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  1. Rollers.io I don't have a good experience with Skrill so far, we'll see next time
  2. Of course as soon as the money is in the account I will post it, Tanks cocopop
  3. Of course I will, this is my biggest profit this year, 10,000 euros profit witha slots this year
  4. Now it is expected that it will be on the account
  5. No i dont close it i need now solve the problem with Cleopatra
  6. Complain is open on Cleopatra Casino now i have 2 Pending withdraw on my Bank acount i see what hapena now
  7. I don't play rollers.io since the last time I had problems
  8. Look at this in almost 1 minute it went through the first deposit from two Dama Nv casinos
  9. Why did one transfer go through, but so far all transfers? Videoslots Winz Casino 5 minute withdraw Skrill
  10. Now they canceled my withdraw via Skrill, they told me to transfer to my bank account, the first time they refused, I spoke to an agent who said that I should send a bank statement to confirm the account, the statement was confirmed, now he transferred via the bank, we'll see what happens now
  11. No Hello! I forgot to add conversations with live chat Agents to my complaint, can you add them somehow, I'll send them here. Its ok ?
  12. Hello, I didn't add a screenshot or how to fix it ?
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