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Ashlley Russom

Raging bull casino....

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19 hours ago, Ashlley Russom said:

Anyone have any tips on what video Slot Games Casino on Raging Bull casino that are actually winning games?

Why do some games have Jackpots and some are $0?


Well I'd probably say no games due to them being blacklisted! You#d better check our review for more information - HERE

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10 hours ago, Billyblanco said:

Whatever you do do not play raging bulls they are scammers who operate with no casino licence it’s not valid 

Hey there and welcome to AskGamblers Forum. 

First of all, your screenshots have been removed, because most of these were containing sensitive personal information. 

Second, I can see you have already submitted an AGCCS case against the operator which has just been rejected due to the relevant reasons you may find in the notification email sent by our complaints system. 

Third, strongly encourage you to submit a new one but make sure to refrain from verbal aggression and epithets this time and focus on providing AskGamblers Complaints Team with all the relevant details, facts and proofs referring to your issue. 

Thanks for your cooperation and good luck! :good:: 

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@Ashlley Russom - Some games have jackpots and some do not have jackpots as simple as that.

However remember games with Jackpots affect the RTP slightly.

Also on Real Time Gaming casinos - If you hit the Jackpot once in any of their slots, then the Jackpot disappear for a while on your profile for that specific slot. (Just as an FYI)

I know I hit the Jackpot on T-Rex once and now it only got reinstated a year later, not that is was that much though.

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