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  1. Hi Casperito, You'll understand I cannot link to other forums, but I am sure you are able to find some great roulettecommunities out there. They are not 'members only' sites, anybody should be able to visit them. Good luck
  2. Thanks for your answer Raptordinos . What is that with Evolution Gaming .... I allready have an account at Dublin's and it is good to see they offer multiple providers for live gambling, and I really like the low limits.
  3. ValDes, what a counter hahahaha. That never crossed my mind, your point of view. You're a genius (with a dirty mind )
  4. I'd like to play there, but their lowest roulette chip value is 1 euro/usd etc.... Too high for me
  5. Hi Raptordinos, Do you by any chance know how you can 'rebet' and then lower some chips at Evolution Gaming live roulette? (You know, left click is adding chips, right click is removing chips) .As far as I can tell Evolution Gaming does not offer this, but I hope I am mistaken. VueTec and ViG do have this option.
  6. Nope, they aren't . For me personal I think the new Playtech's prestige roulette is the lessest distracting game available. I just love these close-ups
  7. Sounds wise Coco dear . A friendly word of advise, if you ever think about using pirateversions, especially the ones Microsoft originally developed, be sure to know what you are doing. Pirate-editions can ruin your operating system, and/or contain virusses. Take it from an expert
  8. Hi Coolivert, no bet selection in the world can help you win at roulette because there is no way to predict the outcome of the next spin. It is out of our control. However, moneymanagement and the size of bets we are playing is one thing that we in fact can control. It is not like a guaranteed winning progression, but I've seen some very interesting moneymanagement strategies that can help you to survive long stretches of bad streaks without killing your entire bankroll.
  9. Oh man, I know exactly what you mean. It should be 1:1, but 3:1 seems to last forever, like there is a flaw in the game. And the next time you start to play on banker, and the opposite happens. It makes you wonder about why this happened. How big are the chances such a longlasting bad streak can occur, just when you start playing on this particular table from all worldwide baccarat tables available? How cruel randomness can be!
  10. There is a punterforum Netbet has sponsered. Many punters was in contact with have succesfully withdrawn larger amounts of money. To me they certainly don't appear as scammers.
  11. The amount AG managed to recover this year really striked me down . What an enormous amount of money. AG is really like a player's advocate. Thanks AG, Thank God for AG
  12. The 1x turnover your own deposit is required by most online casinos, in order to prevent money laundering. I can fully understand and accept this rule. But 5 times turnover is madness. Why do casinos that? As if they try to lure a player
  13. Thanks to all of you . Allthough I not always post something, I take a look at AG quiet often, and enjoy reading most of the posts. If you think I'd leave AG then you are mistaken very big time . Never !! Every gambler should be a member of AG, that's my humble opinion. Having said this, I'll try to contribute more in the future. Jackpot hits for all of you
  14. Thanks for your concern Hajnrih, some issues remain and cannot be treated anymore, like my injured brains (did not know I had any ) and the lungproblems.. Best thing for me is to stay positive, enjoy life and be fit and in shape as much as possible. And *****, I am
  15. Me? Noooo . I look in AG from time to time, but don't always reply Too many things happening in my world lately, and I am very busy to get back in shape.
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