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The Grand Ivy Casino: 25% up to £800 + 50 Free Spins on Guns n’ Roses, 2nd Deposit Bonus


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Afi4wins 1206 reviews
The Grand Ivy Casino has made me come back for more! I don't blardy care for that 25% deposit bonus offer, but I'm interested only in that 50 free spins on Guns N Roses offer. That's one good game that I have really played so much, not that i don't want to, but rather was not afforded to. So whatever can come freely, I certainly won't be letting it go easily! Hehehe.

So I logged into my account, wanting to deposit and play those 50 rounds, but guess what instead I found? A nice 10 dollar surprise, but it didn't lift my feet off the ground. Not enough of it anyway, hahaha. So, what could I do with a $10 bonus, I was asking myself. Play on that blardy Starburst game, or take my chances on some other game? What's your guess? Oh my gawd...what a clever person you are! Yep, like the mule that I am (I keep saying that don't I?), I played it on blardy Starburst! Don't ask me why. My stupid mind has probably been hard-wired to the game, very much like many of you being hard-wired to one romantic game, hahaha. Needless to say, the end result was the same, and will forever remain the same, for as long as I keep playing that stupid game! Wish a Black Hole can come over and swallow up that Starburst whore...then it'll be goodbye from me for ever more! Or perhaps, an angel up there can come over to me and remove those hard wires from my brain. That would be so so nice! Hehehe.

Anyway, where were we? Aah, the Guns N Roses thing. Okay, so I deposited $20, got a not-so-nice $5 bonus, plus that anticipated free spins. What day was it that day? Gees, I can't remember, but it was one damn blardy day! Nothing good came my way. The guns shot me down in more than one way. Got bullet holes in me you can see through all the way. 50 free spins and 25 dollars all got blown away. All these events in just one day? Nope! It took less than one-twentieth of a day! Oops, some of you are trying to mentally calculate how long that one-twentieth of a day was, or is. Sorry, but just let me put you at ease. It took less than 1.2.hours. Hehehe.

How I wished I had played those 50 free spins on Guns N Roses on another day. But as we all know, 'que sera sera'. We can't change that. Just have to accept it. It's just another one of those days. Your cue Pink Floyd! Damn! Even Pink Floyd is away! Sigh.

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