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  1. Thank you!I missed this great community I will try to be active and to enjoy reading as many posts as I can!Have a nice day too
  2. You're welcome !I hope I will have more time to be active here because my job "eats" a lot of my free time!
  3. It is very difficult to know exactly this kind of stats but I could tell you about me, about 30% of my money are going to sports betting,60% to slots and only 10% to poker!
  4. Ahh..it seems that I missed a lot of things special treatments,nice casino bonuses and also a charming lady
  5. Happy Easter to all of you!I know I'm late,but it wasn't my fault,the drink was the main reason for this and also my f****** job,because I worked on Easter too
  6. Well,I played a couple of days ago to this casino but didnt manage to win something so I wont have a heart attack! Now seriously talking,I hope that everything will be ok and they will come back online
  7. I don't know how you managed to get the bonus because I uploaded the copy of ID,sent message to the support team but didn't receive any reply so far and passed a couple of days!
  8. Poor payout rate of this casino!!I played with the 50 euro no deposit bonus,Immortal Romance slot,I managed to catch the free spins only 2 times!Also the Wild Desire feature triggered 3 times,first time gave me a 0.60 euro win,second time 0.21 euro and last time NOTHING!
  9. Well,I took a break from sports betting,but I want to come back and try my luck because I really love sports betting,especially over/under bet type!Obviously I will bet only online because I am restricted from offline betting!
  10. Congratulations mate!!
  11. bogdangy


    I want to say that I had a nice experience playing at this casino,first because of their games and second because of their bonuses with decent wagering requirements!It is really sad that this casino doesn't exist anymore...
  12. bogdangy


    Well, I have to tell you that I played to this casino,I managed to make some good withdrawals and for didn't seem to be unprofessional at all
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