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Euro Partners - Stalling commission payments, unprofessional behavior

Jambo2019 Germany
posted on March 26, 2019

Hello everybody,

most probably our story is not really surprising for some of you. Anyway it must be made public even if this will not change anything.

That Europartners is having a bad name is no secret. In the internet exist 1000 different threads where people are complaining that they did not pay And here is thread number 100!

Thanks god we are talking here only about arround 800€ because we always avoided to bring good traffic to them. We always offered to bring them traffic if the payments come at last 2-3 times in time without complaning. BUT NOT EVEN ONCE THIS WORKED!

By the way: If someone have a helpful contact at Europartner please let me know

What happend

1. Like always in the middle of february i have noticed that the january commission is missing. I reported it like always to our AM and asked whats going on. She told payments are not send yet and asked if we prefer it maybe to get it in march together with the february commission. I told ok let it be so and send all together in march

2. On the 01th of February i have sent a reminder that she will not forget it

3. Arround 10 days later i have asked again how is the status and i received the information that our payment is requested.

4. On the 15th i have asked again whats going on because on their site is written that all payments are proccesed until max 15th of a month. AM answered that she do not know when the finance send all payments and it is up to them. She wanted to ask them and give me a feedback on 18th(Monday).

5. No feedback on the 18th and so i wrote again on the 19th to ask whats going on. She answered me and told me that she will do her best to solve this with the management and come back as soon possible.

6. On the 21th i wrote again but since this date no answer anymore and of course not payment

In Skype i anyway get no answer since months! I understand that it is not the mistake of the AM and she do most probably all what she can and in the past the payments arrived then always after i have complaint it but this time it seems not. For sure it is a unpleasant situation for her and it is not her fault taht it is not paid yet but to ignore and give no reaction...... Is this the serious solution?

It is so easy! We are working with a Rev Share Deal that means everybody earns money. So where is the reason not to pay? Of course we brought almost no traffic but how could we if we have to worry every month to get paid?

I had even the super stupid idea and recommend ym colleauge that we include TitanPoker to our poker project what is really big. Of course my colleauges immediatly noticed that some things are not ok that the casino commission is missing and and and. The decision was of course that we can not bring any poker traffic to them until all is paid.

My brain can not understand it how a company can behave so unserious and unprofessional? Especially if someone offer them to promote their brands. It is a win win situation with a Rev Share Deal.

My opinion is everybody deserve a chance to learn from mistakes in the past and to make all better. But Europartner deserve no chance and i can everbody who is thinking to promote them only recommend not to do it. It seems they do not pay at all this time.

With the commission for march it would be all together at the end arround 1.300-1.500€. It is not 10k but also money. I personally will use a lot of time and all my power to make this everywhere public, to make their reputation even worse as it already is if this get not solved and if they will not pay. I also got already some problems with my colleauges because i was aware about this payment issues and told also in february that its fine and they can pay next month. I am just to kind and stupid.


posted on March 29, 2019

AM have contacted us before yesterday and to inform that there was a gernal issue with the payments and we get paid for January/February and March next week in April.

I will update this thread if we get really finally paid.

We even would give them another chance and promote them if this with the payments and communication finally works. Lets hope the best... Hope dies last :)