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conquestador casino refusing to refund me

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Hi, I was hoping someone on this forum could help me. 

I was playing with conquestador casino, I set a deposit limit of £1000 per month for my own safety, unfortunately temptation took the better of me and conquestador allowed me to continue depositing well over £6000. I contacted them about this and requested a refunds on grounds they were breaking the responsible gambling rules as I should not have been able to deposit that much in the first place, they then blocked my account and ignored my complaint, I sent them an email which they did not respond to. where do I stand with this complaint? is it possible for me to get a refund, am I within my rights? and lastly if I am within my rights, how do I go about taking this further, as on the askgamblers complaints page conquestador casino is listed and it will not let me submit my complaint. 

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Hey there and welcome to AskGamblers forum :) 

Unfortunately, the aforementioned operator is not reviewed and listed on AskGamblers which means you are not allowed to submit a complaints case against it. 

Apart from this, the operator has already been discussed back and forth in our forum. Here's the link of what forum search is revealing  - https://www.askgamblers.com/forum/search/?&q=conquestador&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy

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