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Taking Control Over Tougher Times!

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Of late, I have been facing a tough time, and expecting this to carry on for many more months.

Why? What's the problem? You may be asking.

When I was playing my games on my crawling 2G internet connection, most other games were inaccessible to me, because the games simply couldn't be Loaded up! Now, on my 4G connection, all games have opened up once again and can be played whenever I want to play them. This is BAD for me, particularly for my very small monthly gambling budget...I could bust it within just a few days, instead of making it last for a whole month!

Thankfully though, I am still very much in control of my gambling expenditures, but the last few days have seen me dishing out a little bit more money to casinos than usual, so I really need to ignore those dopamine calls, those urges for new games and casinos, and whatever else, or I would suffer the consequences. What consequences? NO MONEY consequences! 😜

Controlling one's gambling urges is easier said than done, but we all already know that.

Now I need to tighten up all my moves, for a better control, and to remain in my comfort zone. We all need to do this, but not everyone can!

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you can play some demo Spin slots, your brain will soon enough think it's real money anyway, you will get some dopamine from that activity, not as much as real money dopamine but with real money there is also the huge downside of losing and with that comes feeling ungood. Now with a demo spin session not only will you get some free dopamine but if you happen to "lose" a lot you will get some feeling of relief when you realize it was just demo money... so it's a win win situation. Of course if you do happen to hit a 1000x you will be wishing it was "real" money...

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