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Megasaur Slot

Megasaur is Real Time Gaming software powered progressive video slot with 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. This video slot is inspired with dinosaurs and probably Jurassic Park movie. The slot offers you several thrilling features and one enticing jackpot. Reels are set deep in the jungle and there is theme appropriate music to add up to the atmosphere. Give it a spin here for free or visit any of the RTG Casinos to play for real money.

Before you go deep in this jungle, you are advised to set your betting range the way it suits you the most. Betting ranges has 3 options: "Minor Bet", "Major Bet", and "Mega Bet". Betting range spans form 0.05 to 0.20. "Spin" will set the reels in motion. "Autoplay" option is used when you wish to turn the reels automatically without any interruption.

Two Megasaurs, one red and the other green, are the Wild symbols in this game. Green Megasaur can replace any other symbol on reel 2, except for the Red Megasaur and the Volcano. It will eat any other dinosaur on the reels and replace them. Red Megasaur can appear on reel 4, and can also substitute for all symbols except Green Megasaur and Volcano. The only difference between these two Wilds is the fact that the Red Megasaur doubles the winning combo that it is a part of.

When you hit 3 Volcano Scatter symbols you will activate Free Spins. When you land 3 volcanos you will click on each scatter to revel the number of spins, and you are guaranteed at least 6 free spins. The maximum number you can win is 50 if you get lucky enough to hit 5 scatters and 10 free spins behind each scatter.

This slot has something called Feature Guarantee. If you do not manage to activate the bonus feature manually, this feature guarantee will do it for you once you have made 250 spins.

Win-Win Feature is there to reward all of those players who do not get lucky enough during free spins bonus round. If you win 0 during free spins you will be credited with x250 your initial bet. If you only win x5-x10 your bet, you will receive x2-x250 your bet. All in all, this is one very generous feature that RTG gives to all the players.

Progressive Jackpot can be won if you get lucky enough to hit 5 Volcano symbols during free spins round while playing at the maximum bet. The current jackpot amount which is available for anyone to win, can be seen above the reels.

Game Play

Minor, Major and Mega Bet: Set the coins size.
Autoplay: Turn the reels automatically without any interruption.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.




Megasaur Slot Reviews by Players


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MacdoniS 108 reviews
United States
I tried many RTG slot that had a dinosaur theme of it and Megasaur was listed as a distinguished slot as for my experience playing it. The theme itself was not enough to make a great slot but so the feature of the slot and Megasaur was impressive from its winning payout table! The theme was exactly focus from the winnings according to the dinosaurs strength and size it was like the stronger the better the payout from the Velociraptors, pterodactyls, triceratops and the best of all the megasaur!

The bet per spin was also great and I can classify it as a low wager slot you can choose higher bet as a mega bet max of $0.20 per line and low bet as a minor and major betting size! From the minor bet size of $0.05 per spin $1.25 per spin the megasaur gave me more free spins than hitting the wild on a normal game of Megasaur this showed me that the free spin result were opposite from the result of the wild winnings on a normal game. If I were to judge it 300x winnings from the wild was better than the free spins of almost 50x -100x of your bet.

The Megasaur was an advisable slot if you’re a high and medium roller because of it betting slot structure if you’re unsure on whether the slot can give you a nice payout you don’t need to distress because the slot have a feature guarantee per quota spins. The good news when you didn’t get as much as payout from the free spin feature is that the win-win feature can regulate your winnings giving you as much as 250x of your bet but based on my experience the slot free spin feature gave almost 50x of your bet size after it’s done.
Fiekie247 237 reviews
South Africa
Real Time Gaming released Megasaur, a dinosaur-themed progressive slots. It features 5 reels and 20 paylines. This would be the 2nd dinosaur themed game they released as the previous one was T-Rex, but because of the progressive jackpot this game has to offer, makes it even more demanding to play.

When I saw this game, I wanted to try it, but the minimum bet on this game is x5 your average minimum bet you find on most other online slot. Given the fact that I am a very low roller when it comes to online slots. However I decided to play this slot based on the fact that it had a feature guarantee, which means within 250 spins I will definitely get the free spins feature and hopefully make some big bucks.

The game has a wild symbol which comes in a form of a dinosaur on reels 2 and 4. The green dinosaur appear on reel 2 and the red dinosaur appear on reel 4. When the red dinosaur appear on reel 4 in a winning combination your win has x2 multiplier. 3 or more volcanoes scatters on the reels will land the free spins feature, where you have to click on each volcano to win free spins. You can win 2, 5 or either 10 free spins per volcano, but 95% of the time you win 2 free spins on each volcano, or that is what happened to me most of time.

If the wild symbol lands on reel 2 or 4 during the free spin feature, then it turns all other regular dinosaur paying symbols into wilds that appear on the reel during the specific spin. So winning potential can be very huge, but this game is of high variance. Sometimes during the free spins feature you will not even win x10 your total bet if the game is in a bad mood.
Even though this game has a feature guarantee, I do not like it that much as you cannot track how close you are to getting the free spins feature. So which means you can trigger the free spins on spin 250 or within 20 or 50 spins. It is very random. With other games that has the feature guarantee you can see how many spins are left to trigger your free spins feature. So I would say this game is 6/10.
Megasaur is a video slot game with 25 pay-lines and 5 reels that comes from the software company Real Time Gaming. I can’t start this review otherwise than with the comparison of this and one of my favorite RTG games called a T-Rex. In fact, these two games are almost identical when it comes to the features, the theme and the idea itself. Still, there are some differences too. Megasaur has something better graphics, the symbols are different but the biggest difference is that here unlike T-Rex the minimum bet is 0,5 cents per pay-line, i.e. even € 1.25 if you pick all 25 pay-lines. That makes this game expensive for me and I believe for most of the other players too.

But on the other hand the Megasaur offers you the chance to win a progressive jackpot. At the moment of this writing, the jackpot here was more than 860,000 euros. Most of the RTG slot games come with a progressive jackpot but none of them offers the chance to win almost a million euros as this.

When it comes to the features Megasaur offers two of them. The first is the "Feature Gurentee". I have already described this feature a several times in some earlier reviews so now I will not say anything about it. The second feature that you have here is the free spins feature. The idea for this feature is completely taken from T-Rex. For 3 or more scatter symbols you get free spins. During the free spins, every time when the wild symbol appears then all symbols with dinosaurs are transforming into wild symbols.

As this game is too expensive for me, my experience with it is not big. Probably, I've had less than 50 spins on this game so far. Therefore I can’t praise that I had some bigger wins here. All in all for Megasaur I give 7 out of 10 possible stars.
katemak 1170 reviews
Maybe not the newest one, but sure one of the newest this year released slots from Real Time Gaming software, game called Megasaur. Looking at this game for the first time I was sure it reminds me of some other slot from this same software and yes, I was actually right. This game look so similar if not the same as T-Rex video slot and who played this game will actually knows what I am talking about. The only difference I saw in this game is the wild features and the free spins feature; here instead of choosing eggs, you’ll choose Vulcan as they are the scatter symbols.

Megasur is a 5 reel and has 25 pay lines, but what attracted my attention its it minimum bet size. I couldn't believe, first I thought I must pressed the raise bet button so I ticked it so I can lower my bet, but no, that was actually the lowest bet of 1.25 euros. Wow pretty expensive game, well for me it is, because coming from RTG software and I usually don't play here, except if I have some free spins or good bonus. So basically I had bonus to wager and thought I could give it a shot with this game.

There is a wild, actually 2 of them and they only appear on the second and fourth reel, the Green Megasaur appears on the second and the Red one only at fourth reel. Well yes it could provide some decent wins if you manage to trigger both of the wilds, but as for me, didn’t manage to trigger them not even once.

The free spins feature is triggered if you caught 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, which will reward you with up to 10 free spins. Actually I didn't trigger not even once the free spins feature, well maybe this slot needs more time and more spins, because I gave it only 30 spins as to try this new to me slot. Looking at its paying table, the payout is mediocre, but still this game having Jackpot attached, I think counting the minimum bet size, this game can produce huge wins. Definitely not a game for low rollers.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Megasaur is a 25 payline 5 reel slot coming from Real Time gaming software. This is another slot that has a Jurassic theme and these kinds of slots are very popular throughout the gambling industry. I think the most famous is Jurassic park from Microgaming.

The first thing that you will notice about this sot is that the minimum bet to play it is 1.25$ and I think that it’s really high. I think that’s one of the main reasons a few people play this slot hoping for some massive win. For us low rollers it’s just too much. The slot has a vintage design just like from the time of the dinosaurs. If you take a look at the paytable you will see that it is pretty poor and the only good wins can come if they are connected with a wild.

What’s interesting about this game is that it has 2 wild symbols. The Green Megasaur which comes stacked on reel 2 and the Red Megasaur which comes stacked on reel 4. All wins with a Red Megasaur are doubled. You can have some descent wins here if you get both wilds and some high paying symbol but still the biggest wins come in the free spins bonus game.

The bonus game here is triggered when you get 3 scattered Volcanos anywhere on the reels. Under each scatter is a number of free games and they are collected in the end. You can win a max of 10 free games but you usually win 6. In the free spins if the wild appears it can eat other symbols creating more wilds.
In theory you can have some big wins here if you hit both wilds in the bonus game resulting in a full screen of wilds. Still from my experience that happens very rare. Usually you have small wins of 20 x bet in the bonus game and base play wins are small. I never had any luck hitting big in this game so I stopped playing it.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Megasaur is one of the latest RTG video slot games which has 25 paylines and 5 reels. This game is quite similar to another RTG game called T-Rex. Some solutions from T-Rex are just copied and transferred to this game. The theme is the same in both and that is dinosaurs. Megasaur comes with a bit better graphic and animations than in T-Rex.

I especially like the animations you can see when a wild symbol replaces some other symbol on a winning payline. All of that is followed by great sound effects. The wild symbol here only appears on the second and fourth reel. Sometime on some of these reels you can get 2 or 3 wild symbols. The wild symbol is a symbol with a Megasaur. If he appears on the second reel than he is in green color and if he appears on the fourth reel he is in red color.

The first and only time I met this game was in Intertops Casino. What's interesting is that the minimum bet in this game is 1.25 $ per spin. That’s way too expensive for me because I don’t usually play on a high bet. But my balance was about 500 $ and I had a lot more to wager. So I set 25 auto spins. When I finished these spins I was a few dollars in plus. That’s why I decided for another 25 spins. On the 22 or 23 spin I got 3 scatter symbols and the free spins bonus. Like in T-Rex when you click on the scatter symbol you have a number of free spins under it. I got 6 free spins. Also one more thing is copied from T-Rex here and that is some of the dinosaur symbols turn to wilds in the free spins. From these 6 free spins I had a total win of 78 $.
valentin68 535 reviews
Today I returned briefly in an RTG casino, namely “All Star Slots”, because it was promising a bonus of 66 Free Spins with the occasion of Halloween to both new and old players. Unfortunately, as I learned from a short talk with the online support, all countries from Eastern Europe (Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, etc.) are excluded from this bonus. I felt bad, but I told myself not to leave this casino before trying one of the new slots here. I chose “Megasaur”, because I played also in the recent past at “Football Frenzy” (other newest slot here) and I had the impression that RTG has washed some of the numerous past “sins” of their slots. Unfortunately the “Megasaur” slot is very weak, much weaker than “Football Frenzy” and nearly as mediocre as the older RTG slots.

To begin with the beginning, “Megasaur” is the RTG version of the Microgaming slot “Jurassic Park”. It has almost the same dinosaur graphics and of course, the presentation of the story is weaker, but finally the same atmosphere. Yet except the atmosphere, the game does not offer anything. If Microgaming has been made slots so weak, it had been long time out of business. For a bet of 1.25 Euro/spin (25 lines) you should expect to lose 70-80 Euros in 100 played spins.Here and there a win of 2.5 Euro frequently accompanied 5- 25 cents payouts! The game is spectacular only because of the presence of so many Wilds (here two different dinosaurs) but these are nearly useless because 9 times out of 10 it is missing from the right combination exactly the symbol on the first reel.

This slot is one of those RTG “classics” having a “Feature Guarantee”, but here this does not have any advance indicator, nor has it started in the first 150 spins. Ha, ha, here right now, while writing this review, somewhere at the spin 200 I have played the Free Spins. 6 very disappointing Free Spins from which I earned exactly 17.25 Euros, that is about 15 x bet, after I paid previously about 100 Euros for this round.

And there is something also I do not like here. The jackpot is 1 million Euros. There is no Microgaming jackpot so large, even for the best Microgaming slots. I guess that nobody ever won this jackpot and is only for advertising.Finally I have to say I was not expecting to play a slot so weak. Lately with the last slots, RTG started to repair some negative parts of their games.

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