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X-Men 50 Lines Slot

As of the March 31st, 2017, it has been decided that Playtech will no longer be offering its huge portfolio of Marvel slots. Some of the popular titles, including X-Man 50 Lines Slot will no longer be available. While Marvel slot fans are disappointed to see their favourite games removed from online casinos, there are new replacements coming from the Playtech, as they signed the deal with Warner Brothers Consumer Products, the owner of DC Entertainment.

X-Men 50 Lines Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Playtech created a whole bunch of these fifty line versions of their most popular Marvel slots a couple of years ago, I'm not entirely sure why but it stands to reason that they believed players simply prefer games with more lines these days. I really expected the games paytables to differ quite a lot as the more lines a game has the less each winning combination usually seems to be worth in my experience, so I was really quite surprised to compare the paytables between a couple of my favourites and find them to be completely identical.

Clearly Playtech decided it would be a safer bet to change the reel strips to accommodate the extra lines, something which can't be compared side by side quite as easily as the paytable. I suspect they were really quite impressed when their developers not only managed to add an extra 25 lines without modifying the paytable, but also reduced the overall RTP by around 3% as well! What a bargain for Playtech - but definitely not for the players.

There's a few 50 line games that I do really enjoy such as Microgaming's "Gold Factory", but in general around 30 lines is pretty much my comfort zone. I guess it can often feel like you are wasting a lot of money betting on so many lines on every spin despite the fact that in most games it's impossible to win on more than a handful at once.

I actually like the original 25 line X-Men game quite a lot, I feel as if it pays well for a progressive game, the 10,000 coin payoff for a line of wilds is up there with "Great Blue" (minus the 15x multiplier of course!) and the "battle of good and evil" logic behind the Hero / Villains free spins is really a touch of genius. This game has all of those features too, granted - but if I can pay less per spin, yet know I am winning 3% more by playing that game... why on earth would I choose to play this one instead? Sure I guess you win a little more often with 50 paylines, but your paying through the nose for that illusion of more excitement.

Nice game, but play the regular version instead - the 50 liners are nothing short of a rip off!
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Amongst all the Marvel Super Heroes, I like the X-Men the most, because those Mutants have extraordinary powers that only some can imagine! There have been so many kinds of super powers exhibited by those various good and bad Mutants, making me wonder just what else super powers there could be. The possibilities are truly endless, be it for real or just in fantasy, but these Mutants never failed to get me engrossed in what they can do. Amazing is too simple a word to describe them!

This X-Men 50-paylines version plays and pays in exactly the same way as the 25-paylines version does. If there's a 20 or 25 paylines Marvel Super Hero game version, then Playtech would surely follow up with a 50-paylines version, just to satisfy their diehard fans in need of bigger winning chances. Hmm, not me though. I have always preferred playing the 20 or 25 paylines versions, to minimise any losses, for the same amount of wins, and for the same amount of Jackpot prizes too. Why spend more when less can do just the same, right?

The paytable remains the same. 5 Wilds pay 10,000x the line bet, 5 Scatters pay 200x the total bet, an 'X' combination pays 5x the total bet, the Free Spins game start with 8 free spins but with an unlimited number of possible free spins to be won. Both Professor X and Magneto pays 1500x the line bet for 5 of them, with the rest paying from 400x down to 100x the line bet. The Free Spins game always start in the Heroes mode first, switching over back and forth from Heroes to Villain modes whenever the Professor or Magneto appears on the reels, whilst acting as the Extra Wild symbol during the free spins.

Game wise, it is very difficult to say which Marvel Super Heroes game I like best. X-Men's Heroes Vs Villain mode free spins can be very good at certain times, but can end quite abruptly too in bad times. I never achieved many switching over of the modes so far, perhaps 3 or 4 times at the most. The 'X' combination win is just an additional offering which doesn't pay much and doesn't make much difference to the credit balance as well. In all my plays on this game, I have yet to make any nice good win from it. The best win I've had was probably just around the 100x total bet range, but I've had much bigger wins on other Super Heroes games, like Blade and Elektra. Ah well, I may like X-Men the most for their super powers, but I like some other Super Heroes games more for their bigger wins capabilities.
X-men 50 lines is a game by playtech, and it is absolutely similar to x-men original game, just this one has increased number of lines. Generally no difference between two games, and this is just matter of prefferences - with how much lines you would like to play. Just note that 50 lines version of this game has 0.50 min bet.

Actually x-men is a great theme, and this slot is also great. Base game here is something not very interesting, because it is hardly to imagine any really huge win, only 5 wilds will pay good, or triggering of marvel jackpot, which of course possible to win at this slot, since it is marvel based game. At base game there is useless X feature, when on reels 2 3 4 characters made symbol X, you will be awarded with 5 x bet. Well, i am never even watched for this win, because 5 x bet it is not that payout i am waiting.

Freespins is awesome! Really , crazy and awesome. 3 or more scatters, and you in! Freespins start in heroes mode - infinite freespins, only extra wilds and heroes symbols on reels. If on reel 3 appear villain wild, you have 8 freespins with wilds and villains characters. If you lucky enough to have hero wild at reel 3 - there is heroes freespins again, infinite. Max amount of freespins i played is about 50, and this is not a limit.

I am not played this slot much times, because generally i did not play whole playtech a lot. I never had any huge wins on this game, but perfect freespins feature which can last really long can award really nice wins, and boost balance. I am not sure about chances to win marvel jackpot, but you can expect to hit something at least once per life if playing often.

Overall it is awesome game. Boring at base game, but extremely good freespins feature!
Boring base game, and absolutely useless X feature.
X Men is the first slot game from Playtech Marvel Series that I played in some casino. This game in its original version has 25 paylines. In the last year or less there has been another version of this game with 50 paylines. I never watched X men the movies so the symbols that appear here are not familiar to me. On the other hand that doesn't mean that I am not a fan of this game. On the contrary I am a big fan of this slot. Like in all other slot games from the Playtech Marvel Series you can have some big wins here also. If you guess the right time you will think that the game has gone crazy. It might happen that you get free spins here in series. Every once in a while after a few played spins you can get an extra set of free spins. Here on Askgamblers I found a data that the RTP rate for this game is 95%. But that is the average and I am sure that there are moments when the RTP is 1000% and more. So all you need to do is be here at the right time. If you play on a bigger bet you can earn a lot of money here. Still I advise caution because it can happen that you loose a lot of money for a short time. What is characteristic for this slot is the free spins bonus. Whats interesting here is that you have 2 modes for the free spins. Heroes and Villains mode. On the start you get 8 free spins. In Heroes mode you can have an infinite number of free spins and you start spending the 8 free spins when you move to Villains mode. During the free spins you can move from one mode to another a few times. That is very original and interesting and I haven’t seen that in any other game. The graphic and sound are also good and they have a pass grade from me.


X Men is a game in which you will enjoy for sure.

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