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  1. Joe Blow

    Looking for a Casino

    Maybe I am asking too much but there is so much choice and sifting through all is a bit of a headache. I am looking for a Casino which accepts Australian customers, with quick verification and quick withdraw times. Also one that offers the Wolf Treasure slot. I currently play at Emu and have had no issues in the past with them. Any others worth mentioning?
  2. Joe Blow

    Weird Experience with Betchan

    I have seen the complaint accepted and I will update the information as it happens. Thank you for your time and effort.
  3. Joe Blow

    How to resist on reversing a withdrawal?

    Haha if you have troubles with Recalling Withdraws, don't bet with A casino with indefinite processing times. The casino I am currently with is doing this on purpose. I applied a Withdraw request at 7pm and another at midnight. The one at midnight was processed, the one at 7pm was not. All subsequent requests are still pending. But because I know this is being done on purpose I will not recall out of principle, then I will file a public complaint. that should light a fire under their seats.
  4. Joe Blow

    Weird Experience with Betchan

    So then it's not the first time that a payment system requires that syntax. Well that is reassuring. Unfortunately I am unable to get direct CC withdraws with my bank which makes withdrawing extremely hard.
  5. Joe Blow

    Weird Experience with Betchan

    Ah! Remy Martin Louis XIII 700ml - I can't link it. If you google it you will find it. It's a very high end bottle.
  6. Joe Blow

    Weird Experience with Betchan

    I think I will add to my collection and buy a Louis 13th. It will look nice on my display shelf. Or better yet I'll pay some debts with it instead and whatever is left, I will treat myself to a few nice things. I really want that bottle lolll
  7. Joe Blow

    Weird Experience with Betchan

    I've taken your advice on board and have followed through. However I do want to disclose that I will be fair in the process and update all responses to reflect the outcome with the utmost transparency. Your advice is indeed welcomed and agreeable.
  8. Joe Blow

    Weird Experience with Betchan

    I can post a screenshot of what it looked like but essentially it asks for the BSB and Account to be entered on one line. But it is extremely difficult to convey to the team why this. So lets say your BSB (which is the routing number to determine which state and branch the account resides) is 123456. And your account is 654321. They basically want the field to be entered as 123456654321 Now if that is how it works, then fine. I have no qualm. But I have a suspicion that this is not how it works at all and they have made an error. According to the service team, they have had no issues in the past. Well, we shall see. because I am happy to say that the first iteration of my withdraw has been approved which means it has been sent from the Casino to my Account and now pending within banking systems. It's crazy because I ended up winning 26000 I mean what the *****. 500 and I would have been way happy. Bought some Cognac and a Cigar. Had a good weekend. But now I am so deeply paranoid haha
  9. Joe Blow

    Weird Experience with Betchan

    They want BIC (BSB) and Acc on one single line. its senseless
  10. Joe Blow

    Weird Experience with Betchan

    I think the worst part of it all is that they are not giving me any time frames on processing of bank transfers. Like they are deliberately dodging the question as much as they can. I have since won more money on there by sheer luck on slot machines of all things. And I am at that point where I highly doubt I will see a cent from the withdraw. The first withdraw will go through in a few days I would imagine. But I believe it will bounce back which will take the process time to like 10 days. Other people have said yes they have gotten their withdraw from betchan before but there were a lot of payout delay notices and complaints. As it stands, the customer service team is giving me no information that is remotely relevant. Yes im excited - this money has basically saved me. Like, saved me bigtime. But I don't believe I'll see it. It;s just too good to be true.
  11. I just had a weird experience with Betchan Casino. It's to do with their customer service and withdraws. I was really down and out today. So I threw $100 to play some slots. To my surprise and my neighbours dismay, I won. So I went to the withdraw section and I opted for a Bank transfer. In my country, our banks use a SWIFT, BSB and Account Number. I've attached a picture of what it looks like. They basically want the BSB and Account number on a single line, in a single number, which made no sense to me. I guess I just had to assume that all BSB numbers are 6 digits and hopefully the system would pick that up. I said yes but what is the correct FORMAT. So I contacted customer service. They had no idea what I was even asking. I think the lack of English was the main reason there was such a misunderstanding. They kept telling me to use an IBAN - we don't have IBAN's. Eventually I just gave in, put all the digits on one line and asked for the withdraw. Support said the processing would take 2 hours. So I check back in 5 hours and still no Approval. So I contacted support. I asked when it would be approved. They said it was already approved. My page says Pending. Anyway... I asked how long it would take to be approved. They said "When the funds hit your account it will change to approved"... What? So when the funds are in limbo between bank and bank I can just hit the recall button? No... that's not right. I kept asking in different ways and they kept saying "5 days for your money to be in account". I kept asking how long the PROCESSING time takes for the Casino to send the funds and change the status to approval. They said "5 days for hit account". Went around in circles. They stopped answering my emails (lol). Can someone who has bet with this place before and has requested a bank withdraw PLEASE tell me if everything is fine lol https://i.postimg.cc/RFF5VjFm/bank.jpg