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Postado em 28 de dezembro de 2022

I joined Betway in 2021 but could not deposit using my Revolut card - Revolut was the only account I could use at the time.

I have been depositing this month and noticed an offer which is attached along with the terms. I have wagered over £7000 on live casino games in the period stated yet nothing has been credited.

In the terms, it clearly states any live casino games qualify to get a £50 bonus and £15 of bets.

The site hasn’t been showing promotions recently and they said this would be fixed soon. It seems to have been fixed today and I’ve messaged them but they are not responsive.

The attached screenshot with the black background was apparently an error which lasted for over a week, no promotions were displayed at the time. The other screenshot has reappeared since they fixed the problem but was there before. I was told I didn’t have to deposit via that link as it wasn’t working and that my play would count according to the terms shown.

This is a very poorly run site, I’ve been communicating with them via Twitter rather than the live chat since the live chat people are very rude and you cannot attach files in their chat.

I have deposited well over £1000 on this site and have even had to deal with their responsible gambling team call me after midnight whilst in the middle of playing blackjack.

Postado em 29 de dezembro de 2022

Betway are refusing to cooperate by the looks of things. They seem upset that I had to go to AskGamblers after 2 weeks of them doing precisely nothing but waffle.

Postado em 29 de dezembro de 2022

Hi, Kerolos.

We appreciate your feedback.

We are able to confirm that you have followed our formal complaints procedure, and this is currently being looked into by our Operations Team.

They will be conducting a thorough review and will be in contact with you via email.

The Betway team

Postado em 29 de dezembro de 2022

Who is Kerolos?

I have not received anything so far from Betway not even an email and bear in mind that I first raised this 2 weeks ago.

Postado em 30 de dezembro de 2022

Hi, Ahmad.

We apologize for the error regarding your name.

I have contacted our Operations Team and they have confirmed they are currently looking into this issue of yours.

They have confirmed with me that they will contact you via email no later than the 3rd of January.

The Betway team

Postado em 1 de janeiro de 2023

AskGamblers are asking me to reply but what I’m meant to be replying to is a mystery! I have provided all the information they’ve requested and am still awaiting action from Betway.

Postado em 3 de janeiro de 2023

Betway responded today and I have responded back to them. I have attached screenshots for all to see. I feel they are being ridiculous since they still ask what the promotion I’m referring to is when I’ve already sent that information several times and have done so again in my response.

I don’t feel that they are going to resolve anything but I will allow them the chance to prove me wrong.

Postado em 4 de janeiro de 2023

Hi, Ahmad.

The Operations Team has confirmed they have contacted you regarding your complaint.

They will be handling your query further and will be responding to you via email going forward.

The Betway team

Postado em 4 de janeiro de 2023

I await further response but this has dragged on for too long already. This is really not an issue that should be taking so long to resolve.

Postado em 4 de janeiro de 2023

These people are unbelievable. Here is the latest email from Betway. This is after they requested that I reply promptly to them in providing the promotion details which I duly did as soon as I received their response and had done already.

They now think it is acceptable that I wait a further 6 days for their response.

I think AskGamblers needs to do something about this.

Postado em 5 de janeiro de 2023

Hi, Ahmad.

Since you are in the complaints process, you will unfortunately have to allow the timeframe they provided you.

Reason for the five working days is so that the team can conduct a thorough review and provide you with an accurate outcome.

We can assure you we are doing our best to resolve this query for you.

The Betway team

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