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Thor The Mighty Avenger Slot

Since it has been decided for Playtech to remove all Marvel slots from their gaming portfolio, a popular assortment of these games disappeared completely. The casino software supplier has notified operators that Marvel slots will no longer be available, as of the 31st of March 2017. There was the entire list of Marvel slots that needed to be removed and Thor The Mighty Avenger Slot is sadly one of them.

Thor The Mighty Avenger Slot Reviews by Players


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HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
If we ignore the Thor's hammer, this is a delicate game with elements of mystery that comes from the north. I hope that will be enough to calm, do not take a hammer with which you'll be bang on the head because you have invested more money than the amount on your account. Thor is inspired by the ancient god, who comes from the north, the details I will not talk too much because these are general things that we all know well. I hope you are watching an excellent adaptation of this figure, which was developed in cooperation with Marvel. In addition to these slot machines, occupies a special place: The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3 and X-Men. All these slots I know very well, I could write for days about my experiences and sleepless nights, but there is no need. Start up today!

I have tested this slot on several online casinos and I think the players from my country is available at many casinos, because almost none of the casino from this group, do not have restrictions on the Balkans. My bet here is usually minimal (€ 0.30 per spin), but at times it exceeds € 1 per spin. The last couple of weeks I tested many new Playtech slots, but I came back and some I have forgotten. After Atlantis Queen and loss of deposit in the William Hill casino, I continued with Playtech slots at Bet365 Casino. I have never won more than 50 € in one spin, because such gains being recorded in my book. I often catch some screenshots, but considering the amount of slots to play, often do not react at the time, and forget to "photograph".

As in every slot, Thor has a special story -bonus rounds. His bonus rounds are richer than some of whom I have met before. It differs from the others, because here there are more bonuses, I will try to briefly explain it now. The first bonus is a situation when over whole other reels appear Thor, then you win a free spin. Another bonus is similar, but this time Thor appears in the fourth reel, then throws the "ax" and moving free "storm" spin in which you win two to five Wild symbols. The third bonus is for me the best, this is the so-called Rainbow Bridge Feature. In particular, Heimdall appears in the third column and moving completely insane. The details, I will not write, because the bonus something more complex than the previous two, which I mentioned. Best to yourself to explore all possibilities, what is the purpose of explaining a slot, if we do not try the game? Good luck!
zerooo 742 reviews
Thor The Mighty Avenger is video slot with 30 pay lines from Playtech software provider. I like theme about superheroes, I also watched movie about Thor and I liked it.

This game offer quite a lot of different features: thunderstorm respin, lightning free spin and rainbow bridge feature which offer you two modes during free games: jotunheim free games or earth free games. Quite a lot of different features, some of the appears into / during base game; others when you entered bridge feature.

Last time when I played Thor I got bridge feature and later I picked up jotunheim free games. Free games at this mode are playing on special reels. Sometimes I got some stacked or frozen 5 of the kind symbols during free games, but the pay out was not so good. The winnings were not even higher than x10 bet. What I do not like at this modes into free games is that you can end it pretty quickly without any decent winnings.

Every time when some symbol covers the entire reel 3, you entered into some pick up game where you have to choose between two planet symbols. If you pick up the wrong, the feature end. I never got more than 10 free games here and this is the reason why I do not like it so much. It would be better if you get scatter symbols and you know how many free games you won. Also this feature is slow because of all those animations and pick up games.

I will rate this game with 7 stars. I do not play it so often just because of free games, most of the time I ended features without any decent winnings. But sometimes I play it for some minutes, when I am at Playtech casinos, because I like the design and theme about Thor.
I like very much the Marvel slots so I decided to try this one because didn't play it so far even if I am a big fan of Nordic mythology. This slot has 5 reels and 30 paylines, it is a slot from Playtech, a very popular software provider that has a lot of interesting slots and is also number 3 in my own top of providers. When I opened this game I was attracted by the nice symbols that this slot has, good graphics in my opinion but I don’t like very much the way the reels are spinning. Anyway, I made a deposit to play this game, the minimum stake is 0.30 euro and was actually the stake that I used, the payout was pretty good even if I didn't made a big profit.

It has a Free Spins feature that is triggered when you manage to catch the special symbol covering the reel 3, very hard to catch in my opinion, but I was happy because it pays quite good in the main game. My biggest win from the free spins was 17 euro and I managed to catch them only 3 times so far, a little bit disappointing!

The other features of this slot are Scatter symbol, Wild symbol that is represented by Thor and 2 interesting features, Thunderstorm Respin that is triggered when Thor appears and covers reel 2 and Lightning Free Spin that is triggered by Thor too, when covers the 4th reel this time!

Overall I could say that I am happy with this slot, it is a good one in my opinion with an interesting theme about Nordic mythology, I will give an 8 for the graphics because I don’t like very much the way the reels are spinning.

The features will receive a 9 because of the diversity and I recommend you to try this slot if you really want to have fun!
The free spins are hard to trigger in my opinion, this would be the only bad thing about this slot!
blondie 1093 reviews
I am a really big fan of Playtech software which offers amazing Marvel slot games so there's no surprise my next review will be about Thor. It is one of my favorite Marvel games and I play it quite often. It is a 5 reel 30 payline slot with bonus game of free spins. There are 2 reasons why it's one of my favorites - first is the great look it has, second is the free spins game which can bring really nice winnings.

So this game contains of many features - when Thor feature covers the whole 2nd reel, it gives you a respin and works as a Wild symbol. That happens to me very often. Then it can also cover 4th reel and it will give you a free spin. Thor itself is a wild symbol on winning combinations, which increases your spins winning. But the most exciting feature is the Gatekeeper, which if covers 3rd reel will give you free games. There are two destinations for free spins - Jotunheim, which is the cold land, and by the way I mostly get those spins, and Earth. There are special wilds for each of them too. But the exciting part is that when the gatekeeper comes during the free games, it can teleport you back to game or continue your free spins. That way there are no concrete amount of free spins!

The last time I played this game was only few days ago, at Bet365 casino. I made a deposit of 40€ and played Thor with 0.30€ bets per spin. As usual, I used autoplay option of 99 spins and after the first 10 spins I already got the respin and lightning free spin. In which random thor symbols appeared on each reel, giving me 5 of a kind win of 4.55€. Overall I got more bet-alike wins and few 2€ wins and my balance was down for about 6€ after the first hundred spins. After around 250 spins I finally got the free games! I got transferred to Jotunheim games (I guess maybe because I am so in love with North, haha). Unfortunately, the gatekeeper visited me very soon and even though the first time I made a right guess that kept me with free games, the second time I had to collect my 3€ winnings. It was one of the lowest free spins from Thor I've ever had.

Although my last meeting with Thor wasn't very successful, I really like the fact how many features this game has. But I suggest to play this game only if your bankroll is descent, because this game can eat money quite fast. Anyways, I like everything about it and it's definitely a must try!
Another so-called slot dedication to one of the ancient gods, this time it's the Scandinavian god Thor who is celebrating his successful film adaptation after which it is logical to get a place at Playtech entertainment. Very beautifully designed drum of this game, nice created columns with magic visual effects bass in the style of the gods of the north of Europe. Great choice of free spins and bonus games in different ways, later I will explain some of the more significant bonus opportunities in this perfectly stylish game with excellent sound and what is not something unusual when you look at the other slot machine from Playtech factory of fun. I invested in this slot over € 500 mainly via William Hill Casino Club but it was attempted and the other casinos such as Bet365 and Betfair but nothing worth mentioning below.

Otherwise, this slot has three game modes of which is a basic Asgard mode while up to two other modes you come from the Rainbow Bridge games. In Asgard fashion wild symbols appear in positions two and four on the drum slot machines. When the second column appears Wild then you have the possibility of re-spin game otherwise my favorite part of the Thor slot machine though this game has only one such re-spin, for me it is enough that after that expect a higher gain because a lot of times during the game that just happened. When the fourth column of the drum appears stacked wild then activates Lightning Free Spins game, then you mighty Thor's hammer reward with two to five wild symbols on the reels with one re-spin game. I just want to add that if you get more wild symbols eg. Five, then you can hope for a big gain.

In my opinion this is one of the simpler games that are easy to enter and even easier to fall in love, enough for a few hours of the game and some gain to become a true Scandinavian seducer. For such an adventure you do not need go to Finland or Norway is enough to open your Playtech casino game through your client and to sit for another unforgettable and magical experience, and why not, and positive. My recommendations are smaller role in this game because it is a slot with 30 payment lines, so that you will be for a minimum spin enough 0.30 unlike many other where you start already with 0.20 coins. The maximum bet per spin, if you do at all interested in is € 600 which is for the bravest and richest major challenge I'm staying at the lower stakes because I have quite money available and so I want as long as possible to stay in the north of the old continent. Rating 8/10
hajnrih 1376 reviews
I always liked Nordic mythology and of course Thor is the main hot shot around. Over the years I played a few slots with this theme and my favorite was Thunderstruck II from Microgaming. These two games have some things in common. Like the incredibly high number of spins that you have to bet before hitting anything good in the free spins bonus round. Playtech offers a much better graphic than Microgaming.

The symbols are made with very high details and the animations in this game are very good. It’s really fun to play this game and I think you will never get bored. The only thing that bothers me is that it is a 30 payline slot.It takes a lot of balance to try and get the free spins on a higher bet. In my opinion this is one of the most complete slot games from Playtech considering its graphic and bonus games. If you want a game with a lot of bonus features than you are at the right place. If Thor comes stacked on reel 2 covering the entire reel you will get 1 respin. If you are lucky enough to have 2 or 3 high paying symbols along with it you can have a descent win. The second feature is the Lightning Free Spin. It is activated if Thor covers the entire 4 reel. Then you get 1 free spin with 2 to 5 wilds randomly distributed on the reels. This feature doesn't come that often in my experience and the wins can be descent.

The main feature of the game is the free spins bonus called Rainbow Bridge feature. In this bonus the free games can be played in Earth or Jotunheim. Theoretically the number of free spins here can be infinite. The most free spins I have won is around 20. I was lucky to be playing on a higher bet and was lucky to have some big wins in the free games and I was even more lucky when I cashed in about 300 dollars from this game. I would recommend this game to everyone.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
If you're a fan of Playtech slot games like The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2 or X-men then you will surely like the slot game Thor-The Mighty Avenger. Extremely well designed active and above all interesting slot game with many bonus rounds and options.

The gameplay is on 30 lines and 5 reels. Like most Playtech games this one has an auto spin option on which you can choose the number of spins for a faster game from 10 to 99 and you can manually turn every spin. This game has interesting Bonuses and if it was up to me all slot games should look like Thor and I say that because of the fantastic bonus rounds in this game.

Like most slot games the same rule applies for Thor that the biggest wins are in the bonus rounds. What makes Thor different from the others and what gives it the advantage is that it has a few bonus rounds in it's offer. The first and most common appearance of the Thor symbol on the entire second reel Thor throws his hammer and a free spin "lightning" is triggered. Here you get 2 to 5 wild symbols that trigger further free spins in the game. Of course in both cases the biggest win is if on the other reels a symbol of Thor appears as many times possible. Here the scatter symbol also helps which is a hammer and substitutes all other symbols needed for a win.

The best bonus of this slot game is the appearance of Heimdall on reel 3. This opens the so called Rainbow Bridge Feature. Here you can have some fantastic wins, I personally had wins of over 100 x bet and more.

Overall a relative new game that amazed me for the short time I have been playing it.
For this game I give 10 out of 10.
Afi4wins 1302 reviews
Here comes my game…errr, I mean Thor’s game, The Mighty Avenger. Looks familiar? It should. Thor is my chosen avatar, my hero, the justice and truth beholder, even if it’s only mythical, but the principals remain true. And what a beautiful game this is! Superb graphics, nicely done caricatured icons, nice animations, and I just love the colours of the game, especially the golden symbols and payline indicators, truly befitting a godly game. Simply amazing! 1 star up.

As for the paytable, Playtech has retained its supremacy with its 5000x line bet payout for 5 wilds, with accompanying good payouts for all the other symbols too. This is the kind of payout possibilities that I like, not perfect, but very good indeed. Could have been best if the 5 wilds pay 10000x line bet, as per Playtech’s norm, but you can’t have the best of everything in any 1 game, that’s for real. Compare this paytable with any other software’s paytable and you’d appreciate the big difference. 1 star up.

Feature wise, there’s enough of various free spins and free respin features in Thor, The Mighty Avenger, both fixed and randomly activated. The stacked Thor wilds on reel 2 becomes an expanded wild reel, awarding 1 Thunderstorm Respin, which pays averagely at most times. If on reel 4 (Lightning Free Spin), Thor throws out up to 5 random wilds, which can pay out 5-of-a-kinds at the right time. As for the Rainbow Bridge free spins feature, both the Jotunheim and Earth Free Games may pay a good win or may not. I tend to prefer the Earth Free Games more than The Jotunheim’s. On a good run, this feature can travel back and forth several times between the two realms, usually ending with a good payout of 100x total bet or more. If it doesn’t, then you’ll probably win just a compensation amount. Still, fairly good features to be had. 1 star up.

As with all Marvel Jackpot games, the real money play is more difficult to win from than when playing just for fun! This is probably due to the presence of the Marvel Jackpot prizes, which isn’t available in the fun mode play. The game can go for endless spins without paying anything decent, and you can only watch and pray as your credit balance leaks like water. Patience and perseverance is a must when playing Marvel Jackpot games, because there’s absolutely no guarantee that a chance at the jackpot prize may come at all. Godly lucky players do get these jackpots on their first few attempts though! So what more can we say, but just keep on trying…and trying! 2 stars down.

I would have simply love Thor The Mighty Avenger had it played like in the fun mode all the time, which is absolutely impossible of course! Playing with my real money, I just couldn’t duplicate any of the good wins of the fun play, but then again this is only to be expected due to the jackpot prizes. 2 stars down. Still, one of the best Marvel Jackpot games available from Playtech!
yapro 790 reviews
Thor the mighty avenger video slot was released by playtech in 2013 year i think, and from release i try this game and not like it at all. I have 40$ to play this game at eurogrand and i played at minimum bet and it took to me about 40 minutes to lost this balance without good wins. I did not like this game and forget about it for some time, but after this i try this game few more times and i should say that i like this game.

This game is very well done, and graphic is super, also theme of the game is very popular because nowadays everyone or at least looks so go crazy with this marvel characters, a lot of movies appear, comics, slots, video games, arrgh they everywhere. Game has 30 paylines and minimum bet therefore is 0.30. My best hit on this game was after free spins that were with frozen wilds and i win x 250 total bet after it. IN base game once i had something like x 100 total bet. Like always with such slots i did not want to spoil all features, because if someone read he can be angry, i am for example not like to read about features, better to try it myself. But i can say that game has good number of different features that can pay nice money, and this game of course have some nice potential for win big.

This game is medium-high variance and am 100% sure i will play this game again. It has potential, it is interesting, and it has great theme. Also this game has a lot of features which can be mean only one thing - no one can start boring playing this game. Try this game it is great one from playtech. Different features and bonuses will entertain you for a long time, and shhh, it is possible to have infinite free spins at this game.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
The comic book “Thor: The Mighty Avenger”, created by Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee, is the Norse myth totally re-imagined where new concepts, such as Asgardians, are conceived and relationships and feelings between humans and gods are exposed in a simply charming way. This story attracted not only reader public but big companies like Playtech that was sufficiently inspired to develop the slot with the same name.

In the game the standard symbols are Odin, Loki, warriors three, Sif, Heimdall, and poker figures 10,J,Q,K,A. The wild symbol is Thor and scattered symbols are Thor’s hammer and Heimdall but covering whole third reel. The game is well designed as the rest of Playtech-Marvell ones and totally electrifying, full of action thanks to its great feature collection. Thor covering reel 2 gives a re-spin and stay frozen and covered with wilds; covering reel 4 gives a free spin and 2 to 5 wilds are distributed randomly on reels. Heimdall symbol covering whole third column triggers free spin round where you can choose which world you will be taken, Earth or Jotunheim. It would be good you go in depth into info section of the game.

My experience in this game was a feelings mixture, I started to play and standard and wild symbols began to appear and nothing was more than usual. For a long time low and middle winnings were made while my balance was decreasing slowly but constantly but I had decided to stand and keep optimistic and the moment came, Heimdall feature was triggered in third column and my choice took me to Earth free games and my luck just started to getting better; 5 of Odin kind with Thor wild symbol in middle appeared, and after wild remained stacked on reel 3 and for the end of this round my balance was almost regained but the best just was for coming on because following I had to choose again and lucky again I arrived to Jotunheim where best symbols appeared accompanied by Laufey symbol whose power to freeze winning combinations gave me another big winning, just after lucky again and was back in Jotunheim and finally I selected collect choice with a great, fabulous high free profits in my pocket and I was taken back to Asgard. I attached pictures of this winning to this post.

I suggest to players have a lot of patience when try this game because it might pass long time before good winnings come.
valentin68 535 reviews
Still searching the internet I found that actually “Thor -The Mighty Avenger” is actually a series of toys (a toy line) which was launched in March 2011, and also a series of comic graphic novels. My hunch is that the toy line was made after the movie with the same name released in 2011 (I have not seen the movie yet, but I promise that in the coming days I will cover my culture gaps) and both (the toys and the movie) series originated in the Marvel Comics graphic novels who appeared on the market at least a year before (2010).

Anyway aside from the history behind the slot having the same name, which is the latest addition to the Playtech casinos, I need to say that Playtech is bringing something new also about the playing of the game itself. The slot is full of possibilities and it took me over 300 spins good to understand all of its features. However traces of the so-called classical Playtech video slots (like “Great Blue” , or “X- Men”) still remain, meaning that first you will need to cope with loses from normal spins and then recover and even get something extra from the Free spins. . Classic for Playtech you will say what is true, of course.

What is really nice is how the Free Spins are played, that means in fact the multiple possibilities in which those Free spins are given. There are two different game modes: “Jotunheim” and “Earth” free spins and each brings something new (either certain symbols become frozen or a beast throws fire upon symbols turning them into multipliers). Basically Free Spins can go on forever, but each time when “Thor” is on the central reel a choice must be made about how these free spins will follow. Unfortunately, one of the choices can be “Collect” and then the Free Spins round ends. As I said, in the Free Spins winnings bring back almost every time the balance to the value of start.

During normal spins, occasionally there is given a free re-spin in two cases: the “Thunderstorm re-spin” or the “Lightning re-spin” (when the 2nd or 4th column are completely covered by Wilds). The opinion that I had about the slot changed as I played more time here together with the pretty big loses that I initially had and the large wins that I got almost every time I entered the Free Spins. My observation is that sometimes you need to expect to lose big (10-20 Pounds playing at the minimum bet of 30 pence) before the Free Spins, although the wins are quite frequent even in normal spins.
I do not know why, maybe because of losses required to enter the Free Spins, maybe it is just my hunch of an old gambler, but the overall impression is that the slot is just only a little better than the average one.

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