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€ 988

Legenstein Áustria
Postado em 14 de março de 2024

I registered new to this casino and after a couple of hours I was lucky and got some winnings. I tried to withdraw my 988€ Balance, but I was unable to even start the verification process. First step you need to do is phone number verification, when I start the verification process I get an error message "Phone number verification not enabled". Of course I contacted the live chat and the guy told me everything was fine with the system, the problem was on the side of my provider, which is nonsense because I never had problems with that. One day later I tried again with the same result. Now live chat told me, they can not do anything and I need to contact support via email. I did. One day later still no answer, so I contacted live chat again, the guy told me he would inform the managers. But still 4 days later and after a couple of reminders I still got no answer from support. Not even an empty message like "we received your message", simply nothing. Live chat always tells me to write an email. It is frustrating. Why on earth do so many casinos try to avoid withdrawals? Now I have a 988€ Balance on my Account and no chance to withdraw it.

Postado em 16 de março de 2024


We have replied to your email regarding phone number verification. We have noticed that you successfully verified your phone number. If you have more questions please get in touch with us.

Best regards,

Legenstein Áustria
Postado em 17 de março de 2024

Hi. I can confirm, that after i published the complaint, the verification of the phone number finaly worked. It is a miracle. Nevertheless, im still not able to withdraw as this was only the first step of verification process and i wait no again two days for verification of my passport. Im still not satisfied but as the complaint was directed to the phone verification, i will close that as resolved. Be sure, im coming back with a new one, when withdraw is delayed after this. Many thanks to AskGamblers Team

Postado em 18 de março de 2024

Dear all,

As apparent from the submitter's latest post, the AskGamblers Complaint Team is pleased to announce the case has been resolved and closed.

Dear @Legenstein,

We would also like to use the occasion to remind you to contact our team and request the reopening of a complaint in case something goes wrong with your outstanding payment/s.

We thank both parties for their assistance during the complaint process.