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Postado em 5 de janeiro de 2024


I send out an email last week , but the complaint was rejected because i had to wait a couple of days for ditobet to respond.

Also I added all the conversation transcripts and emails from the last 2 weeks and from a year ago when I joined.

Also added some printscreen from deposits( astropay and revolt) and some of the withdrawals that I received from them.

Since the 22 december when I first send out an email to risk department I haven't received any feedback or response from this department. I send out an email because I recently moved to another appartment ( same country, just another city ) (of course no response on that email).

I started ditobet last year, I send over all the documents and the documents where verified and checked. Over this last year I have deposited and withdrew more then a dozen times ( I'm sure more then that) without any problems.

This month I deposited without any problems, but the problems started when I first withdrew I think about 4000 euro, the status of withdrawal stayed on new for a couple of days. After a couple of days I declined the withdrawal and played with it more to around 8k ( I only do sports betting). Meanwhile I withdrew 1k and again status remained on new for days. Today I wanted to log on my account and it said "client locked". I have send an email to suppor­­­t­@­m­­a­­il.d­­i­­­t­ob­­­et.l­­­ad­­­e­sk.com and other departments all answer me in a day (telling me to wait for risk department). I have send out multiple reminders to risk none have been answered

- I have only 1 account, play on my pc and phone ( only sports betting).

- verified my account over 1 year ago all documents where checked by them and approved

- deposited and withdrew all year without problems thousands of euros

- attached email you can see when I verified account, also attached some deposits just in the last couple months alone ( these are with revolut) did more with bank transfer but cant make screenshot of that app safety

- Their is about 8k on my account

Postado em 8 de janeiro de 2024

Dear all,

We would like to inform you that the referred account has been closed due to failed address verification:

2.2. In order to obtain Ditobet account you must personally complete the registration form and read and accept these Terms. You MUST provide complete and accurate information about yourself in all respects, inclusive of a valid name, surname, date of birth, phone, full residential address, and email address, and update such information in the future to keep it complete and accurate. It is your responsibility to always keep your contact details fully up-to-date on your Account (country of residence, address, valid email address and phone number). Where this is not the case, we reserve the right to suspend the account and treat any deposits into the gambling account as being invalid (and any winnings arising from such deposit as void). Ditobet will require from you to provide a valid proof of identification and any other document as it may be deemed necessary. This includes but is not limited to, a picture ID (copy of passport, driver's licence or national ID card) and a recent utility bill listing your name and address as proof of residence as the minimum. This procedure is a statutory requirement and is done in accordance with the applicable gaming regulation and anti-money laundering (AML) legal requirements. If you fail to provide the necessary documents, your account may be blocked or closed, and we may also maintain the balance of your account. We identify and communicate with our Customers via their Registered Email Address and/or Phone number. It is the responsibility of the Customer to maintain an active and unique email account, to provide us with the correct email address and phone number, and to advise Ditobet of any changes to their personal information.

2.3. Ditobet may confirm a customer’s address by posting an address verification letter to the customer. Enclosures may include a rule book and leaflet. All correspondence will be discreet and the envelope will not display any reference to our site. When such correspondence is initiated, all offers and withdrawal requests may remain pending until the address has been confirmed as correct.

2.4. We will immediately suspend your Account if you intentionally provide false or inaccurate personal information. We may also take legal action against you for doing so in certain circumstances and/or contact the relevant authorities who may also take action against you.


Postado em 8 de janeiro de 2024

Thank you for responding.

I did verify a year ago with all the necessary documents. But i changed adresses so i guess the new adress is not verified

You say my account was closed due to failed address verification: is this because i emailed you last month that i changed adress and send you a utility bill ( like i was advised by the ditobet chat?)

Please tell exactly what you need , and can i send via this platform(will this be hidden, alot of person info)? Because you dont seem to respons to my emails... ([email protected])

On the 22 of december i already send a utility bill with states my name and new adress.

What makes you concludes that i delibratly gave you false information of my adress. I thought i being honest i moved out to another appartement (same country, 15mins away from previous adress), its seems right that if you change adress you let the them know

Postado em 8 de janeiro de 2024

hello ,

i just emailed [email protected]
- latest electric bill
- contract with electric company
- latest phone/internet bill
- official proof of residency (given by government)
-official proof of residency history (given by government)

i have send via email , but if askgambler confirms that these documenst will be hidden i can post them here also.

as you can see my resident was always the one that was with my account , i never used a fake adress.

and for god's sake please answer my email (nobody has answered me ever in the last 2weeks) can you confirm that this is abnormal , i mean 2 weeks with zero respons ?? i have attached the latest email so askgambler and you can confirm that this is send to the right department

Postado em 8 de janeiro de 2024

again no respons via e-mail , (also send a copy of id front and back)

i will post the documents here (under hidden section )
- latest electric bill
- contract with electric company
- latest phone/internet bill
- official proof of residency (given by government)
-official proof of residency history (given by government)

Postado em 12 de janeiro de 2024

Dear Ditobet Casino,

The AskGamblers Complaint Team is kindly asking you to provide a detailed explanation of the issue along with all the relevant facts and evidence that could support your accusations towards the player. Please make sure to state all the relevant casino and/or promotional terms that you believe have been breached by the player, if any. Please send required information to suppor­t@a­skg­amb­ler­s.com directly.

Please note that according to the AGCCS Terms, we consider all the information presented during the course of our complaint process confidential and as such it will not be shared with third parties.

Please be in aware that in case you fail to respond and/or provide requested information within the given timeframe, the complaint will be closed as unresolved. As a direct consequence of such closure, the operator's ranking score on AskGamblers will be decreased accordingly.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Postado em 12 de janeiro de 2024

Yesterday evening risk department send me an email.
My account has been unlocked, but i had to contact payment department to verify me again , untill then i cant make a withdrawel. I send over all my documents again to them and also loaded all my documents on my account on ditobet. I hope they respond soon and i will reply here when first withdrawel is made and i received the withdrawel in my bankapp

Postado em 15 de janeiro de 2024

Dear all,

The user is already in contact with the relevant departments, completing the ongoing verification process.

Kind regards,

Postado em 17 de janeiro de 2024

The complaint is not resolved fully.
I can now get on my account , but the bets have been limited to small profits. I have asked them why , but they just give me standard line from their rules. I demand that they show proof on why my account has been limited

I also made a withdrawel request on 12 januari , the status on this day 17 januari still on NEW an hasnt changed

My new adress has also been verified , and all my documents to so my account was fully verified. But my adress has yet to be changed on ly account information, i have informed them of this ....

Honestly i having all these problems , and now my account betting been on limitation , i would just want to withdraw my money and leave this site. Its seems that they slow down nd lilit everything ( excepts deposits , that goes still very fast and no limits on deposit i guess)

Postado em 21 de janeiro de 2024

Dear all,

Please note that there are different bet limits for each game.
Whether we will accept a given bet from a user and to what max amount limit is ultimately a decision of our risk managers.

Kind regards,

Postado em 21 de janeiro de 2024

i'm fully aware that there are limits , but my bets have been limited to +-50 euro profit an ALL games.
I mean top tier level games of soccer (premier league , la liga , italy , germany top tier). This was not like this before , this only means my account has been targeted because i was simply WINNING.

Also i created a withdrawel on 12/01 its been over a WEEK an my status is still on new....(see picture added). You claim to handle withdrawels in 3days (i'm expecting you to comment "it has been very bussy for us to handle all the request , we will handle it as soon as it reaches us)

As i can only withdraw every 7 days for a maximum total of 2000 euro (according the rules), and the 7 days start when status is updated this feel like they are dragging this all out so it will take 2 months to withdraw my full balance.

They demand a 10 procent fee if you want to withdrawel more witch means that will be around 800 euros.

so you limited my account to stop me from betting , you dont handle my withdrawel request .... they are stalling this on purpose
i'm done with them , give my money so i can leave this bookie

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