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Twin Casino - Winning lines not paying and impossible betsize

Informação da reclamação
Cassino em disputa Twin Casino
Motivo Cálculos errados
Postado em 6 de janeiro de 2020


on December 19th 2019 I received 10 freespins in the slot XMas Magic from Play'n Go at Twin Casino during a promotion.

Several winnings were not credited while playing the freespins. I made screenshots of two winnings that were not given due to obviously inactive winning lines (did not manage to make screenshots of the others that were not given before).
I went to the chat and asked Kenneth if all winning lines were activated which he confirmed.
Yet the betsize was only 20 cent even though it is impossible to play for 20 cent all in all at this slot.
The minimum is always 50 cent (50 lines x1 cent = 50 cent all in all).

Kenneth said that my betsize was only 30 cent and that everything was correct.
I told him about the 50 paylines and sent him screenshots from the winnings that were not given.
I also had one freespin left when we chatted and when I played the last freespin the win was not given once again.

He then asked me to send him the bets shown in my gaming history but there were only 2 bets shown with a winning of only 8 cent. How is this possible when the minimum is 50 cent in that slot and why weren't all bets shown in my gaming history?

Followed by a to and fro of emails with the support I was told that my betsize was only 20 cent.
After several screenshots of the missing winnnigs, the marked paylines and also screenshots of winnings and betsize in a demo modus in order to demonstrate what lines are paying, I received an email with the request to mark the paylines...
Obviously, the support had not even checked my screenshots.

There were several more emails in which I was told that the issue will be forwarded and checked.
Then, on January 2nd 2020, 23 days later, I received an email that states that the provider claims that everything was correct.

How, when 1 cent x50 lines is actually 50 cent and not 20 cent?
Why did the slot show all 50 lines activated and 1 cent bet when in fact my betsize during freespins was only 20 cent?
Why is my gaming history incomplete and only two bets shown at that slot and why were the lower paylines not paying?

Despite askig for an explanation multiple times nobody has ever explained why the winning lines did not pay and how this betsize is even possible.

Due to that all I could not continue and finish the Christmas promotion and lost the chance of reaching the finishing post of it, therefore lost all possible bonuses.

Postado em 7 de janeiro de 2020

Hello Campus,

This is due to, as you have already been informed on our chat, that when we offer Free Spins through certain providers we have the ability to also choose how many lines that are active on each spin.
In this case, on the 50 reel slot, the promotion was only for 20 cents a total bet, meaning only 20 pay lines were activated.
This is not showing on the game, as the free spins are given by our system and not the providers.
On your screenshot you have posted yourself, you will be able to see the Total Bet is 0.20 cent.
In this case, only the first 20 lines where activated.

All of which were already informed to the customer.

We consider this matter closed.

Kind regards,


Postado em 7 de janeiro de 2020


No, I was not not informed by the support. I double-checked all emails and nobody even mentioned that the freespins are not given by the provider but by your system.
Neither has anyone mentioned that only 20 lines were activated.
Instead I received these responses, for example:

"Hi *****

Thank you for coming to chat earlier today with Kenneth.
I would like to inform you that your bets were checked by our casino team thoroughly.
Please note that the total bet per spin was 20 cent, not 50 cent.

We have checked the win lines as listed and there are different paylines in this game than other PlayN go games (e.g. Book of dead).
In your screenshot there is a winning combination of 3 symbols and winnings are applied accordingly.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Twin Support Team Manager"


"Hey again *****.

Kindly note that the promotions total value is 20 cent, and you could also see this in the bottom left of your free spins.
It states free spins are at 0.20 cents.

Please provide a line number (from game info, e.g. Wining line 42… there is 50 in total ) where the active winning pay line is showing and we will check it for you again.

Thank you for cooperation.

Twin Support Team Manager"

Sure, the value was shown as 20 cent total bet but I asked several times how this is possible when the slot showed all 50 lines activated.
Kenneth also told me in the first chat, that all 50 lines were activated.

In the first email at the latest somebody could have figured out that it was only 20 lines, instead I was asked to mark the winning lines I was referring to and was told several times that this case will be escalated to the technical department.
For weeks.
Why, when you knew that your system had only 20 lines activated?
And why were all 50 lines shown in the slot?
And obviously it doesn't matter what slot or betsize, the result of freespins by your system seems to be predetermined, even when the slot has actually all lines activated (as shown on the screenshots).
At other casinos, only the activated lines are shown in the slots. The player knows exactly how many and which lines are activated when receiving freespins.

It seems that the support had stalled the entire case because due to that I could not play with the win and also not finish the race in the promotion in order to reach the final goal for the 50 freespins.

And all this because of some freespins with a max. cash out of only 100 Euro (if wagering the bonus, that is)...

Please explain to me why the 50 lines were shown as activated, why nobody clarified the situation immediately and I had to wait for weeks and write a complaint here, why I had to pass on the entire promotion due to that and why the bets in XMAS Magic aren't even shown in my gaming history.


Postado em 7 de janeiro de 2020

Hey Campus,

In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience and missing information you have received and the lengthiness of the case in question.

However, there are a few things I would like to clear out:
Free spins are not predetermined.
We do not stall any cases.
You have received the correct winnings from your free spins.

Kind regards,


Postado em 7 de janeiro de 2020

By putting me off from week to week you segrerated me from a promotion that was available for everyone and deprived me of the chance to win.
And all you say is "sorry for the inconveniences".
The whole thing was not my fault.

You haven't answered my questions yet. Please answer them because I doubt that a slot can show all lines activated when they actually aren't activated.
My gaming history in my account at Twincasino is incomplete, too.
It's obviously a bug, some kind of technical error and it is not clarified at all.

Postado em 9 de janeiro de 2020


First I would like to answer your questions.

1) "By putting me off from week to week you segrerated me from a promotion that was available for everyone and deprived me of the chance to win."
- That is incorrect. You have still had the ability to participate in our X-mas game and other promotions, having a technical issue case does not mean you are unable to participate in our Free Christmas Game. If you have felt that or been informed of that we apologize and will provide you with some form of compensation.

2) "I doubt that a slot can show all lines activated when they actually aren't activated. / And why were all 50 lines shown in the slot? "
- This is also incorrect. You have the proof on your screenshot" From our internal system when handing out free spins, the actual game does not recognize the Lines activated by the Casino Operator. This is unfortunate, but you are advised on your total bet stake, what the stake was. You were also later informed by support that the bet amount is 20 cents, not 50 cents and that it was on 20 lines, not 50. If you were not informed of this properly, we do apologize and will find you some form of compensation.

3) "My gaming history in my account at Twincasino is incomplete, too."
- If you are having a tech issue - please do contact customer support. I am not able to help you with this over a complaint thread here. If you are referring to the game history of the bonus free spins. those are visible under your bonus history. If you wish the game history of each spin on the Free Spins, please do contact Customer Support, they will happily provide this for you.

4)" Why, when you knew that your system had only 20 lines activated" Human mistake from our Support Agent.

And secondly. we will now reach out to you privately in order to settle the matter of compensation for the inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,


Postado em 10 de janeiro de 2020


Thank you for the compensation.
However, this was not about a bonus but most of all about trusting a casino.
Due to the fact that nobody was able to explain the issue and the fact that my gaming history is incomplete and doesn't show my bets in XMAS Magic, I had to assume that there was a technical error. I still do, to be honest.

I have had freespins in other casinos with only 1 or a few lines activated and it was clearly shown, even explained in the promotion details.
Never were all lines shown as activated when they weren't.
Plus my incomplete gaming history where only one bet is shown in XMAS Magic (no bets shown in my bonus history).
Every other bet is shown, just not the ones in XMAS Magic.

The bonus T&C state that it is not allowed to play more than one bonus at a time.
Since the issue with the freespins bonus was not clarified yet I did not play with the win. Generally, when there is an issue players are not allowed to play with the money until it is solved. For example, when a deposit bonus is not added a player may not play with the deposit, otherwise the bonus won't be added subsequently.

Had I played with the bonus money I might not have received the missing winnings in question (if so) while the issue was investigated.
More freespins on the advent calendar would have added new bonuses which are all merged to just one bonus amount, which is not allowed according to your T&C.
So I had to wait for a clarification.
I had mentioned that several time in the later emails but nobody told me to play the bonus I had received so far.

Anyway, I am still not convinced that there is no bug involved.
In case that Twin does not want to add a reply Askgamblers may close this case.

Thank you.

Postado em 13 de janeiro de 2020

Based on submitter's last post and casino's explanation AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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