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  1. drogerman

    My BEST Xmas Day Ever! ^_^

    i hate you err... i meant to say nice hit! >.<
  2. drogerman

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    kinda late to the party for xmas but hey... Happy new year everyone !
  3. drogerman

    Neteller to PayPal

    most people cant do it because paypal funds are usable in like 3 countries The rest of us has to move paypal balance to our card before using it so i cant help you there either im afraid :/
  4. Other than failed promo they had above (that fake rtp promo) their offers were actually quite nice. they had 50% + 90 spins (worth 25c each), then 88% + 88 spins and today they have 100 free spins for deposit. Now one thing i dont like at all - it doesnt even say which game are free spins for OR if free spins are 100 free spins in one go. That other 90 spins promo was 45 free spins 2 days in a row which is still nice, but more details would really be nice. for all i know these 100 spins could be 10 free spins a day for next days and honestly im feeling too lazy to ask support about it so as a result i wont deposit there today
  5. drogerman

    Mega slot wins - oh yes, it's possible!

    and they also lined up so nicely dam what a hit, and i was ecstatic when i hit 300x on some random slot yesterday :x
  6. Actually i like some of their slots. Some play much like old mg 9 liners and i think one of their slot has normal (base game) max pay of like 2000x for 5OAK of top symbols (vikings something ?). or was it 2000x for 5 scatters? cant remember but their 9 liners do have potential (and i actually had a few 100-300x wins on those slots). The other 9 liner, Cherry fiesta is a copy of LLC. i also like that new sticky wilds slot Fire lightning. It has decent potential and isnt shy to retrigger either but it can be really brutal at times.
  7. lol thanks for the heads up yeah same here, got it but no notification (mobile) and im using skrill not neteller. Seems like their whole group had problems with notifications yesterday
  8. drogerman

    Best and worst customer support!

    for me willhill is both best and worst. It depends on who you get for your livechat session, lol ive had really odd and apparently complex issues solved in matter of minutes, but ive also had situations where simple free spins promo wouldnt work and live chat person would be as confused as i am ... oh and iGame. igame has the worst support ive had misfortune to deal with, and 9 out of 10 times you will either run into someone who obviously doesnt give rats a$$ about your problem, and is not even trying to hide it. Ive also had live chat hang on me multiple times and in my 7 or so years of online play, thats the only site such a thing actually happened as i really try to be as nice as possible. ive heard other people coplain about their live chat but it really is something you need to witness firsthand to actually believe it, its like they are trying to be bad on purpose and really dont give a %#($( if it was just one live chat rep, sure it could happen everywhere, but if every chat rep has same uninspired, ignorant attitude, its obviously casinos fault. Either that or they recruit crappy live chat reps on purpose
  9. your bonus said ... today i should play a game that has .... 135% RTP ! surely thats either wrong or misinformation??
  10. drogerman

    Dunder Withdrawl Worries

    never had problems with them but thanks to their pretty crappy offers i dont play there often anymore. They had a few decent offers during xmas promos though (like 100 or 50 free spins for deposits of 20, with 25x wager). Once you are verified cashout is pretty much instant. Or at least it was instant, as i havent cashed out there recently. Unless in the past few months something has drastically changed to worse, you should have no fears about getting your cashout.
  11. drogerman

    Mega slot wins - oh yes, it's possible!

    dam those playtech slots really like you, eh? only playtech slots i actually won something big (300x or 400x plus) were Avengers and Elektra. Both are dead now Think i hit around 1100x on avengers, i just couldnt stop getting features and at one point i really thought slot is bugged and Loki was removed It was when i was just starting though, back then when i didnt know whats cashout button for so i dont think i actually cashed out anything there oh and i actually had a pretty decent hit on John Wayne when i unlocked everything there is to unlock and im pretty sure it was well over 500x, but at that time i didnt really bother taking screenshots so that hit is just a distant memory now (:
  12. drogerman

    Slotsmillion withdrawal issues

    maybe 2 months ago i had my last cashout from Slotsmillion. It took about ... 2 days? That was also the last time i played there.
  13. drogerman

    Earning VIP status and feeling ignored

    Betat really was the best. Im a lowroller but i played there often. I remember when once i accidentally breached bonus terms and bet $18 instead of 18 cents (!?!?) on DoA and live chat was, its cool dont worry about it. The other time they made a mess up of their Achievements rewards (they had money rewards for IR and Thunderstruck) and deleted my rewards alltogether, i was missing quite a few but they actually credited me with $250 i would get for clearing rewards, with something like 3x wagering. Mind you that was before Betat had new owners, but new betat isnt that bad either but i dont think they are that good anymore. Oh and they had weekly free spins offers (like really good offers, 100 free spins at a time for deposits of $20-50) with 10x wagering and i dont think even you would find that excessive Unibet while it doesnt really offer any VIP stuff per se, its still a good place to play because they have tons of tournaments with cash rewards. Tbh you sound like mid-highroller and in that case you are probably better off playing at place like Trada, which offers permanent cashback (well almost permanent, they dont really like it when you use cashback code with every single deposit either). edit: just noticed Kingraj post, and he also suggested Trada, and atm i really believe its one of top 5 casinos out there.
  14. drogerman

    Zodiac Casino: deposit $1 and get $20 Free

    Last post was made in 2011, how on earth have you found this topic to say hello is beyond me oh and hello