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Happy Easter with AskGamblers Golden Egg Hunt Promo

Happy Easter! Join the AskGamblers Team in the Golden Egg Hunt!

Don’t we all enjoy Easter? If not for religious reasons, then for the colourful eggs, bunnies…real and chocolate ones! And the fact that it comes in springtime when we can’t resist some thrilling Easter activities, like egg hunting. 

If you still haven’t joined our exciting Easter Golden Egg Hunt, now may be the right time to do just that.

And what have we prepared for you?

Let’s Go Egg Hunting Together!

Easter cheer lasts for full five days with AskGamblers, and we have prepared an exciting Easter egg hunt with our 12 online casino partners!

In case you missed the Easter Promo announcement, the Golden Egg Hunt started on 6 April and will last until 10 April.

The promotion doesn’t end on Easter day, so if this is the first time you hear about it, don’t worry - you still have time to participate. Spin the reels of your favourite slots in one (or more) participating casinos today and tomorrow, and discover what holiday surprises are hidden in this special egg hunt.

Happy Easter!

From all of us at AskGamblers, we wish you a joyful and happy holiday! Happy egg hunting and happy spinning.

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