2 so that if i feel still the slot has nothing to offer, i won't end up empty handed. A few odd spins and i got 5 of a kinds of K which gave me $3 . A few more spins and again i got a big win of $11 by getting two wilds and some high paying symbols. I felt that i am having luck with this slot on that day. I increased the bet to $0.6 and to my surprise i activated the free spin bonus round by getting 3 scatters ( 221 baker street symbol ). Now free spin round has an extra wild which when forms winning combinations multiplies your winnings by 3 , 4 or 5. After bonus round ended, i had a total winning of $13 from them.

The average payout in free spins range from 30X to massive 100X some times and on an average, 40X . There is also a bonus round in the game which i have only known because of the pay table because i have never activated it but for your knowledge it gets triggered by getting bonus symbol on 1,3 and 5 reels simultaneously. You are required to select among different clues on a crime scene which has cash prize behind each. I will not comment on the returns because i am yet to strike it but i am sure they would be good.

Overall a rating of an 8 out of 10 to this playtech slot for average to good returns on base game to very good returns in free spin round.

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