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  1. chillymellow

    My last withdrawal was...

    I had a good streak with Raging Bull Casino and with Grand Fortune Casino. Received $100 from Raging Bull and $600 from Grand Fortune (they share financials, so it makes sense). Bank wires in my account within about a week. Had a run of luck with Three Stooges II and Double Ya Luck jackpots.
  2. chillymellow

    What casino accept American Express ?

    The Nuworks casinos, lucky club and slot madness also accept American Express.
  3. chillymellow

    New Casino Games Releases

    Well, was playing around with a crazy playthrough, If it had been no bonus, yeah, started out at about 10 bucks and had it up to around 200 for awhile. Tried it out again at Fiz with a $15 free bonus, and then at Golden Lady on one of their $232 multi tiered bonuses, but didn't do very well on that except for a few spins. I like Golden Gorilla a lot more than the World of Oz, but it has some nice features.
  4. chillymellow

    New Casino Games Releases

    The newest game I tried is from Rival and came out yesterday. World of Oz. It has 50 paylines, the wicked witch is wild x 5 and goes to x10 during the emerald free spins feature activated during the free spins, the great oz is the free spin icon. The game features drop icons which, after being activated, drop down and are replaced by the next icon on the reel. World of Oz can pay very nicely, but also has long stretches of absolutely nothing or very small wins of 8 or 10 cents. If you get a "big win", the screen erupts into a whirling tornado which throws gold coins around in it's path. This is okay for a "big win". Only problem is, to the World of Oz, a big win is $1.50 on a 50 cent spin. And that gets really old after the first few exciting moments when you are trying to figure out how much cash is really falling into your balance. Mostly, not that much. And, ironically, during the free spins when things are multiplying, a $30 win gets no tornado nor a "BIG WIN" production! It was kind of fun to play, and gave me a few nice hits that kept me playing several hours. But when it's not hot, it is really ice cold. Going to try to get a screen shot to post so you can see a little of what this new game looks like.
  5. chillymellow

    A gift for you all from chillymellow/ Raging Bull

    So, any winners here in this tournament? I hope some of you got in the top slots, and that all that participated had a good time. Thanks to you all for participating - I had a lot of fun and it was nice to be competing with folks I knew.
  6. chillymellow

    A gift for you all from chillymellow/ Raging Bull

    Uncle Jay (santa) will be entering all players in the tourney for a free $20 Raging Bull (casino) chip.
  7. A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM CHILLYMELLOW: First of all thanks for the opportunity to share and to win prizes - this forum continually gives back to it's members and makes every day feel almost like Christmas. I want to do more than say thank you, and with the help of Raging Bull Casino and Jason, the best casino rep ever, I am happy to invite you specially to The Chillymellow Freeroll. The game is Naughty or Nice? and the buy-in is free. No add ons allowed, but if you don't like your score, you can rebuy and retry up to 25 times for $1.10 each. The tourney is running and will last for 14 days. Your gift is 10,000 credits and 10 minutes. Happy Spinning, everyone! Only the first 1000 players will be allowed in! Good luck, and maybe there will even be something more from Santa for the best boys and girls. (p.s. the password is....chillymellow)
  8. chillymellow

    Show time - let's see your winner screenshots!

    Made a $30 and a $20 at Cleo's VIP Room, busted out. Went for another $30, against my better judgement. Am expecting a cashout of $711 from that. Left some in there to play with, and got this nice hit!
  9. oh, and thank you very much for the opportunity and kindness! Looking forward to reading (and writing) more this month!
  10. aw, I'm sorry I won't do any more bingo reviews...but...I hope they were enjoyable to any who read them. http://www.askgamblers.com/online-bingo-p81 if you could please change the banner that goes on the above page maybe to include "casino". Sorry I did not see the directions in the first page on this topic clearly enough and was excited by the banner offer on the bingo page. The other banners I saw today said casino. sorry...
  11. chillymellow

    My last withdrawal was...

    My last cashout was from Cleo's VIP Room (US ONLY), which I LOVE. It's not technically a casino - you buy credits to use for luxury items like jewelry and purses, and they give you credits to play games as a sweepstakes, so it's not gambling, it's a sweepstakes. But it has been a real nice change of pace from the online casinos and feels just like one. $20 deposit, cashed out $250. My next cashout is an attempt in progress from AC Casino (always cool). They had a $225 free bonus with a pretty large playthrough, and I can cash out $127.50 but it will cost me a $50!!! Western Union fee. still...money is good!!! I hope I actually get it.
  12. chillymellow

    Show time - let's see your winner screenshots!

    Oh this should be fun trying to get the pictures right and figuring out how to get comments and pictures to smoothly appear in this post. I'll start small. This one is from CyberBingo and well, you can't get a good number multiplying zero by 100. This one is really just a tease, but making $10 from nothing isn't bad. Bingo Freeroll Room. (I see this is easier than I thought so far) Okay, now moving on, this one is a great hit on KENO! Don't remember where and dang it, it was fun mode. But still a worthy display! 2500 x my bet of $1.00 This one is for real and not too bad. New Billy Bingo, 25cents a card. Now, I bought 8 cards so that's $2, but the winning card was only a quarter, and I got $91.30. Another win from NBB on a 25 cent card. Jackpot! This one is great, but dang that Rushmore Casino never did pay me my money or respond to any of my inquiries. Freeroll win... Back to New Bingo Billy, this time on Trolling for Treasure. For some reason the amount didn't show up, but I had bet $2.25 and my balance was at $56.00 when I hit a line with 3 boats and two wilds. Balance after this spin? $415 ! I am probably breaking the rules posting this, but it was so awesome and was last night. Unfortunately, I hadn't made a deposit in the last 30 days so no $$ for me. Pooh! 4 sharks and a wild. I'm just going to say it doesn't meet the 100x standard for the posts and I apologize right now! I wish I had one to show off like that SWEET Naughty or Nice post by scyan. OMG. Wish me luck, I'll keep that as my goal! Well, will someone fix the size of my pictures? I somehow am feeling very small at the moment.
  13. Luciana, I have had quite a month but did not want to neglect posting some reviews for you and the forum. If by chance I get more done today, I will post again. Thanks so much for the opportunity to do these reviews. I'm having a lot of good reading going on with everyone's varied experiences and thoughts. I stumbled upon your bingo section and because I have become so familiar with the bingo sites in the past few years I just had to give some reviews as they are MIA over in the bingo section. I am mostly familiar with USA sites, but used to be able to play at the UK sites so can probably review a few of them as well. There are dozens of other USA sites you don't have listed, and I am assuming maybe there was not so much interest? Hopefully I can contribute more in the forum in both casino and bingo (I know squat about poker/sports/financials, etc...) I haven't really had time yet to explore the forum but I do have some screen shots I can provide that are pretty nice. Several are not on your lists yet-maybe this would spark some interest. I hope everyone's New Year was great and can hardly believe January is almost done for already! I guess the months seem way shorter the older you get. 1. http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/all-star-slots-casino-review-r3448#leave-comment 2. http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/begado-casino-review-r4403#leave-comment 3. http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/bella-vegas-casino-review-r4297#leave-comment 4. http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/aladdins-gold-casino-review-r3447#leave-comment 5. http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/lotus-asia-casino-review-r4375#leave-comment 6. http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/desert-nights-casino-review-r4224#leave-comment 7. http://www.askgamblers.com/bingo/bingofest-review-r4179#leave-comment 8 http://www.askgamblers.com/bingo/123-bingo-review-r1319#leave-comment 9. http://www.askgamblers.com/bingo/bingo-hall-review-r2352#leave-comment 10. http://www.askgamblers.com/bingo/bingo-knights-review-r2554#leave-comment 11. http://www.askgamblers.com/bingo/bingosky-review-r4178#leave-comment 12. http://www.askgamblers.com/bingo/cyberbingo-review-r4177#leave-comment 13. http://www.askgamblers.com/bingo/vics-bingo-review-r3189#leave-comment Win Big, everyone! February is going to FLY by, it's so short already! chillymellow
  14. #4 http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/rushmore-casino-review-r3681 next month I'll try to post several at once...excuse my newbieness
  15. #3 http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/3dice.com-review-r4194 thanks