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  1. When playing at traditional casinos, it makes no difference if you choose one or many slot machines because your chances are the same either way. Still, you can increase your chances by choosing online slots with better odds and promotions or playing slots with smaller jackpots.
  2. To be honest there is no casino with all good reviews. You will always find some negative reviews and comments even about the casinos you’ve been a member yourself for years. Personally, I'd always go for the MGA licensed casinos. Never had trouble with those. Really check if the casino you want to play at has a decent license for your county.
  3. Have you considered a cold crypto wallet like Ledger? Not super quick, but security and one time purchase fee is a major advantage
  4. Personally I've never used it, but my mate who lives in Norway uses it all the time. He says it's one of the best payment methods. Which countries is it popular in?
  5. Thanks a lot. I used HMA, so it didn't open the site. Even though I connected to different countries (Germany, Canada). I'll try to use Nord VPN, it helped me during my stay in Egypt as well, where HMA didn't work
  6. Hi! Thank you. I'm glad to be on your forum From Germany
  7. Hi everyone! I was trying to access Wild fortune while being in Australia using VPN and the site didn't open. Does anyone have the same issue or maybe they use a VPN blocker?
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