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  1. Hi mighty. I play there from time to time for almost two years. I know titan casino has some kind of controversial reputation, but luckily i have never had any problems with them so far. Your issue make me curious by the way, and I checked my bonus history there. And you know what - the total amount of received free bonuses is exactly 345 euro for 2012?!!! And even cashed out three times from these free money. Not a bad result, what do you think?
  2. I was just on my way to say a big WOW, when get to this - you may not receive more than €15 in real money! That half of the sentence makes this great looking promo completely useless in my opinion. Could someone explain me what is the reason to make 99x200=19800 in wagers? Just to get some 15 credits in return, which probably should be wagered too prior to withdrawing maybe. Luciana, dont be mad at me, I know it is not your idea, but better tell the casino manager of lucky hill casino he is far away from the truth.
  3. Best wishes from me either to all the great members of askgamblers!
  4. I'm pulling my words back, Valdes. The christmas calendar offered by 32red casino is really amazing and I already take part in it. Just wondering why it was not presented here earlier? Is there any problem with 32red at askgamblers, i cant even see them in the top 50 and that is really strange, because they are one of the best casinos, i have ever played at?
  5. Nope, I don't mind to use it Valdes, It will be a pleasure a guru like you to use a thought of my.
  6. Thanks Luciana. But wouldn't be easier if you attach these terms for all promotions, I 'm sure that will save lots of time and answers from members.
  7. As a matter of fact it was much much harder to keep her heart loving me for all these years, than to win it on my side a long time ago.
  8. 2012 was one of the most sucessful years for me in terms of gambling I won a few decent amounts and although this year I didn't have big hits, the small but regular withdrawals help me keep my head above the water all the time. But the strangest of all it that I won at a various software - microgaming, netent, playtech and even rtg and this has never happened to me before. So there are not many reasons to complaint from 2012!
  9. Slotland, I will keep my fingers crossed for you, to replace rtg from the US market. I like the way you treat your customers and I like the way you are paying on time, so enough reasons you deserve more.
  10. Isn't it a shame to see so many great Christmas calendars from netent casinos and not even one from microgaming. I was expecting more from them, but it seems that this year would be the poorest of all regarding bonuses and promotions. My email is usually flooded with special promos in this time of the year, but this year only a few useless promotions came to it. Strange, I thought the gambling industry is still ahead of us with money, or I'm wrong?
  11. This promotion is a real beauty. Thanks Luciana for bringing this to our attention.
  12. As far as I can see, Askgamblers is shortlisted in all of the major categories, which actually is a very very big success! Congratulations to the whole team, well done!
  13. Bluebird, I may not be the typical member of the so called "bunch of boys", because of some tivial reasons like the one, that I'm already a little over 40, but I support your opinion. And is really strange we haven't thought of it earlier, which reminds me how lucky we are, to have you around us.
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