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Issue with withdrawal, and now MGA

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Hi everyone! Thought I'd check in here to see if I can get any good recommendations. 

6 months ago I requested a withdrawal from a gaming site, after 1.5 months waiting without response (emails bouncing etc). MGA officially suspended the companies license. 

They also requested me, as standard procedure, to create a case at their website so that they could collect my funds and eventually send them to me. 


Now... 4.5 months later I have still not received any response, and when calling them (MGA) they just say I should wait until they have more information. 

Is this really how it goes? Will I ever see my money? Or can I do something about it, to put extra pressure? 



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Hey there and welcome to AskGamblers. 

Wish you have provided more details, but from my experience so far I could tell MGA procedures could take some time. Often, a lot of time actually... 

Giving the fact they are your last hope I would advise to be patient and pray for a successful outcome although it might and certainly will take a considerable amount of time. 

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