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Angel or Devil is another video slot game where the number of paylines is fixed and can't be changed. This game is created in Playtech and has 20 paylines and 5 reels.

I had an opportunity to play this game once and it was yesterday in Bet365 casino. The first thing I noticed beside that the number of paylines was fixed is that the smallest bet you can play here is 0.40 euros. I didn’t like that too much because my balance was only 30 euros. Still I couldn't resist the desire to try this Playtech slot that I have never played before. Angel or Devil, two opposites and a very interesting theme.

The games looks very good at first look, the colors are pleasant to the eyes but still I expected better graphic and animations from Playtech. The symbols are made by the classic slot machines. There are card symbols like sevens and bars. The Angel and Devil symbols are wild symbols which replace the rest of the symbols. The symbol with an Angel appears on the left side and the symbol with a Devil on the right side and the Devil symbol doubles the wins. A very interesting solution and the symbols appear often.

My start wasn't very successful. After a few minutes my balance dropped to about 20 euros. Just when I was about to change the game a descent win of 8 euros. Because of this win I decided to stay on this game for some time more. That turned out as a good decision because soon I got 3 scatter symbols and from the free spins I cashed in about 30 euros after which my balance went up to60 euros. I kept playing here for some time more and after I dropped 10 euros more I changed the game.

My general impression is that this is a very fun and attractive game. Of course I recommend Angel or Devil to everyone.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Angel or Devil coming from Playtech is a simple looking slot, more like a classic with a simple background theme of an angel in the left top and a devil down in the right corner. Well, when you collect your winnings the sound gets a little upsetting for me. The wild symbol is the angel and the other one is the red devil 2 x wild counts, and brings more payouts. Golden bell, green bar symbol, 7 brings more wins then the rest of letters and numbers.

Bonuses including red devil pay 2 x wild angel. Angel or Devil logo symbol if triggered can start 5 free spins for you and then after each spin you get to pick a card and reveal one of the four hidden bonuses. If you activate the super card symbol it will stay active until the bonus game is finished. When I triggered the bonus game after almost quitting this game, you can imagine my feeling mixed with win and starting a great bonus game with nice background music. All I needed was vodka to finish this taste of the good bonus game. I was a little disappointed by the 5 spins but didn’t know they were gonna turn out long sessions, of 15 min almost and bring nice wins, while I was picking cards in bonus game, from lock the bonus, cash prizes, multiplier, extra wild bonuses which were hidden behind the card and my win was 10 euros and I was happy. I was back on 23 euros and I can try another game, but I would not mind getting another bonus game and start the free spins.

During the spins the sound is magnetic to my ear and brings me the chill out feeling somewhere in India. I enjoyed the bonus game so much, what can I say it just makes you feel so much better. Nice relaxing game which I think everyone will enjoy playing.
yapro 790 reviews
Angel or devil video slot was created by playtech and i not sure did playtech really create because it is not looks like typical playtech game. This game has 20 paylines and this game has different features and to be honest this game is very interesting due to this features and there is not only 2-3 this features there is a lot features.

First feature in this game is starting right after player open game, there is possible to choose side with slider, if you prefer angels - you will get bonuses frequent but bonuses will pay less money. If you choose devils, bonuses will be rare, but will pay much more better money. I always choose devils because it is increase variance and i like high variance games. Free spins can be triggered by 3 scatters on 2 3 4 reels and if it is appear player awarded 5 free spins. After every free spins player will need choose a card that award some special bonus. I will not describe it because everyone not like spoiler and every player should try all this features yourself. My best hit after free spins is x 400 total bet, i get this great win at betsafe casino at 1 euro spin and this will followed by my great withdrawal, this was my really best hit on this game, at base game is hard to win anything really big. Also it is possible to win progressive jackpot on this game but i not even trigger bonus game at least once to try to win it. This game triggered by random when lightning strikes on the reels.

This game has medium variance if choose angels and high variance if choose devils.Game has potential, and this game did very well and it is interesting game for me and i will play again this game because i remember my good win at betsafe casino.
Irine 232 reviews
I am not sure if this video slot was intended for the people who always do evil things and good things what i mean is are they trying to conscience those people? Well, as i play this slot there are many clarifications that i must say not only in the belief of angels or demons but also to some of the aspect of this game. $.10 for 20 lines equivalent to $2 per spin that's what i always do bet to this slot when i'm in mood playing it because there are things that i don't like when it comes to slots.

Totally different slot theme and it's unique as you can see they use angel and demons for slots !? I'm not too religious or something that depends on belief but i believe this two kind of specie exist and we don't have yet enough understanding from that. The characters and pay out used was nice there was a slider in the up corner of this slot and it's for the slot so you will know if the wilds, payout and density of that pay out symbol. That's amazing because you will be aware on what you're doing and betting!

The bonus here honestly i once got it and since i got it i didn't able to get it again. It's a cash bonus where you will pick 1 card from 4 cards and then that card you pick will be a bonus, multiplier, wild or for freezing symbols. When i get it i got extra wild that gives me a great deal payout!
The graphics and them i slightly dislike it even though it's unique for me the pay out is not so great i observed it while it's free spin bonus and from the daily spins. The sound didn't harmonious to their theme and animation i think they must improved it! Handle with care while playing this slot always choose the "Angel side" because the frequency of winnings always appear!
Angel or Devil game is made by playtech company which is nice in gaming. These game are based on a angel and a devil. In the game background on side angel cartoon(left side) and other side devils cartoon(right side) are made. Angel and Devil cartoons are nice and the background of the game are cute,the graphics of the game are also good. These game are spin featured game,in the game autoplay option are available which is nice feature.In these game you play the large bet which is a unique and less feature in the slot game.

For those who never played this game i would say, well done you are smarter than me. For those who have played this game and won i would say , well done you are luckier than me. Would i recommend this game to anyone?

Over all the game is very disappointing. The experience with this game are very nice and i win in these game at many times without any loose but the level of the game are not very high as the other game.

Angel or devil is a very ordinary slot. I don’t see too much chance to once it’ll make me rich but with its average qualities it’s still a correct product. If you don’t expect too much of this slot I guess you won’t be disappointed by playing this game.

There are wild slot are in it with the cartoon of angel which increases the score and the heaven bell are avail in the game. The bonus round are also avail. The sound are not nice according to the game and the game tough level are less. All over these game are nice.but some changes perfect the game.I scored these game 6/10.

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