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Due to the expiry of Playtech’s licensing deal with Marvel Studios, this popular software provider will no longer be able to promote Marvel slots. Playtech needed to remove all promo materials containing Marvel characters, including the Iron Man 2 50 lines slot, as of the 31st of March 2017. However, there are new replacements coming from the Playtech, as they signed the deal with Warner Brothers Consumer Products, the owner of DC Entertainment.

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Afi4wins 1219 reviews
In my last review on Iron Man, I had asked myself 'should I play on Iron Man, Iron Man 2, or go straight to Iron Man 5?' Well, Iron Man was pretty good, Iron Man 2 was not-so-good, Iron Man 2 50 lines was exactly the same not-so-good, but Iron Man 5 probably got lost under somebody's hood. There aren't any Iron Man 5 game of course, but the 4th Iron Man game did come out, and that was Iron Man 3. Will Iron Man 3 50 lines come out next? Who knows, maybe those Playtech guys may get the same itchiness as before and come out with a 50 lines version for Iron Man 3, hahaha. How more easier can it get to release a 'new' game and to add one more game into their games list, right?!

Well, before I can even think of reviewing Iron Man 3, I must complete my mission by doing a review on Iron Man 2 50 lines first. Cannot leave any gaping hole in my Marvel games reviews, can I? But, you gals and guys being clever enough, you may probably want to ask me "why bother with it anyway?" right? Wrong? Gees, I'm not as clever as I think I am! Hahaha.

A mule will always be a mule, as they used to say. So I'll just get on with my Iron Man 2 50 lines review anyway. Heyheyhey. Sorry, that's to make it all rhyme better! Hehehe. Okay, enough of the blabbering. As if you all don't know, Iron Man 2 50 lines version plays and pays exactly the same way as for the 25 lines version, for better or for worse! 5 Wilds pay 3000x the line bet, 5 scatters pay 100x the total bet, the handsome Stark pays 1000x the line bet, and the beautiful Piper is more than good enough for me to take home! But all the other symbols are not! Hehehe. The free spins game start with a x2 multiplier and increases by +1 after every 2 spins, up to a maximum of x6. Retriggering of the free spins game is not possible. Dang!

Before you start playing on Iron Man 2 game, you better give your eyes plenty of swirling exercises first, because that's what those overlapping symbols could do to your eyes! It is not something that your eyes are used to seeing, I can tell you that! Imagine my rolling eyes when I first played Iron Man. I lost all senses of the grids, I couldn't see the rows properly, and my eyes were trying damn hard to figure out which payline was which! Hahaha. You're confused by what I mean? Oh gees, play the game and you will get your eyes rolling too! If they don't, you are definitely much more strong-eyed than I am! Hehehe.
Nothing much to dislike my favourite Super Hero actually. The game is good, no doubt, but those overlapping two-rows symbols can play havoc with anyone eyes for quite some time. It really needs getting used to it. By now I'm okay with it. Last year I just couldn't get it! Hahaha.
Iron Man 2 is a slot that I am playing it very often but I didn’t try so far the 50 lines version, so I decided to give it a try because I had some money at Bet365 and I didn’t know what slot to play. Obviously, because it is a 50 lines slot, it has a minimum bet of 0.50 euro, a little bit higher for me but I played anyway. The graphics are very good, I like the symbols, especially the Iron Man 2 scatter that triggers the free spins. With only 8 euro in my account, I thought that I will make only a couple of spins and my balance will reach zero but this slot wanted to prove me that I am wrong. I just made 5 or 6 spins and the 3 scatters landed on the first 3 reels giving me 10 free spins with increasing multiplier and the wild symbol as extra wild. Now, the interesting part was that these spins paid more than my initial balance, so a 34 euro, decent amount in my opinion.

I realized that this slot pays well in the main game, from the 8 euro that I had in my account, I managed to make 57 euro in about 40 minutes, so it has a good payout rate, I wasn’t expecting to see such a good slot. I will give a 9 for the graphics, I like this slot, the symbols are well designed and the theme is very interesting, as the movie was.

The features aren’t very interesting but are good enough for me to give another 9, I like the free spins feature, I like that it has a wild symbol and stacked symbols.
I have nothing bad to say about this slot!
blondie 1074 reviews
I am a big fan of Marvel slots, which are powered by Playtech software-my favorite gaming software. Almost always, when I'm at a Playtech powered casino, I visit one of Marvel's slots and Iron Man is my absolute favorite. The reasons for that might be the fact that Iron Man 2 was the first slot I tried both from Playtech and Marvel, and that this game has brought me some really nice winnings. Besides, this game as a unique design, some of the symbols are smaller, some are twice bigger, a real eye-candy.

There are Iron Man, which is followed by Iron Man 2 and then Iron Man 3, but the second is my favorite one, I don't really know why. Iron Man 2 has 2 games - they are exactly the same,when talking about scatters and symbols, the only difference is that one of them has 5 reels 25 paylines, but the other one has 5 reels and 50 paylines. I mostly play 50 paylines, but it's just what I do.

I really like about this game the fact that to get 10 free spins with increasing multiplier, you have to get 3 scatters on any wheel, not on 1st, 3rd and 5th, like on Spider man.I also like the fact that you get paid if you get only 2 scatters, not many games have that. In that case you get winning 2x bet size and that is nice, because 2 scatters appear quite often on the reels.

The last time I played Iron man 2 was at Sky kings casino. I placed 0.50$ bets and managed to get 10free games with multiplier increasing from 2x to 6x. (2 spins with each multiplier) and they gave me 14$ win. But to get those free spins I used 80 spins, so I was waiting for a bigger win.
This game is exciting and nice paying. I will keep playing it, it often is a nice way how to boost up balance. However, I suggest to have some stable bankroll, because getting free spins there will take some time and money.
Iron Man 2 is an epic game from Playtech. It is based on the super popular movie and actually has all of the characters from it. I really like the movie and am very happy to see a game out too. The graphics in this game are really good and the sound effects are awesome. It is very enjoyable to play this game and I can play it for ages. Well depending on my bankroll. There are times when the game pays out and you can really get going. I have tried this game on different bets and found that the game is good either on the minimum bet or maximum bet. Everything in between is not good, it effects the game play and the game stops paying out. Even the tiny wins that you get almost every second spin, stop coming out and you end up losing constantly.

There are 50 lines in this game and I stick to the minimum bet. I had some great line hits on the minimum bet. The biggest win was around €30, there were times when I would get reasonable wins constantly. Like 5 or 6 good wins in a row adding to over €30.

The game is full of surprises and you can count on getting some thing good. The game also has a great feature and I got it tonnes of times. There were times when I would get the feature on my first spin and that does not happen two often with other games. To get the feature you have to get three or more Iron Man symbols anywhere on the reels. I never managed to get five of them but I got four a couple of times. Once I got it with double tap and that was awesome. You get 10 free spins with a rising multiplier and extra wild on the middle of the reels. A perfect place to put it and it help a lot. I had some great spins and won once over €80 on a minimum bet.

Overall the game is awesome. Its full of surprises and has a great potential. My rating is 8 out of 10.

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