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Hey ValDes,

Unfortunately the ADR has voted in the casinos favour. I have found 2 other members who have had the exact same problem as me with West Casino linking our accounts to random IP addresses. Would you be able to give some insight on this, is this a very popular complaint from other gamblers on other casinos?  

Would it be worth it if we did a joint complaint to another ADR? This seems completely unfair as there was no way for us to avoid this situation.



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Hey mate, 

Although definitely not surprised (I know for only a couple complaints cases ruled in a different way by AskGamblers complaints Team and the relevant ADR in the last several years),  sorry to hear they have confirmed and ruled against you. 

Unfortunately after using third-party independent mediator such our AGCCS and the official ADR entity afterwards you have exhausted all available channels for online casino mediation services. Perhaps there's only one choice left but since I never used their services not quite sure if they would  accept a complaints case which has already been reviewed and decided by a duly appointed ADR entity. Speaking about ODR platform, more details you could find here - https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.trader.register

Hope the above helps. 

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Thanks for the response mate.

I'm currently checking out this ODR so thank you for that information. It blows my mind how casinos are getting away with confiscating money off fair players.  If only they made sure there was at least two matching personal identifier's then something like this wouldn't happen. I'm only going to this extent of reaching out to all the third party mediators as I know I havn't done anything wrong. 

I havn't been able to gamble in month's now because I can't trust any online casinos as this could potentially happen again without my control. 

Thanks again for the help, much appreciated.


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