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  1. here's the result of the latest lottery; Ozjan won 35 out of 40 prizes (87.5%). $1350 out of $1500.
  2. Day 4 entry: are you tired of having to wager your free spins winnings? or cap on winnings? well here is something to change all that zero wagering requirements and no caps on wins from free spins... Winz.io casino is giving you up to 300 free spins the free spins are to be used on the slot; Winz to the Moon (BGaming) 50 free spins for 20 EUR deposit 150 free spins for 50 EUR deposit 300 free spins for 100 EUR deposit All wins paid in cash Zero wagering requirements No cap on wins from free spins use BONUS CODE: SLOTS
  3. in the meantime I will tell you what they show. City banker 'infuriated' because bosses awarded him a 'mere' £300,000 annual bonus, tribunal hears. BP made £6,900,000,000 in profit while you're counting the pennies for fuel Jessica Alves reveals painful bruises from latest facelift after 90 surgeries costing more than £900,000 over the years You Mast be Kidding me, French court orders 4G turn off after 40 cow deaths, A French farmer has won a court battle to turn off a 4G mast he blames for killing his cows.
  4. bro the world aint fair... I mean some people cant afford internet and then you have these types here... living it like this..
  5. here's the previous 3 lotteries.. maybe they only had 3 so far ever. before that.. and before that.. so out of the total of 120 prizes... Ozjan has won 26 out of 40 (65%), plus 31 out of 40 (78%), plus 11 out of 40 (28%).... thats 68 out of 120.... 57% of prizes how many suitcases of tickets does Ozjan have per draw or is he just so lucky to win so often.... nah... gotta be thousands of tickets but maybe @winz_juri could help with this.... also would be good if we could see the total of tickets that had been bought in each draw befo
  6. Day 3 entry: https://www.askgamblers.com/forum/topic/13722-gambling-dopamine-anticipation-chemical/
  7. Was doing some reading about dopamine and when it comes to gambling that when we have something happen during a session such as a win we get rewarded with dopamine hits but during a session you can get plenty of these reward hits even if the session ends up being a losing session and then there is the anticipation and the more anticipation the more dopamine reward. As I am doing some search engine searching about dopamine, one of the results says that scientists are renaming dopamine the anticipation molecule/chemical because it's shown that dopamine is also released in large amounts
  8. @Fiekie247 you tried that winz lottery? noticed some ozjan player has won around 70% of the prizes in each of the lotteries. 10 comp points = 1 ticket.
  9. Day 2: after busting a winz deposit I went to another casino to get 4 low paying bonanza features and this was the 4th (just 25.9x). (the previous 3 were: 44.8x, 20.05x, 31.45x). I did get a 42x base win after that 4th feature. Base wins nowadays are better paying than the features.
  10. Day 1: favourite song, "Feel I Love You" by Jincheng Zang (instrumental song) somewhere in Feb last year I heard it used on a youtube video and needed to find out the name of it so I could get the entire song, so I used a website that can identify songs by playing a short recording of it or sing/hum. I recorded the short clip and played it to the microphone and it quickly found the name of it then searched for it on youtube, did a conversion to 432Hz and have been listening to it almost everyday since. Sometimes experiment with faster or slower playback speed for a bit of a change.
  11. there are now 8 players that had the max 5000x (actually 9 but walidot reset his/hers score), out of the 23,185 total players.... if not including those that did rebuys. then you have about 23,185 x 300 spins = 6,955,500 spins... thus it is about 1 in every 772,833 spins that a 5000x appears. (including the walidot player) the 9th player to join the group of 500K+ club has only used 58 tickets on tourneys and played only 188 tourneys. Joined Mar 23, 2022. (Hokiasta) 550th place has score of... my best in 10 attempts is 59,300 (attempt #4)
  12. strange thing happened the previous leader " walidot " is gone from the leaderboard (maybe they reset their score by mistake! but another new player is now in 3rd Viandi29 on 520,880. Viandi29 is only on the site since July 30, 2022.. 69 tourneys, 6 tickets used... update: I went to see if walidot had won a golden ticket which was then used to reset his score perhaps he/she didn't realize that his best score would be wiped out. well it happens to be that walidot got 20th in a Aug 4 tourney in which they won a golden ticket. It was on the Dragon Kingdom slot and ended at 2 am Aug 5.
  13. there are now 7 players that had the max 5000x, out of the 22,399 total players.... if not including those that did rebuys. then you have about 22,399 x 300 spins = 6,719,700 spins... thus it is about 1 in every 959,957 spins that a 5000x appears. the 7th player to join the group of 500K+ club has only used 17 tickets on tourneys and played only 82 tourneys. Joined Dec 9, 2021. this player takes the lead. 550th place has score of... my best in 9 attempts is 59,300 (attempt #4) my RTP is 102.50% (for those 9 attempts x 300 spins = 2700 spins
  14. I was going through the pages and was going to ask you if you still have him and then I got to the last page what about Henry and your daughters dog?
  15. from here https://www.askgamblers.com/forum/topic/2116-our-animal-family-members/
  16. you know what's crazy is that if you went and did 100K spins right now on DOA you probably wouldn't get anywhere close to a wild line or 5 scatters... same goes for myself
  17. @cocopop3011 the bets for the contest need to be at least 0.20 eur does that mean if playing in other currencies they need to be for example equal or higher than the value of 0.20 EUR.... so if playing in NZD then 0.36 NZD = 0.22 EUR and that would be ok but if you were playing in NZD and used 0.20 NZD then that would convert to about 0.12 EUR. so is there a website that we should be using for the currency conversion or how is it going to work... one good site I know of is OANDA
  18. and if Pinnit was in the contest he would get a 1000x+ on Bonanza or Beef Lightning
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