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  1. Hi Mighty and thanks for your feedback, but I still believe it's just a normal misunderstanding and that Luciana will sort it out in no time. Just wait and see, she is a real sorceress, when it comes to a bonus or promotion.
  2. I diddn't even suspect that you operate from sooooo long Slotland. That's quite a prominent advertisement for you by the way, is you are still alive after so many years, that means that you are honest and fair enough! Are you, Slotland?
  3. Wow, you could be so convincing if you decide!
  4. Ala_B

    My last withdrawal was...

    Almost the same situation here. Get a big bonus for even bigger deposit at 7 Sultans, got some luck, or should I say some insane good luck and now I am just above the mark of 1000 with only a few hundred left for wagering! To be honest, if I succeed that would be one of my best wins, so wish me luck to clear the remaining wagering without any losses and to resist on reversing because this casino has a 48 hours pending period...
  5. Here's what I intend to use from their calendar - December 23: Deposit min. €50 and get 100 free spins in Starburst after 16:00 GMT the next day. Perfect, I simply adore Starbust, wish me luck!
  6. Ala_B

    Your Last Playing Session

    Since the vry moment, I saw that someone eventually managed to win 100000 in the davincisgold thread here's what I dream to post here: Casino - DaVinci's Gold Deposit - 25 get 9975 bonus and played with 10000! Games - all the Rival based slots fro a to z Ended with - after a tough and exausting battle I finally hit the mark of 100000! youhuhuhhuhuhuhuhhuhu Time to wake up girl....Hey, Blue, I'm talking to you, wake up.... Hope you have a sense of humour AG members!
  7. Ala_B

    Facts, that changed the online gambling!

    Guys, I think you have missed the most important here! And since you are only a bunch of boys it's not so hard to understand why you cannot see the obvious. And the obvious fact, that have changed the gambling history most seriously throughout all these years, is ... people! Simple and clear. All the technologies, acts and whatever you might think of, doesn't worth a dime, if people (players, customers, affiliates, managers, casino reps and so on) don't want to change or develop something! What was a gold mine or an el dorado ten years ago, now is a multi billion business, organized with strict rules, giving job to tens of thousand men and wemen, attracting new customers through a huge net of affiliates and websites... So much have changed and all of it due to the people.
  8. Ha, that should be a "must try" bonus at all cost! Is it available for claiming already or we have to wait while you sort out things with their manager, Luciana?
  9. Hm, that's quite interesting. I still havent played at 888 casino but their welcome offer sounds very attractive. Luciana, do you have an idea how to use those 100 free spins? I mean do you know on what game they are supposed to be credited, what would be the donomination,etc.
  10. OMG, I was convinced it is impossible to achieve that, but I was wrong obviously Congratulations to the lucky guy fom Switzerland and I can only hope he was one from the AG members. That would be just awesome, to know that one of us would spend the happiest Christmas and New Year ever! Darky, I quit the bonus money even faster than you. Began to play right from the start a slot called Bowled Over, than tried a few others but nothing worked for me. Anyway, it was a great adventure and fun Wich luck to all who still fight the 100 000 mark
  11. Isn't it a little early for that Val? Your fingers will twist like those of my old grandma The joke is a joke, but this is a serious achievement for the AG team! Good for you friends, wish you luck with all nominations!
  12. Oh, Val?! Don't you even dare to defend casinos ... you are our guru, not theirs, remember that! I tried that bonus and my experince with New Dawn casinos match perfectly with what cocopop and the dark knight have said, the bonus terms are complicated and frustrating to some extent. But once you get used with them it's ok and even hit some good winnings there. Cashed out twice last month and got the money on time, so I don't have much reasons to complaint from New Dawn
  13. Yeah, that's our Val and that's exactly why we all love him so much! And all that reminds me we haven't tortured him lately with new questions, isn't it a real shame. Perhaps I gotta figure out a teaser job for you Val, otherwise you are going to be bored during holidays!
  14. From what I see here, it looks like we have a new decent casino for the players from United States. And they need such casinos desperately, especially in light of the recent events with a bunch of rtg powered casinos.
  15. Hi there. Do you accept players from Poland and if so are we accepted to take participation in your Christmas calendar?
  16. ValDes, I always get chills when I read your guides, because they seem to be extremely close to my personal experience, but this time it was different. I admire your courage to write on such a delicate subject and to tell everything, without hiding nothing! Amazing job my friend!
  17. I can't praise with many offers for Christmas like Luciana and will spend it with my relatives - mom, dad and all the other relatives. It's always such a great party, can't wait now! ValDes, I wish that one day will do exactly what you have done with your child!
  18. Anyone tried this amazing bonus?? Looks like a real challenge to me thou...
  19. Exellent job Luciana. Well done once again, but I wish there were more exclusive offer for existing customers either, not only for new members.
  20. I don't know what was the reason for that terrible situation, but I still have money to get from Loco Panda!!!! 29 business days and counting. Thanks God it was only $100, but still I'm aboslutely convinced, even if I get my money after all, these guys won't see even a cent form anymore.
  21. Ala_B

    In search for the perfect casino bonus...

    Hahah! If I admit that don't believe in Santa anymore, can I count on Luciana to take his role?! She's always provided us with soooooo many good bonuses, why not trying to sort the perfect one?
  22. Ala_B

    Random Number Generators = RNG

    It took me a lot to read that funny topic from the start down to the end but at the and I'm at least sure about one thing. ValDes, remind me never to argue with you, espeially on gambling matters!
  23. Ala_B

    what's for dinner?

    When my life was still free from any worries, concerned with my body shapes my dinners were mostly froots and vegetables and at least half a chocolate after that. Oh God, I'm still dying for one of those Milka Mousse...
  24. I used the ASK25 code, met my bonus requirements (thanks to my insane luck in Persian queen slot ) and requested a withdrawal of 110$. That was almost two weeks ago and still no sign of any money... I even stopped sending them e-mails, because the answer is always the same - your money are on their way and should reach your bank account soon! Strange enough, since I requested a moneybookers withdrawal and the casino staff is talking about some bank account... I really began to hate those stupid tricks, used by almost every single Nu works/RTG casino out there
  25. Thanks Val I'm so grateful for taking part in that thread - you don't have an idea how many times my hard earned withdrawals were just blown away But not anymore