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I would strongly advise people joining EVOBET.com  as after you deposit they restrict your account for no reason. And they claim all your winnings and accuse you for fraud.  This happened to me yesterday. I got a mail from KYC-Team that my account was successfully verified and that I could go on with withdrawal. But when I did , some time later they restricted my account and took away 1529NOK from account. And wrote a mail that money had been taken with no explanation, and said that it could be done if they suspected fradulent behaviour. But I havent done anything wrong. I just have placed normal bets like I have done on other sites. And the support team is arrogant and only say I must contact KYC-TEAM.  And they doesn't answer. I guess they write 1 mail per month.

So my advice stay off this site.


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Hello there and welcome to AskGamblers. 

As far as I can see you have already submitted a complaint against the aforementioned operator which unfortunately has just been rejected due to lack of sufficient information.  Feel free to use AGCCS again, however please make sure to state as much info as possible as to provide any proofs to support your thesis and/or claims if any. 

PS. Have just noticed your claim might be referring to sports betting issues. You should know currently AGCCS is nto dealing with any other issues but casino related ones which means we cannot help if your complaint is referring to  sports betting, Keno, Bingo, etc . 

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