River Belle Casino - Error with free spin feature at Lost Vegas slot on a $45 bet per spin, support unable to help?!


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Postado em 19 de outubro de 2016

I was playing lost vegas on the 11th of october via my mobile at $45 per spin when i got the blackout feature which also awarded me the free spins. The game then started to load the spins and then a pop up box came came up 'a general error has occurred, please contact customer support' so i did. They emailed back to clear my history etc which i did and uninstalled the app hard reset my phone, everything but the game would not load the spins. I have emailed then a few times and get the same generic replies to clear my cache and check my phone is up to date and was even told to change my internet from wifi to mobile. I have done all of this and a week later tonight i am still waiting for my spins with no contact from the casino regarding this since i asked them on friday (4 days ago) for an update. This was the only game not working on my mobile and was still able to loadand play any others so it's not my internet or phone. Everytime i chat with someone they confirm i have open bets on the game but I can't play them. Please help get this sorted as i already have $90 sitting in the game prior to the free spins as part of the blackout feature

Postado em 22 de outubro de 2016

Dear @Cuddlezz,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

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