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Postado em 14 de setembro de 2023

Hello dear ones!

I discovered Evobet.com through its great performance on AskGamblers. However, despite the great reputation I had my account limited in the middle of July/2023 and I was forced to withdraw my funds, something around €328.

As soon as I created my account I carried out the verification process, and on May 22nd I received an email informing me that my account was verified.

However, on July 19th, when I requested my first withdrawal, it was rejected by Evobet, informing me that it would be necessary to send additional documentation for verification, a selfie of me where I write my name, CPF and which site I played on ( Evobet.com). Until then everything is normal, I think it's fair for the bookmaker to have a rigorous verification process.

I requested the withdrawal again after additional verification and after a few days, they came back and said they wanted another proof of residence/telephone number, I had confirmation via chat that the document was accepted, so since the first of August my request withdrawal is pending and I have not received any information as to why it is taking so long.

I contact them on chat and ask what's going on. Of course, this sentence comes and slaps me in the face:

“As the process is being handled by another department, we regret that we are unable to provide a specific timeframe for its completion.”

I've never taken as long to make a withdrawal as I am this time, this is something completely out of the ordinary.

This bookmaker uses the AskGamblers logo as a form of advertising. And in this way it has a great casino rating as well above average.

I'm having a lot of patience as people ask me, but soon it will be 60 days since my birthday and they will have a very distorted view of how the gaming industry works.

Right now I feel incredibly sad and helpless.

Postado em 18 de setembro de 2023

Dear All,

Thank you for contacting us.

We would like to inform you that the pending withdrawal has been successfully reviewed and it will completed as soon as possible.

Best regards,
The EVOBET team

Postado em 20 de setembro de 2023

Thank you ASkGamblers for the mediation and quick resolution of the issue. It's great to be able to count on your efforts. Thanks to EvoBet who, despite the delay, made the appropriate payment.

Postado em 23 de setembro de 2023

Dear all,

As apparent from the submitter's latest post, the AskGamblers Complaint Team is pleased to announce the case has been resolved and closed.

We thank both parties for their assistance during the complaint process.