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Although this casino somewhat unusual name, 32Red Casino is one of the leading gambling names in the UK. I've tried quite a number of casinos in the Microgaming network, which formerly bore the name of Prima network, but the casino was in the selection of those to whom I play, somehow I always avoided, because of the strange name. But later I discovered that 32Red deals with the casino and that the casino six years in a row won the award for the best online casino, that was reason enough to play here and take advantage of the excellent bonuses that they offer. As for the position of this company, it is practically located on the London Stock Exchange, and is licensed and regulated under the laws of Gibraltar, and more to add to all their transactions carried out very reliable Barclays Bank. Everything that I said is the reason why I use their bonuses and so this in my next deposit.

In the first two deposits of $ 20 did not have any success, I'll just mention that I have in both cases, the money lost in less than two hours of play on Thunderstuck II slot machines, so that on this negative experience, I will not talk in the future. After the third deposit, things looked much better after half the finished rollover had the account $ 220, which is then looked like another successful completion of casino bonuses. But happiness is thought otherwise and at Hot Ink slot machine is turned back on me, I lost the full amount to account for only three days, which is an advantage over previous adventures in this casino. The last two deposits of $ 20 I spent within seven days, so I managed to lose a total of $ 160, through their bonus offers. Fun is guaranteed, but also when you lose so many bonuses in the series then you make a little bit bigger break in the casino like I've done, I rarely play in this casino in recent days because the memory is still fresh.
Dear Zelmil83,

Thank you for your post, we are very happy that you like it. We wish you good luck at 32Red and a lot of wins.

Have a good day.
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rustynutter 4 reviews
United Kingdom
My favorite of the 4 installed casinos. I can't get enough. Thanks guys for the bonuses and the looking after. Much appreciated :)

Special thanks to agent I spoke to last night, you made my bday a little brighter. As I mentioned, I live alone and special days are quite lonely, with lasts nights wishes, you made an old man's day much more exsciting. Especially after my small £30 win :P
I have no quarrels with these guys, they are very polite and awesome. If I could get a free flight to anywhere on world, I would be 150% supporter :) currently only 100% :P
Hi Rustynutter,

Thank you :) FIngers crossed for the future.

raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I couldn’t hide my disdain for the recent changes over at 32red and its associated casinos when I wrote my casino review, but I feel it only fair to write a little about their welcome bonus now as well, because it remains one of the most generous offers I know of for new players of any on-line casino.

Contrary to what it says on this page here at AskGamblers, the offer is in fact £32 for every £10 deposited, not £32 for every £20 – a very big difference because this means you only need deposit £50 to receive the maximum £160 of bonus funds, not £100. It is perhaps a tad disappointing that the wagering requirement for this bonus has recently been increased up to 40x – it was only 30x when I took this offer – however, unlike many other casinos 32red still only impose this wagering requirement on the amount of the bonus and not the deposit plus bonus amount.

Anyway, finding any bonus above 200% is extremely rare in my experience of the current on-line casino market, and so this one at an enormous 320% is clearly something rather special. There are no bizarre “spirit of the bonus” type rules or “FU” clauses in the terms and conditions here. If you play by the rules and win you can be very sure you will be paid without troubles or complications. There is a maximum bet limit imposed of £6.25 per spin whilst the bonus is active, but the software manages this limitation for you and restricts the maximum size of your bets in both slots and table games, making it impossible to accidentally void your bonus and winnings as a result of betting too high. I really cannot understand why other casinos and software providers have not implemented this functionality into their own software and websites, though the cynic in me cannot help but consider the obvious fact that they must have an awful lot of new players who skip over those lengthy terms and conditions pages and thus fall foul to such things.
Of course, if you do decide to go for the maximum bonus you are in for a fairly length session – I advise you stick to slots only as the contribution percentages for other games such as Blackjack and Video Poker is very low. If you make it through though, ID verification is very quick, and withdrawals are speedily processed after the 24 hour pending period. This is a bonus I fully recommend all players give a try!
Hello Raverbabe,

Thank you very much for the compliments, we wish you a lot of luck with 32Red.
32Red Casino up to £160
This is one of the most interesting welcome bonus offer at least when it comes to Microgaming online casinos. I have used this bonus a few years ago when I joined this casino. For me, this bonus is the first association to 32 Red. For every 20 euro invested you get 32 euro bonus money from the casino. If you convert that to percentages, then it is a bonus of 160% on your deposit.

A small number of Microgaming casinos will offer you a welcome bonus higher than 150% on your deposit. In addition to the 32 Red I remember that Cinema Casino have a welcome offer of 200% but with WR from 50 x deposit + bonus. Unfortunately Cinema Casino is now closed and now this is probably the best bonus offer when it comes to Microgaming Casinos.

Wagering requirements for this bonus are 40 x bonus. But this applies only for slot games. For most other casino games WR are much higher. Before I started with writing of this review I checked the rules for this bonus. There I found that, for example, if you play Classic Blackjack WR are incredible 2000 x bonus. Or let's say for Video Poker or Baccart or for Casino War, WR are 400 x bonus. I remember when I took this bonus that I made a deposit of 40 euros. This means that I had 106 euros to play.

Although since then has passed a lot of time, even now I remember that on the Cashanova Video Slot game I had a lot of success at the beginning of the gameplay. For a very short time my balance has raised to more than 200 euros. Again was difficult to meet the WR and after several hours playing I lost all the money. One thing I do not like and that is that you have no insight while playing, for that how much you have left for Wager. In order to find out you must contact the casino support.

Luckily 32 Red has a good live chat support.
HI LilianInThaHouse,

We would like to thank you that you took time to write a review and we would also like to thank for the positive post.
The feedback with the wagering requirements is interesting, I will pass it over to our technical department, maybe we can do something about it.

Unfortunately we need put wagering requirement that high. In games like Roulette, Video Poker and BlackJack it is very easy to cheat with the wagering requirements in this games. However you need to wager only the bonus money, real funds don't need to be played through.

Best Regards,
32red casino it is very reputable and good online casino, and of course like any other casino who care about it reputation welcome bonus at 32red casino also very good and honest.

For each 20$ in deposit casino will add 32$ as bonus funds. So i made my first deposit in 32red with amount of 40$, and got 64$ as bonus funds. Good thing that wagering requirements for welcome bonus are very good, and it is only 40 x bonus, not many casinos make welcome bonuses with such wagering requirements. On a bit negative note i can add that it is impossible to cancel bonus and make withdrawal if you win big early, and do not touch bonus funds. So after bonus is awarded to you - you need to fulfill wagering requirements in order to withdraw, or just lose your balance.

With a bit more than 100$ on my balance i of course expected a lot of fun and playtime. I started from immortal romance, played with 0.60 bets, but after two free spins features i left slot, you know it is not very interesting to play this game when not all bonus options are unlocked. Then i bashed break da bank again a bit, with low bet size 0.36, had two free spins features, but nothing special. Tried to play thunderstruck II but it was really cold and i am just lost about half of my money and even not triggered free spins, had wild storm but nothing positive and payout was very low, only two wild reels. I decide to play couple more slots with nine lines, but just keep going down until i find zero showing at my balance.

Very good first deposit bonus from 32red, with very nice wagering requirements, and it is more than 100%, so i think such offers you should not miss and should claim all bonuses like this.
This bonus is honest, WR is good, and i really can't say anything bad.
Hi NextTimeWin,

Thank you for your comment, we really appreciate that you like our Casino and we would like to wish you a lot of luck,

Best Regards,
hajnrih 1376 reviews
This is one of the best welcome bonuses which can be found in the offer of Microgaming casinos. Also this bonus that is offered by 32 Red Casino is better than welcome bonuses in offers from other casinos that belong to the 32Red Plc group of Casinos. Also I used the welcome bonuses from Dash Casino as well as Nedplay Casino too. The minimum deposit that you need to make in order to take this bonus is 20 euros. You will get extra 32 euros for every multiple of $ 20 deposited on their first purchase, up to 160 euros. Wagering requirements are 40x the bonus. These are standard wagering requirements when it comes to all the bonuses that are offered from this casino.

It's been a while since I took this bonus in32 Red. After some thinking I decided to make a deposit of 40 euros. Usually I make smaller deposits up to 25 Euros, but this bonus seems alluring. I started with 104 euros after the bonus money was added to my casino account. But it didn't went smoothly. I remember that after I made the deposit the bonus wasn't instantly added to my account. I waited for some time, about 1 hour before I contacted live help. They have a very solid support and their friendly operator manually added the bonus on my account. Finally I was able to start playing. Microgaming is a big name in the online gambling industry when it comes to software providers. They also offer the largest selection of slots and other games compared to other software providers. In such a large selection of games you have to find at least a few that are according to your taste.

When I took this bonus, of course I was playing on my favorite Microgaming slot games such as Cashanova, Kathmandu and a few others. Unfortunately I failed to fulfill the WR and request a withdrawal.
wscalley 47 reviews
United Kingdom
32red have to be one of the best online casinos to have ever graced the web, and for many years the experience they provided was pretty much unrivaled – in this new age of multi-platform web based casinos, they are no longer at the cutting edge in terms of technology and games offered, but their long standing commitment to excellent customer service, and fast and simple cashouts remain to this day – albeit, in a slightly diminished form, as I do feel it important to note that in the past 18 months 32red has abandoned weekend cashouts, an important facility for those of us who like to use e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, but a non-issue for anybody who uses bank accounts or cards exclusively.

Additionally, there is now a 24 hour pending period on all withdrawals where the funds will be held in the reversible state, however, you can request your withdrawal be “flushed” via live chat, after which it will be processed immediately in the next batch – pretty pointless and frustrating in my opinion, but there it is.

None of this takes the shine away from their outstanding welcome bonus though – they offer £32 of bonus funds for every £10 deposited, up to a maximum of £160 bonus for £50 deposited. The bonus is also available in dollar and euro currencies with the same deposit to bonus ratio. Quite simply, this has to be one of the most generous offers available from any online casino, although again, it has sadly become less attractive recently as I have learned that the casino has decided to up the wagering requirement from the previous 30x bonus, to a much more challenging 40x bonus – this applies only to this specific welcome bonus, as the rest of their daily and VIP/regular player bonuses continue to require the previous 30x wagering requirement.

It’s a little disappointing, there's no doubt about that – but I guess the bonus was just costing the casino too much money, as by my calculations, it was EV positive (meaning that mathematically, you had an excellent chance of a profit). I wonder if the recent regulation of the UK market and increased tax burden faced by these reputable online casinos has a hand in these changes? It certainly seems logical to me, as, despite some uneducated, uninformed peoples opinions, these casinos do NOT have the facility to modify the games to take more money from us players, so they have to find other ways to bolster their margins.

At the end of the day though, even with the increased wagering requirement, a 320% bonus from a truly outstanding and trustworthy online casino is not to be missed!
Icymod 758 reviews
32red casino and it's $32 bonus per $20 deposit! My first deposit of $40 was the best time I had with the bonus. All it took me was just $40 to receive $64 in bonuses for $104 ($40 deposit + $32 bonus + $32 bonus = $104). As a first timer claiming this cool bonus worth 30x in wagering requirements, I pulled it off by playing a few favorite games of my own! Sneak a Peek - Doctor Doctor gave a lot in it's features and it's free spins! 5 of a kind Nurses (Michelle, in her bedside manner) in the normal game and 5 of a kind heart monitors under the 7x multiplier in free spins! One pill after another inside the feature, it kept going on to continue to collecting my winnings and $400+ total (base and features) was one of the greatest moments I could remember under max bet $0.90) on this 9 paylines slot! $1920 in total wagering was easy to wager off, I couldn't have done it with Sneak a Peek alone, I would give credit to Lucky Stars, Prime Property, Bomber Girls and Burning Desire! I contacted live support to deal with my $400+ cashout and they suggested that they can "flush my funds" so that I won't have to wait any longer to receive them! The bonuses are great with just the common 30x wagering and all that I needed to deposit was $40! Great support, bonuses were credited immediately and having that cashout made my choice to deposit an excellent choice to play on 32red!
With everything gone well in the past, I cannot seem to be very lucky in the future. After that $400+ cashout, I tried my luck more than 3 times on 32red and it seems I'm jinxed with an unlucky streak. Could it be that my $400+ win has something to do with it?
I was searching for a casino with a good welcome bonus! Obviously I wanted to find something like 200-300% deposit bonus and pretty good wagering requirements but I didn't found something like this! I saw that 32Red Casino offers a good welcome bonus, for every 20$ deposited you receive 32$ bonus! So I decided to create my account at this casino and to try the welcome offer! I made my deposit of 20$ via Skrill and I received 32$ bonus!I have to say that I was impressed by the low wagering requirements, only 30 times the bonus amount, so I had to wager 960$ to be able to withdraw!

Being a big fan of the Microgaming slots and especially of the Immortal Romance slot, I started to play this slot! I wasn't happy when I started to play because I lost almost half of my account balance and I didn't managed to catch the free spins feature or the wild desire feature! About 20 minutes later I catches the free spins but I won only 12$ from the 10 free spins with 5x multiplier!I was expecting that the wild desire feature to appear and to give me some money because my account balance was showing only 24$!

Finally the wild desire feature appeared on 3rd and 5th reel and I thought that I will win some nice money but I was very disappointed, only 3.2$ from this feature! Although this bonus has only 30 times wagering requirements,I struggled to complete them but I didn't made it and I lost all the money!

Overall I have to say that it is a good bonus,with low wagering requirements and it wasn't a bad experience, I was just disappointed about the payout rate! Also you need some luck to complete these requirements and to withdraw some money! I recommend you this bonus if you want to try your luck and to have some fun!
yapro 790 reviews
32 red casino it is probably most famous microgaming download casino. i am really did not have any doubt about statement that this is the best microgaming online download casino, and they keep this mark for a many years already, so of course this casino was one of the first i join. And i am happy that first experience with casino most time i remember very good, so now i will be able to describe this bonus to you.

32 red welcome offer is very nice and generous, casino offer 32$ in bonus funds for every 20$ deposited. It is very generous not only because it is not usual 100% bonus, but also because wagering requirements for this bonus is just bonus x 30, which is quite generous like at all casinos in this group.

My experience with welcome bonus at 32 red casino was not very good, i am was not able to win money and withdraw it, but like i write in another review i am most time with welcome bonuses i just lost. I made 40$ deposit and get 64$ in bonus money, so i have 104$ to play with. For 4$ i registered in two tournaments, because i never played it before, and it was interesting for me, i lost this tournaments, but anyway, you know it is always nice to try something new for first time. Rest 100$ balance i lost in immortal romance and thunderstruck II games, of course like for any player who just starting gamble online, this slots was so excited for me, so i even can not leave it to try something another. I had few features on both slots, and also was able to trigger wild storm on thunderstruck II, but unfortunately popular statement across all gamblers that newbies usually get lucky does not work for me in this casino. But it was just first deposit in 32red, since that i have a lot of deposits and withdrawals.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
32 Red is a fantastic Casino by Microgaming, if not one of the best, the only thing with this casino is I struggle to ever win. But that doesn't deter me from ever depositing here, I have managed to withdraw on a few occasions but withdrawing here is not something that just comes my way.

The great thing about 32 Red, apart from their reputation, their games and flawless live help is of course their bonuses! You can bet your life that 32Red always have great bonuses and promotions and what impresses me the MOST is that they also make all of their bonuses available on their mobile casino too!

Their welcome bonus is a great one, and one not to be missed. Make your first deposit of £20 and you will get a £32 bonus on top, giving you a very healthy £52 bankroll to start playing with. Keep your eye out for the welcome bonuses at 32 Red because they often change. Sometimes you only have to deposit £10 to get the £32 welcome bonus on top and sometimes you don't even have to deposit anything because they will give you £32 free with no deposit required!

What is also great about 32 Red is, if there is a bonus showing in your account but you don't know whether or not you have claimed it before, it allows you to actually check this. Or there may be a bonus showing that you are entitled to but haven't taken yet, so again its really simple to see if you can take a bonus by a click of a simple button.

I would recommend this bonus and indeed this casino to any player. And if you have already taken up this welcome bonus don't forget to keep logging into
katemak 1162 reviews
This is the first Microgaming Casino I have deposited and that was long time ago. 32Red Casino is one of the best Microgaming Casino out there, with every detail on ecasino has to offer, their licence, theirs selection of games,theirs bonuses, the most important thing theirs fast payouts and awesome chat support.

The first time I deposited was only 10 euros and I made that mistake just because I didn't contact the support, so they will probably explain and offer me that bonus or promotion, which I believe its still running, so I made that mistake and those 10 euros I have spend very quick. So after few months ago accidentally, I was reading something and came across this casino with this bonus if you deposit 20 euros they will give you 32 euros on top of your deposit, so right away I opened the casino and talk to support.

I was pleasantly surprised, because the support informed me, no matter I deposit once, that bonus was still standing and waiting in my account, so I was still eligible for that promo. This bonus is more then 100% and it need to be wagered X 30 the bonus + the deposit, so I needed to wager around 1500 euros, I was happy I could use that bonus and right away I did my second deposit there.

The first game I opened to play, was the Break the Bank slot I even triggered the free spins feature, but compared to my bet I didn't get that much from the free spins or what I have expected. The next game I opened was Gold Factory slot, but even here I didn't had any luck. I played even the Thunderstruck II game also, but even this game has just emptied my balance. So far I did made few deposits here, but since I believe I am not that lucky only playing the Microgaming slots, I am always waiting from this casino to offer either some another nice bonus or free chip, which I got once from the.

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