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Battle of the Gods is 5 reels and 25 pay-lines video slot powered by Playtech software provider. This is a slot inspired with the Greek mythology, and the fight between Gods and Titans. The whole atmosphere is dark, but animations and graphics are amazing. All symbols featured include either Greek Gods or Titans. Give this slot a free spin here on this page or visit Playtech Casinos to play for real money.

Before you joint this epic battle, you are advised to set your bets. With "Line Bet +/-" you will regulate coins size which ranges from 0.01 to 50. "Lines +/-" is used to set the number of lines, and "Bet Max" will set the maximum bet allowed and turn the reels automatically at that bet. "Auto Play" option is there to spin the reels automatically without interruption for a chosen number of times, and "Spin" will set the reels in motion once.

The Wild symbol in the game is represented as the Wings, and it can substitute for all the symbols except for the scatter. The symbol can form its own Wild wins. If you get lucky enough to hit 5 of them on an active pay-line you will win 10,000 coins.

The Scatter symbol in the game is a Temple symbol, and it can form scatter wins. Also, if you land 3 or more Temple symbols you will activate Free Spins feature. This feature has two modes: Gods mode and Titans mode. Both modes come with a different extra Wild symbol.

In Gods’ mode, there will be 5 Olympians on the reels plus an extra Wild on reel 3. The Spins will continue indefinitely until the extra Wild appears on reel 3. When that happens you will be switched to Titans’ mode. In Titans’ mode, only Titans will appear on the reels, and there is an extra wild that appears on the reel 3. In Titans’ mode you will get 8 Free Spins, and when you spend all of them the feature will end. If, however, you land an extra Wild on reel 3, you will be switched to Gods’ mode.

This slot has something called X-feature, and it can be activated only during the base game. It gets triggered if you land 5 Gods in an X-shape, on reels 2, 3 and 4. Once triggered you will win x5 your total bet which is added to the line and scatter wins.

Game Play

Line Bet +/-: Regulate coins size.
Auto Play: Spin the reels automatically without interruption for a chosen number of times.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.
Bet Max: Set the maximum bet allowed.
Lines +/-: Set the number of lines.

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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Battle of the Gods is a video slot powered by Playtech software. This is a low to medium variance game where you can win a lot during the free spins. This is a 5 reels and 25 pay lines video slot which has a very dramatic soundtrack. Every time I play this slot, which is quite often I must admit, I am always fascinated by the high quality of the graphic animations.

X feature wins 5 x total bet, and this is something that I have not seen in other games. You need to land five Gods in the shape of an X, and they need to be on the second, third and the fourth reel.

5 wilds pay up to 10000 coins, but this happens rarely I suppose. You need 3 scatters, or the temple symbols, anywhere on the reels and you win unlimited free games in Gods mode versus 8 free games in Titans mode. The good thing is that you always start with the Gods Mode. I was not that lucky though the first time I triggered the free spins since I activated the Titans mode on my second spin and I won only 10.24
What I realized during my long session is that the payouts during the Gods mode are not that big. The Titans mode is triggered every time an extra wild appears on the third reel.Then when you are taken to the Titans mode you continue with the spins that you have left from the previous time, you are not given new 8 free games. This time I won 15.42 euros win and I got an extra wild on the third reel on my last spin but the free games ended here because I was in the Titans mode and it did not switch.

This is a very powerful slot and it is worth trying. I know that the luck was not on my side when I played this slot but that does not mean I will not play it again.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Battle of the Gods is a slot that is provided by Playtech. This game has 5 reels and 25 paylines and the minimum bet that can be placed per spin is 0.25$.

So as I was searching for some game to play in William Hill casino I stumbled upon the Battle of the Gods slot. So as my curiosity set in I had to play it and also the actual name of the slot sounded promising. But as I loaded the game the first thing that disappointed me was the graphics of the game, it wasn't at a level that I was expecting. But that didn't stop me from playing. So in this game we have a wild symbol and also a scatter symbol where 3, 4, 5 symbols will award 8 free games. In the free game feature an extra wild can appear that acts as a wild but then will tell you will you play the titans mode or the god mode. Titan symbol icons are all the red one while the god symbol icons are the blue ones. So as I was saying if you get the titan mode you will have 8 free games as stated, but if you get the gods mode you will have unlimited free games up until the point when you get that extras wild that once again give you the titan mode. This can go back and forth on every spin or not depending on your luck. Also in this game we have the X feature. This feature can only be triggered when god symbols appear on reel 2, 3 and 4 in an X formation and this will result in a 5x total bet win. I personally had a lot of troubles getting this formation; it isn't easily triggered as well the scatter free games.

Overall I spent a lot of time and a lot of empty spins waiting for the free games and when I finally hit it the payout wasn't what I actually expected. Also due to the graphics and not so good payouts in the main game, this slot became dull to me very fast, so I gave up on it. 6/10
I decided to play this slot from Playtech because I wanted to try something else than NetEnt or Microgaming slots!

This is a 5-reel slot with 25 paylines, a minimum bet of 0.25 euro and with a nice and interesting theme in my opinion, about gods!

I am playing very often at Bet365 Casino and because I had some money in my sportsbook balance, I decided to transfer them to casino and to play this slot for the first time!

When I opened the slot, I have to say that I wasn’t attracted by the graphics of this game because the symbols are too close one from other and you cant understand many things!

But I was surprised by the payout rate, very decent in my opinion because I started this slot with 50 RON and 10 minutes later my account balance reached 75 RON without any free spins or bonus game feature played!

The 2 modes of the free spins feature impressed me when I managed to catch 3 scatters, Gods and Titans modes, feature that gave me a decent win of 49 RON!

But I have to recognize that this slot had some moments when it stopped paying and started to eat my money!

Overall it is a good slot, I like very much the features and the theme about gods and why not, the payout rate because I managed to withdraw 130 RON, so a 80RON profit playing for the first time isn’t so bad!

Also I forgot to mention the X-feature, that doesn’t pay so well, only 5x bet amount but it is quite good because I managed to catch it many times and gave me extra money!
I will have to say that I wasn’t impressed by the graphics of this slot, I like the theme about gods but the design of the slot doesn’t attract me at all!
paquito76 867 reviews
Last time when I was bored with sport betting (I mean the wished results didn’t want to come) I sought something new challenge so I came over to the casino segment and I noticed this relative new slot from Playtech and decided to give it a try. Battle of the Gods’ theme what else could be than the Greek mythology!? I always like these styles of games where are reality, legends, mysticism, supernatural powers and interesting stories, tales.

Surprisingly, the game has such interface than some of the Progressive Jackpot slots have but it’s just an illusion here as the game doesn’t have that power but graphically I think it follows the big brothers’ footsteps. I know it’s only my obsession but I’m not a fan of the appearance where the symbols are not separated from each other with well-marked lines or signs (of course the symbols themselves if they’re well-designed can make such little visual separation) because I think this solution doesn’t do good for the overall visual experience and it is especially true here. All the God illustration symbols are graphically nice job and very attractive alone but somehow I don’t feel they would create a comprehensive unit. My biggest problem is the recognition of them because basically we play here with two group of symbols regarding to the visualization – blue and deep burgundy colour tint dominated pictograms and the only main pictorial difference between them are just the silhouettes of Gods and it’s not always easy to identify them immediately. I think it would have been better to make more distinctive icons that can’t be confused not even accidentally. A little bit it reminds me the style of X-Men but I think that slot is better designed.

Playing the game I had to realize this similarity between those two slots are not coincidence as we can meet here lot of features that we already know from X-Men. I can start with mentioning the specific X-Feature when 5 Gods form an X shape on the inner reels and a x5 of total bet prize is credited. The Free Spin feature also has 2 game modes just here they’re called Gods and Titans mode which are activated if three Scatters appear anywhere on the reels and reward unlimited number of extra games in Gods mode (by the way this symbol also can award cash prize up to 200 times of total bet) these games lasts until a specific symbol appear on the third reel when the feature switches to Titans mode where we have 8 free spins where another chosen icon can pop up on the middle reel to take us back to Gods mode.
These two different special symbols are Extra Wilds and only got that replacing functions during these free games where they can form a 5 of a kind type line and pay 1500 coins. Anyway, the normal Wild in basic game is the best paying icon with the ability to present a 1500 times of line bet gift.

Somehow I had a feeling during my play time with Battle of the Gods that this is a poor man’s version of X-Men. I understand the X-Men is a very popular game (with every reason) but making such similar type game was a mistake in my opinion. If the creators wanted to follow the scheme they made at X-Men, it’s OK for me but they should have constructed a slot with more specific signs and made it much more individual. Anyway, from this comparison Battle of the Gods can’t and doesn’t come out on top as I think X-Men is simple an overall better game. I think here not just the Jackpots winning availability but I experienced a much better game functions there. The payouts, the winning tendency, the gameplay, the features and yes even the visual solutions are higher quality there so I think there’s no reason to play here if we the opportunity is given to play with X-Men.

I must be fair here, if I had never played with X-Men previously and simple just meet this slot with clean slate I would like this game a lot because the features are good enough to be entertaining partner and it has even such good game qualities but because it is a later released slot from the same developer the situation is different. So if you’re not committed to the Greek mythology and don’t mind to play with game that deals with other theme I can recommend to choose the X-Men to get an overall better playing experience.
On one of my recent visits to Bet365 casino I spotted this game and gave it a shot. I mean how could I not, the drawings are awesome and a cool name like 'Battle of Gods' makes it irresistible. Upon first contact, the game is pretty average, with 25 lines and one feature. As I kept on playing I came to realize that this game is a copy of the X-men game. The feature is the same, the pays are same and it even has the X feature. Seriously guys, they just changed the pictures and released it as a new game. Anyways I think nothing bad of the X-men game, but it is just disappointing to see that little effort put into a game.

Just like in the X-men it is a battle between good and bad. The gods are angry and greedy and it is up to you to take their cash.

The pays on this game are not so bad and you could win big. I admit that the only way to win big is in the free spins mode, but it is not so hard to get the feature. To get the feature you have to get three or more scatters. They award you with unlimited free spins in the good mode, and 8 free spins in the bad mode(titans mode). You start of in the good mode and every time titans extra wild appears you go to the bad mode. Once your spins end in the bad mode the feature ends. I only played the feature a couple of times and my biggest win was over €25 on €0.25 bet.

Over all the game is nothing special. It looks cool, no doubt about it but it is not unique and that is a buzz kill. Especially when they advertise it and brand new game, you cant help but to expect something you haven't played before. If I was to rate it I would give it 5 out of 10.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Greek mythology has always fascinated and inspired people of all ages, mysticism, mystery, powers over humans, epic fights, and physical appearance of both gods and demigods, have all the ability to capture our imagination and take us to worlds where fantasy merges with reality. All this fantasy has been put by Playtech on its game "Battle of the Gods", where basically a battle between the old gods against the Titans is exposed. The design and game music are epic, and the symbols of the gods are easily identified by having bluish tinges and titans have reddish ones.

This is the classic slot format with 3 x 5 reels and it has 25 paylines. The bet per line levels can be adjusted at will from $ 0.01 to $ 50 for each line. There are 10 standard symbols, distributed in 5 gods and 5 titans, a wild symbol that works as supplement and scatter symbol represented with an image of the Parthenon. It can be said that payouts for normal paylines are low, and with those prices it seems totally normal a tendency for our capital falls in the passing of the spins, unless one of the two special features packed into the game is activated with the appearance the right combination. These two features are the "X-Feature", which is activated when the middle cell on reel 3 and adjacent ones to their corners, forming an X, all belong to figures of gods (the blue characters); in this case, the player obtains a payment equal to 5x the bet, added to earned values paid by formed lines. The other special feature is the free spins round, triggered by getting 3 scatter symbols in any position, and it certainly is amazing, as it develops into two camps, one of gods and other of titans. In the land of the gods the number of free spins is unlimited and in the field of Titans are 8. Initially it enters into area of the gods and from there only comes out when the symbol "Extra Wild" appears on reel 3 to make the transition to the field of the Titans, where the possibility of returning to the field of the gods is with another symbol "Extra Wild", if the latter does not happen, our 8 turns run out and we will return to the basic game, but the best, is that when this happens, we surely have already obtained some juicy profits that deserve to be called more than simply decent ones, and hopefully you have been enlightenedby the gods and your bet had been higher by the moment this feature has been triggered.

For me, to leave this game as a winner was a matter of patience and faith; I think it was very important to raise the stakes slowly until obtaining the free spins round and then start again. Maybe it's my impression, but I think it was very useful to make use of stop button to trigger the free spins round I got at twice.

I consider this one a pretty nice game but I think you also have to be very careful when betting on it.

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