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Elektra Slot

Playtech had to remove all Marvel-branded video slots, as of March 31st. Therefore, starting on April 1st, Playtech will no longer be able to promote Marvel games and must replace all promotional materials containing Marvel characters. The decision was made due to the expiry of Playtech’s licensing deal with Marvel Studios. Elektra slot was one among tens of popular Marvel slot titles that needed to be removed from the Playtech’s collection.

Elektra Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I've played a fair bit of time playing these Marvel slots but the only one to really impress me so far was the second Iron Man game, and I still wouldn't consider it good enough to be a "go-to" game. I do enjoy the Marvel comics and characters though, so wanted to give Elektra a try to see if this time Playtech could do the license justice.

I scored a free spins round fairly quickly - within my first 100 spins - and was pleased to see the multiple options for numbers of spins and mulitpliers. I do feel that just 7 spins with the maximum 4x multiplier is a little on the tight side, but I still went for that option because of my love of big wins! I was a little confused at first because the other two options are 10 free spins with no multiplier, or 14 free spins with a 2x multiplier, but later checked the paytable and I believe the reason for this unusual discrepancy is the substitution of symbols within the bonus round - the 10 free spins results in a large number of high value symbols being added to the reels in place of a multiplier on standard payline wins.

Like the majority of the other Marvel games Elektra also features a progressive jackpot, so a chunk of your wager from every spin is used to fund these pots rather than being included in the paytable wins. This chunk is obviously quite high in Playtech games because the jackpots are very large, but actually getting a shot at winning any of these jackpots seems very difficult. The progressive bonus game activates randomly after any spin, and as soon as you see it loading up you know you are about to win one of the four jackpots, which is obviously why it doesn't happen very often!

I did enjoy playing Elektra and felt it to be of a higher quality than many other Playtech slots, but still feel that they have a long way to go to match the quality offered by Microgaming and NetEnt. Nevertheless there are lots of good trustworthy casinos offering these games so if you find Playtech slots to be all that is available, this is as good a choice as any.
Afi4wins 1334 reviews
When I was a kid, I love Marvel Hero comics. When I am no longer a kid, I love Marvel Hero slots. Well, like I always say, "some things change, some things don't!" Hehehe. Before, in those times of schooling days, I simply love the fighting action from these super heroes. Now, in my after-working days, I simply love the money action that they throw away - they can be very generous at the right times! I've never been a very lucky one so far, but many have already been, and brought back money by the bins! Wish I could win one of those big mighty Marvel Jackpot prizes one of these days. I've got several empty bins just waiting to be filled in! Hahaha.

Aaah, Lara Croft certainly has got company over at Playtech's side. A fighting beauty no less, but with swords, crossbows, shurikens, the lot, things that Lara Croft never has got. She's got some good things no doubt, but that's a different story! Hehehe. So step aside Lara, make way for Elektra!

As good as Elektra may sound, she doesn't offer you everything that you would want, just too bad! Elektra is the Wild symbol, expands full reel in the free spins game, but doesn't pay for herself or any other wins. What a waste of a good woman! Hahaha. But of course, she isn't all bad after all. You get to choose 3 options for your free spins game - 10 spins with swords (highest paying symbol) only, or 14 spins with shurikens only, with x2 win multiplier, or 7 spins with crossbows only, with x4 win multiplier. Each option can pay out big, at the right time, especially when you get 3 full expanded wilds of Elektra! Va-va-voom, see how the money boom! I have won big wins from each of the three options, but my top favourite is still the 7 spins with x4 multiplier. The x4 wins can cover up for lesser payout amounts, not much, but at least double of the x2 wins.

As with almost all of Playtech slot games, the free spins feature game do have good and bad cycles. They can come flying by quite closely together, or they can come by boat instead, crossing wide open oceans, taking ages to reach you. So, always tell Elektra "take a plane... take a plane!" Hahaha. Yeah right, like she will listen to you?! She might just cut you up in two! Be very careful in whatever you do. Elektra can be an angel, she can be a devil too! But then again, isn't all good fun action are like that?! Hehehe.
zerooo 742 reviews
Elektra is another video slot machine from Playtech software provider. It has 20 pay lines and it is very simple to play it. The design and graphics are good, but nothing special like as at some other games from this software company.

This video slot machine offer expanding wild symbols. This appearing only during free games – on reels 2, 3 and 4. I do not like that this is active only during free games, it would be much better if it appear into base game. While I was playing it I had only small winnings which were never above x10 bet.

The free spins feature is much better than base game. Before free games start you have to pick out one out of three different modes with different number of free games and multipliers. You can select 10 free games, 14 free games with x2 multiplier or 7 free games with x4 multiplier. Beside those modes-options there are some special weapons into each feature. During free games the symbol of the chosen weapon will replace on the reels the 2 symbols of the weapons not chosen on the free games reels.

I think the feature is set good, but when i played I never had any big win from it. Most of the time I ended around x20 to x30 bet, never more than that. I think this game could provide some big winnings but you need really luck on it.

Otherwise I will rate this video slot with 7 out of 10 possible stars. I think I could play it more in near future, but it will not be my first choice. I think there are many better games from Playtech software provider than this one.
Base game could be much more fun. I was bored because of all small winnings. I think it would be better if expanding wilds appears during base game not into free games.
When the game made its creators are obviously worried that the beauty of the heroine transferred to the symbols that you will receive during turning 5-wheel machines. Although the game has 20 payment lines as the minimum below which I almost never go, even though she managed very quickly to attract me to make sure that this is another successful adaptation of Marvel heroes. Playtech is apparently the first to be decided to make it a very interesting slot machines, so that it applies a convincing prize when it comes to true creativity, respect for Playtech.

As some fans of the Marvel slots, say, Elektra slot is deliberately dropped this great graphic and sound supported, in order to later creators could earn more additional trust with loyal players, so that when you throw all new title will automatically be cast to explore this new editions.

At the beginning of the game we got a play a game of 25 spins, the stakes were € 1 per spins because I made a deposit of 50 € at William Hill Casino Club, in order to be better acquainted with this game. After those 25 free spins amount in my account was € 47, and after an additional 25 auto spins drastically improved, then I disposed of 89 €. At Electra slot machines are I like most lighting effects during the capture of free spins and expanding wilds symbols. It is interesting to add more to this game has a rather high percentage of winnings in the amount of 95%, which turned out to be completely true when it comes to my case.

The most money I won at Playtech slot machines, in addition to the more I would mention Iron Man 3 and The Incredible Hulk, which are also brought me a lot of joy in my career of online gambling. The greatest opportunities you will have if you do control your money in the right way, the one who does not understand what I'm saying let's remember betting, and that famous cash-back when things go wrong. These are moments when losing huge amounts, rather than stop and take a break.

With Elektra slot machine you will not need to break it because you definitely will not leave empty-handed.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Elektra is a video slot game from the Playtech Marvel Jackpot series which comes with 20 paylines and 5 reels. Like in the rest of the games from the Marvel series, Elektra gives a chance to win some of the 4 progressive Jackpots. From all the games from the Marvel series I like this one the least. The graphic in my opinion is a lot worse compared to other Playtech slots. Also this game doesn’t offer too much excitements. Because of all this Elektra has rarely been my choice when I would play in some Playtech casino.

All that is exciting in this game happens in the free spins bonus. To get the free spins you need to get at least 3 scatter symbols. Then you are offered to choose one of the provided weapons. Depending on which weapon you choose you can get 7, 10 or 14 free spins with 2, 3 or 4 x multiplier. From the features there is also a wild symbol which appears only on the second third and fourth reel. But in the free spins bonus if a wild symbol appears on some of the reels it spreads over the entire reel. I can’t remember if I had some really descent wins on this game. I remember that the last time I played I lost about 50 euros on this game very fast. The beginning wasn’t bad because I got the free spins very fast. Like usually on this game I chose 10 free spins with 3 x multiplier. On my 0.2 bet from these free spins I got a total of about 5 euros. I kept playing here and won the free spins a few more times, but that didn’t help me a lot.

Elektra is definitely a little boring game which lacks excitement and so I can’t recommend it.
Elektra is another one playtech marvel slot, and apart two my last games reviews of captain america and blade, this slot is interesting and really nice one to play, much more pleasure for me to describe my experience and feelings about good slot which i like, then about slot i did not like at all.

Elektra has 20 paylines, and there is generally nothing good to expect from base game. Best 5 of a kind symbols pay only 50 x total bet, this is not that payout i am waiting from 5 of a kind best paying symbols. Wilds in this game appears only at reels 2,3,4. Generally you just need to get freespins, because this is where all fun starting.

First great thing during freespins feature - it is improvement for wild , now all wilds at reels 2,3,4 are expanded wilds. Also you can choose your weapon for free games. There is possible to choose just 10 freegames without multiplier, but only reels will be left only best weapon. Or another weapons with multipliers for all wins, but with less number of free games.

From my experience it is better not try to hunt for multiplier, and choose 10 freegames without any multiplier. I had x 250 total bet freespins feature after this i choose exactly this feature. Anyway, like i said it is impossible to wait money from base game, of course you alwways have a chance to win one of the marvel jackpots, but we all know that chances for this is low. Luckily, game designed this way(or i am just was too much lucky) that it is not very hard to get freespins, and when i made autospin setting on 100 spins, at least once during this 100 spins i was able to trigger freespins feature. Paouts for sure not every time huge, but generally are well balanced.
Not interesting base game without huge win potential.
I believe that you liked the film adaptation of Marvel's the story of the heroine named Elektra, and the way in which Jennifer Garner evoke her sex appeal and incredible martial arts with pronounced sense to recognize a hazard, and to confront her in a brutal way. Of course there is unavoidable when the Playtech games of this type in question, and as in previous games from their modern platform and here is all nicely packed and really looks good on our screens as it enters our hearts and blood that stirs of captivating the eyes of the beautiful Elektra. No, this is not a review of a movie for adults this is my vision of this too good slot machines. I played two days ago and I made some € 150 table and did my maximum, knowing that I'm out of this game out sometimes richer and for four digit amount.

The symbols are represented in this game are carefully selected and copied to those who were in the immediate vicinity or Elektra itself, use them in their struggle. One of her favorite who appears in the film's "twin sais". Next to him there are also shuriken and many others that you will bump into while traveling through this game and unforgettable adventure that will accompany us until the very end. It is logical that wild symbol this game represents the main character of this story and it is Elektra, while its logo represents the scatter symbol. As with the Blade slots and on the drum appear online in the value of ace to ten who were styled along the lines of the Japanese martial art that Elektra so well demonstrated in their struggle between good and evil.

Maybe even add that this game has 20 lines of payment which is classified as a 20, as another Marvel classic with a maximum bet of 200 coins per spin. You win when you get two or more Elektra Logo symbols in any position on the reels. As for the wild symbols they can be found only on the position in column two, three and four. As in other slots and here Elektra substitutes any other symbol on the columns of the drum, except the Scatter symbol, which of course is a story for itself. Three symbols electrically opens the bonus round where you choose one of the three weapons used by power plants and they bring you free spins per the following conditions. Sais gives you 10 free spins, 14 free spins shuriken with a multiplier of 2x, while The Bow provides 7 free spins with a multiplier of 4x even. It is your select all more or less dependent on luck and whatever you choose it's not wrong, only thing is the current selection and the gains coming. Rating 10/10
hajnrih 1376 reviews
I think this is the only Marvel slot game that I have played but haven’t seen the movie. I have to say that from all the Playtech slots this game and Daredevil are the ones I play least. They seem distant and unattractive to me. Maybe because I haven’t watched the movie so I don’t know what the game is about.

Anyway this is a 20 payline 5 reel slot. The graphic and animations here are at a descent level and so is the background music. The symbols are moderate in details in my opinion. The only symbol I like is the wild. It appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4. During the free spins bonus it becomes expanding wild which is another thing I like. This way you can have some descent wins.

I have played this game about 10 – 15 times so far with variable success. During base play the wins are small. I never had a win that was over 10 x bet. That is why I never play it if I am wagering some bonus. Another great setback in my opinion is that this game has only 1 bonus feature and that is the free spins bonus. If you get 3 scatter symbols you get to choose between 3 bonus modes. You can choose 14 free games with x 2 multiplier, 10 free games with 3 x multiplier or 7 free games on a high 4 x multiplier.

Whenever I play this game and get the free spins bonus I always choose the 7 free spins with 4 x multiplier. I had my biggest wins on this bonus while on the rest I have only gotten small to descent wins. I was lucky enough to trigger this bonus twice in a short time once resulting in over 200 x bet win. Still this is not a game I would recommend to other players because it rarely pays anything big.
This slot is based on a popular movie Elektra. Another Marvel comic with a twisted story. A movie that made little sense to me, but still captured the hearts of so many. Like the creators of this game, who must have watched the movie, and enjoyed it enough to create this.This game is on two casinos that I use, and every now and then I would turn it on and see if it is going to pay out. I really have mixed feelings about this game, because or me it is like 50/50. If I was to play this game 10 times, I would win 5 and lose 5. Because I play it on smallest bet and some times raise it just for the craic.

The game has 20 lines and only one feature. That is a free spins feature. The free spins feature is divided into three parts and you have to select the one that you prefer. Each one comes with its own advantages. I pick the middle one usually, because it comes with a chance to get the biggest picture.

The pays are good, and in the free spins the wild expands to cover the whole reel. My biggest win in the free spins was over €60 on a €0.40 bet. I had few other win that came close to it, but this was the biggest.
The game has really good graphics, and I must say that I enjoy playing it.
When I started playing this game I did not use double tapping, but when I started using it my bonus ratio grew. I would recommend to try double tapping on this game because it works for me. Give it few normal spins and then double tap few times, it works guys.

If I was to rate this game I would give it 7.5 out of 10.
Elektra is a video slot game with 20 paylines. You can find this game in Playtech casinos. It is also one of the games from the Marvel Jackpot Series. I’m a big fan of these games and this game also. I have to admit that I was surprised when I started to write this review and found out that no one has written a review about this game here on AskGamblers yet. I was really surprised and I really expected this game to be more popular.

Anyway I think that Elektra is an interesting slot game where with a little luck you can have some really big wins. Like in most other games by Playtech those wins often come in series. To be more precise in a very short time you can win a few free spins bonus rounds. With this game the graphic is a bit worse than other games from the Marvel series which you can find in Playtech casinos. But that doesn't affect the excitements that this game has to offer.

What makes this game interesting is the bonus round called Weapons Bonus. This bonus is triggered when you get at least 3 Elektra logo scatter symbols. In that case 3 kinds of weapons will appear on your screen. The Sais, the Shuriken and the Bow. Depending on the weapon you choose you can get7, 10 or 14 free spins.

When I first saw this game I liked this opportunity very much. Even though it costed me a lot of money I decided to try out all options a few times. From my personal experience I can say that it is best to choose the Bow because even though you will only get 7 free spins the wins will have a 4 x multiplier. The Shuriken option offers the most free spins 14 but it has the least payout in my experience.


Elektra is a fun game that you need to try.

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