Unibet Casino - Stalling account migration and €15,000 payment for months

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hansbeye Alemanha
Postado em 24 de maio de 2018

24hbet transferred last year all the accounts to Unibet system. I had 24hbet account with over 15k in in, I was having nice run on poker So didn't really need that money.

Almost 2 months ago I contacted to Unibet support. They told me that my account wasn't transferred and that they will solve this issue for me. They also gave me some [email protected] address to contact. I sent few emails there but no reply. I waited for 1 month and contacted the support again. I created Unibet account since I didn't have one and asked them to transfer my 24hbet money to my Unibet account. Ian from customer support told me that he will take care of this for me and that he will contact me after two days.

I got message to my email saying that "check your account, we need some documents from you"

-There was request of ID and Credit card, I sent those and after 1 day those were approved.
-After this I sent mail asking about my money and I waited again..Then again got this automated email saying "go and check your acccount, we need documents"
-Checked my account and they asked for Utility bill, I sent it and they asked a different one and I sent it.
-Yesterday I went to my account and it was verified. All the documents were approved, finally!
-Again I sent email that my account is finally verified can I now have my money?
-After a while I got that same automatic message, "go to your account we need documents"( ?!)
-Went to my account and now only my Credit Card was verified and they need again my ID and that utility bill, no explanation nothing?!
-Sent message that what is going on, is this a mistake? They replied with Template saying please send us your ID and Utility bill.

I have no idea what is going on, Im only getting these automated replies or templates. All my documents were approved an when I asked about my 15k they instantly rejected my documents.

I wasn't worried about my money when they informed me that all the accounts will move to Unibet. In my head Unibet was a big reliable company so my money would be safe and my money will wait in my account. Well..I was wrong. My 24hbet account wasn't even transferred and there is no sign of my money. I did everything they asked and all my documents passport, utility bill and credit card were approved. I am wondering if all the 24hbet customers had a mess like this, was any of the accounts transferred or did they gave money to anybody?

I really don't know what to do now. They are only replying with these templates and customer support is saying "we will check this with right department". Its getting ridiculous. For two months they have been giving me different promises, my email box is full off automated replies, finally when I managed to get my documents approved and was sure I will finally get my money "we need documents again.."

I really hope ask gamblers can help me with this!

hansbeye Alemanha
Postado em 24 de maio de 2018

This is how they reply to my questions.

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